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Your actions speak. "Action expresses priorities." Mahatma Gandhi

agility is No. 1 skill in demand today. Make sure you make learning an ongoing process for self and organisation

Amazing experience last night! Despite the result so proud to see them play in the way they did. Taking on a league two academy with bravery and courage to get on the ball! play OUR way! Infront of a crowd and show everyone what they can do.

TY Business students, have now completed all Student Enterprise Workshops. Thank you again to for facilitating all three workshops.

Celebrating being 'ten years in'... WORDReady from 2009. A quirky character created for L2’s Young Learner and Academic Learner software for vocabulary learning, aimed at LEAs for schools, colleges and universities.

' & go hand in hand, the arrogance of is to think that what you did yesterday is sufficient for tomorrow ' - Source Unknown - but our for today. .

" refleja cómo la Agenda de se ha transformado a lo largo de los años y el impacto que ha tenido en los modelos regionales y urbanos de aprendizaje y desarrollo". (Sara Hoeflich en )

“Là où l’e-learning était en mode asynchrone, seul face à des slides, le digital learning permet d’aller plus loin”. Philippe Lacroix

Our 345 alumni from the UK Leadership Academy span across nine industries in the sector and use their and developed from the Academy to tackle some of society’s most complex issues.

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For us at SIFAX Group, learning is a vital talent development strategy as we continue to expand our operations locally and internationally.

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Getting my life back on track (day idk)

I have been doing better lately. I have done a lot of self reflecting and im learning how to cope in a healthy way. And i have already gotten back a few quite good grades so i am proud of myself. Im doing good. I believe i can get through this!


In The Know Innovation Gadgets This adorable robot helps teach the basics of coding

Who needs a cat when you can have an adorable dancing robot — that also teaches coding

"...It's just one thing."

Sometimes it’s really hard having grown up never being told my my mom thought I had autism.

Specifically with thoughts dealing with ablism.

I’ve spent my life pushing through bad sensory issues and other such things because I thought I had no choice. I thought everyone wanted to cry at “wrong” textures or was fighting back flinching at loud sounds.

So even now , when it comes to myself and others, when a sensory issue crops up I think “Why don’t you just deal with it? It’s just one thing.”

But it never is just one thing. Every day is a sensory input filled world comming at me and others. There is always something new. 

I’ve gotten better, but sometimes I hate how much put myself through because “It’s just one thing, I should be able to handle it.” Even if that “One thing” ends with a meltdown.

All I want to say, is that if this make sense, you guys are valid and I support you 💖💖


Origins Of Life Physique Holistic Enlightenment Educational Video


Dear “ARTISTS” on IG & TWT
Watermark your works. 👏
I unlike EXO don’t have super powers i.e. mind reading. 👀
I give credit on watermarked clips/pics/art. ☕

I however will NOT search for credit on a clip that’s all over the internet unmarked. Be smarter than that. Once it’s online it’s out there family. Luckily I’m nice. Good luck with the big accounts. 🙄


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Sometimes I feel lost. Today I’ve been talked down to by the people I ran away from. I’ve hit the table, the door and the windows in anger. But I wasn’t mad at them, but I am mad at me for opening up to the wrong people. For wanting a family, I know doesn’t care about me, really! A family that just hurt me. Day in and day out. Every time I opened up I regretted it and I wish I would learn. I hate being angry and feeling helpless. Feeling lost and like I can’t run away fast enough. But I can. And I will. I am not helpless. I know that aggressive behavior in any way is wrong and a sign of helplessness in this situation from my side. I don’t want to hurt anybody and I want to respect borders. Personal space. And not being loved by everybody. I’ve got anger issues in these moments, and I know it. I know that there was a time I thought violence and aggression were normal and useful in a relationship. As well as clinging and not respecting personal spacer were cute. I were scared of being this fearful, hateful person again for such a long time, but now I know that I won’t ever be that way, since I woke up out of the abusive household I ran away from, thanks to my wonderful Ex. I’ve hurt people because I didn’t know it better, had no home, ever, and no one to tell me what to do, ever. But now I know that I can trust myself, am full of love, and will find somebody to share love with and a family, that will take care of me, at some point of my life. I am homesick for a place I’ve been just a few times, compared to the place I’ve spent about the last ten years in. I am scared to go and find something new, and leave all I know: not knowing what to and no power to change anything at all, without any sense in going for this, in going for anything. But now I know that I’m just a young teenage girl, figuring things out, and I am strong enough to go for things. I can do whatever I want. I always could. What is there to loose? Much less than ever before. I am happy with myself and I can go wherever I want. I will find a family. People that I love and that love me. I am happy. And I am proud. I am gonna run. And I am only gonna stop, when I feel safe. I am gonna build a community that gets me, and that supports me in the way, I deserve and I can support them. Will want to support them. I am gonna go for it. Always from now on.


In today’s YouTube video they are reviewing keychain from Wish.


Learn how to navigate eBay Website by watching this YouTube video.


eBay | My Take with Krystal Lora | 3 Best Tech #Gadgets for College.


This YouTube video is about these two guys unboxing fall products from eBay.