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I hate to be talking about saturated in June! However, if your lawn has been flooded don't leap in too soon! Give the environment a chance to recover first & the water should drain through. One thing you will need to do eventually is to aerate & more regularly than normal.

Garden Tip: Watering Water ornamentals and lawns once or twice a week, preferably early in the day. Donโ€™t leave sprinklers and irrigation systems on overnight.

The Groundscape team are grass perfectionists! Keeping on top of those stripes in between the rain! Get in touch if your grounds need some tlc

Play all day = wear .: enhances wear tolerance by maintaining turgidity & tissue moisture. PENNAMINยฎ High K strengthens turf w/ potassium for courses, & .

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Red Thread ๐Ÿ˜ฉThe enemy of summer lawns Just when we get down rain to improve the colour suddenly this dreaded disease attacks

One of the features of a timed sprinkler system is that it won't take away from the look of your .

What are the options a garden centre has to showcase lawn care products?

Donโ€™t let the grass get too long in between mowing so you can leave the cuttings on the lawn as fertilizer.

Dogs and lawns - tips to keep both healthy from (always read warning label on any product before using). Lawn Fertilizer & Dogs

Make sure you're using these tips as summer is here! Need a hand? RH Miller Pest Services is happy to provide you with a free lawn quote today. Give us a call now @ 407-339-7119

Make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood by following these tips.

For a large portion of the buyerโ€™s market, itโ€™s all about the perfect lawn and a spacious, landscaped backyard. If youโ€™re listing soon, make sure your patio and gardens look their best.

RT : Don't let lush, green fool you when you're buying a home: You'll need to dedicate several hours a month to keeping them that way. ๐ŸŒฟ

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Things I hate as someone environmentally conscious:

-big businesses. Do I even need to say why.

-laws against collecting rainwater/having a garden. Again, do I need to even say why

-Fux leather/fur/poliester clothing. Y’know why. Cause it’s plastic. Faux leather? Plastic. Faux fur? Plastic and hundreds of TINY ASS PLASTIC “HAIRS”. I don’t care if you’re vegan. Animal products last longer and are better for the environment. Just buy second hand!! Just fucking do it! Then you aren’t creating a market for those products and you’re getting something sustainable!

-LAWNS. I. Hate. Lawns. That is so much space wasted for nothing but cheep grass. Grass is good When it’s native and allowed to grow to its full height. Should you have grass in a desert? NO!! Use that space for something else! Garden native plants! Keep chickens! Get yourself a goddamn garden so you can both eat fresh and very damn local food, but you can ALSO give food to those in need! When you have a garden, you will get too much food. Donate to homeless shelters! Donate to food banks and tell them the date you picked your fruits/veggies! They will love you.

Tales of a customer service worker

I work in a office supply store and we receive a wide range of people asking for strange and unique items. Most recently someone has decided to drop by and see if we carry lawn mowers. Lawn mowers…at a office supply store. When asked if they tried Lowe’s next door, which is a outdoor improvement store, they respond with “We wanted to check here first just in case.” This was not an isolated event as it has happened more that once.

Moss Lawns?!

Okay so we all agree, lawns suck are outdated and useless relics introduced by the French Monarchy to flex on everyone else, but have we considered:

Moss Lawns 😄


  1. Massively photosynthetic- produce loads of oxygen
  2. Doesn’t require fertilising- ever! Mosses actually prefer low nutrient soil!
  3. Doesn’t require mowing! Mosses are non vascular so they never grow tall enough to need mowing
  4. Low maintainance- see above
  5. Improving the air quality around you- mosses can metabolise and absorb a variety of airborn pollutants!
  6. Massively improving your home’s Cottagecore and fairytale vibes, I mean look at it it’s beautiful

Looking online I’ve learned that this is a thing! And it’s actually been popular in Japan for hundreds of years!

That makes me really happy actually because if you know me you’ll know I love moss, not only is it cool af but 12 square metres of moss lawn can apparently absorb as much carbon as 275 mature trees. Stunning and brave.

As we all know it’s much easier to work with nature than against it, we’re all busy and tired and maybe… maybe just let the moss have this one? It’s beautiful.

A lawn is a meadow waiting to happen

The conversation among us four homeowners eventually turned to the tyranny of lawns in these days of over-abundant rainfall.

If you mow a lawn, you’re familiar with the conundrum:

- You can’t mow grass when it’s wet. 

- You can’t NOT mow or soon the grass will become too high to mow.

- The taller it gets, the longer it stays wet.

Our friend quoted her late father on the subject - something like: “Well, then, turn it into a meadow.”

I see wisdom there. We all know that nature abhors lawns, and will some day reclaim them all.

I haven’t been able to get to all parts of my “lawn” this year and, as this photo shows, some of it looks very meadow-like.

I rather like it, and I’m pretty sure the birds and bees do, too.

Why poison the earth when you can have wildflowers at your feet,  songbirds in your trees and butterflies all around?  LINK:

Always seems like these lawns are two things:
1) an extension of wall to wall carpeting
2) a statement saying this area is MINE, only mine.
It’s shortsighted,  egotistical and selfish. Grow food. Let it return to the wild. Feed wildlife or yourself. But just an area of something manicured to within an inch of its life is insanity.

My beautiful lawn.


Lawns suck up water, fertilizer, and time. Here’s a look at how we got into this mess – and where we could go from here. 

Green Lawns

Money is green
So are most government buildings.
Cold and drafty.
Built for cost and Also Shielding.
They try to shield themselves from their nuclear Holocaust.
They ordered the drops of two bombs.
What did it cost?
The murder of a great president.
Bad vibes to another great
Policing other countries..
Getting in the way…
This is not just about politics…
Keep with these words, today.
People hungry.
The rich overlook talent
in their “lower” rooks.
Greed is green like a seed.
However planted, it grows
into a tree
from the ground in which it is planted.
From evil is such
From good is such…
Never a crutch…
Balance this riddle…
As the Joker’s Card is Drawn..
Plant your seeds…
In the greener and right Lawn.


I must inform you that your lawns are all extra safe now!1!!1!1! And it’s all thanks to me….LAWN BOY!1!1!!!1!1!1!1!1!1!!1! My indetity is a secret you will never know who I truly am!1!1 All you need to know is that your lawns are safe with me!!!!

With my trusty golden weedeater by my side, nothing can stop me!1!!1! I will save all of you!1!!

I will protect you all from my nemesis the evil Jeongin!1!1!!1 He mowed his lawn THREE (3!1!!!1!23!3!) days in a row!1!!1!1 That’s bad! !1!1 Thank you to @stayorstraykids for bringing his actions to my attention!41!1!1!1!1!! 💝💕💚💛😘

But don’t worry daddies!1!1!1!11! 💛💙 Your lawns are safe with me!!1!!1!1!1!1!3!4!4!4!4!!4

Lawn Boy


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To Mow or not to Mow: History and Lawncare

from The History Guy: History Deserves to be Remembered


Start controlling those troublesome lawn weeds.

Originally posted by deepsoulfury

With the mild weather, the lawn is starting to show signs of growing but so are those troublesome weeds.

It is worth getting on top of the problem before the lawn season really takes off.

Try and use a liquid lawn weedkiller other than a granular type. These get to work much quicker as the granular  type need to be watered in if it doesn’t rain within 2-3 days of application.

Apply the solution on a still, dry day. Place the weedkiller to the patches of weeds you need to remove. You may find some lawn weeds harder to shift than others and these may need a second treatment before they finally give up the ghost.

Once the weeds have been killed off, remove the dead plant material. Rake the area level. Apply a general purpose fertiliser and then replace the patches with either by re-seeding or by cutting out the patch and re-turf.

Moss on lawns.

Originally posted by marandart

Moss now can be tackled on lawns.

Apply a branded Moss killer to help kill off the problem.

Moss if not removed can soon overtake the your turf killing it off.

Though moss is a problem itself it can usually be sign that the lawn has another problem. If the moss is an upright type then it could be a sign that your lawn is dry, sandy acid soil. If the moss is trailing and grows quite close to the ground then this is a sign of poor drainage or shade and if the moss is the tiny cushion type then this sign of scalping the lawn with the mower.

Once the moss has been wiped out remove the dead moss with your lawn rake and patch up with either some fresh turf or grass seed.

A good seed to use to patch is Blumen SOS No Moss - this grass seed has a calcified coating that when the seed germinates the coating disperses into the soil helping neutralise the acidity of the soil which can be a major player in moss problems on lawns.

Once the lawn is back into some resemblance of being decent remember through the growing season keep the lawn well kept and feed regularly with lawn food. This should hopefully ensure that the moss has trouble re-establishing itself.

Get Rolling.

Newly turfed lawns which were laid in the autumn may need rolling to level them out.

This will level out the soil under the turf and will stop you scalping the ruts.

Rollers can be easily purchased or hired though if you are a serious about your lawn then you’ll already have one.   

Start sowing new areas of lawn.

At the end of this mad March it will be ideal to start patching up or sowing fresh areas of lawn.

Start first by levelling the area out and compact it down using a roller to ensure a flat and even surface.

Once this is done, rake the soil into a fine tilth. When doing this, add some general purpose fertiliser - roughly about a handful per square metre.

Then apply your seed. Choose a seed mixture which will be apt for your purpose.

Once sown, lightly rake in and water.

Keep irrigated if the weather is dry. Prick out weed seedlings as they germinate and once the grass has germinated allow it to get to 7.5 cm in height before giving the lawn its first high cut.

Limit the cutting height.

Originally posted by daxnorman

With lawns now needing attention one thing to remember is that the first cut should only remove the top of the turf.

If you cut to close at the moment you could cause some severe yellowing.

Wait for the lawn to completely dry off and try and limit yourself to only two cuts this month.

Tread the boards!

If you are working on your borders removing weeds, tidying plants and digging over new areas then you’ll need to tread the boards.

No I don’t mean join your local drama group, whilst working in the garden use boards along the edges of your lawn.

What with all the wet weather that we can get at this time of year - the edges of your lawn can get sodden and if trodden on too much can cause irreparable damage.

Use boards along the edge to deter future expense.