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Smiles like these mark the beginning of a great experience! Your “boss” will feel more like a friend soon!

Last week was France, this week is Italy! The Prep’s have been cooking, writing about and playing a range of maths games focused on pizza!

Top 7 Trends of Education Technology for 2019 Use of for is one of the key trend. Avg knowledge retention rate increases with technology usage Use of virtual reality in is one of the key thing in coming days

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For new online , the online environment is distracting and confusing. Show them what to focus on first.

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Knowledge is the only currency the world should deal in. The knowledge one should take and the knowledge one should share. @ we perceive a child's ability and motivate enough to work upon it.

Community Visit Bank(Aandhra Bank) The girls were divided into 2 groups and taken to visit the bank. They were told about the bank, it’s working and the proceedings.

Great session yesterday & Little Bowden colleagues working together with & as part of Peer Review programme from this year to plan for next year in

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I want to branch out from my main roles, I really do. But every single time I try to do it (in norms!) I get people flaming me and then inting me, it really sucks. I’m trying to learn ADC as someone who mainly plays mages and enchanters, so I want to focus on learning how to CS consistently. Then I get Supports who want to fight over and over and get mad that I’m not one shotting them (as an Ezreal in lane phase), so they start taking my farm. I think I’ll just stick to Mid/Supp, honestly.

Artwork by @mimi-loves-foxes


My second play on the Silks Rig in the back yard with @mondomoves - and I managed a bit of a drop-twist-roll-bang manoeuvre as requested by @loopylew63 & @ktkookoo62 haha. I hope this measures up to expectations…
What’s next?! 😉
+++ leggings… Get them at @bamboovillageau 👌👌👌
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The first pic is from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the second is something I did, but I was hoping to add in some finer details to make it look better. Does anyone on here have any tips to give me? I’d like to add details to the bark on the Deku tree and the grass. I use photoshop, if anyone has any tips to give me I’d really like to here them. Please help! I’m trying to improve upon my skill set.

Love Me Down

I watched as your wore the moon

in the darks of your eyes.

The blues and blacks were deeper – 

stronger; stranger; more captivating.

I sat, watching you be beautiful

as the clouds wrapped around the tallest trees

and the midnight air sang sweetly.

I twisted the rings on my fingers gently.

The way you moved your body, so sweetly, so warmly, 

reminded me of the way blackberry liquor falls down my throat.

I wanted to drink you in. 

I wanted to wear you around the thick of me.

I wanted to lace my fingers in yours 

and watch the moon from the darks of your eyes.

Ok so this morning when I was cleaning my caterpillars cages I noticed this one on the cage floor twisting and freaking out. I figured since he was so big and turning green that maybe he had fallen while trying to get into J. He had no silk pad and would not grab onto anything. I didn’t really know what to do.

So I tied a string gently around it’s prolegs and hung it up over a paper towel because I was pretty sure it was going to fall. It immediately stopped squirming and went into J. I hoped for the best and I went to work.

When I got back home I found it had fallen on the paper towel but it had formed a chrysalis! So I tied it back up. So that’s good news. I hope it comes out healthy after all this drama lol


#Think | Michio Kaku: Genetic and digital immortality are within reach


Faces seem to be something I am constantly in need of improvement with. I eventually will have to go into detail with the body, and especially clothing, but for now, I feel like it’s alright to leave it less unique.

Unfortunately, while drawing this, I realized that the angle at which I draw things really messes up the final result. As I draw flat on a desk, everything looks more compressed vertically to me, since I don’t lean hunched right over what I’m drawing, so when I end up taking a picture of it or looking at it head on, the result is always more stretched than how it looked while I was drawing it. 

I also messed up with the half-attempted shading here, and the character’s hair at the back of her head looks like it’s her neck because of how I shaded it, and she looks like she has a tree-trunk of a neck.
All of the Mueller report’s major findings in less than 30 minutes
When special counsel Robert Mueller broke his silence in May, his main point was that his long-awaited report spoke for itself. But the report is 448 pages l...

This is done by PBS.  30 minutes and you get all the necessities of the report.  Pass it on.

Lip Reading

[June 18, 2019]

I’ve always wanted to learn to read lips, in High School my ASL teacher gave us a lesson on how hard it is to read lips, and I’ve learned that one can learn to read lips but it can take years. I can learn to sign easily, but lip reading will be a challenge. This will just give me something challenging to do, plus with subtitles in anime, I find it hard to read all that’s being said, I’m not a fast reader so maybe watching shows I’ve seen before on silent with subtitles will help me out there. Maybe I’ll also learn how to read lips that way, I don’t often make eye contact, I’m always looking away from people when I talk to them. I find so many things to do when I’m bored, learning to lip read is now one of those things.