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Trying new decoration for pouches.

「自分が何者なのかはオレが決める」 ヴォルスパーのルルブをお借りしてつくったキャラです 顔の紋様はいれないかもしれませんね… こんな顔と人相とせりふですが女の子  

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Away for the weekend being a fire throwing mutant at Future's End larp!

So I brought a cardboard spartan helmet to school for spirit week last week and now my friends want to make their own and fight. I'm just like "why tho". So now my friends are becoming larpers.

Skirmisher has got 39 titles marked down 31% for the Sale at and ! They include our Platinum-bestselling " Live" , " Society Guide to New England," six "Oddities" books, and more. See them all at

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Had an awesome time speaking to students about the affordances of games & interactive media, and playing ’s “Shoutdown to Launch” from the collection!

I am proud to announce the launch of Larp Mentor: - let me coach you through design!

El 3 de Noviembre organizamos "Aluvión de Almas", un wargame en Madrid donde combinamos el SoftCombat y el Rol en vivo para pasar una jornada estupenda. os dejamos toda la información en el evento de Facebook: . .

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, , , nel progetto (edizione ) partito ieri grazie ai fondi del 5x1000 destinati dal ad attività di . Con cooperativa e proveremo a coinvolgere adolescenti di tutta !

"Game On!" OPENING NIGHT! Get down to and see this award-winning play about love, loss, and by dir. by feat. and Adam Lemieux.

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Date Pretty Hotties Tonight

“Uh,” Seb scrambled for words. “Forge was kinda warm. I thought I’d take a walk to cool off but clearly that hasn't… ugh. No. That’s not it at all. I’m just not sure how to… I’m not good at this sort of thing. Do you want a drink? I could use a drink. Let’s go get a drink.”

Look at this fucking dork trying to flirt.


Werewolf Specimen Chest

One back in stock

Sorry I haven’t been posting much the past month but I have been working on some new specimen chests after being asked to look into some differences in the fae realms. Fortunately I have managed to resolve most of the issues and I am now sorting out the new Specimen chests from my recent encounters.

Journal Entry

Werewolf Curio Box
I recently received a package from my friend Victor in Warwickshire. As he is a professor studying strange species, he would often send unusual specimens for me to help identify. Unfortunately however after viewing the condition of the box which the contents came in, I fear the worse may have befallen him.

A small wooden chest covered in what appear to be claw marks disfiguring the design of a crescent moon, the contents of which confirmed my fears. A small jar containing cursed blood, a jar of fur and a tooth, all belonging to a werewolf.

A single note came with the package. It simply read “Beware the full moon, lest you become the creature you fear”.

~The Burned Raven~

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A gift to one of my friends here in New England~ I wanted to go ahead and just share with you guys since this is her LARP character Anastasia. I wanted to share this because LARP is kinda like DnD but…dnd’s inside and way better because climate control. Merp. Anyway, i wanted to share this with you guys since it’s a piece of art i wanted to get done :) and I wanted to share because I can~ enjoy!

Anyway! Enjoy!