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🔸Lawyers doing Laundry!🔸 Tonight was a collaboration with the Charleston County Bar Association and Laundry Matters. Our thanks to everyone who donated and came out to volunteer!

“Sometimes a load of is more than clothes, but an opportunity for ”. The amazing part is that conversation can lead to and (or) . Simple acts of can have a huge and lasting .

After a full day of cleaning and laundry, I’m finally sitting down to work on more blog posts!

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You could be doing things you enjoy instead of doing the laundry, can you relate?

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Laundromat, Milwaukee, WI

‪I just made some Mesh Bags! Useful for carrying things to the beach sand-less and or organizing the lights and the darks the day before laundry.

Mesh is an intriguing fabric to work with. ‬

A particular mood

bear with me a moment as i try to articulate a very specific depressive/executive dysfunction mood : 

Basically, it’s when you decide you are actually going to “Do Something” today and you’ve finally landed on “doing a load of laundry” and it perks you up to finally give yourself a chore that you know you can follow through on, only to realize as you stand in front of the washing machine that you haven’t worn enough different articles of clothing in a month to constitute a full load. Like, it hits you all of a sudden that you’ve been living like an animated character with ONE outfit for long enough that you literally dont have enough dirty clothes to make a load. And as this realization washes over you, the high of “doing things” fades away because you also realize that it’s not enough, it will never be enough to catch up, and you probably arent capable of catching up all things you missed out on doing, and may never be in your life. So you wash your one outfit because it is FILTHY, and try to decide what other “productive thing” you’re going to do today.  I just wish Neurotypicals understood that this is what it’s like, all the time, for people like me. And just how exhausting it is to live like this. 


How to do your laundry on a Carnival cruise ship

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Hello! You're awesome and I was wondering if you knew any hacks for de-shrinking shirts? Or how to have your shirt not shrink in the wash in the first place?

I don’t think shirts can be de-shrunk! Wash in cold next time, and avoid using the dryer!