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If You only have a hammer everything looks like a nail. Abraham Maslow

„Teamarbeit wird völlig überschätzt. Einzelne schaffen doch stets große Sprünge.“ Dr. Meyer-Galow über die Rolle von kreativen Mitarbeiter für die Innovationsfähigkeit von Unternehmen.

"Being a leader is not about you. It is about the people on your team and how you can help them be successful". -S.Vobejda

Coming soon helping biz owners design, develop & lead high performing teams in their growing businesses

Surprise yourself every day with your own courage. - Denholm Elliott

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“Canavarlarla dövüşen kişi, kendisinin de bir canavara dönüşmemesine dikkat etmelidir.”

Friedrich Nietzsche


Blessed Sunday love 😍 from The Osuhors.
Only 5 sleeps to our first holiday of 2019.
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You get to hear this a lot when you don’t finish your work in time, when you are rushing to meet that deadline. That moment when you are thinking that you shouldve done it earlier, instead of whiling away time putting yourself in imaginary scenes of how you could’ve reacted to that rude person, or to that guy who cut you in traffic.

What does it mean to prioritize, what does it mean to do what you have to do and not what you feel like doing. When you say that something was priority, you are telling yourself or disciplining yourself saying that you are filled with thoughts and ideas about that certain something. You are involuntarily giving yourself the idea or rather a strong suggestion that you cannot afford to give your mind, body or energy to anything else but your priority. It is supposed to draw all your attention, all your strength and your everything to it.

So it’s important on what you choose to prioritize.

Is it something that is good for you, not just momentarily but on the long run.

Is it something when you look back you won’t regret.

Is it something that makes you better each day.

Is it something that puts you closer to your dreams.

Put a little thought into what you choose to prioritize, cos it will require most of you.


What you prioritize, determines your ⬇️fall or ⬆️rise

Being accountable to someone is the most humbling action one can do, it is like keeping yourself vulnerable and open. You are thinking its so hard being accountable or why should I even be doing that, let someone know what’s happening or what I am doing. “My Life My Way” kinda doesn’t work in all walks of life.

Being accountable helps you give new perspectives to what you are going through, it gives you multiple views. It’s like standing facing one direction but being able get a 360 degree view. You realize you are not the only one

going through that, talk with people. It helps you share the load of what you are going through, you are able to think clearly with a refreshed mind when you speak out to someone. In times when you feel unaccomplished it helps you keep track of your progress, encourages you by making you realise you are further and way ahead from where you started. It helps you avoid the potholes you are prone to, it brings to light your blindspots.

Be accountable to a person who is able to see your goal and puts you in line. A person who questions your every move, a person who doesn’t hesitate to give you a no, a person who speeds you up when slow and slows you when you pace too fast, a person who sees you better than how you see yourself.

Everyone judges, find someone who discerns.

Remember, You can only be helped when you realise and accept you need help.


Humbled to get this testimony from a client in Canada.

When you offer executive business coaching, listening is key…as the client will tell you what they are not telling you.

Effective listening is paramount to their progress and your success with them.

Stop talking and take the time to engage in effective listening by asking questions.
My acronym for ASK:
A - always
S - seek
K - knowledge

Your thoughts 💭 …….
- Camilita

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Weak leadership phrase: “If it’s got to be done right it’s got to be done by me.”

Our job is leading a team to success not just getting the job done. We must trust our team to deliver on their skills.

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Mel Feller MPA, MHR, Looks at Leadership and it Being the Source of Your Success

Mel Feller MPA, MHR, Looks at Leadership and it Being the Source of Your Success


Mel is the President/Founder of Mel Feller Seminars with Coaching for Success 360, Inc. and Mel Feller Coaching. Mel Feller is an Innovator and Business Leader. Mel Feller currently maintains offices in Texas and in Utah. Currently an MBA Candidate.

Why is it that we often wait until we have achieved a level of success in network marketing before we feel as though we have earned the right to step into a leadership role? Leadership is NOT a position you acquire because of having achieved a certain volume or compensation plan position. You come from as a declaration that guides your decisions and actions a place. When you are the source of everything that shows up in your life and in your business, your actions will be in sync with this self-declared leadership role.


The elements that characterize leadership are as follows:

1. A clear and well-spoken vision that serves as an inspirational guiding force for yourself and others.

2. A specific Action Plan that answers the question, “What exactly will it take to manifest this vision?”

3. An enthusiastic contagious Belief Level that causes others to join in the cause and get into action motivated by a positive expectation of success.

4. An authenticity and genuine humility that comes from a true commitment to be of contribution to others.

5. A commitment to ultimate invisibility, that is getting out of the way, allowing others to step into THEIR own power as they eventually assume the prominence you once held as a catalyst inspiring others to greater possibilities. This is an ability to make others greater than yourself, empowering them through example with a commitment to seeing a possibility for them that they might not yet clearly see for themselves. This is what it means to be an inspiration to others.


Leadership is both the driving force that propels a network marketing organization and the glue that keeps it together long term, allowing it to withstand the inevitable challenges that will develop from time to time.


There are six sources of power that effective leaders must use to help them guide their organizations.  Understanding what they are and how you can acquire more of each will make you a better leader right from the beginning.  The first three are related to the leader’s official position in an organization.


Leadership Power Sources

Legitimate Power is how the leader got into the position in the first place – whether by election, appointment, hiring, or volunteering. Often the position is accompanied by a formal office or title or similar overt symbol of authority.  The organization has recognized you as the legitimate holder of a leadership position, and with it come formal authorities and responsibilities.

T here are enormous advantages for the leader who occupies an authentic position of authority. For one thing, everyone recognizes that you are supposed to be in charge.  Legitimacy also gives you access to networks and resources others may not have. And part of the good news is that, as a legitimate leader, you can officially tap into two other power sources.

Reward Power is the ability to give something of value to someone in exchange for compliance. Most often, people associate this with money or resources that the organization controls through the leader – the reward might be something like a raise, more vacation days, or a holiday bonus.

Coercive Power is the ability to force compliance, and to punish. Your legitimate position of power may include the authority to fire someone, demote them, deny privileges, or give them low marks on their annual evaluation.

Be careful with this one, though.  Heavy reliance on Coercive Power is a symptom of poor leadership and a toxic working environment that will ultimately make your team weaker instead of stronger. Coercive power is best used sparingly, and targeted largely at ensuring minimum acceptable standards of behavior. It is not a good way to motivate people to excel.  


Personal Power Sources


Expert Power is based on knowledge, special skills, or experience. Often this expertise is more formally recognized in some way, such as a medical license, or passing the bar exam as a lawyer.  However, you do not always need a certificate.  When you know more about something than everyone else does, you just became the expert.  This includes experience in doing something.  That is why expert power comes through the ranks in most organizations.

Therefore, expert power is one that you can very quickly improve upon.  Reading books, talking with experts outside your group, starting focus groups, or getting experience on your own are all good approaches.


Information Power is what you have if you possess knowledge that others need or want. This power is related to your ability to get access to information, and does not require expertise.  It could be knowing when the next meeting is, or knowing the impact of budget cuts at headquarters, or how new trends will influence your business.

Information power is time-sensitive it can become obsolete quickly.  The power of the information is also gone the moment you give it away, so a key with this power source is to have continuous access to new, useful information that others do not have or are too lazy to learn for themselves.

Referent Power is the ability of the leader to influence people because of their attraction to and respect for him. People use him as a “frame of reference” and want to be like him.  Someone who is well liked, charismatic, and has good people skills can be very attractive to work with.  Nevertheless, this personal appeal has to be coupled with integrity and depth of character to be effective over the long term.

A charismatic person who turns out to be a pathological liar will quickly lose the support of his team. A person of great character who has difficulty developing relationships with others will also find it hard to lead effectively.  It is the combination of the two aspects, charisma and character, that will make you particularly influential.

To become a more effective leader, the thing to do now is look at yourself and see where your power lies. Even if you are not filling a legitimate power position, there are always things you can do to become more influential.  Focus on the Personal Power sources to raise your game, and you will find more and more people will be interested in what you have to say.

Mel Feller, MPA, MHR, is a well-known real estate, business consultant, personal development consultant and speaker, specializing in performance, productivity, and profits. Mel is the President/Founder of Mel Feller Seminars with Coaching For Success 360, Inc. and Mel Feller Coaching, a real estate and business specific coaching company. His three books for real estate professionals are systems on how to become an exceptional sales performer. His four books in Business and Government Grants are ways to leverage and increase your business Success in both time and money! His book on Personal Development “Lies that Will Sabotage Your Success”. Mel Feller is in Texas and In Utah.

Mel Feller, MPA, MHR


Part of life and fulfillment is doing what we love. Why live if we are not loving it, its 2019 not 1019.
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(at Pismo Beach, California)

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Disparate Dots

It was one of those invigorating conversations between colleagues.

We were answering the question of value - particularly as related to our work. What is the value we bring to our clients?

It has to do with connecting dots.

This is not original and I don’t know the point of origin for this idea. (If a reader knows, message me so I can give proper attribution.)

But our entire education system is set up for dot collection. We’re given big dot baskets so we can gather as many dots as possible - dumping them into larger crates, creating massive dot warehouses to store all of our dots.

The problem is that collecting dots is not the most valuable thing.

The most valuable thing is connecting dots.

So be a dot connector.

Dot collectors see a problem with marketing and difficulty with personal productivity as isolated issues and try to solve for two problems.

Dot connectors find interdependent relationships and innovate an integrated solution for both.

My job is to help clients connect disparate dots.

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