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a ver Mr "DEMOCRACIAS" explique esto NOTA : muchos y de las noticias han sacado la vuelta

Het 14de avontuur van Lady S draait om Code Vampiir, een NAVO-drone die op mysterieuze in de Oostzee verdwijnt. Shania Rivkas, alias Lady S, belandt vervolgens midden in een geheime oorlog tussen de NAVO en Rusland. Verkrijgbaar vanaf 11 december.

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When you want to confuse your enemies……😅😅

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Vee Chapter 21

Jen and her friends come in the back way laughing as they carry dresses to Molly’s room where they have decided to get ready for the wedding. Jen texts Bill.

Jen: We are back. In molly’s room to get ready. Unless you need me, I am in hiding until we walk down the isle in two hours.

Bill: I’m sorry, I do need you to meet the Elder’s before the wedding. Can you meet me in the hallway before getting ready?

Jen: OK, be right out.

Jen said, “I’ll be back shortly girls. There is a bit of Castle business to take care of before the wedding.”

Laughing Sara said, “No quickies before the wedding.”

Jen shakes her head as she leaves the room. She has a huge smile on her face, but it disappears as she sees the seriousness on Bills face. They walk towards each other. He puts his arms around her smiling a little as he looks at her.

Jen, “What’s wrong? Do they not approve of our union? Just tell me….”

Bill, “Nothing like that.” He steps back taking her hand to lead her to the Elder’s room. Bill said, “I think this will partly be a good surprise.”

The get to the door. The guard opens the door.

Terrian said, “Hello Jen.”

Her eyes are wide at first and then blink several times. She leans back on Bill.

Jen said, “Is this some kind of trick?”

Terrian said, “Its not a tricky baby girl.”

Jen said, “Daddy? How?”

Terrian said, “Have a seat. I will tell you what happened.”

Jen can’t take her eyes off her Father who, as far as she knew, died in a car accident with her Mother. Bill take her to the couch to sit down. He holds her hand. Terrian sits on the other side of her. She flinches when Terrian tries to take her other hand. Catherine sits in a chair across the room.

Terrian, “Ok, I understand your hesitation. I’m sorry I couldn’t raise you or even tell you of my lineage after the accident. I was devastated when your mother was killed in the accident. I wanted to die with her, but I healed. It took a long time for me to heal. We all thought it best for you to be raised by your Grandmother since you were part human. “

She was shocked. Part of her wanted to hug him tight and cry with the sorrow she felt he was feeling talking about loosing her mother. Part of her couldn’t believe he was her Father here in front of her.

Terrian said, “I hope you can understand how hard it was for me to leave you. I still think it was the best for you. You were too young for my world. I just hoped you would find your way to us when the time was right for you to take a throne. Are you ok?”

Jen said, “Daddy you’re Aklat Alnaas?”

Terrian said, “Yes, I am. Your Mother was human.”

Jen said, “Why didn’t you make her one of us, so she didn’t have to die?”

She couldn’t hold in the emotion any longer. She started to cry. Terrian looked to Bill. Bill let go of Jen’s hand. Terrian moved closer to her. She let him hug her.

Terrian said, “I didn’t think she was ready. I thought I could be kind of normal. I snuck around drinking when she didn’t know. Then she was pregnant with you and that amazed me. I’m so sorry baby girl. I was going to wait until you were 18 and then tell you both everything and turn you both but then the accident and I just couldn’t take care of you like you needed. I am glad Bill brought you back to us. I bless this marriage with all my heart.”

Jen looked up at him. She wiped her eyes on the back of her hand.

Jen said, “This is just a lot to take in today. I really need to process; I need to process you being here daddy.”

Terrian said, “Take all the time you need baby girl. I hope it is ok with you that I officiate your wedding as a gift. I also have a gift your mother would want you to have if you will accept it.”

Jen said, “What do you have from her?”

Terrian reaches for a box behind the couch. He hands it to her. She starts to open it.

Terrian said, “Its your Mother’s wedding veil. She always liked the color blue even though it wasn’t a typical veil color for a wedding. I hope you will wear it.”

Holding it up Jen said, “Its beautiful and blue like the roses I chose. I will be proud to wear it for her. I think it would be best for you to officiate the wedding instead of the King…”

Standing up Catherine said, “On that note I think I have a gift for you also. Eric is no longer King of this Castle. I have already given that responsibility to Bill. So, when you wed tonight you will be Queen.”

Jen said, “Well, Eric want me to be Queen. I guess he got his wish.”

Catoherine said, “Yes, we know all he did to you and others now. There will be a ceremony after the wedding You will behead your tormentor as that is our way. I hope you don’t have a problem with this.”

Jen looks to Bill. He was torn between deep sadness his brother was going to be killed and knowing his brother deserved to be killed. Bill looked at her with his big emotional green eyes.

Bill said, “I would do this for you if I was allowed.” Looking to Catherine he said, “Since my brother has hurt others I cared about also, hurting me in the process can I please be responsible for his punishment. I know Jen is strong enough to do as she is asked, but I rather take it upon myself…”

Catherine said, “No, she was his latest victim. She will behead him after the wedding at the reception.”

Jen said, “Don’t hate me for what I have to do Bill.”

Bill takes her hand and kisses it gently. He smiles even though he is torn inside. She feels how torn he is feeling.

Bill said, “I will always love you. This is what must be because we are meant to be. Now you better go get ready my Queen to be. As long as Queen Catherine and King Terrian are ready to dismiss us.”

Smiling Catherine said, “You are both dismissed. I love weddings. This one seems especially loving.”

Terrian said, “I agree, this is an especially loving union.”

Jen and Bill stand and bow to them before leaving the room. They part ways in the hall not to be reunited until they are ready to head down the Isle together as customary in an Aklat Alnaas ceremony.

Hans Zimmer’s MAESTRO plays in the ballroom as guest stream out of the elevator to take their seats. All are excited for the Castle wedding. John Mayer’s THE THEME FROM ‘THE SEARCH FOR EVERYTHING’ plays as Derick, Tye and Tod line up on the left side of where Terrian is standing in front of the Thrones. The men are wearing navy blue suits with navy blue dress shirts and a fuchsia tie. Terrian is dressed in white robes with golden accents. Catherine in a golden long-sleeved V-neck gown, stands behind Tarrian to his right. As Peter Gabriel’s IN YOUR EYES starts to play Beth, Molly and Sara walk down the aisle wearing Jovani navy and fuchsia dresses with a sheer overlay carrying navy and fuchsia rose bouquets.

Bill and Jen walk towards each other smiling. They bow to each other. Bill takes her hand to kiss it softly. The guests stand as they walk down the aisle. Bill is wearing a custom-made white tuxedo with gold trim a white dress shirt and white bow tie. Jen wears a White by Vera Wang textured Organza white wedding dress with the blue veil her Father gave her and a bouquet of fuchsia and blue roses. When the couple gets to the Tarrian the audience sits. Tarrian starts the ceremony.

Terrian said: Before this assemble of friends, family and guests in attendance I ask King Bill Edlund will you take Jen Adore to be your wife and love her in distress and pleasure?

Looking in Jen’s eyes holding her hands Bill said, “Yes.”

Terrian said: Before this assemble of friends, family and guests in attendance I ask Jen Adore will you take King Bill Edlund to be your husband and love him in distress and pleasure?

Looking in Bill’s eyes resting her in his Jen said, “Yes.”

Derick gives Bill a small box with a wedding band for Jen. Bill takes the ring. Placing it on her finger he repeats what Terrian tell him.

Terrian said, “Bill repeat after me. This ring is a token of my love. I merry you with all that I have and all that I am.”

Bill said, “This ring is a token of my love. I merry you with all that I have and all that I am.”

Terrian said, “Repeat after me Jen. I will forever wear this ring as a sign of my commitment and the desire of my heart.”

Jen said, “I will forever wear this ring as a sign of my commitment and the desire of my heart.”

Molly gives Give a small box with a wedding band for Bill. Jen takes the ring. Placing it on his finger she repeats what Terrian tell her.

Terrian said, “Jen repeat these words to your King. I give you this ring and myself as my gift to you.”

Jen said, “I give you this ring and myself as my gift to you.”

Terrian said, “Repeat this to your beloved Bill. I will forever wear this ring as a sign of my commitment and the desire of my heart. I give of you the gift of myself.”

Bill said, “I will forever wear this ring as a sign of my commitment and the desire of my heart. I give of you the gift of myself.”

Catherine walked forward. She motioned for the room to rise. Bill and Jen kneeled before her. She tapped Jen’s head with her scepter.

Catherine said, “You may rise. Complete your destiny by sealing your union with a kiss and take your thrones as the King and Queen of this Castle.”

As the couple is sealing their union Molly steps in front of everyone. She screams her outrage no longer able to keep her mouth shut.

Molly said, “Where is the true King? Where is Alex the true King of this Castle? Does no one think it’s a travesty he is no where to be seen at his Brother’s wedding? This room must know there is something wrong here…

Catherine said, “That’s enough young lady unless you want to join the former King.”

Turning to Molly Jen said, “Please Molly stop before you cross a line you can’t come back from.”

The crowd is abuzz talking about what they are hearing and wondering themselves where Eric is on this joyous wedding day of his brother.”

Catherine said, “Silence everyone. King Bill and Queen Jen take your thrones. Maiden Molly I guess because of your outburst we must do this in front of everyone. I want silence during this Castle business. If any wants to leave before seeing an execution do so now. Someone put plastic on the floor so we can continue our celebration after this mess. And get the sword.”

No one budges from their seats. They all think it is all part of the roleplay game. Servants layout a large mat in front on the thrones.

Catherine said, ‘Bring out Eric.”

Eric is escorted into the ballroom his hands bound in silver chains already showing burn marks on his wrists. Molly runs over to him. The guards don’t let her very close.

Molly said, “What have they done to you my King.” Glaring at Jen said, “This is all your fault you spoiled little bitch.”

Catherine said, “Take her out. If she can’t hold her tongue, she is next.”

Jen said, “Molly you have no clue what he has done. You will be quiet in this room from now until you choose to leave. Queen Catherine I think she should stay to hear the charges.”

Catherine said, “Very well.”

The guard take Eric to kneel on the mat in front of everyone. He looks up with a smug grin on his face.

Trying to catch Jen in a gaze Eric said, “You know how he feels about you hurting anyone My Queen. What do you think my brother will think of you if you do this? You’re a Queen now you can change these barbaric rules of execution to keep his love…”

Bill said, “I offered to do this myself brother since you deserve it for hurting her but we both know she has to execute you by law. I am fine with that.”

Jen doesn’t look at Eric as he is trying to talk his way out of death. Bill holds her hand. He kisses her cheek after confirming to his brother he is fine with this execution.

Catherine said, “Enough trying to get out of this Eric. We are all in agreement you have harmed one of your own. You attempted more than once to take the Queen by force. Even though it was taking her mind and you did not physically abuse her you know the punishment is death. Farther more we know you have done this before. You even had your brother kill a woman you drove to insanity.”

Eric said, “He usually chooses weak minded females. I just had to fix his mistakes. And Jenn is too strong for him. Deep down she knows this. She felt it when she excepted my gifts and I invaded her thoughts…”

Catherine said, “No more excuses. The verdict is death. Queen Jen will you step down. Take the sword to finish this.”

Jen looks to Bill. He nods his approval letting go of her hand as she gets up to walk towards Eric. Everyone is shocked by the charged and the retribution that is about to happen to the man they called King for as long as they had been playing this roleplay game. Of course, they thought it wasn’t real and the Eric would be moving on to a rule somewhere else they hoped they could find. Some of the people hated they thought they loved him so much despite what he was charged with tonight.

Molly was crying kneeling as close to Eric as they would let her. She truly did not believe any of the allegations. Eric had promised she would be Queen. He called her his Queen when they were together.  She was very angry Jen had taken this right from her.

The rest of the wedding party were still standing in their places for the ceremony. Frightened to watch the gruesome scene coming Beth looked to Derick. Derick looked to her. He took her mind away from the situation as he felt she needed. In her head Beth heard him. Derick said, “I’m hear my lady. No need for you to watch what is happening here now. You can remember the happiness of the wedding and the celebration after. Just look at me. You will feel loved.”

The guards force Eric’s head down as Jen approaches. She picks up the sword. Taking a deep breath, she raises it high. When the sword cleanly decapitates Eric, blood spatters on Molly, the wedding party and some guests in the first row. She is in a complete breakdown screaming and crying out loudly. Some others in the audience are sobbing. Most are just completely in shock of what they have just scene. It all seemed so real, but it couldn’t possibly be, right?

Catherine said, “Alright, clean up this mess and let us celebrate this blessed union.”

Jen said, “Tye and Todd help Molly back to her room. Get her cleaned up and send her home with no memory of Eric.”

Tye and Todd both said, “Yes, my Queen.”

Derick went over to Molly. He held her a moment. When he noticed how shocked Sara was, he pulled her in for a group hug with Molly turning them both away from the gruesome sight until it was cleaned up. Bob Marley’s EVERYTHING GONNA BE ALRIGHT started playing.

Catherine said, “Everyone is welcome to stay and celebrate until dawn. Food and drink will be passed around. Feel free to come offer yourself up to the King and Queen on their wedding day.”

A line started to go up to Jen and Bill. They greeted people and drank from each. The rest of the evening was filled with love and laughter by all in attendance. The couple were ready to rule the Castle together until the end of their days.

Imagine Lady Sif coming to Midgard to surprise you.

It was a smile that you hadn’t expected to see again for a long time. When Lady Sif of Asgard had come to Earth to work with SHIELD, you two had formed an instant connection. You both had a lot in common, being tough and badass, and believing that women can do just about anything, and were horribly misunderstood and under-utilized in all of the realms.

“Sif!” You cried out with excitement, and ran right into her waiting arms. Rather than plowing her over, as you would any mortal, she was able to stand her ground, and grabbed hold of you tight in the warmest hug that you had ever experienced. “I thought you weren’t coming back for another year?”

“Things are complicated, I needed a break.” She told you, with a forced smile. “And so I came to see you.”

“Oh, you’re not going to regret it. Let’s binge Friends on Netflix and eat sweets until we look like Volstagg.”


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“In terms of the position that Tobias, Ciarán, and myself were in … it was our job to make sure that everyone else’s story got protected and served well,” says Harris. “When you’re at the end of a 13-hour day and they start to go, ‘Do we really need coverage on so-and-so?’ We go, ‘Yeah, you do. You have to get that. We’re not leaving until you get that.’”

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