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JL: Leaving a trial against annoying opposing council like...

You know they spent 20 minutes arranging books and fancy coffee to make it look impressive. YOU'RE FOOLING NOONE, SANDEE!

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weekly updates:

- i have 3 tattoos now!

(planet earth, a tiny galaxy and “power” on my hand 🤚)

- i’ve been soooo busy lately

- i slept 17 hours (everybody thought i was dead)

- it’s winter in my city 🌃 🌧

Continental has never argued that all people, regardless of gender, are unattractive if they exceed fixed weight criteria.
—  Gerdom v. Continental Airlines, Inc., 692 F.2d 602 (9th Cir. 1982)

16th of October

Today started really badly, I took an hour to get out of bed (it usually takes me 5 mins) and then procrastinated for two hours… But I managed to work hard at the library in the afternoon as well as in my room, so it worked out okay (still behind schedule though…).

On another hand, I finally received my new laptop! Mine was 6 years old and seriously dying, I’m so grateful to finally have a laptop that has a battery that lasts longer than one hour, my back will be thankful :)

I hope you all had a great day!

Tea : cinnamon infusion

Music : Aviation - The Last Shadow Puppets

Study : complete ILS reading, made recap mindmaps for public, criminal and ILS, read 30 pages of contract law textbook.



big getting my sh*t together today.

the last 6 weeks had been sooo full and things got totally out of order, so, today, after a few days off with no studies at all - very well deserved, I might add - I’m gonna organize a two week study calendar just as a test, so I’ll be actually able to see how those last few months of the year are going to be when it comes to my expectations vs. reality with my studies before starting to prep for my upcoming bar exam on the first half of 2020.

Ps: a huge shoutout to for those daily + weekly trackers! Those are perfect for me right now, since I don’t wanna fully organize my study planner at the moment, but need to have everything written down in order to focus on doing what I have to do.



Ma két zh-t is írok, még van 3 órám indulásig, addig meg kell váltanom a világot.

• kig zh 12:00

• ekp zh 14:15

Ha ezekkel megvagyok, akkor ma:

~ kinyomtatom a következő jogszoc zh anyagát

~ tanulok nemzetközi jogot

Nem tanulással kapcsolatos, de:

- edzek is ma

- olvasom Michelle Obamatól az Így lettemet

Hát ez is egy izgi nap lesz:)

How did you get your first/current lawyer job?

Reply, reblog, or get in my asks. Curious to see different ways people have gotten their lawyer jobs and figured it may be helpful for those getting their bar results soon. Please note, if you can, what sort of law school (T14, regional, shit, etc) and vaguely your grades (top, median, bottom).

my last practice draft of a judicial opinion with only six cases got torn up bc my second one was a lot better and i had a bad mental health dip the week it was due. now we are writing our real one and i am so afraid of failure i could cry Idk what to do anymore

🍑 new langblr / studyblr 💭

hi! i’m luna and i’m finally starting up a studyblr!! this will mostly function as a langblr. i currently actively study spanish, but have studied korean, chinese and french in the past and plan on getting back to them eventually. i also have a huge endless list of languages i want to start learning so will probably post about many many languages ✨ i’m a criminology major in school currently, and may post a lot about crim/law studyblr stuff as well.

please reblog this if you’re also a studyblr, angblr (esp spanish, korean, chinese, french, portuguese, italian, latin), and/or law/crim major/lawblr, etc! i want to find  mutuals and have more content in my dash 🥰 

“i need you to supra this”

“oh, but see, she’s referring directly to the previous sentence. she just said that :)”

“No, you don’t understand, you still have to”

Not to be dramatic but this is why everyone hates law review people


15.10.19 / Day 9

100 Days of Productivity

Today’s day has been hectic and I’ve caught cold too, which makes my day worse. I have to push my limits to keep up with the deadlines and continue studying simultaneously. This is actually one of the busiest months of this session. I’m sure this will help me to get a better grasp on the concept of time management.

I’ve also made a doodle on “Employment” for my school seminar hall. I’m so glad that my hobby, which I considered to be useless, came handy.

During the third month of this session, 4 classes were merged into 1 and during this, my teachers carelessly lost my Maths lab manual. I recently discovered this when we got 8 more activities to complete and I didn’t get my lab manual back. My teachers tried to blame it on me and asked me to rewrite everything again from the start, which adds up to 18 experiments. Ugh.

Today’s song: The loser by Zach Farache

To Do:

1. Chemistry:

  • Notebook completion (Due 16.10.19)

2. Maths:

  • Notebook Completion (Due 17.10.19)

3. Maths Lab Manual: (Due 21.10.19) Activities:

  • Activity 1

4. CBSE finals project: Sustainable Development (Due 21.10.19) Topics:

  • What is sustainable development?

5. R and D Research file: Unemployment (Due 16.10.19)

  • Data Compilation
  • Data Revision and Finalization
  • Printouts