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Shoes speak louder than words - "MAGARI" - the one to listen to

Feel beautiful everyday. Cinturón de Piel Petra Fume Black. ★ 100% authentic leather belts.

The SHREDDED JACKET is almost sold out! Tailored fit that sits just below the belt line. Long, slender, detachable sleeves and hood makes this even more . 50% off on all remaining inventory till the end of the month .

ASOS To Ban The Sale Of Products Made With Mohair, Cashmere, Feathers & More But Why Is Leather OK? It’s Not! !

DAGMAR NEW COLLECTION We have a wonderful selection of Kai Kristiansen pieces on sale now. Here is the Paper Knife Lounge Chair, 1955. Produced by Magnus Olesen, in solid . Cushions upholstered in .

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AMD Threadripper 2990X Revealed: Leaked Benchmarks Show 32-Core Shockingly Fast Performance

The CPU is also shown to have a Precision Boost frequency of 4GHz, but the maximum boost frequency isn’t yet known. As expected, the Threadripper 2990X is essentially twice as fast as the Threadripper 1950X, scoring 6,399 with an apparent all-core overclock of 4.1GHz (I’m not sure why the 4.2GHz overclock score was a bit lower) compared to the overclocked Threadripper 1950X. Read more