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Лэнс просто считает, что это не так важно, что его проблемы могут подождать, но вскоре он начинает /опять же на уровне подсознания/ сравнивать океан с космосом и по ночам ему снятся кошмары, когда он тонет в космосе и его затягивает в глубину чёрной дыры.

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sketching keith n lance aaa drawing lance is a surefire way to boost your mood ヾ(・ω・*)ノ

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Can someone draw Keith and his space wolf like this....please...

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This dude is vld Lance’s voice actor but actually he’s the physical embodiment of Lance I mean—

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long time no see huhuhuuh

Here… some klance sweetness <3 

Ps: after season 6 I JUST FUCKING DIEEEEEEEDD ;-; i am more and more addicted of klance ;-;… AND WE have season 7 soon !!! i am sooooo excited !! i will definiatelly draw more fanarts in the future and sorry for that long break ;-; 

pps: … i wanna klance to be real thing… *sob sob*…please i wanna my dream to be true *sob sob*

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"Even though these are strictly off my diet list, I know you love em baby," Lance grins, a 20 piece in his hand. He snuggled in next to you, switching on the tv before opening up the sauces. "I love you, Lance," you giggle, sniffling. "I love you more, baby," he grins with a sweet kiss.

this almost made me cry what’s wrong with me

So my best friend loves the CW Arrow series and always tells me how awesome Laurel Lance is and how underappreciated she is…

I don’t even like her. In my opinion she’s an annoying character and gets way too much attention lately…but that’s just MY OWN opinion

That’s what I told her and now she blocked me everywhere and yells at me. What is wrong with this fandom srsly…

Help me Voltron fans!

I’m looking for an AMV I watched on YouTube a while back. It included clips from Voltron S 1-2 I believe, set to the song Glitter and Gold by Barnes Courtney. It had lines from the show overlaying the music and it was AH.MAY.ZING. It got removed from Youtube however… I don’t remember who made it, although their name was included in the video as an end card! Might anyone know where to find it elsewhere? Or ARE YOU THE CREATOR???

I just. Wanna LISTEN AND LOOK AT IT REALLY BAD. I have Glitter and Gold on its own but THAT’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

Lemme know (╹◡╹)♡

Family Game Night

Title: Family Game Night
Rating: G
Pairing: Gen
A/N: This is set directly after Season 5 but doesn’t really comply with Season 6. We decided not to try to make it conform. This is my contribution to @voltrongenminibang, and I’ll add a link to @clambatch’s art post later. It’s amazing. You should go check it out.

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