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We've all got to start somewhere!

In 2019, across the state of will be working together to reimagine learning: what’s important to be learned, how is fostered & how we measure success

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“I am learning every day to allow the space between where I am and where I want to be to inspire me and not terrify me.”

Getting excited about is an " Connecting to in ways to inspire was the objective of the held for the teachers of a prominent affiliated in by on 12th 2019

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“A happy life is one spent in learning, earning, and yearning.”

-Lillian Gish

The Italian present tense!

There are 3 types of regular verbs in Italian: ones that end in -are, ones that end in -ere, and the ones that end in -ire. There are plenty of exceptions, but for a lot of verbs (such as mangiare, which means to eat), this is how they are conjugated!

Present tense is a pretty basic thing to learn in whatever language you are trying to learn so definitely make sure you have a good handle on it before you move on since a lot of languages (especially romance languages) build their foundations upon it

Year of French: Day 15

Pardon. Je comprends un pau le Francais. Comprenez-vous l'anglais?

(Excuse me. I understand a little French. Do you understand English?)

Elles bois des cafes. (They drink coffee.)

Vous ne boit pas des coffee. (You do not drink coffee.)

First Try: Cross-Country Skiing
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Tonight I got to try out cross-country skiing for the first time. My friend has a few sets of skis and boots, and she took me and my sister out on the groomed trails at the local golf course.

My sister has cross-country skied before, as a teen, although she preferred downhill. I have never skied, basically at all. Once, in grade one, my friend’s mum tried to teach me and my friend how to ski. We somehow managed to get up the toe rope on the bunny hill. Then I think I went across the small slope sideways once, crashed, and walked down the hill. And I’ve never had skis on ever again. As a teen, I snowboarded a little bit. That was definitely easier than skiing as far as I was concerned. But it still wasn’t that easy, and I am not a big fan of sitting on my butt in cold snow because I wipe out a lot. Also, it was way to fast and scared the hell out of me because I definitely did not have control of anything.

Cross-country skiing though, that seems like something I could probably manage. And, as it turns out, I can!

When we first started I was like “Oh my goodness, I’m going to be dead in 10 minutes because my legs hurt already!”

I didn’t die! We were out for about an hour and a half. We did probably 3-4 kilometres around the golf course, all the way out to the 18th hole and back. There were a few little hills, I wiped out at least 4 times, possibly a few more I don’t remember. But, it didn’t hurt that much. And I never went careening off at scary speeds I couldn’t handle. There was one big hill that we avoided. And I managed the whole time without dying. I know I will be in major pain tomorrow because I never use those muscles.

I had a blast though, and I’m so glad I finally got to try it!

Have you tried out a new sport recently and fallen in love with it?

Day 14: It’s 2 am and I have been studying for my genetics exam for the past hours. I still have some things to learn but I’ll do this tomorrow. I hope it’ll be ok 😖I have so much to learn…

“Nothing can remain the same forever, because if you don’t change you can’t improve… facing this inescapable ’‘reality” if you don’t grow… you’ll be crushed. For everyone to ascend and accomplish their dreams… they must grow.“

-Itsuki Minami (Ikki)

Today Chris wanted to learn embroidery. The one bit of sewing I both had to teach myself and utterly suck at. So we decided to follow a YouTube tutorial and practice some basic stitches.

Thank goodness for tutorials. He was having great fun until we got to french knots. I had another embroidery holder out doing it with him and having never done french knots before. I echo his dubbing. French knots shall forever be called “pain in the butt knots” in this house.

Top is Chris’s first attempt at embroidery. Bottom is my sad attempt to get better at it. He’s a natural. I am… Naturally talented at other things that are not embroidery. Lol Definitely though, he’s got a natural knack for it. He’s seven and this is his first attempt so yeah- he’s got a knack. His issue was stitches too small and needing to correct that. That’s not a bad problem to have and will make many things easier later down the line. Plus- at his age I had no patience for this shit. He does. On fact, he’s already dreaming of the images he wants to sew/embroider. I do not share this passion for it but it is a useful skill to have for certain things so I’d still like to get better at it so… As he learns I guess I’m along for the ride because I’m pretty sure he’ll be better than me in no time at all. That’s not saying much but still. For this early on learning it also kinda is saying something.

I don’t know why he wants to learn so badly but hey- I support him.

But also… Feast your eyes on how bad I am at this. Lol I can make my own patterns out of measurements, create my own designs etc- just don’t ask me to embroider. I suck at it.

Edit: I told Chris he’d be better than me at embroidery in not too long at all and he then promised to help me get better after he gets better than me at embroidery. I’ve got warm fuzzies. But also… Pretty sure it’s never going to be something I am overly gifted with. We all have our gifts and this simply isn’t one of mine. I have to work at it to get it down at all. It’s not like painting or singing was for me- oh fuck no- but rather a skill I have a specific lack of talent with. I can help him so he doesn’t hurt himself and show him some basic things but I suspect he’ll surpass me fairly easily. I’m OK with that. It’s still fun practicing with him and supporting him learning it. Had he asked to learn normal sewing I can basically do that with my eyes closed but embroidery? For some reason I’ve just never excelled at it on a good day. I have other mediums of which to create though so it’s not like I’m suffering for it. It’s still heartwarming to see him taking such pride in it and going on about how he wants to embroider a dog. It’s drawing with a needle and thread insofar as he’s concerned. I wish it came that easy to me but hey- if he’s found a nitch in something he truly likes then hey- I’m all for it.

I told him if he gets really good and I don’t that’s ok and maybe he’ll just help me with embroidery on some things if he likes. He’s pretty excited about that. We shall see if it lasts. We shall see. But also I hope it does. It’s adorable watching him get so excited about it. Maybe he can help me put some dogs on the bottom of some pants for him on the hem… A possible project for the future if he doesn’t lose his current excitement.