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What Will Look Like in Year 2020?

“The path of sound credence is through the thick forest of .” - George J. Nathan

Hospitality Assured clients use the Hospitality Assured Accreditation Standard to make sure they follow best industry practices

CAWTAR organise une session de sur le transformatif au profit de jeunes femmes actives dans la société civile du gouvernorat de . Cette session sera organisée à Gafsa, du 🗓10 au 12 janvier 2020. Plus de détails

The cadets have arrived ⁦⁩ and have been thrown into the deep end with a STEM challenge! ⁩ ⁦

"Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few". -Winston Churchill

“You may not be able to change the world, but you can change the world around you.” ~ Frank Sonnenberg ➤

Rocky Romanella, fantastic keynote speaker - Balanced Leadership concepts that create effective leadership in a challenging business world. -

It has been said that the ability to see change as an opportunity and not a threat is vision. We adapt, we change and we grow. What do you think? 🌱 .

Read our new quarterly where we are pleased to announce information on our strengthened team, latest case studies, upcoming sessions, future , and much more:

While it's definitely okay to wander and get lost from time to time, it can be so beneficial to have a clear goal in mind. Defined destinations help us to stay motivated, stay on the right path, and know what to say 'yes' or 'no' to.

Just shut up and do it: Bring it up when avoiding is easier. Care when others don’t care.

Simple 3-step tool you can use anytime, anywhere to get yourself back on track with your emotional intelligence or EQ.

"Vision is about being great, not about beating the competition." ~ Jesse Lyn Stoner

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That right there is the difference between Biden and Bernie.

Biden expects bipartisan support because he’s already starting the discussion with right-wing concessions. It’s easy to make deals if you’re ready to give everything away.

Bernie, in contrast, takes a “radical” position but speaks his truth and has been consistently fighting for the right things for 40 years. He has shifted the overton window to his side. That’s leadership.

Bernie 2020!

As a leader, focus on the "how"​ for your team, not the "more"​.

🗞 As a leader, focus on the “how"​ for your team, not the "more"​. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ➡️@ROIOverload ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ ➡️

Putting a huge target at the end of the finish line without the roadmap to get there is setting both yourself and your team up for failure.

When you drive across the country, does google maps just point you in a direction and tell you to keep driving until you get to your destination?


Google will tell you which streets, and roads and turns you need to take. After hundreds of micro adjustments to your journey you’ll eventually arrive at your destination.

Treat your business and sales goals with the same approach.

Do you want to hit your big number at the end of the quarter?

Understand the activities, milestones and KPI’s you need to hit to get there.

Enter – Activity Based Management.

You need to hit $300,000 in sales for the quarter? (Simple Example)

  • To hit $300,000 in sales, you typically see that you need to close 30 deals.
  • To close 30 deals you need to do 90 demos.
  • To book 90 demos you need to email 9000 clients.
  • There’s an average of 20 working days in a month, 60 working days in a quarter.
  • 9000 / 60
  • 150 Emails Per Day
  • You know that if you reach out with a tested email to 150 new clients a day, you’ll hit your $300,000 in sales for the quarter.

Activity based management. Paint the picture or layout the roadmap for both yourself and your team.

Break every single business goal down into measurable activities.

If you don’t hit your number, you’ll have a pretty damn good idea why.

Stop focusing on “more” and start focusing on “how”.

Agree? Disagree?


“Sometimes you have to slow down to speed up.” - David A. Pace
That is one of my favorite quotes because of its true to both our nature and the requirements of our success in life. Pre-mature success can be a distraction. Because the long-term, sustainable level of achievement we all want does not come without clear intent.
Trying to catch a wave and ride it never last 🌊. But planning and well thought out intentions will help you to create a path you can ride forever. SLOW DOWN, don’t be afraid to stop 🛑. Remember, it’s easier to steer when you control the speed 😉.
Own Your Actions | Create Your Experiences 😊🙏🏾
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Nada que esté unido y organizado puede ser derrotado.

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All the struggles we go through are just a part of life. When I face a really hard challenge, it’s not a test. Even though I’ve often felt like a failure, I won’t get a failing grade because I’m not being tested. I’m not being judged. And I won’t be condemned for the fact that life can be hard. Rather, when I face a really hard challenge, it’s an exercise.

The Serving Leader by K. Jennings & J. Stahl-Wert

Greatness in the Details
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There is only a slight blah of difference between good and great.

For organizations, the difference is in the experience. Specialty coffee shops are difficult to tell apart these days. I count no less than ten of them within a few miles of my home. It’s possible to get a good, drinkable cup of coffee at each one.

What is the “greatness” differentiator?

It’s the experience details. The barista who takes the time to understand that I want to hang out and work while drinking my coffee in a ceramic mug will win the day for me. I won’t complain if the barista assumes I want a paper cup and proceeds through the process with little interaction. The coffee will probably still be good. (It’s a rare specialty coffee shop that actually has bad coffee.)

But greatness is in the details. It doesn’t take a lot to create an experience that sets you apart. But it does take intention.

The same is true for leaders.

There are many good leaders in the world. People who are skilled, experienced, visionary, and high-capacity. Good leaders, like good coffee shops, are not difficult to find. And I’m grateful for this.

We need good leaders. Everybody can’t be “above average” without raising the standard of average. Good leaders are needed everywhere. Many good leaders don’t even know they’re leading at all. They’ve stepped into an unexpected role and perform with competence. Good leaders make for good organizations.

But what about when it’s time to level up?

I suspect that “leveling up” is not going to be a quantum leap. It’s going to be intentionally adjusting a detail that makes all the difference.

I’m interested in the details that make great leaders.
Because great leaders are the detail that makes great organization, and, ultimately, a better world.


Educational Postcard about inquiry-teachers by Ken Whytock
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