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Red lipstick in romance with white and the world belongs to you 🤩

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A big to Aileen Allan from for her . Aileen popped in last week to view and test drive our S Line Plus in Glacier White and today takes delivery. car for a lovely . Enjoy!! 😎

Our lingerie tip says: try minimum colors for maximum effects.💚 Bring home this lingerie🕊 and adore the in you. at to go White and shine bright.🌿

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Lady Meghan Markle Already Looks Wedding-Ready in White While Arriving With Prince Harry in Windsor - TheJustNews

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Inktober #7 - “The Lady in White of Jamestown, NC”

“The Lady in White,” or the also known, “Hitchhiking Ghost” is a common urban legend not only to the US but to the world over. If a place has cars, there is bound to be a story of a hitchhiker trying to thumb a ride, getting picked up, only to then disappear from the backseat of the car once the driver gets to the destination. The common theme among these stories is the hitchhiker is always in white. Head to toe white. 

The local one for me right now is in the next town over, Jamestown. There’s a ghost of a flapper who appears from time to time near an overpass on Main St.. (Yes, actual “Main Street.” It’s a small town.) She is so well known for popping up in that area that the bridge is nicknamed, “Lydia’s Bridge,” after her. 

I’ve never seen her but I can never pass a good urban legend involving a ghost. 


jug ears (a foetus Lukas Haas) starz in a ghost story


The first trailer for “Lady in White” (internet edition).

Lady in White

Word Count: 1416
Summary: Not every monster started as a monster.
Warning(s): Murder and rape, though not detailed but inside a victim’s mind, will be in this. Please do not read if you are unable to handle this. 
Author’s Note: I wrote this awhile back and it’s hands down been one of the most emotional writings I’ve ever done and I thought since I finally made this writing sideblog, it’ll be one of the first things I’ll post. 

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