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Fantastic weather today for creating a few more of our signature stripes

This seed was put down 7 days ago as patch repair work on a lawn in Sevenoaks, delighted to see it germinating already.

Hire 4T Total Lawn to help create the backdrop for all of those photos of Fido! Our manicured will get any dog wagging his tail in approval! Contact 4T to get started today!

Today is and we know that real is the best! - clean the air and trap ... - Lawns trap storm water runoff. ... - Lawns improve the soil structure. ... - Lawns reduce noise . ... - Lawns keep you cooler...

Devour the aura of immaculate architecture with spaces that befit royalty. Let heavenly ambiance engulf you. Get pampered by magnanimous services & sumptuous food

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Hydro seeding is a fast and economic system of establishing vegetation. Starting a lawn by hydroseeding is considerably cheaper than laying sod/turf and quicker than using seed. Call today, 732-370-0291.

Before and after pictures on clients lawn. Just one treatment and the change is truly outstanding. What a way to finish off my week 👍👌

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As the weather cools, be careful of overwatering! This nasty beast might come for a visit. Anyone know this disease besides The Lawn Genius? Take your guess.

RT : More before & after photos of a recent gardening makeover. Give us a shout if we can help you with a project or a tidy up.

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The TORO TITAN RD can trim on the right. It can trim on the left. And all the clippings are totally behind you. Easy!
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Something that really opened my eyes was learning about how awesome dandelions are, then with that knowledge noticing the way they’re treated still. Such a useful plant that’s considered “just a weed.” Actually many “just weeds” are useful plants that just aren’t wanted by people who want lawns. Who lied to us. Why would you think I don’t want to make dandelion wine with my huge yellow lawn.

I have just had the most amazing revelation.

Apparently, grass is the plant that symbolizes homosexual love.

Seriously, look it up, “Does grass symbolize gay love”.

Does this mean that homophobic people can’t have lawns anymore?

Are the people who have huge lawns openly supporting LGBTQ+ rights or do they not know?

Is there a secret society that I don’t know of?

If there is, send me the application letter. Lawns for LGBTQ+ Lovers.


Listen I know y’all hate lawns as much as you hate peta and it’s some sort of “useless disgusting poisonous trend that came from the concept of showing of wealthy European gardens” or whatever but can we also see it as one of the few hobbies of men especially retired men and while its good to educate people on planting native plants and reducing the use of water and pesticides/fertilizer on lawns, it’s not gonna light the earth on fire to politely tell a man working on their yard in the summer that they have a lovely yard because most men are considerable lonely since literal having male friends is actually stigmatized and discouraged in male adults and other hobbies for men are often drinking or destructive?????

People talk about the food crisis and how we need to start growing so much more food. You could drive through virtually every suburb in the US and see lawn after lawn, mostly well maintained that could easily be used to feed the whole community. We have become a people so focused on our image, we care so little to actually put in effort. Lawns were a mistake, a huge mistake. Let’s grow vegetables in front of our houses. Let’s plant fruit trees. How about we take “Keeping up with the Joneses” to the next level and compete with how much food we are growing to feed the community. The grass is always greener…? How about the land is always more fruitful…?

The standard should be growing food, not a bunch of useless grass.
Lawn Weed Application
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Need help with the lawn of your new home? Or maybe you’re already a homeowner and looking for tips to make your lawn look better? Go to my YouTube and check out my Lawn Care Playlists from my lawn care friends like Lawn Care Nut, Jake The Lawn Kid, and the Bahhhstaaan Sewer Rat himself, JC The Lawn Care Guy.

Things I hate as someone environmentally conscious:

-big businesses. Do I even need to say why.

-laws against collecting rainwater/having a garden. Again, do I need to even say why

-Fux leather/fur/poliester clothing. Y’know why. Cause it’s plastic. Faux leather? Plastic. Faux fur? Plastic and hundreds of TINY ASS PLASTIC “HAIRS”. I don’t care if you’re vegan. Animal products last longer and are better for the environment. Just buy second hand!! Just fucking do it! Then you aren’t creating a market for those products and you’re getting something sustainable!

-LAWNS. I. Hate. Lawns. That is so much space wasted for nothing but cheep grass. Grass is good When it’s native and allowed to grow to its full height. Should you have grass in a desert? NO!! Use that space for something else! Garden native plants! Keep chickens! Get yourself a goddamn garden so you can both eat fresh and very damn local food, but you can ALSO give food to those in need! When you have a garden, you will get too much food. Donate to homeless shelters! Donate to food banks and tell them the date you picked your fruits/veggies! They will love you.

Tales of a customer service worker

I work in a office supply store and we receive a wide range of people asking for strange and unique items. Most recently someone has decided to drop by and see if we carry lawn mowers. Lawn mowers…at a office supply store. When asked if they tried Lowe’s next door, which is a outdoor improvement store, they respond with “We wanted to check here first just in case.” This was not an isolated event as it has happened more that once.

Moss Lawns?!

Okay so we all agree, lawns suck are outdated and useless relics introduced by the French Monarchy to flex on everyone else, but have we considered:

Moss Lawns 😄



  1. Massively photosynthetic- produce loads of oxygen
  2. Doesn’t require fertilising- ever! Mosses actually prefer low nutrient soil!
  3. Doesn’t require mowing! Mosses are non vascular so they never grow tall enough to need mowing
  4. Low maintainance- see above
  5. Improving the air quality around you- mosses can metabolise and absorb a variety of airborn pollutants!
  6. Massively improving your home’s Cottagecore and fairytale vibes, I mean look at it it’s beautiful

Looking online I’ve learned that this is a thing! And it’s actually been popular in Japan for hundreds of years!

That makes me really happy actually because if you know me you’ll know I love moss, not only is it cool af but 12 square metres of moss lawn can apparently absorb as much carbon as 275 mature trees. Stunning and brave.

As we all know it’s much easier to work with nature than against it, we’re all busy and tired and maybe… maybe just let the moss have this one? It’s beautiful.

A lawn is a meadow waiting to happen

The conversation among us four homeowners eventually turned to the tyranny of lawns in these days of over-abundant rainfall.

If you mow a lawn, you’re familiar with the conundrum:

- You can’t mow grass when it’s wet. 

- You can’t NOT mow or soon the grass will become too high to mow.

- The taller it gets, the longer it stays wet.

Our friend quoted her late father on the subject - something like: “Well, then, turn it into a meadow.”

I see wisdom there. We all know that nature abhors lawns, and will some day reclaim them all.

I haven’t been able to get to all parts of my “lawn” this year and, as this photo shows, some of it looks very meadow-like.

I rather like it, and I’m pretty sure the birds and bees do, too.

Why poison the earth when you can have wildflowers at your feet,  songbirds in your trees and butterflies all around?  LINK:

Always seems like these lawns are two things:
1) an extension of wall to wall carpeting
2) a statement saying this area is MINE, only mine.
It’s shortsighted,  egotistical and selfish. Grow food. Let it return to the wild. Feed wildlife or yourself. But just an area of something manicured to within an inch of its life is insanity.


My beautiful lawn.


Lawns suck up water, fertilizer, and time. Here’s a look at how we got into this mess – and where we could go from here. 

Green Lawns

Money is green
So are most government buildings.
Cold and drafty.
Built for cost and Also Shielding.
They try to shield themselves from their nuclear Holocaust.
They ordered the drops of two bombs.
What did it cost?
The murder of a great president.
Bad vibes to another great
Policing other countries..
Getting in the way…
This is not just about politics…
Keep with these words, today.
People hungry.
The rich overlook talent
in their “lower” rooks.
Greed is green like a seed.
However planted, it grows
into a tree
from the ground in which it is planted.
From evil is such
From good is such…
Never a crutch…
Balance this riddle…
As the Joker’s Card is Drawn..
Plant your seeds…
In the greener and right Lawn.