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The Venetian Imperial Leather Balm Is The Ultimate All Natural Treatment For Fine Smooth Leather Articles.

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Pay attention to the intention of Social Media and Phone usage. When it’s good it’s great, when it’s bad it’s terrifying. • • • •

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Looking to adopt out this beautiful to a good home. Internal zipped pockets and a padded laptop sleeve, a flat base to stand unassisted and gorgeous vegetable dyed exterior, this bag is a must-have on all accounts.

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My father-in-law’s two pocket card wallet, carried daily for 5 years. This is red #Horween #Chromexcel with natural veg interior pieces. It fits folded US bills perfectly. He has always carried it with his folded money loose like this in the middle. You can see how much “money dirt” has transferred to the natural veg insides. And boy is it shiny! #dirtymoney #patina #onestarleather #leathergoods #leather #style #handmade #smallbiz #madeinusa #handmadeinusa #madeincalifornia #handmadeleathergoods #edc #everydaycarry #leatherwallet #wallet #horweenwallet

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Cover & opening page of my grimoire. Finally got around to starting this. Most of my stuff is in various notebooks/files/wherever, and this book is for my compilation of “finished” bits. So definitely filling it will be a slow process.

The runes are Old English Futhorc, which I personally gravitate towards more than some of the older variants.

The variant of vegvísir I used is from the game Skyrim, because I am a big proponent of incorporating stuff I love and am passionate about into my craft - and gaming is a big part of that for me.

I may decide to add some watercolor to this to spice it up a bit later. Who knows.