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More pics of my PC I love how he turned out can't wait to add my book and my toolbox

Drawing the amazing again. Your way and your strength inspire me. Thank you so much! Keep going your way and thank you for letting us beeing part of your journey.

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お店閉めました。 メルマガで配信しました新商品や、未だ未発表の新作もございますので、是非下北沢に足をお運びください♪ 明日も開店! 沢山のご来店お待ちしております^_^ 3000えん

【ディレイドブラストファイヤーボール】1000gp 「白魔法使いには刺激的な展開はいらない? いいえ! ただ癒すだけ、またはただ火の玉を戦場に撃ち込むだけが魔法使いの仕事ではないの。時間もすべて計算されつくした場の操作…それが私たちの仕事」

Snow in May. At the last event we visited in the beginning of may it started snowing. We were so glad that we packed our viking characters!

I look goofy as all heck, but this is another throwback to a few years ago at a Post Apoc . This is "Before my character grew their hair out" i.e. I bought a longer wig. (Those pictures I posted earlier this week are from the same game.)

Earlybird tickets are nearly gone! Only five left as of this posting and they won't last long. It's your last chance for 4 days of cyber fantasy LARP throughout New York City for under $400!

What started off as a chunk of foam board is slowly taking shape. Sometimes you've got to work rough on purpose to give your prop an "organic" look :D

The picture is inaccurate... we're down to our last *7* discounted tickets. This is your last chance to experience Scapegoat for under $400! Link in bio.

Last night I playtested my new LARP “A Dirge for Eldest” at ! It’s about being a third culture kid, funerals, and family drama. I loved how the players magnified really petty issues into huge squabbles! Here’s part of the funeral ritual they created.

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First intro video I made via #TikTokApp for my new LARP PC for Apocalypse 47 LARP this weekend Avé Emmanuel Benedict 💚

It’s been a good couple of weeks at Swordcraft! It’s finally cooling down so I’ve been able to armour up. I busted out the mail for the first time since last winter and it looks lit 🔥

Currently testing out the design of this new leg harness, which I’ve found some functional flaws in but it looks great 👌

Drawing the new/updated characters for the Kitsune Hob NPCs for Lost, and decided to do it “Draw the Squad” meme style, after seeing an *excellent* base by:…

From left to right: Bokan, who has been forced to babysit, Yuki and her twin brother, Yumi, Talim, who is busy tackling Pride (not a kitsune, a Fairest Beast changeling) and little Yue in the back.

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