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Be the stand out inside the city in the iconic ! the link to more

So being in outerspace would give us more time to and and 😀🧠 (if we survive the asteroid belts and such 😅)

Hey I’m Polina and I from Russia I learn English because I want to speak in this language I will write what I will want and when I will want Also I will sent different pictures that I like They are not push my post! If you want correct me will do it please

You’re not a woman though. A Witch is Female, you know that. Right? But what happened to the Warlock? Are you afraid of the part, the Male of it. You can’t just make up this shit.

to walk with confidence on pathways of uncertainty by taking action - and award yourself a certificate.

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When you have a purpose and intent, then there is no stopping you from reaching your desired goal.


This is my favourite compound!

It consists of 目 (”eye”) and 尻 (”butt”, “bottom”, “ass”). Their readings presented above are kun’yomi. Their on’yomi readings are もく・moku (目) and こう・kou (尻), but in the case of the second kanji it’s not really important for you to memorize it (I have to confess that I didn’t know that one until today, shame, shame, shame).


(Note: The famous monster of Japanese folklore with an eye in the place of his anus is called 尻目・しりめ・shirime, same kanji as 目尻 just arranged in an different order, be careful)

I just love compounds with kanji for parts of body or internal organs (see: link, it’s my post about the other compound involving body parts). You never know what to expect from them. When I came across 目尻 in otome game, I was really surprised and thought “Well, well, well, didn’t know that visual novels for good girls can be so naughty!”. At first I believe that the compound refers to the sweetest and cutest hole in our bodies (yes, I’m talking about “anus”, by the way, can anyone tell me why in English the plural form of it is “anuses” instead of “ani” just like in Latin? It’s far more kawaii). 

Let’s focus on 尻. It is present in two very nice vocab items:

  • 尻が重い・しりがおもい・shiri ga omoi “to be lazy” or “to be slow”, 重い means ‘”heavy”, so if your butt is heavy, you’re lazy (makes sense i guess)
  • 尻が軽い・しりがかるい・shiri ga karui, knowing that 軽い means ‘”light” (”not heavy”), you’ll conclude that means “hardworking” thanks to the power of analogy (that word fits here so nicely, don’t you think *wink wink*), but its meaning is actually “to be promiscuous”, Tangorin dictionary also adds a similar compound, namely 尻軽女・しりがるおんな・shirigaruonna “promiscuous woman” (meanings of individual kanji are “butt-light-woman”), unfortunately there’s no “male” counterpart of that word (Oh i know, it’s probably モテる男・moteru otoko “a popular guy”, isn’t it frustrating that expressions involving men and their intensive sexual lives are possitive while in case of women they are negative? 21 century and we still talk as if we were living in medieval times)

Find yourself someone who never makes you shed tears out of the butt of your eye.


قراند اون لاين الحياة الواقعية GTA 5 الحلقة #8 #yassinebvlogs

(ENG) 0.1: Who am i?

Hey there.

Im glad to see that you took some time to look at my page. Welcome in my world.

My name is Ashton and i am 20(almost 21) years old. I live in the Netherlands in a city called Groningen. Here im studying social work. Since im turning 21 on the seventh of februari i will tell you 21 facts about me:

21 facts about me

  1. I was born in Leeuwarden. A city in the north of the Netherlands
  2. My father was born in Aruba
  3. My mothers father was born in Indonesia
  4. This makes me a mixed child
  5. I am a drag queen
  6. I love to dance
  7. I like reading
  8. I like to write stories
  9. I have an anxiety dissorder
  10. I only have one parent
  11. I love to travel
  12. I am genderqueer
  13. I was bullied at school
  14. I used to have pink hair
  15. I have a belly button piercing
  16. I have a depression.
  17. I love long walks
  18. Since 27-12-19 i have a relationship with my boyfriend Marijn
  19. I love eating
  20. I like to cook
  21. Im living at a place where i get help so i can live at my own.

After reading this you might be a little shocked about some of the facts. Maybe you are saying by yourself “why should you share topics that are very heavy” that thought is the reason i started this page.

I want to make topics like depression, bullying and being different a opportunity to discuss. I want to give the freedom to share your own story with people who understand you. Many many boys and girls my age are feeling alone, different, not wanted, and so on. I want to give those guys the feeling that on this page they are NOT. I want to be that friend i need giving them a shoulder to cry on.

I hope in the future this page will be one big family. When you dicide to be a part of this page you will be a member of my lunarfamily. You can share your thoughts with me and everyone and we can learn from eachoter.

for always and everyone

#lunafamilia #notalone


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It’s time to focus on me and me only. No more feels no more searching. I need to learn how to be alone, the thought of that terrifies me to the core. But I know it’s needed. I need it. I deserve it. I deserve this and I have to be strong. No more insecurity no more self doubt no more men no more confusion. I’m so torn between learning to just be me for a while and wanting to establish my life with a husband. I keep working towards my future every day and just want a partner along for the ride w me who will grow with me. But the timing isn’t now. I need to focus on my health and fitness and career and finances all on my own. Learn how to be independent and single and stay that way. I have no idea what it’s like to be 100% man free. Probably why I am queen anxiety because men are stressful. Need to look at this change in a positive way and set all my focus and intention on me and me only. Allow things to fall into place when I’m ready to catch them and no sooner. Just breaaathhheee.