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I'm proud of partnering with Automio for the launch of the Automio Marketplace. If you're a subscriber, it's time to check in with the Automio user group on Facebook to find out more.

New Judgement Alert! Find the latest precedents from the Supreme Court of Nigeria and the Court of Appeal on The LawPavilion Blog today. Stay Relevant.

We’re here to help! Let us secure the records for you using subpoena’s & authorizations. Call Chris Bruno today @ 800-436-1479 for more details or a free demo. MLR is a National Leader in Legal Record Retrieval. . . .

The lawyer who told trainees never to wear brown shoes with a navy suit faces backlash.

estimates that 83% of workloads will run on the by 2020. This holds true for all users whether that be , or . So, if you are ready to move forward, sign up here:

GSNH congratulates Stanley Naftolin on completing 50 years of legal practice. This is a monumental accomplishment and we are privileged to have such a seasoned practitioner at our firm!

Hans Sok Appadu, Solicitor at OTS shares his journey in becoming an immigration solicitor with Westminster University students completing their Legal Practice Course in an inspiring talk hosted by the university

is the perfect opportunity to meet the brains behind the - NOW’S THE TIME! Just one week to go! Get your FREE ticket here: and join us at stand No.134 at the on the 27 & 28 March!

Professionalism in the means aspiring to incorporate into your professional work the goals of A Lawyer’s Creed and the Aspirational Statement on Professionalism every day.

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