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Shopping @ and found that makes snack crackers. Who knew? – at Wegmans

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This my crappy portrait I did of lance. We all know I suck at digital art so shall we not adress that

I drew this shortly after reading a vld fic about Lance shining as bright as the sun when he’s laughing

Mais uma entrevista exclusiva no ... Entrevista está disponível no ... Dá um confere! Bati um papo com Mansur, lateral-esquerdo do : "Só vamos sair dessa situação com muito trabalho"

Hey guys! I have something in play for you 💙 A special personal fanzine about Shance. It will be a PDF file with several illustrations that I have already published, many other new ones, little comics and NSFW contents!

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my contribution to this shitty fandom

Area 51 AU

I’m, actually surprised nobody did this before, or it didn’t get popular.

But how can you expect from me to not make this AU when there are aliens in a show.

Shiro is an agent and explorer currently stationed at Area 51 because of alien interaction in the past.
Because of his charm, the aliens really like him and are happy when they see him. The scientists and other humans are happy he helps them to deal with them.
He is also Keith’s favorite.

Keith was sent into Area 51 after he had a Galra outburst in front of Shiro, at this point his father was already dead.
Because he’s only half galran he has more privilege than the other aliens but also has more responsibilities as he has to often keep them in check.

Pidge is one of the many scientists, but a really good one. She specialist on translating alien codes and even managed to hack into an alien drone that followed Lotor to earth (that’s right, Rover is back). She isn’t to close to other scientists besides her Brother that works with her (but in another field).
The only alien that speaks well to her is Allura, but that’s mostly because the other aliens really dislike seeing the scientist coats, Pidge doesn’t know why.

Hunk is an engineer. He is added to that the only engineer allowed close to alien prosthetics because they prefer to keep them on as he figures out how they work.
He one time brought cookies with him and everyone loved them, now the aliens ask him for cookies whenever he passes them.

Allura is one of the many aliens held in area 51, she actually quite likes it. Because of her nature, she was announced “least aggressive alien of the month” often enough that she now is allowed to go into the human areas, similar to Keith.
She also started a self-care class for alien for whenever they aren’t in testing, which she herself still goes to regularly, the idea was from Lance.

Coran has the special ability to be such an uncle that when he walks into human only areas it often takes a few minutes until someone notices that he is there. He might not be allowed to be, but nobody is stopping him either.
He crashlanded on earth the same day as Allura, they were going to get the blue lion but the agents were already there and captured them.
Coran doesn’t hold a grudge (Allura just doesn’t act on it)

Now, who you guys have probably been waiting for:

A caretaker specifically picked to take care of aliens. They don’t have many on Area 51, more like, there are only five, so Lance often gets confused for one of the scientists because he also wears a coat. His main assigned alien is Lotor, before that it was Allura.
Lance really enjoys his time there, especially because of how close everyone is due to them not being many. He still feels homesick now and then, but he is being held busy, mainly from Lotor.

Lotor is quite the troublemaker in the area, not because he’s extremely violent, no that tunned down. He just often tries to escape and keeps explaining about the tests. He actually is the reason Shiro got his scar as Lotor attacked him when Shiro had to secure and bring him to the area.
Over a longer time, he was pretty close to Allura and a group of half galras he called his “generals” (They didn’t know each other before landing in there). Most aliens didn’t trust him back then already.
Nowadays Lotor is in a high-security block and only allows Lance inside. He landed there after he ended in an argument with Allura where she got violent first, but he somehow stole a close combat weapon from the guards and tried to kill her and his “generals” as they tried to break up the fight. By now he regrets it, but for the sake of everyone’s mental (and physical) health, he had to stay in there.

so voltron the robot has this big reputation in the universe and people know it has paladins but most people don’t seem to know much about the actual pilots until the voltron show. so imagine the rumors that flew before and what they theorized the paladins were like and where they came from. and imagine their surprise when it turns out to just be a bunch of strange looking aliens from some far off distant bumfuck nowhere galaxy no one’s ever heard of. 

and even after the voltron show the paladins are shrouded in mystery. people just know their names and have a vague sense of their personalities and what they look like but nothing much beyond that. 

and some probably follow the paladins and voltron’s story more closely than others (the hidden alien internet voltron threads are hoppin’ now that they’re back) but there’s got to be a lot of confusion surrounding the black paladin because “he’s tall, gorgeous, muscular, has black hair and a scar” some of them are talking about shiro, some about keith. 

the paladins meet some new people post s7 who weren’t able to keep up with the latest news. they assume keith is shiro when he steps out of the black lion. ask him about his galra arm. “well actually all of me is galra.. oh you mean shiro. he doesn’t have the arm anymore.” /shiro in the background waving. alien “but that guy has white hair.. and you’re the black paladin??” 

half the universe still thinks allura is keith 
“oh hey the red paladin, keith!” 
“actually my name is allura. and i pilot the blue lion. he’s keith” 
“oh so you’re the red paladin?” 
“no i’m the black paladin.” 
am the red paladin, the name’s lance”
queue lance doing a really bizarre description of the lion swap and clone shiro similar to his description of their yelmore adventure in 07.01. 


So they did Rip dirty like Laurel and made him ship captain of the new meh ship. Ugh. Even so, it’s good to see Rip and Sara actually talking

  • Lance: *sniffs* I can't believe he's gone
  • Keith: I'm right here???
  • Lance: he died as a hero though and I will always love my loving husband
  • Lance: I swear I can still hear him sometimes
  • Keith: .....