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In a world full of ordinary, be EXTRAORDINARY.

Nelle i senior e i dipendenti hanno diverse percezioni di quali siano gli ostacoli alla . I primi credono che si concentrino nella fase di reclutamento, i secondi pensano che siano disseminati lungo tutta l'esperienza lavorativa:

A best group, comes with the best leader. 10years of training was worth. Always stay strong from the beginning, be like Jihyo.

Leaders treat people right & do things right. When things go bad the steps forward & accepts

I agree 100%. Your title doesn't make you a , your actions and examples do. -

Learn how to quickly create an eBook with this FREE Training. Be a in your .

Mentoring sophomores at my community high school! When you do something for the youth, knowing that they will never be able to repay you, best feeling in the world!

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29. Airship Pirate Brokenstar

repost because tumblr hates me

Sorcerous Squadmaster

Teamwork on its own can be pretty magical. 

[ ] Form Squad – With a brief bonding ritual, you can form a Squad with up to five other people present. Everyone in your Squad can see a bright outline around their fellow squadmates regardless of any visual obstructions, as well as some kind of identifying marker they can use to distinguish between their squadmates. You may only have one Squad at a time.

[ ][ ][ ] Squad Boon – Membership in your Squad conveys a number of advantages. For each level of Squad Boon, pick one of the following:

  • Health: A visual representation of each squadmate’s health condition is visible to your Squad.
  • Goal: Any member of your Squad can highlight an object or creature in their vision, which will be highlighted similarly in the Squad’s vision to their squadmates.
  • Chat: Any of your squadmates can choose to broadcast telepathic messages to the entire Squad at any time.

[ ][ ][ ][ | ][ | ] Co-Ordinate Squad – Whenever you are overseeing your Squad and offering them advice or orders, your counsel grants a supernatural edge. Your squadmates gain a +2 bonus per level of Co-Ordinate Squad to rolls to work together under your guidance or to follow your orders.

[ ][ | ] Warp Invite – By drawing a large sigil on the ground, you can offer a brief window to your Squad to teleport to your location. For 2d6 rounds, any member of your Squad may choose to teleport to the sigil you’ve drawn. At the end of the duration, the sigil will disappear. At second level, all of your squadmates can produce the same effect by drawing the same sigil.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] Squadmate Revival – Whenever any member of your Squad is reduced to 0 health, for one minute any other member of your Squad that physically picks them up restores their healthy by twice your level of Squadmate Revival.

A request for Bluestar from the book series Warriors. This was requested by @blushfur

All photography and Art is copyright to their own creators. I do not own any of these individual pictures. Please reblog and share but do not repost my aesthetic! While I did not take these photographs I did collage them to make this cohesive picture. Thanks!


Be encouraged. Be great. God bless!

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