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Save the date! Unilever is hosting the next Spain Chapter event "Doing not Trying: Leadership with a Feminine Touch" in Barcelona on 17th October. Register now:

The leaders who prioritize integrity run organizations that discourage winning at any cost and cultivate higher employee engagement

Why should all children have equal opportunities, and an equal access to education, in life?

: all'Italia la delle vendite di confezionato nella Federazione Russa! Scopri di più

Top tower building today from our NPQSL group. Great leadership skills!

We’re the health and safety experts, so you don’t have to be. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS: .

Plenaria "la percezione delle è centrale per costruire il futuro del Paese. Necessaria una che indichi la strada. Con la privazione non costruiamo nulla. Esempio di deve fare scuola"

Successful leaders do the following: Pay their dues Work in obscurity Succeed with difficult people They put themselves on the line. ~  

Stop procrastinating! If there is something you want to do, do it now. Don´t let "later" turn into "never".

Just 7 days to the ǼLEX 2019 lecture. Theme: "Strong Men VS Strong Institutions: Strengthening Democracy in Africa". Register here: or send an email to

Welcome to Sashia Leung from the Wet’suwet’en Nation (+Associate Director of Process ). Sashia joined us as a panelist at ’s ‘See Us, Hear Us’ discussion where she eloquently advocated for and of women & girls.

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Does College Still Pay? Seven New Rules For Making A Good College Choice

In the last post in this series, Tom Vander Ark provides advice to learners and identifies seven new rules for choosing college (or not).
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Intercontinental Exchange launches NYSE Board Advisory Council to advance board diversity

On Tuesday, The New York Stock Exchange announced the launch of the NYSE Board Advisory Council. Its purpose will be to proactively address the critical need for inclusive leadership by connecting diverse candidates with companies seeking new directors. Founding companies include Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, Slack and Rent the Runway. Yahoo Finance’s Scott Gamm spoke to American Water Works CEO Susan Story and Intercontinental Exchange Board Member Duriya Farooqui to discuss the initiative.
Why tech giants struggle to promote women in non-tech jobs

LinkedIn gives an exclusive look at women in the tech industry. In its newest survey, it shows that tech companies, even in non-technical jobs like marketing and legal struggle to promote women to the more senior levels, despite there being plenty of women in junior roles. Yahoo Finance discusses with the Managing Editor at LinkedIn Caroline Fairchild.
The various leadership styles executive women wish to embrace more

KPMG released a new report exploring the various leadership styles that women associate most with their businesses and how those styles can help lead to advancements in their careers. KPMG Chief Diversity Officer Michele Meyer-Shipp discusses with Yahoo Finance’s Julie Hyman, Adam Shapiro, and Moody’s Capital Markets Research Chief Economist John Lonski.