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Seasons 1 and 2 will always be heartfelt and memorable. It was also the “real” Shiro’s storyarc. All the were happier then.

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Cracking effort from Sir Lancelott to finish 2nd at , he was given a brilliant ride from . Thanks to and his team for getting him spot on for his first run back from a 3 month break.

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So here´s highlight of the art I was working on yesterday´s stream. Full finished size of it I´m gonna post sometime during weekend probably.

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Cropped from my 1st photograph of the day and presented here by request is this barren adjacent to a double deck that itself is set along a sandy in Piney Point as depicted early on a cloudy morning in November - Glenn

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*o VAR considera não existir . Siga o encontro!*

In about 20 mints I´ll be streamming so tune in! I will be coloring my little mermaid boy (Lance) TWITCH:

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Random VLD Headcanon #146

Keith and Lance have been put into romantic contexts by the group so many times and yet they’re still not together. Lance, who’s been pining for the past few months, nearly dies when Keith casually mentions it and says that they “do get along rather well”.

anonymous asked:

More headcanons for you~ Shiro and Lance have a day out of the week dedicated just to snuggling up and listening to music while talking to destres and Shiro has a habit of rubbing Lance's thighs as they talk. Its not his fault his husband keeps dressing in his giant shirts and flannels with knee high socks to keep his legs warm yet his thigh his right there. They both fall asleep to Frank Sinatra, cuddled up and nuzzling eachother in their sleep.

Omg this is so soft and sweet, between Lance being a self care King and Shiro’s attitude of enjoying the little things when you can, they manage to keep a fairly regular routine of just,,,, taking time to be together, letting their walls down and taking every comfort just from talking and being close

And tbh I just…. love Lance just draped in Shiro’s oversized shirts so much….!! And Shiro just being enchanted by every tantalizing inch of him that he can see, pressing soft kisses to his shoulder where it peeks out from his shirt collar, making warm circles with his thumb against the warm stripe of skin between the hem and the start of his favorite pair of thigh highs all the while.

They’ve been happily married for some time, but seeing Lance find so much security in being wrapped in his clothes and leaning sweetly into every touch still fills him with so much affection and pride, knowing that Lance is all his. And Lance finds that constant, soothing contact so grounding, still so enamored by the way that Shiro looks at him so fondly after all of this time, making him feel like the brightest star in the galaxy. When he takes Shiro’s hand and plants the happiest of kisses on his husband’s wedding ring, the way that he positively melts tells Lance that he is all his, always.

Ugh they’re just unbearably soft!! At some point they turn to soothing voices and slow songs, conversation gradually tapering off as they get nice and comfortable, dozing off bit by bit. They both tend to sleep very well after spending the evening together like that 💙🖤😩

“Red,” Lance whispered. Fire blazed; red and blue flames mixed together as one.

“Green,” he summoned and around his left arm green vines appeared, small blue flowers dotting their length.

“Yellow!” Lance cried and beneath his left foot he felt the ground shake, a fissure stretching out across the Plane; a mixture of yellow stone and blue crystals.

“Blue!” Lance screamed and he felt his Lion roar like the ocean waves, a gushing rapid extending from his right foot and eating up the space between them in a mad torrent.

“Black,” Lance whispered, feeling the last Lion crouched in his head. “Go.” Black light sprinkled with blue stars rushed past him as though coming out of his eyes, her glow momentarily darkening the landscape.

– As Color Fades away, Chapter 71


I’m on wrist rest day still until work so no writing today (outside of this xD) but my brain never shuts up so… I’ve always wanted to draw this scene and finally attempted. My initial sketch was a much more dynamic pose but it wasn’t really fitting, but I like this one still too ♥ Enjoy!

kanjogirl  asked:

Allurance prompt: Lance wants to make Allura a new crown, so he goes to Coran for reference. They share a thoughtful moment together regarding Allura while making the crown.


There was something missing, very noticeably missing.


The only place that the crystal could come from is most likely a Balmera. He’s been planning this ever since he was put on bed rest. It was just something that he had to do.

“Coran, are you sure it looks great because you know ‘Lura deserves the best and I know my craftsmanship isn’t the best…”  

“Oh Lance, it’s beautiful!”

The crown was almost an exact replica of Allura’s crown. Almost. They have been working on this little project of Lance’s for a couple of months now. It was hard considering Lance is helping to rebuild the Garrison and Coran helping Sam with engineering. It was also very hard keeping it a secret from Allura. Lance and Allura have been spending a great amount of time together and even though he always wants to be around her he need to do this one thing. This one thing for her.

“You know Coran, she has given everything to end this war and I just want to be able to give her something back”

The look on his face, it was endearing. The way his eyebrows furrowed together. His eye had a hint passion the way he worked on the crown. It was the passion the burned for Allura. Something that has been growing bit by bit ever since he met her.

Lance was making the last dents on the crown, “All we need now is a crystal.” He took a step back to admire his work, but also to look for any imperfections he might have made. “Good thing I asked Shay for one,” said Coran as he took out a small crystal from a little bag. Coran handed the tiny crystal to Lance. Lance took the crystal and held it like it was the most delicate thing in the universe. Which it is. It was like him putting his heart into the crown.

“Allura will love it, Lance.”

“I hope so …” but also hoping that that’s not the only thing she’ll love.

Thinking when i should be writing...

if y’all can think back to the first season….

After Lance gets out of the healing pod evryone gathers around him as he get’s his first meal in days.  Not only does he not finish his food, he quickly changes from one subject to the next.


now that i’ve fulfilled first musings….

allow me to draw your attention to that conversation.

Keith is all like “I cradled you in my arms!”

Lance shrugs it off and as they stand to leave, you see Pidge looks from Keith to Lance and THEN she decides to tell everyone that she’s a girl. 

I don’t care what anyone else thinks.

You can’t change my mind on this.

Pidge only fessed up she was a girl cause she momentarily saw Keith as a threat.

Thank you.

Lance: *Holding up a pink dress* look how cute this is Pidge!

Pidge: eh no thanks not for me

Lance: never said it was for you

Pidge: Allura then?

Lance: nope I look fucking amazing in dresses

Pidge: you shouldn’t wear that Lance

Lance: b-because I’m a boy?

Pidge: no way! It’s because I’ve seen it in blue and that’s your colour. Pink kinda washed you out

Lance:*grinning as he hugs her* thanks

Pidge: Meh gender norms are all made up by capitalism anyways. Go have fun

Keith, babbling: Sorry, I’m too hype about my date with Shiro to think straight.

Lance, looking through Keith’s closet: Do you ever?

Keith: uhhh… I don’t normally think things through, if that’s what you mean?

Lance, turning around: Ah, the joke was lost

Keith: Oh. Sorry, could you elaborate?

Lance: “Thinking Straight”

Keith: Oh.


Keith: I completely missed that.

Lance: You’re probably too hype to “think things through”

scary is the night (without you by my side)

I remember waking up screaming your name, shivering in my sweat and crying my eyes out. I remember feeling you by my side and then, in a blink of an eye, you were gone and nowhere to be found. Why did you have to leave so abruptly? Why did your departure make me suffer like this? Why do I feel as if I cannot breathe when you’re not around? Why Keith? Why? Why? Why? Why! 

I sat up in my bed. My eyes hurt from crying so much. I could still feel the dry tears in my cheeks.

‘Lance, hijo, ¿qué pasa?’

I hated myself for waking up my mom because of my screams. That’s because of you Keith. You’re the fucking problem. You’re the one keeping me up at night.

No te preoccupes mamá. I’m fine, don’t worry… just another bad dream. Lo siento mamá. I’m sorry for waking you up.’

I didn’t want her to come over. I didn’t want her to hold me in her arms and tell me that everything would be okay because I didn’t believe her. Because Keith wasn’t here and nothing seemed right when he wasn’t around.

My throat tightened. I knew I was about to cry again. I hated myself for being so weak, so frail, so vulnerable. I don’t need you Keith. I never did and I never will. I don’t miss you.

But I missed him.

Chapter 3 of With every heartbeat (the post-war adult klance fanfic I’m writing) is going to be up on ao3 later today! 

This chapter Keith and Lance finally see and talk to each other for the first time after years, but not without some angst first…

here is the link if you want to read the other chapters X