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The Howard Fox Memorial Law Scholarship for Berks County high school graduates who are entering or already attending law school is accepting applications until April 1. This scholarship is need-based. Apply here:

In which of the following situations could a court, applying the common law doctrine, most likely convict the defendant of the crime charged despite the defendant’s mistake?

Like so many of our alums, Tamara Sobel earned her law degree to improve lives. And today she is—just in a way she didn’t expect: as an advocate for media literacy education. This is her story:

Busy morning today! Gave a presentation about , and Estonia at and then got to see the classrooms and technology they use to teach lawyers. Awesome!

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The Law Library will be closed Monday for Martin Luther King/Idaho Human Rights Day. We will be open Saturday and Sunday.

Just had a lovley long letter from my tutor, course material looks so interesting. This book is brilliant too, module 1 come at me!

JANUARY 2019 issue of two top edu magazines is a MUST READ for people of Education or Law or both! These magazines bring legal education and quality private higher education to the center stage! Kudos!

Up early working on a presentation - excited to be a guest speaker for a course on graduate school admissions!

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Girl, how many times do you need to be told you got this before you believe it ?

What they didn’t tell you about law school.

1. You’re going to struggle, in more ways than one, but mentally and emotionally especially. Law school isn’t just an intellectually challenging program, but it’s mentally challenging as well. People in law school are used to being the smart kids of their class, but you get to law school and you’re no longer at the top, you might even be average, or below average, but that’s okay.

2. Doing little things like, going grocery shopping, or cleaning your apartment, are much more than chores. That’s time you should be spending studying, and working, but what it actually turns into is a break from studying. Yes, grocery shopping is a break.

3. All your hard work won’t necessarily put you at the top of your class like it did in undergrad. I spent 12 hour days studying for finals for a month straight and i turned out to be average. It’s a hard truth to accept but it’s the way it is.

4. Don’t compare yourself to others. It is so hard to not look over at your friend who’s already a week ahead on readings and not feel dumb, but you just have to realize everyone does things at their own pace.

5. Law school becomes your identity. Everywhere you go you’ll throw in the fact that you’re a law student into every conversation without even trying.

6. If you’re anything like me, you’re going to miss your family a lot. You won’t get to see people outside of your fellow students very often, but you kind of all become a family by the end of the first semester anyways and have each other’s back.

7. You will learn so much in short amount of time. I’ve just started my second semester and i have learned so much more than i have in my entire life.

8. You will change as a person. Over break i came home and everyone noticed how i talk different and hold conversations and speak in a more confident and intellectual way. Kind of flattering but kind of freaky, but you’re going to start analyzing conversations in a nit picky way so just try to watch yourself.

9. Law school is like high school all over again. It’s a small class with the same people every day, there will be drama, just try to avoid that.

10. It will be the hardest time of your life, but it will make you a better person for it. One semester in and my eyes have been opened in a whole new way. I’m learning how i can be a better person, an advocate, and what i can do to change the world.

11. You’re going to feel like you’ll throw up before every exam, no matter how prepared you are. Eat light the night before and breakfast that day, and just bring water, trust me on that one.


I am planning to start a series regarding law school. To be honest I’m still not sure if I could pull it off but I’d really like to try :D 


I was greatly influenced by Aura Roo’s vlogs about Medicine on Youtube. I have actually planned on creating a Youtube channel about Law but aside from the fact that my voice is shrill, I’m not as comfortable speaking in front of the camera. Also, I think I am more efficient writing rather than speaking (which is ironic because I’m also planning to lean towards litigation).

The series

This so-called law school edition will be called #TheJouisDoctor, a pun created with my name and my degree program which is Juris Doctor. 


My plan is to focus on tips regarding the usual activities in law school which are memorization, case digests, recitations, and reviewers. I am likewise planning to share some insights regarding law school-related issues and topics. 


Before anything, I’d like you to know that I’m not an expert in law school. I am a mere law student who has been struggling for almost two years now. Now why am I doing this? I would like to be accountable not only to those who will read it but also to myself. How? I should be able to carry out the tips I will be giving. That way, not only will I be forced to apply them, it will also help sort out how I should be dealing with such situations myself. 


I promised to give a better content starting tomorrow, right? Here it is. The primary disclaimer here is: the tips that I will be giving are based on my experiences. Not all law schools have the same level of difficulties. Some law schools are more lenient with their students, some are really keen on having Bar topnotchers :D One thing’s for sure, however, and that is studying the Law is one and the same. 

New Year, Final Semester...

So next week my final semester of law school starts. How crazy is that? Time truly speeds up as we grow older.

This past semester went much smoother than 1st semester of last year. I knew what to expect from my professors, the school administration, and I had my own quiet space to come home to away from school which was invaluable. I also continued my routine at the gym from the summer which did wonders for my mental health during the stressful end of the semester with all my deadlines.

This semester I didn’t do much travelling as I had a trip to Korea planned for over Christmas vacation. The only new place I explored was Bristol, a city in the SW of England. I went there for a weekend in October to attend the XIX National Council Meeting of ELSA UK (which is the organisation that I now sit on the board of as Director for Internal Management! I successfully applied for this position in late August). Bristol is like a smaller version of London and the university there is stunning, particularly the law building.

Bristol has a dark and interesting history. It was the initial port that slaves came into from Africa before being further shipped onto America or being bought and distributed throughout England. Interesting fact, the famous suspension bridge in Bristol’s background is where slaves were kept before being auctioned. They would be kept in cells inside the cliff under the bridge.

This academic year is denser than last. By reading week in October we had covered substantially more material than we had by the same time last year. I think this was a good thing though. I felt more engaged and interested in all my modules. This final semester will be denser still with more deadlines and the added stress of applications for Training Contracts. The saving grace is that I only have to make it through 4 more months before this degree is finished. Not that I’m wishing away my time at school but I am excited to see what is to come in the next chapter after school. I am hoping to secure a TC or legal job in London or the surrounding area. I don’t think I’m ready to return to Canada just yet.

Pro Tip for Baby Lawyers

Unless your office won’t allow it, don’t be afraid to block off time on your schedule to just plain do your job.

Know you need an hour to watch videos for an upcoming trial? Schedule it. Know you need half a day next week to get that brief done on time? Schedule it!

Honestly, it’s been one of the most useful things I’ve started doing this past year to help prevent things from getting too out of control.

Final Year 2.0

Excited to start the final year of my second degree in 2019! 



and perhaps a Marketing Degree next?

Final Year Core Modules taken at the University of Pretoria:

- Private Law 

- Criminal Procedure 

- Civil Procedure 

- Criminal Law 

- Administrative Law

Final Year Electives I plan to take at the University of Pretoria:

- Private International Law 

- International Humanitarian Law 

- Statutory Crimes 

- Medical Law 


I have mentioned the modules I will be taking in 2019 so perhaps you can ask for my advice on them.

I wish everyone a successful 2019