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Do the best you can until you know better once you know better, DO BETTER. ~

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You sure it’s well deserved? Well then, To anyone that wants to win the ' Officer of the Year', make sure you follow Sgt. Sandra Glendinning by blocking everyone that Avoid – at Lions Gate Bridge

Going through a or business transformation project? Check out @engage_for_success 20 hints and tips for engaging employees to help with adopting change:

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Find a "with." The most important factor of success is finding someone to go on the journey with you. We change & grow in community, not isolation. ~ Dan Rockwell

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Pour définir les qualités du gagnant on ne s’intéresse jamais aux perdants pour vérifier qu’ils n’ont pas utilisé les mêmes ressorts. [Frédéric Fréry] pour Xerfi Canal.