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Atlasnova customers use the 650nm Red Laser Pointer for room presentation or lecturing purposes, to exercise and entertain their pets, cats and dogs, and to check their colloidal silver particles. Visit for more information.

For room presentation and lecturing purposes, to exercise and entertain cats and dogs in a safe indoor environment and to check colloidal silver particles, you can use our 650nm Red Laser Pointer. For more info, please visit

This laser pointer comes with a usb charger and 5 designs. It also has a flashlight setting. Not only is it super functional as a pointer, but it also makes a great cat toy... hours of fun.

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Loki finds pokemon ridiculous, but amuses himself with illusions of them because they work on you as well as laser pointers on cats. You know it’s silly of you to behave like that, but you can’t stop yourself from chasing them. Until one day, to your excitement, you manage to catch one of illusions. Turns out Loki was feeling exceptionally down that day, so he upped up the game and took form of pokemon himself, to see your reaction. He did not anticipate the amount of kisses and cuddles that would follow capture, but he is not going to complain.

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We have a 10y/o cat who now obsessively chases any kind of shadow or reflected light because of being allowed to play with a laser pointer when he was young. We're trying to 'break' him of it by doing the toy switch, but he genuinely can't control himself when he sees any sort of moving light or shadow, it doesn't matter what it's from or where it's at. He goes absolutely crazy and can't stop focusing on it. Even after it's gone/blocked, he looks for it for hours. So... It's definitely possible.

Ooof, yeah, it’s still a risk! Depends on individual animal & personality, same as with dogs.

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Is there anything bad about using laser pointers to play with cats?

I don’t think it’s usually considered as much of a risk for obsessive behavior as it is for dogs. But it’s still a good idea to end a laser pointer play session with a quick real-toy chase so they can actually catch & “kill” something! It helps complete the whole hunting cycle to help avoid them getting frustrated that the prey just disappeared completely.

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he can't look at it himself that much since he'll get alert to it too but here he is wiggling a laser pointer nearby so she may . . chase and catch it.

Equally red gaze glances ambivalently at the moving crimson dot but her prey instinct remains rather uninvoked by something so small and distinctly intangible. Eyes turn to Dante, huffing a small breath between her teeth – almost sounding offended – as she trots over to him.

A silent moment passes between them before she leans in and takes the laser pointer from him, swallowing it.