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May those A-HA! moments be thick on the ground today!

Now on the topic of emergency birth procedures. Some of our volunteers have real talent for acting

Calling all mini-musicians! Move to the music every Tuesday at 10 a.m. at Toddler Takeover: Music! Find a full list of programing on our website:

Learn and grow. Get outside your comfort zone. Do something new.

Continuing my series on effectively marketing your learning initiatives to maximise learner engagement, I look into branding, what it is and why it’s essential for your business! Check it out here:

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Assessment in out-of school contexts is never removed from its purpose: how can this BBQ be better? How can I make more sales? Improvement and growth are forefront. But this isn’t always the case in the classroom. We should change that.

Today is the time, hire an apprentice today and let your business benefit… Get in touch at

Did know that will be celebrating its 10th year of studying Cyber Psychology next week? Come along and join the celebrations of this wonderful, innovative subject on 23rd November in IADT.

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What does it mean for a machine to “understand”?
Critics of recent advances in artificial intelligence complain that although these advances have produced remarkable improvements in AI…
By Thomas G. Dietterich

Exploring the meaning of understanding in the context of artificial intelligence. What does it mean to understand something? “Understanding” exists along a continuous spectrum of capabilities


This aquatic gastropod is a Golden Apple Snail.🐌 These snails have managed to thrive in areas where they don’t belong and are recognized among the world’s worst invasive alien species.
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Don’t forget to celebrate

International Student’s Day


And remember it’s privilege to have the opportunity to study. And don’t forget why it’s being celebrated (Nov 17 1939)


Word Of The Day
LACUNA : Hiatus ; A Gap or Missing part ; A logical Argument
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#Think | The right to know: How does censorship affect academics? | Robert Quinn

Love Again

after Fun. & PINK

do not forget this, you who lets precious memories s l i p

through your fingers like sand

become firecracker fragments flashing behind your eyes and vanishing just as fast

this glimpse of lips against shoulder blades

tangled hair and tired eyes and tattoos on ribcages

hurtful hopeful goodbyes & tender hellos are the same

cherished seconds - bittersweet broken whole full & chosen - day by day between

do not forget this, you who clings like deadbolts to concrete -

make these moments cement and let them drop through your jaw


and settle


in the seat of your stomach

it will churn there - sick pit black hole galaxy within - this joy & pain

this heavy this weight

do not lose it - this reminder that you’ve loved and can love again

β™šbig day//newsβ™š


Tomorrow I start weekly outpatient treatment at the same eating disorders clinic that I have been hospitalized in previously. I went today for an assessment, as you need to be assessed if you aren’t actively going to appointments at least every 6 months. The doctor decided weekly outpatient would be best for me, and I think that is a great option. We haven’t gotten the results back on my blood work, but my EKG was normal! Which is so relieving. The doctor said my circulation seemed poor, but that can be fixed!

I’m still not quite sure how to feel. While I’m excited for the doors this opportunity will open, I’m also terrified of letting go. But I know I need to work hard and put in as much effort as I can if I want to even get a taste of what life can be like when I’m not in my disorder! 

The doctor was so nice and understanding. I was as honest as I could be and it worked to my benefit, despite what my disorder thinks. The support of my boyfriend, friends, and family has shown me that I’m doing the right thing. 

This isn’t going to be easy, but I’m going to at least try. I will let myself be imperfect and let myself struggle, as long as I’m moving forward. I know these people want the best for me, now I just have to want the best for myself.

I will keep posting updates on how everything is going and talk about what I learn!

eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

I’m 27 and it’s fair to say I’ve done a bit of learning so far. What learning means to me is similar to playing connect-the-dots in time and space. Except, I don’t so much consider each dot to be the learning, I see learning to be the connections. These connections across time and space mean, to me, learning. It’s deeply fascinating to me how a dot I must have come across as an awkward teenager forms a connection a little later in life. All these little connections are our own little dynamically growing constellations under which we live, breathe, sleep. But also, they remind me of how deeply we are connected to each other, across our differences, even to those that exist in books or in our memories.

My biology teacher in 9th grade once addressed us in class saying, “It is one thing to be child-like, quite another to be childish”. May we always walk that fine line between cool and creepy.



aside: today I was thinking of how tomorrow is children’s day (in India) and what innocence means to children today and to adults today. I’m introspecting into what aspects of me were innocent but have wisened up a little now, and what innocence I’ve still retained so far. And, what innocence looked like in my generation was different from innocence in my parents’ time and also seems different to how it manifests in kids these days. Has this crossed your mind? Or maybe you’re thinking about it now that you’ve read me writing about this? I’ve been liking recognising every festival and special occasion that comes by, and I think I want to celebrate the things that indulge the spirited kid part of me for children’s day – by drawing! So, if all goes according to plan, tomorrow I’ll make some time to sketch whatever I want and read one of my favourite books growing up: either The God of Small Things or Looking for Alaska.

One of the redeeming outcomes of this kind of freeform expression called writing, arguably a cathartic and unsettling experience for me of late, is how I can see my thoughts play out; dark letters on white, darkness illuminating the bright. For I have remembered an old friend – a book, The Catcher in the Rye. Always wanting to feel novel, I tend to never read classics or popular fiction unless forced to in school or unless it is being turned into a screenplay for a movie with one of my favourite actors/actresses in it. Expectedly, I begrudgingly picked up The Catcher in the Rye, a classic (for all the right reasons) novel written by the loved American author, J.D. Salinger, whose protagonist Holden Caulfield is undoubtedly the darling of literature, alongside the likes of Huck Finn. It just struck me how this book made me reconsider the inner workings of my mind when I was a child, but from the perspective of a new adult. Much like Holden, I (much like of most of us), thought of growing up as going backwards rather than forwards and in the process, held back from maturing. I do resent adulthood and adults, though today I qualify as one and have been given the opportunity several have – of being the kind of adult my younger self would have approved of. Holden is on the other side of this opportunity right now, still a teenager when he recounts two days of his life. Mistaking Robert Burns’ sexual references in ‘Comin’ Thru the Rye’, Holden hears “if a body CATCH a body coming through the rye” instead of the actual lyrics, “If a body MEET a body coming through the rye”. The original lyrics refer to a male and female hooking up but Holden, still sexually confused as a teenager and coming to terms with the death of his brother, is too naïve or just not ready to understand that. He mis-hears the lyrics and interprets them, as he explains to his sister, as catching/saving children that fall off the cliff coming through the rye; children falling off a cliff signifying them losing their innocence and “falling into” adulthood. Most of us, even if we lost our virginity at a young age, or the average age, or at a later point like I did, struggle(d) to understand our sexuality. As a society I see deep and meaningful conversations as an important part of realising the hope that the young don’t feel overtly isolated and strange for discovering parts of their identity – and even extending that courtesy to the rest of us pretending to be grownups. Though not consciously and always top of mind, The Catcher in the Rye symbolises my own reasons for wanting to learn, even as an adult.

Interestingly, author Salinger was not a teenaged boy when he wrote this novel, as much as one would be inclined to believe given that the novel gives off the feeling of a young adult thinking out loud and inviting us into his mind, telling us his story. Salinger wrote this when he was around as old as I am now. And I wonder, though Salinger lived to be a very old man, did people in his time accomplish so much more than I have at a given stage of our lives because they didn’t expect to live as long as we do?

Hundred Words a Day

282 words

Today I made the choice to knit scarves for my students. My grandmother left me boxes full of generic yarn. I noticed students coming to class today with light jackets, no gloves and no scarves. I imagined knitting a bunch of scarves and having the students love me, and the teachers appreciate me. And then I realized I was doing it again. Imagining appreciation and validation from the people around me. Searching for it.

 The trauma from my past is still affecting my everyday thoughts. I do want to knit scarves to help the students. I don’t believe I ever make the decisions I make for glory, but I do seem to always imagine glory. I think this is due to the neglect I suffered as a teen. I assume only extraordinary people have any purpose or fulfill any need in this world. This may be because of the conceptual romance that society pushes on us in media. As someone who is passionate about literature and art, I wonder if it is almost blasphemous to believe this way. But I believe it is also important for a good artist to understand the dangers of the craft. It can be damaging.

I reminded myself that I am an ordinary person, I am not a commended teacher, I am not a selfless person, I am not an amazing mom, or a great writer, I am simply me. And that its not only okay, that is wonderful. I do not need the validation of my peers, I need only to validate myself. I am not just “good enough,“ I am good, I am moving, I am trying my best, I am passionate, I am me.


Hi! Since I can’t study German at college, I’ve decided to continue teaching myself German at home! This blog will serve as a way to document my findings, and to help anyone else learning this wonderful language :DD

If you ever need any help or advice, please, please, please do not hesitate to message me/send me an ask! I will get back to you as soon as possible ^^

Happy learning~


Studying for my Human Origins class - on to Homo neanderthalensis

pukka “cleanse” tea (nettle, fennel, peppermint) & a clementine are accompanying me, fueling my brain, & brightening my soul on this brisk autumn day ❅

my spanish grammar/composition & my spanish literature classes have been cancelled, leaving me with a splendid amount of time to catch up on school work & research before jazz band this evening ♫


Hello my american friends:) I’m Russian and I’m trying really hard to improve English skills. So here is my youtube channel & me video’s link. I hope you enjoy & subscribe if you want to know MORE about Russia :)

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🤗 my happy pill 😉 walang pagod pagod pag ikaw nakikita ko hehe love you my baby #learning #babylove #simplejoys

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Ñam ñam
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Jump, Jump… Jump Around! Jump Up, Jump Up, and Get Down! 🐸 The American Green Tree Frog is a strong-legged insectivore native to the Southeast United States.
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