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You can up ⬆️ your negotiation skills offering options and decisions based on , then follow-up with authority (case, statute, precedent, reinstatement, study 📖) 💝

In which of the following situations could a court, applying the common law doctrine, most likely convict the defendant of the crime charged despite the defendant’s mistake?

A in our Community Lawyering Clinic helped a Philadelphia man who transformed a neighborhood eyesore into a jewel, :

Happy Matriculation to my lil sis 🎓 Officially an undergraduate 😆 All the best on this journey!

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Congratulations to everyone who passed October NCA exams! Come celebrate results and the end of January exam period at Dublin Calling on January 26th at 8PM!

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I’m revisiting ‘Equity and Trusts’ although my initial exams are over…I decided to use ‘Equity’ as my essay topic for different study module (for comparative law). It’s a good thing that I still have my Equity class presentations handy. We’re back at it! Let’s hope these essay(s) turn out well. I have two essays on comparative criminal justice and international criminal law. One problem question on a case scenario…and there’s that Bar Aptitude test. 🤞🏻

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What they didn’t tell you about law school.

1. You’re going to struggle, in more ways than one, but mentally and emotionally especially. Law school isn’t just an intellectually challenging program, but it’s mentally challenging as well. People in law school are used to being the smart kids of their class, but you get to law school and you’re no longer at the top, you might even be average, or below average, but that’s okay.

2. Doing little things like, going grocery shopping, or cleaning your apartment, are much more than chores. That’s time you should be spending studying, and working, but what it actually turns into is a break from studying. Yes, grocery shopping is a break.

3. All your hard work won’t necessarily put you at the top of your class like it did in undergrad. I spent 12 hour days studying for finals for a month straight and i turned out to be average. It’s a hard truth to accept but it’s the way it is.

4. Don’t compare yourself to others. It is so hard to not look over at your friend who’s already a week ahead on readings and not feel dumb, but you just have to realize everyone does things at their own pace.

5. Law school becomes your identity. Everywhere you go you’ll throw in the fact that you’re a law student into every conversation without even trying.

6. If you’re anything like me, you’re going to miss your family a lot. You won’t get to see people outside of your fellow students very often, but you kind of all become a family by the end of the first semester anyways and have each other’s back.

7. You will learn so much in short amount of time. I’ve just started my second semester and i have learned so much more than i have in my entire life.

8. You will change as a person. Over break i came home and everyone noticed how i talk different and hold conversations and speak in a more confident and intellectual way. Kind of flattering but kind of freaky, but you’re going to start analyzing conversations in a nit picky way so just try to watch yourself.

9. Law school is like high school all over again. It’s a small class with the same people every day, there will be drama, just try to avoid that.

10. It will be the hardest time of your life, but it will make you a better person for it. One semester in and my eyes have been opened in a whole new way. I’m learning how i can be a better person, an advocate, and what i can do to change the world.

11. You’re going to feel like you’ll throw up before every exam, no matter how prepared you are. Eat light the night before and breakfast that day, and just bring water, trust me on that one.

🎉 A little early… but I had some time on hand today and I thought, ‘why not start a February spread?’ As each year ago by, the seeds we plant…despite all the hardships…grows a full and bright. Once you bite into a fruit of patience, it’s juiciness feels so refreshing. 🙂

Anyways, recently I’ve been catching up on some readings whilst I finish my IRE. I also need to check up on my exam applications and registration for BCATs. Lots going this year but I’m also excited.

Today I’m setting up my notes a little differently since I have an open book exam coming up! I’ve chosen to arrange all of my notes for this exam in a table since it just feels like it makes the information for this particular subject easy to skim through and find! Law is often quite formulaic, and having a table in an exam allows me to quickly identify the elements needed for each process, examples of cases, authorities, and exceptions to the rules. I’ve also very lightly modified my Touch Bar to give me quick access to some special symbols I use when annotating typed notes! ☺️

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Final Year 2.0

Excited to start the final year of my second degree in 2019! 



and perhaps a Marketing Degree next?

Final Year Core Modules taken at the University of Pretoria:

- Private Law 

- Criminal Procedure 

- Civil Procedure 

- Criminal Law 

- Administrative Law

Final Year Electives I plan to take at the University of Pretoria:

- Private International Law 

- International Humanitarian Law 

- Statutory Crimes 

- Medical Law 


I have mentioned the modules I will be taking in 2019 so perhaps you can ask for my advice on them.

I wish everyone a successful 2019 

Got the whole coffee shop for myself today (Christmas Day) since most people are spending time with their families in their respective homes. I spent the whole afternoon and evening studying the Bill of Rights. There are still a lot to read for the Comprehensive Exam on January. Fingers crossed and praying for a total average of 80+ with zero removals.


Classes on a school holiday? Thank u, next 😂

Kidding aside, we all know how law students are always exempted from any form of activity which may fall under the category of “social life”. Lol

Anyway, wuzzup people? Another law school vlog has been posted on my YouTube channel.

#theexception #lawstudent #lawstudentlife #xavierdays #noholiday #lawschoolvlog #studentvlogger (at Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan)

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Don’t Be A Lawyer - feat. Burl Moseley - “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

This might be the greatest video I have seen. Less than eleven hours away from my first law school final and I cried from laughing/having a mental breakdown. Please enjoy.

11/28/2018 @ 10:33pm

Another late night post, well semi late, but today has been filled with practice tests galore and I just had a very large glass of wine so it feels late. I feel no more or less confident than I did yesterday on my material so I’m going to snuggle with my sweet kitty and call it a night & start fresh in the morning.