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6A girls preseason rankings. Liberal High School 45-3 in the last 2 seasons ranked #5 to start the season. LHS very experienced & some good young talent. 6A extremely competitive! LETS GO!

basketball starts tomorrow and I think I’m a little excited !!

So very proud of these 2 & . I was so lucky to coach both on my 3rd grade kids inc team. They have been on the same team ever since. Tomorrow they will be the first Basketball girls to sign D1 out of HS.

Game day district volleyball Murtaugh/Carey at 6 pm in Shoshone. Winner plays Castleford at 7:30 pm for a state bid! 👺

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Murtaugh sweeps SVCS tonight on senior night and dig pink!

Before we take the bridge we break bread! Thank you Romeo’s House of Pizza for letting us have team dinner!

BATTLE OF THE BRIDGE starts today! Come support your 🏐 and ⚽️ teams as they face LC.

Student athletes! Go Lady Red! RT : Lady Red Basketball working hard after school on academics before team workouts.

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Quick doodle of Lady. Trial and error of new drawing styles. Hopefully KoiFish-Kun likes it.

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When @mothercouture sings… you betta listen!
#daftboy #heyqween #LadyRed #SheReady #singing #drag #dragfan #dragqueen #clackthatfan #crackthatfan #thwoorp (at The Lookout)

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Lost Bayou Ramblers @ Tipatina’s #lostbayouramblers #ladyred #bayouperdu #tipatinas (at Tipitina’s)

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Lost Bayou Ramblers #lostbayouramblers #ladyred #bayouperdu #tipatinas (at Tipitina’s)

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Smoke something, a 4/20 set: Lady Red + Lost Bayou Ramblers #lostbayouramblers #ladyred #bayouperdu #tipatinas (at Tipitina’s)

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#LadyRed #BlackFriday #TheCafe #dance #nightlife #SF (at The Café - San Francisco)

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I really get in a drawing mood practically every time I end up on tumblr and it’s all thanks to this lovely person, @lady-redhaired , and her inspirational/random messages everyday

I tried to make it look similar to her profile pic because it’s just a rad thing but you know still in my nub person style.

Hope she see’s it cause I have physically talked to people about how amazing she is and I’ve only known about her for like at least a month