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Law of attraction.

Leanne from SWOP NT describing the process of in Northern Territory working with & others to work on anti- protection & repeal of the repressive

3of3-We’re even worse off today. used to be our servants, but today they rule us. They make the law by their majority rule, not us. They make the , and our job is to obey. Plus, laws often change at the whim of our politicians, and who has the biggest majority.

Does anyone believe we have a in the , anymore? Seems only apply to the and does not apply if your ! Time to

After our sold out Parliament House Sex Work Laws & Workplace Health & Safety event Kayla & Elena spoke to Kelly Higgins Divine on policing & y we need decriminalisation. Listen at:

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How many millions of new UNCONSTITUTIONAL UNJUST have been manufactured since the 1860's?

"Nothing is too wonderful to be true, if it be consistent with the laws of nature."- Michael Faraday

"Laws!" At , George Wilson talks about for abstractions in . Reasons behind having Laws, the powers of Laws and tragedies avoided by having them will all be covered.

DYK The /US Boot Camp provides and officers & other professionals in privacy & protection roles with essential knowledge & understanding of important , & enforcement models? 10-11 December in !

The that guide communities to uphold the safety and wellbeing of all its citizens shouldn’t be ignored, forgotten, or discarded. There should be laws in place to exploited persons and communities from further degradation, violence or abuse.

? 📢 We launched 🆕 External Contributors Interface ‼️ Now & can directly contribute and input against to our Database of Legislation! Blw the 🔑 steps, it's simple 👉 Try it out:

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#1 TUCK HOODIE LIKE A SWEATER #2 ZIP Your Lips & RECORD #3 Showed Yall How W/O Arrested *READ Y'ALL SUE

Click the link below to watch my this and 100 for lectures on the topic of law.

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¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Trump: I’ll never forgive Obama for underfunding our military

Reality: Obama spent MORE on the military than Trump has. #trump #lies #daily #trump #lies #daily #military #MichelleObama #firstlady #unitedstates #laws #blacktwitter

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A recently passed Pennsylvania law states that
“Dogs cannot be left outside for more than 30 minutes in temperatures above 90 or below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Any dog owner breaking this law can face felony animal cruelty charges, which can include a punishment of 7 years in prison and a $15,000 fine.“

So the first and most apparent issue is that if your Livestock Guardian dogs are outside for 30 minutes at 31 degrees, you are now a felon in Pennsylvania.

But secondly there is the reality of WHY these guardian dogs are required… to Protect sheep, goats, fowl and cattle from predators. 

These dogs which are bred for this duty are cold climate breeds - breeds that originated in the Alps, Russia, Siberia & the Andes - bred to be prepared for the environmental elements.

Pennsylvania in it’s misguided attempt to protect one species has in reality issued a death sentence to many others.

Truth or Lie: What you don’t know can’t kill you


I have set myself to seek after knowledge and wisdom for the people perish for the lack thereof, but please consider the following:

I don’t know who made the statement referenced in the title of this blog, but let’s think about it. What is the act of knowing something? Is it not be defined as believing something to be true? Whether it is true or not does not change the fact the fact that you know or believe it to be true; therefore, when you do not know something, you do not believe it to be true, therefore it is a lie because you don’t believe it or you never heard of it.

The Word says that people are punished regardless of the knowledge that they have, but the fact that you do not know will be taken into account; however, disregarding the laws of truth and life, the law of the man is what he knows. He is a law unto himself, and his conscience accuses or approves him in his deeds.

Therefore I believe it is safe to assume that what you don’t know can’t kill you, because only that which you know to be sin is what you are responsible for keeping and upholding. If you never knew, how could you be held accountable, unless you rejected knowledge that was given to you multiple times; otherwise, you are clean.

Philosophy much? Nah!

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Laws are made for men of ordinary understanding and should, therefore, be construed by the ordinary rules of common sense. Their meaning is not to be sought for in metaphysical subtleties which may make anything mean everything or nothing at pleasure.
—  Thomas Jefferson

Game of Thrones and American Constitutional Law


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This isn’t as widely known as it should be. Which is why I’m posting this for any of you new followers. Once you do your own independent research and find the truth, only then will you know who truly rules this world. Hint: it’s not Donald Trump 😂

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Royal Decree

“Jason, we have a problem,” the cat-girl said, opening the paper. “‘I, Abigailen Veramahn the First, Queen of Imptula, do here-by decree that all gorgons who tread upon the soil of Imptula, are hitherto required to present themselves before an officiate of the law and register themselves, that they may be approved to walk this dry land.’ Have you ever heard such a pompous shitload?” Yvonne said, ripping the royal announcement in half.


#growyourownmeds 🔥 proud of these #states don’t be #afraid to #embrace #legalization it’s good for ppl who can and will grow their own #meds. #access #safeaccess the black market will always be around but now these states will finally be pushing #natural vs #bigpharma! $$$ #Research your #laws! Now… just need #Louisiana and the rest of the golfcoast states to get it together #vote!! #cannabis #cannabispassion #helpyourself #cannabiscures #cannabistreats #cannabisischangingmedicine #cannabisculture #cannabiscommunity #breakthecycle #cannabislaws #growing #storefront #utah #michigan #missouri (at Colorado)

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#Bringithome ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾
#gillumforgovernor Democrat Andrew Gillum and Republican Ron DeSantis faced off Sunday night in a heated debate that underscored the intense political divisions at play not just in Florida, where the two are vying to become the next governor, but across the U.S. as well.
#florida #thesouth #police #unitedstates #laws #blacktwitter

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I voted today and it felt great but I’m still disgusted at the fact that in my state I had to vote as to whether or not we should make it so transgender individuals can’t be descriminated against for using the bathroom or their preferred gender. We shouldn’t have to vote to make it illegal to descriminate against others. America is getting less progressive these past couple years and I find it disgusting.

Jeff Sessions' Speech on Religious Libery Interrupted by Methodist, Baptist Ministers Protesting Trump Administration Policy

Jeff Sessions’ Speech on Religious Libery Interrupted by Methodist, Baptist Ministers Protesting Trump Administration Policy

External image

External image
The Rev. Darrell Hamilton, center left, a pastor at First Baptist Church in Jamaica Plain, Mass., is escorted away by a Boston police officer after interrupting remarks by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, not shown, at a luncheon organized by the Boston Lawyers Chapter of the Federalist Society, on Oct. 29, 2018, in Boston. Sessions spoke about religious liberty during his remarks. (AP…

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