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Literacy X Equality X Reality

This past week I had the privilege of attending the in the to learn more about their ‘virtual reality’ legal internship. A fascinating programme that I can’t wait to share with my fellow members!

TONIGHT: "How to Stand Out: Gaining Meaningful Legal Work Experience (London)" at . Tickets sold out & there's a waiting list! Please cancel ticket if you can no longer attend. See you soon 😁🍰

Congratulations to our students on completing LU60 Trial Techniques - the mock trial class. Way to go!

Are you looking for an IP Lawyer for OAPI & ARIPO? Hire an IP Lawyer from AA Tejuso & Co. - The Best Law Firm in Nigeria & Sub-Saharan Region.

This Monday we welcomed 32 Vacation Placement students who joined our offices in Birmingham, London, Leeds and Manchester for two weeks. Hope you enjoy your time at Pinsent Masons!

How do you find a good lawyer? They’re well-educated, well-prepared, and reliable, but they also have certain traits in common.

2 days until "How to Stand Out: Gaining Meaningful Legal Work Experience (London)" at . Tickets sold out & there's a waiting list! Please cancel ticket if you can no longer attend. We look forward to seeing you then 😁🍰

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I n s i d e | o u t s i d e 🌲

Return Post // 06.16.19 //

Happy Pride month!

Hello, tumblrworld, it has been a while. I do apologize for my long absence–a month at least, if I’m not mistaken. A lot has happened since and wow, I have lots to tell!


As part of tradition for (most) law school here in our country, we celebrate the last meeting for every class with food, token(s) and the inevitable class picture. Yes, it was quite costly. But it may also serve as last appeal to the good will of the “gods” a. k. a. professors.

[Photo: Negotiable Instruments Law class]


I was prepared for most my classes and I was satisfied! I even spent less on coffee, which was really something. The only downside was that my CivPro suffered. I need lots of prayers for that one!

[Photo: Reviewing for labor relations]


I celebrated the end of the semester by sleeping for over 12 hours. Law is exhausting and it is worth it!

[Photo: Well, it ain’t me]


This day, so far, is the highlight of my year. We travelled four hours from Pasay City to Quezon province; trekked for almost an hour to reach Mts. Banahaw and San Cristobal Protected Landscape; planted three Narra seedlings each, for a total of 300!

[Photos: On the way to Protected Landscape; Narra seedlings!]

There is law requiring this. Unfortunately, there’s no penalty provided for failure to comply. Thus, it is not strictly enforced.

[Photo: Tree-planting day shirt with R. A. 10176 provision]


I returned to my hometown for a bit. My mom got into a minor accident so I have to stay and assist her for a while. Good thing she didn’t suffer serious injury!

This week, I:

  • Sleep early now and get at least 8 hours of sleep
  • Wake up mostly between 5-6 am
  • Often go for a run early morn for most days
  • Schedule short review in Criminal Procedure
  • Eat more fruits and drink smoothies now

So, that’s it!

For those currently on vacation, ya’ll enjoy because you sure earned it!

For those with classes/exams, hang in there! You’re doing a great job. Best of luck for your exams!

For the rest, ya’ll have a good day! 💜

A week before Exam

I am a person that likes to be in control of my daily life, although I would love to just laze around!! I have a pretty hectic schedule packed with studies and all extra activities that I am involved in. This leads me to having a pretty tight schedule and a daily planner :)

And I have a daily schedule which I make sure to follow. I don’t get to go hang out with my friends before I manage to complete my notes for the day!! So, this is what I practice so that I don’t end up looking like a zombie on my study week. 

  1. Notes should be ready after class - or if you are the type that needs to read once before class, that is even better for you to prep notes before!
  2. Keep away from all kinds of distraction during your study time. I know it’s hard to do so because all kinds of materials in my phone too, but it helps to just turn off your mobile data for your social apps!
  3. Practice with the assignments as it really does help to be familiar with the kind of outline that your teacher prefers. Plus, skimming through past year reduces my anxiety level during exams!
  4. Make sure your revision time table is ready and set, and follow through with your plans!
  5. Taking breaks in between studying or even hanging out with friends helps ease your mind, but don’t let your brain settle into the ‘chill’ mode for too long.
Aye, all the best!

100 days of productivity

Days 2 & 3/ 100

So… yesterday I couldn’t post anything because my teacher had the amazing idea of adding work for today. Anyway, today he was feeling ill and decided to not give the lesson and remove an unit from the exam. I still don’t know how to feel.

To-do list:

  • Sum up unit 7
  • Scan the whole summary


Así que… ayer no pude subir nada porque mi profesor tuvo la genial idea de añadir trabajo para hoy. De todas formas, hoy se estaba sintiendo enfermo y decidió no dar la clase e incluso removió una unidad del examen. Todavía no sé cómo sentirme.

Cosas para hacer:

  • Resumir la unidad 7
  • Escanear todo el resumen

Adios Law School


Today is the last day of finals, the last day of university. A couple of pictures from the three years I spent here.

  1. The First Day of Law School, the Induction programme.
  2. The Law Library.
  3. The V. T.
  4. Kittens in the hostel garden.
  5. The Goldmohar.
  6. Handful of jasmine I picked on a morning walk.
  7. One sunrise on The Ghats of Banaras.
  8. The Law School Memoir.