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Freedom of Information - The FOI and GIPA act

One of the most paramount and fundamental ideas within any open democratic system (like the one we employ within Australia), is the freedom to access information that the government works with. Two key pieces of legislation we have in place here in Australia (and NSW specifically) are the FOI and GIPA act. These acts, essentially, make it possible for individuals and organizations to obtain information from the government, provided it is not protected under a few categories.


The FOI (Freedom of Information) act

The Freedom of Information Act aims to give individuals the right to access documents from Australian Government ministers and most agencies. These documents can contain information about an individuals personal information, as well as government policies, programs and decision-making processes.

The FOI defines a document includes:

- any paper or other material on which there is writing or a mark, figure or symbol

- electronically-stored information

-maps, plans, drawings and photographs

- any article from which sounds, images or writing are capable of being produced

The steps for putting in a FOI request are as follows:

- put the request in writing (an email counts as writing)

- state that it is an application under the FOI Act

- describe the document or documents sought

- provide a return address (including an email address)

- send the request to a minister or agency (either by post, personal delivery or electronically)

The exemptions under FOIA are as follows:

-  documents affecting national security, defence or international relations

- Cabinet documents

- documents affecting enforcement of law and protection of public safety

- documents to which secrecy provisions in other legislation apply

- documents subject to legal professional privilege

- documents containing material obtained in confidence

- documents whose disclosure would be in contempt of Parliament or in contempt of court

- documents disclosing trade secrets or commercially valuable information

- electoral rolls and related documents


Government Information (Public Access) Act

The GIPA Act replaced the FOI Act in 2009, with a few changes to certain areas. These areas were:

- Refusing access: statutory body can refuse access for a number of reasons

- Inspecting documents : opportunity to inspect and review documents if elected to receive information

- Using information: Once granted access to information pursuant to GIPA Act application, agency is not able to impose condition on the use of that information


Both of these Acts form a level of trust and transparency between the Australian population and the government, which is fundamental to the democratic society we live in.
Real Lawyer Reacts to Seinfeld Finale (Is Jerry A Good Samaritan?) // LegalEagle
A carjacking gone wrong. A Good Samaritan law. Jerry does nothing. JAIL FOR YOU. Get a free account for 30 days at CuriosityStream and check out the best doc...

After nine seasons, Seinfeld ended with an insane court case involving a law that seems impossible: a good Samaritan law that punishes you for doing nothing. In this video, a real lawyer (Devin Stone) reacts to the series finale.

Day 24, Pride 2019 — Lambda Legal is a nonprofit legal organization that works towards the full recognition of civil rights for LGBTQ people and those living with HIV/AIDS. “Making the case for equality” since 1973, Lambda Legal has supported the queer community and made a difference in the lives of millions.


To celebrate and remember the 50 years that have passed since the Stonewall Riots of 1969, I will be posting a rainbow photo and a description of a moment in queer history for every day of June, which is pride month.