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I love NPCing because it is fun being the bad guy.

Finished my dread falls for my character Kaliyo. It's the Gathering this weekend, so I've also been prepping encounters to run for my faction and props to go with. Busy week!

Images from Sinking Ship Creations immersive live-action event, Project Ascension. Remember to check us out on No Prosceniums "25 Immersive Companies to Watch in New York City." larp

Have you gotten your ticket for Contera yet? If not, and you’re curious you should head over to the twitter page for more info!

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2nd successful , 250% funded & working on stretch goals! Over 40 maps by printed on gallery canvas. trimmed with metal work from this Tome is magnificent. Still time to get yours:

Images from Sinking Ship Creations immersive live-action event, Project Ascension. Remember to check us out on No Prosceniums "25 Immersive Companies to Watch in New York City." larp

メンズブラウス ロマネスクブリオー風ゴシック服。中世ロマネスク期のブリオーを元にバロック風にデザインしています。 ブリオーは11~12世紀頃、現在のフランスあたりで流行した服装で騎士たちが好んで着用しました。 ¥9980  

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She’s an anthropological woman

Anyone got any recommendations for quality cloaks? Etsy, independent, etc… I want to have something for an upcoming LARP, which is in the style of a very grounded medieval fiction with only slight fantasy elements. (Very little to no magic, armor is practical over aesthetics/sexiness, overall low-fantasy stuff). Kind of looking for fur (fake or ethically-real), but wool might be okay- I am playing a ranger type character, but it would mostly be used around the campfires evening and morning and in the tent.

Wanted mostly because last year I was freezing…

People need to stop tagging political and social crap with LARP, LARPing or LARPers. 

Live Action Role-Playing, or LARPing, is a real-life version of the role-playing genre of gaming. Participants play the roles of various characters, and act out scenarios, battles, and other scenes. Players take on their character’s role, and do their best to exhibit that character’s behavior traits and actions. LARPing is used by many to experience different lifestyles and cultures, and by others to decompress and escape from the real world for a short time.

It is not about your real world politics or social change or whatever. Leave us LARPers out of your little social wars. 

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Hey, he/him lesbians are super valid but it's hard to keep a positive opinion on them when I have other lesbians constantly misgendering me. How do I get this to stop happening cause while he/him lesbians are valid as fuck I'm not a lesbian and it's actually really hurtful and damaging to my mental health to be constantly mistaken for a lesbian/female - A struggling mlm trans male who wants to be supportive but please lesbians stop calling me female it hurts. Thank you

honestly if youre already making it very clear that youre mlm and they *still* misgender you like that then i would say just keep your distance bc they could very well be terfs. if its not something that’s explicitly clear on initial contact with you then i, in my case anyway, wouldnt really blame them for making that mistake one time, so long as they adjust accordingly after being corrected. im genuinely sorry if that seems a bit insensitive though bc i personally dont get very much dysphoria

The local LARP system that’s starting in September allows players to come up with their own local saints.

My character’s going to venerate a folk hero who wandered around asking inconvenient questions to those in power and generally getting by on his wits.

I’m thinking of naming him Hershel :P 

Event- Empire E3


Galahad Starfall, picture loosely titled ‘F**k that guy in particular’ by the player.

Juliette Starfall, showing the full range power of the boop stick.

And so so many. I believe that’s Wintermark trying to push through the orrcish lines on Saturday.

Photo credit to Beth Dooner. As always, she has done an absolutely stunning job. Check out her page!