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Too much energy is spent on the 'what ifs' & 'if I had only.' Learn from that decision, own it, go forward. Moving on it vital. It allows us to get to our goals & dreams. Smarter. Wiser. Ready.

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Happy Birthday to my favorite SisterCakes! 🎂 Being your sister is ALWAYS an adventure, but I wouldn’t want to be on this sibling adventure w anyone else. 💞

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And dont you dare fucking call us cowards


Knowledge is highly sought after. We always want to know more. Yet at a certain point, we must come to terms with the fact that our minds can only hold a finite about of information and this knowledge can be detrimental to our mental health. Let us learn but be weary of overdoing it. As if we do, certainly we may find ourselves caught in a rut.

We don’t necessarily have to focus on learning only from losses or failures. No doubt they do provide great teaching. 

We can learn from each and every moment. We can learn from the good, better, best, things also. 

We can learn from victories as well as mistakes or failures. 

Each and every moment is an opportunity for us to learn and grow.

Ask yourself 

What worked 

What didn’t work 

How can you make it better 

And repeat 



Just another day in paradise at the Gascon Horsemanship Academy!! #paradise #horse #equine #academy #learn #hustle

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Vocabulary: Must-Know People

안녕, 여러분! Hey, everyone! In this lesson, I want to teach you guys some important basic Korean vocabulary! This one will focus on people. Some of these words deal with honorifics, which I will make a future lesson for to elaborate upon. Let’s start!

가족 = family

그 = he

그녀 = she

나 = I/me (informal)

내가 = I/me (informal)

너 = you (informal)

니가 = you (informal)

남자 = man

남편 = husband

남동생 = younger brother

누구 = who

누나 = older sister (used by men to address older women)

딸 = daughter

동생 = younger sibling

무엇 = what

사람 = person

선생님 = teacher

소녀 = girl

소년 = boy

의사 = doctor

여자 = woman

여동생 = younger sister

엄마/어머니 = mom/mother

아빠/아버지 = dad/father

아이 = child

애기/아기 = baby

언니 = older sister (used by women to address older women)

오빠 = older brother (used by women to address older men)

아내 = wife

아들 = son

아저씨 = respectful way of addressing an old man

아주머니 = respectful way of addressing an old woman

어떡게 = how

왜 = why

어디 = where

언제 = when

저 = I/me (informal)

제가 = I/me (formal)

친구 = friend

형 = older brother (used by men to address older men)

할머니 = grandmother

할아버지 = grandfather

Hope this helped you learn some new vocab! Vocabulary is important for learning any language, so take your time with it! Thanks for studying with me and see you in the next lesson! 안녕!

Have you Forgotten?

Lately, I’ve been re-reading a lot of the poems and snippets I’ve written. A lot of the descriptions, and messages I’ve sent. And honestly? Damn! I was having a hard time remembering how much I felt they didn’t even brush the surface when I wrote them! … And doesn’t that just say it all? Not even I- the person who went through it, the person who all of the writings referred to!- remember entirely just how terrible it all really was… and I was still experiencing it less than half a year ago… isn’t it funny how we forget? How we discount everything as “just a bad dream”? How we can look back and think “it could have been worse” yet I read what I wrote and wonder how the hell I’m still alive. The funny thing is, that even with that, even though I can’t remember all the time just how much of a horror I was experiencing, I still don’t recognize myself now. I still explain myself as I was and find out I was lying unintentionally. I’m still learning with everyone else. But even me now, especially me now, wonders how I made it through… then I remember… she didn’t. She died. All of her patience, all of her acceptance, all of her obedience, all of her submission, all of her… everything… now, there’s me. Now, I speak up. Now I don’t back down. Now I don’t shut up. Now I don’t allow myself to be taken advantage of. Now I voice my ideas and opinions. Now I don’t care who I please. Now don’t wait for people. Least of all me. Written down it sounds great. Written down I feel powerful, and admire my own strength. But it came with a cost. The price: my innocence, my hope, my trust, my faith. And in some cases, my love. The world didnt deserve her, so she died and gave it me.  I reread my work, and wonder at times if it was worth it… I died either way. Even in my rebirth I wonder, but all I can do now is remember. Not even how bad it was, but honor her memory. Honor her love. Honor the heart she sacrificed to give me the chance to live on. 



Today’s idiom
‘Oh my god! It’s no big deal, you have to create a ________________ about everything’.

Leave your answer in the comments below.
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Today’s phrasal verb.

‘I couldn’t believe I crashed into my dad’s car, I tried to __________ , but he was much to angry’.

Write your answer in the comments below.

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