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おはようございます。 今朝見つけた夏らしさ。 まだまだ暑いですが、少しずつですが、秋めいて来ましたね。

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Hey fam,

I’m struggling lately.

My PTSD got so bad that I was unable to finish trade school. A bad fall last winter left me with a torn rotator cuff (under treatment but my recovery has complications and is slow). It will be a while before I am well enough to resume, if that is even a choice. I am now in the sort of depression that keeps me in bed all the time. I am under treatment, but, again, progress with PTSD & depression is slow to come, and fragile.

It is a struggle to take care of myself emotionally and physically: it is painful and difficult to put on a bra or shirt, wash/comb/braid my hair, pick up all but the lightest objects with both hands, open heavy shop doors, push my cart to the laundromat & load/fold clothes.

I receive SSI and that is all. It is not enough by a long shot, but normally I squeak by. I live in supportive housing program in a shared apartment in the city.

There is no laundry facilities in building, and the laundromat is expensive (because what choice to we poor folk have?). I did tub laundry up until I was injured; I can’t anymore. I just want clean clothes and clean sheets. I haven’t been able to get everything washed in months. I would like to send my laundry out, or at least drop it off to be washed locally. I am hoping that having clean things will jumpstart my mood in a positive way. It would be healthier for sure!

I also need to get my hair cut so I can care for it properly. It’s down my back now, and much more tha I can handle. It will grow back, and eventually my shoulder will recover. Meanwhile, I need to make self-care as easy as possible.

Could you either chip in a few bucks, or at least pass this post on? I would appreciate either. Thank you.

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