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'Landmark' overhaul for

The 48 of . This book when i was reading, firstly i made a survey, from the fist page to the Last, rapidly i obtained simply the concept of the Book and it was Warnings ( ) Such : Never, conceal, never and Do not ..... . Waan ka yaabey! buugan.

Protsahan's storytelling book that explains global against through simple and empathetic , was officially launched last week in the presence of some august inspirational women at . Shortly will be available on Amazon.

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NATIONAL NEWS Eviction challenged in court Also challenged by LFN are the Trespass Act and Johannesburg’s debt collection policy bylaws. Read more >

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The law of attraction is responding to the vibration that you are offering. πŸ’Ž

Specific is the product of momentum πŸ’Ž .. Be specific with what you want

Deliberate creation is so much more fun than creation by default πŸ’Ž

have been busy, and there are some new that you should be aware of. Find out what they are in our new blog post.

The vaccine are ! Ban ALL propaganda, make it illegal to promote content, ban items like flags & swastikas, prevent public display of racist propaganda. Oh wait! That means white people will no longer be able to hide behind the "free speech" excuse.

Did you shovel the sidewalk on your property? Most municipalities have laws that require you to shovel it.

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Here are a few simple steps to improve your academic average!

First off, a huge step in improving one’s grades is to actively want to do better.  So, well done! You have started your journey.

1) Actually, step 1 is to be prepared for your next day of class. So, this would entail reading the material for the next day, becoming familiar with terms and concepts and just gaining a basic understanding of what is going to be covered by the lecturer in the next lesson. 

This really does help! You will find yourself grasping concepts better in class and you will be able to follow along easier all because you know exactly what your lecturer is talking about and where they are getting the information from. It will just make your day easier! 

Even if you just have time to skim through your notes, just do it. This little method makes a big difference. 

2) After class or at least after a day of class, revise the work that has been done. This really helps you stay on top of your work and on your A-game! Get it? 

I understand that sometimes the workload means that you don’t get through all the work you did that day. That’s alright! Break it up. Break your workload into so many subjects today and so many tomorrow. The aim is to just keep on top of that work and revise while that information is still fresh in your head. 

3) Write down a to-do list each morning. The aim here is to increase productivity! Also, that sense of accomplishment and fulfilment when you tick something off your list? I wish you could bottle that feeling! 

This little step seems meaningless but it just allows you to plan your day a little bit and to write down what you want to do throughout the day.

4) Find your study method and stick to it! Everyone is different so the method that works for someone else may not entirely work for you and the trick is to find out your preferred method as early as you can. And do not let other methods influence when it’s 12am and you’re writing in 8 hours and you’re feeling stressed and now you’re cramming and nothing is going into your brain and now things are just going from bad to worse! Trust, we have all been there. Even if we don’t want to admit it out loud. 

5) Which leads me to the 5th tip. Study in advance! Cramming that work at 12am before your test in 8 hours will not cut the A grade average. It just will not.  Work out a good study plan if you struggle with this one. But stick to it! That’s the trick! 

Everyone is capable of doing well academically. It really takes perseverance and it takes dedication and hard work. Things don’t happen overnight. But take that feeling of a great test or assignment and let it motivate you for the next one. 

If you have tips and tricks that have worked for you, then let me know! I am really interested in engaging with the studyblr community and I hope these tips work for you! 

Have a productive and successful 2019!


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hi! im wondering if you know of the texas laws for collecting bones, or if you know where i could find them, im new into this and want to know what i can and cant do, ive tried looking up the roadkill laws but i couldnt find anything specific enough or recent enough, hope im not being a bother!

Hi there! Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of bone collecting! <3

@thegreenwolf‘s website has just what you need! Animal Parts Laws—US State Laws

And if you can’t find what you are looking for there you can always get in touch with your state wildlife resources department and they can help you out. Unfortunately I think it’s actually illegal to pick up roadkill in TX but I’m not positive about that.

Hope that helps! Best of luck! <3

Cesare Beccaria -  Dei delitti e delle pene (On Crimes and Punishments)

Dei delitti e delle pene (On Crimes and Punishments), a treatise written by Cesare Beccaria and published in 1764 is truly a monumental work. It is one of the founding works of fields such as penology and criminology and is till influential until today. What Beccaria intended was a reform of the entire criminal system present in his time. With great simplicity, in a way similar to Rousseau in le Contrat Social (The Social Contract), Beccaria tackles the foundation of society early and presents what is needed to preserve it. He presents all the possible crimes that could lead to the annihilation or disruption of the nation, and analyzes what suitable punishments are needed for such crimes. In doing so, a good and just penal system is crucial for the preservation of the nation. 

However, one the major groundbreaking points of this treatise, it’s the absolute necessity of a humane penal system. Punishment, is not, and must not, be a normality. In other words, the main maxim of this work, which is its driving force, is the following: “ogni atto di autorità di uomo a uomo che non derivi dall’assoluta necessità è tirannico.” (Every act of authority of one man over another, for which there is not an absolute necessity, is tyrannical.) One could say that it’s Beccaria’s obsession in this treatise to remove any possibility of an unjust treatment of a persons accused, even when they’re condemned. The necessity which drove people to unite and form a society will, in the end, have a huge power over individuals. Yet this power should not and must not be tyrannical in its actions. Punishment, whatever it maybe, should never be seen as a normal or light act. 

That said, another groundbreaking side of the treatise is the clear and fiery opposition that Beccaria presented against the use of torture and the use of the death penalty. For instance, Beccaria transformed the concept of the death penalty to state sponsored murder. The state is no different from an assassin hired by the people. “Parmi un assurdo che le leggi, che sono l'espressione della pubblica volontà, che detestano e puniscono l'omicidio, ne commettono uno esse medesime, e, per allontanare i cittadini dall'assassinio, ordinino un pubblico assassinio.” (It appears absurd to me that the laws, which are the expression of the public will and which detest and punish homicide, commit murder themselves, and in order to dissuade citizens from assassination, commit public assassination.) Such an argument was, and still is, used by many abolitionists around the world. 

What is great about this work is that, even though it has a grand scope, it is actually not that complicated to read. Beccaria was a sharp writer. He wanted simplicity to be profound, and such simplicity to be accessible to all. 

In the end, though, as much as I enjoyed Dei delitti e delle pene, I do believe those who are more interested in criminology, penology and political philosophy would appreciate it more. Though I do recommend it to everyone as, even though it was written hundreds of years ago, it feels very fresh and timeless! If not, then at least the chapters on torture and death penalty are the minimum.


Article 13: Broken, Nefr Nxt Patch Plz #SaveYourInternet

im really interested in jameson’s work in post-modernism. not that i actually agree with everything he says, but what he says and who he sorts is quite intersting and has been a topic of reasearch for me for a while

Relationship Criminality

So in the ever controlling and stupid system in England and Wales, there is now these new laws for relationships that involve the police meddling further into our interactions which can lead to jail, criminal records and an influx of interest from power hungry idiots. I’ll give my thoughts on the 10 points. Laws that now is a crime to break:

1. Sharing sexually explicit images of a partner

- yes, this one makes sense. Sexual images of partner, if exist, should be private and between the couple only. Agreed so far.

2. Restricting access to finances

- not sure why this is a law. If you can’t access your own money then do something about it. You know, force your money into own bank and leave the partner if they complain. Police knocking down the door is pointless.

3. Putting you down

- This is stupid. With such undefined conditions a argument will now be illegal because you can’t say what you feel. If your partner is acting like a idiot then you should be able to say it without fear. It’s way to easy for sensitive person to feel ‘put down’ and now they can call the police due to hurt feelings. Great!

4. Stopping a partner from seeing friends or family

- sure, but unless they are locked in a room as a slave I don’t see the need for this law. Some friends can be destructive in a relationship and making the point that a friend should be let go if the relationship needs to remain healthy should be fine. If they don’t like it, don’t call police just end the relationship.

5. Scaring you

- Threats of harm is obviously bad. Though scaring can mean lots of things. Get annoyed and momentarily slam a book on a floor can be so scary for the partner that you’d need to be jailed.

6. Threatening to reveal private things about you

- It’s evil and mean, not sure if you should be arrested for it however. In this instance an online diary that talks about such things is illegal.

7. Putting tracking devices on your phone

- sure but it’s ok for google and social networks to spy on every aspect of you because that’s big money.

8. Being extremely jealous

- Extremely is a word without clear definition. Even so, unless physically locked up, held down and forced to not go out or talk to people then not a case for the police.

9. Forcing you to obey their rules

- relationships have set rules, they all do. Don’t like the rules then find someone you are compatible with. Again, just leave the relationship not attempt to arrest them!

10. Controlling what you wear

- a comment about the clothing is fine. Partners can discuss and say if certain clothing upsets them for whatever reason. If forced then find someone better that accepts you.

Lots of these are simply grounds for ending a relationship, yet they now force criminality into everything. The police overstep the mark into territory they shouldn’t have power in. Our relationships only need policing in violence or forced situations like being locked in a room against will. The big issue is the loosely defined terms and how easy it is for a partner to feel ‘scared’, ‘put down’ or ‘controlled’. Truth be told, in England it’s better and safer just to be alone. These laws are open to be abused and it’s so easy to find yourself in trouble just for dare saying something that might not be liked. If you’re ever physically restrained or physically forced, that’s the crime for police!


Seems simple doesn’t it?
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“Elephant Toothpaste” With Potassium Permanganate and Hydrogen Peroxide.

⠀Via Chemistry Science

first exam today! Controlling went pretty good but Taxes was awful. our professor told us different things than the ones he put in the exam, thank you so much you *****…

i’m literally hoping to have less than 50 points so i can retake the exam in march… otherwise it would ruin my gpa so much 😩

but now i’ll focus on the next exam, which will be in two days! let’s hope for the best

The Marguerite County courthouse handled jury summons for a large area, but the employees could always tell when they had pulled in Lewisia residents, as soon as they stepped into the jury assembly room. The bailiffs had to convince the occasional flighty, hand-wringing sort that no, the odd folks congregated in the corners did not have any weapons or signs of ill-intent, no matter how peculiar their mannerisms. Judges knew that any who made it onto jury panels could be counted on to ask questions and for bizarre clarifications, but they also privately agreed that Lewisians seemed to steer their fellow jurors farther along the arc of justice.