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A friend and me have been working on a wagon for our local since saturday. Looks nice, but a small hickup with the wheels.

The regular meeting of The Dark Guardians got off to a rough start when Shadow Wasp was reminded it had been HIS turn to bring the coffee and doughnuts...

Days before ticket holders see 'The Mortality Machine,' they are emailed documents about a mysterious tragedy as well as information on the characters they'll be playing. Welcome to theatre ➡️

Woman and Man with hands in the air as their palms meet.


1月20日(日)、千葉県VLHL()にて、LARPチャンバラ「ブレイド オブ ヴァルハラ」開催! LARPやった事無くても大丈夫。初体験講習やレンタル武器もあるのでお気軽に遊びに来たってくださいっ! ゲームの雰囲気はこんな感じー>

いつもと違う服を着て いつもと違う姿の人々と会って いつもとちょっと違う話をする。 それが、『冒険を体感する』ことなのかもしれません

on 'paajille tarkoitettu kuukausittainen laatikko, joka sisältää teemaansa sopivia tavaroita. Jenni avaa tänään Healer-teemaisen.

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Time for adventure!

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The Wheel of Fortune - Atticus Gunney

Another Dystopia Rising tarot commission, shown without border. It is my hope that this card being my first commission of 2019 means good things are in store for this year.