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Ginger custard pie on the counter today, along with olive oil rolls (), cake with goat cheese cream, mini cakes (v), cardamom muffins, poppyseed or cherry anise , oatmeal cookies, vanilla nutmeg or c…

Finally gave the last belated Christmas presents from the year. Hannah and I made everyone custom cocktails to fit their personality.

HER: "Will you teach me more about terpenes?" ME: "How could I say no to you, darling?" HER: 😘 ME: 👇🏽 Linalool: Analgesic Relieves > . "Without , there would be no scent of ." ™

Spent most of the day outside in communal allotment and then at home. Some impressions. I am knackered but as serene as can be

Quench your thirst with this! 🍋💜 Lemonade💜🍋 1 1/4 cups freshly squeezed lemon juice, pits removed, pulp added 1/2 cup local honey + 1/2 cup water for sweet syrup 1 drop Lavender essential oil 2 drops Lemon essential oil 6 cups of water Enjoy! 🍹

is gonna need some products from my website. Organic beard balm to accommodate the African super star!!!

New scents like and available at my shop. Thank you again for the marketing platform!!!

ラベンダー 撮影地:群馬県 たんばらラベンダーパーク 

Plants are beautiful and so are you! Come visit us tomorrow at Aventura Mall (mall hours) in front of Jimmy Choo where famers market will be located! …

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i made an item head-sona. (not really an item…) 

anyway, meet trebledeath, they’re an angel of death who’s far more interested in playing vidjya games and not collecting souls. 

to anyone who has incense burners, or something similar, how do you dispose of the cone/cone ashes onces its finished burning?

also how long do you wait until you dispose of it?

(i also have a few other questions so someone please message me 🥺)

I need help on lavender stuff

What’s the difference between pruning and harvesting?? I mean I know pruning is to encourage growth and harvesting is for us to get the parts we want. But a lot of people say that harvesting and pruning lavender is basically the same. How do I know if I should prune or harvest it? And if I prune it can I use it? If not should I just throw it away?


Heres a preview of Triple topiary diy. Look for YouTube video post next. @countrycharmtracy @ritzyandco @ramon_at_home #ribbon #rose #shabbydecoration #southernliving #countryliving #roses #remember #sweet #rosesofinstagram #red #pink #lavender #herbs #lilac #whitedecor #whitecottagefarm #farmhouse #flowers #floraldesign #diy #diyhomedecor #dollartree #dollartreediy #diyyoutuber #diycraft #diyforbeginners (at Dandelion Soap Herb Shop)

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Dry winter air got ya not able to breathe? Whip up one of these bad boys! Just 1 drop of each in steamy hot water put a scarf or towel over your head and just slowly breathe in the steam it feels literally amazing and actually helps me a lot!! ✨💕