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JL: Leaving a trial against annoying opposing council like...

Pra quem estiver se perguntando o que é que eu estou estudando por aqui... essa é só a última página do plano do curso de Constitucional I. 'mGoingCrazy

You know they spent 20 minutes arranging books and fancy coffee to make it look impressive. YOU'RE FOOLING NOONE, SANDEE!

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“What you do today can improve all of your tomorrows” ✨

06/07/2019 - 107/100 days of productivity

One exam done, three more to go!

Tomorrow is a very important exam and the library is messy and busy as anything. I came pretty early, so I got a nice place next to the window, I studied from 8 am to 9 pm, revising civil law and a bit of criminal law.

Hopefully it will pay off tomorrow!


mental health state, while on break

Today, I realised that determination is one of the biggest and most important things, while studying. At least for me. What do I mean by that? Well, as I said in a previous post, my last exam season went freakishly bad, which means that in my next one (in September) I will have to go full-on sicko mode and pass all the ones that I failed. Realistically, that goal is extremely hard to achieve, although I made a promise to myself to just go ham and do it. I am SO READY. At the same time, I’m prioritizing my mental health. I learned the hard way, that trying to be excellent on academics, while having a bad mental state, is im-po-ssi-ble. Having that in mind, please spend some time every day to check in on yourself and make sure you are in a good place, both in the mental and physical department. As my fellow Greeks said: “Νους υγιής εν σώματι υγιεί”, which translates into “A healthy mind into a healthy body”. Please prioritize your sanity and everything else will fall into place. ❤️

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Please just give it to me straight. How hard is the bar exam really, once you sit down to take it? The UBE is in two weeks and I’m really losing it. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I’m crying all the time, and I already feel like a failure.

It depends on how prepared you were! For the essays, if it’s a topic you didn’t prepare well for, it’ll suck. If it’s a topic you prepared well for, then it’ll be a breeze. 

The multiple choice questions can go fuck themselves, not a solid way to prepare for those. You can take a look at what I did here.

Reintroduction - Psyduckstudies

Okay. I am restarting my studyblr for the umpteenth time. So here is a bit more info about me

Currently my goal is to post more about what i am doing in school and what i learn. I hope to give you all a better understanding about the poly-sci and psych major.

   I am on summer vacation I’ll be answer questions, make posts about random cases, laws, disorders, old research and how to write psych/ poly-sci research papers.   

It would be nice to make more friends as well!!! so hit me up whenever 

I am hoping that now I can simply make posts out of enjoyment and for my self but also something I think will be beneficial for others to learn from. 

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  the Basics:

 Name : Kimothy, 

 Age: 20

 bday: feb 24 (pisces)

 Origin: NYC 

Ethnicity: African American 


 hobbies: journaling/bujo, webtoons, kpop, hulu , 

 fav color(s): green and yellow 

social media: ig (psyduckstudies) and kpop twitter (atinyhaha) 

 drinks: bubble tea, apple juice, iced lattes 

food: ramen, sushi, pizza w/pineapple 

shows: bobs burgers, wilfred, cloak and dagger 

School related:

Major: Psychology and political science 

Year: third year, junior 

Honors: Macaulay honors, Kenan scholar 

Career goal: criminal psychologist -> lawyer 

 Clubs: president of political science club, member of NYPIIRG directors, planning committee 

 Goals: to join a sorority, join the psci honors community, be in pre-law, get an internship at a DAs office 

Extra: I dorm 


Classes I’ve taken: organizational industrial psychology, intro to sociology, intro to criminology, tap 1 (dance), political research, psych stats, us gov, comparative politics, psych research, … 

Classes I will take: constitutional law, business law, intro to clinical psych, clinical psych (higher level) , model Un ( not registered yet) 

Classes i want to take: constitutional law 2, law and justice, the judicial system, psychology of behavior, personally psychology, psychology of memory, tap 2 

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july fifteenth: today I was accepted to present a paper at a student philosophy conference! this is especially exciting because it is a. the first academic conference where I’ll be a presenter and b. philosophy is not my primary discipline! I’m so so so excited! the conference is in late september and my first draft will be due on september first!

scents: fresh black currant jam thumbprint cookies.

Overdue life update

This September I will move to the UK to study Human Rights.

I never ever pictured myself doing a law degree, but after reading Disposable People and after delving into modern slavery, the aftermath of colonialism, ongoing issues relating to sexism, racism, exploitation by big companies that dominate the western markets, and why privileges are pretty much always immoral i felt like I had no choice. All these things deeply upset and anger me, and that is my fuel to do this degree.

Limits on governmental employees’ political speech make sense. However, some forums are entirely comprised of governmental employees. When these forums are quintessential to and misunderstood by the public, government actors should be better allowed to speak.

Consider a court case where a defendant, represented by a public defender, stands accused of failing to warn a murder victim, even though the defendant had been involved in the conspiracy to kill the victim, but backed out. Outrage may be directed at the actors- the prosecutor, the public defender, the judge. But the real problem is how the legislature enacted its repudiation law. And the actors who know this aren’t allowed to comment on laws or legislation. The public’s outrage, and obvious will, go nowhere. The public can’t govern itself when the experts aren’t allowed to be frank about what is happening or how to fix it. And then the cycle repeats with the next case.


Now that I’m done with most of my exams I have time to work on my essay about the enquete commissions of the german parliament. It could be an interesting topic but my professor wants me to concentrate on the procedures, members and tasks, which are the more boring parts. But I still try to give my best!

half way to go!

I’m 6 months away to start my 3 year in Law School. Now i have exactly 1 month to rest —wich It’s difficult because i still working 7 days per week, anyway— after thinking a lot about what i did good and what i could have make better in this semester, I’m in peace. For those who don’t know i had multiple breakdowns and I didn’t pass one curse. It’s ok. We all fail at some point. This month I’m hoping to have some good sleep, read at least 3 books, continue with my skincare routine and excersise. 🧘🏻‍♀️📚🧖🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️