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Designed in 1855, is said to be by the of a , whose glowing appears to passersby at night. Visitors also report hearing disembodied voices, screams, unexplained crashes, and other mysterious sounds.

Sweet Hollow Road in , : ​Motorists on report encountering the of a woman late at night, known as the . Please like, comment, share, and follow for more creepy !!! 👻

Branch Brook Park in , : Sitting on over 300 acres, was first founded and constructed in 1885. It is said to be by the of a woman known as the , whose is often seen...

1 Corinthians 15:58 Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.

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Water appreciation

White Rose appreciation #whiterosebeingcute

Something I never knew I needed to see until I saw it

White Rose appreciation part dos




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Bonus: Cursed

Tree damaged in Durand Eastman Park, Rochester N.Y. - has eerie resemblance to the legendary white lady of Irondequoit.

A popular urban legend amongst locals tells the story of a lady in white whom spent her life vigorously searching for her missing daughter whom never returned from a walk by the lake side. It’s believed that on dreary, fog-blanketed nights, a spectre in the form of an opaque white woman would levitate over the lake, and despairingly search for her daughter.

Riverdale Road is a haunted 11 mile stretch of road found in Thornton Colorado. Riverdale Road has so much activity including a lady in white, the ghost of a jogger, spirits who take the form of animals, bloody handprints that appear on street signs made by the ghost of a boy who was hit by a car and killed while on his way to school, and a Native American Burial Ground. Some of the animals that spirits take the form of are a coyote which is a good spirit and a gray fox which is an evil spirit. The Wolpert Mansion also burned down on this road and is now condemned.


Lady in White - Royal Wood

Inktober #7 - “The Lady in White of Jamestown, NC”

“The Lady in White,” or the also known, “Hitchhiking Ghost” is a common urban legend not only to the US but to the world over. If a place has cars, there is bound to be a story of a hitchhiker trying to thumb a ride, getting picked up, only to then disappear from the backseat of the car once the driver gets to the destination. The common theme among these stories is the hitchhiker is always in white. Head to toe white. 

The local one for me right now is in the next town over, Jamestown. There’s a ghost of a flapper who appears from time to time near an overpass on Main St.. (Yes, actual “Main Street.” It’s a small town.) She is so well known for popping up in that area that the bridge is nicknamed, “Lydia’s Bridge,” after her. 

I’ve never seen her but I can never pass a good urban legend involving a ghost. 


jug ears (a foetus Lukas Haas) starz in a ghost story

Lady in White

Word Count: 1416
Summary: Not every monster started as a monster.
Warning(s): Murder and rape, though not detailed but inside a victim’s mind, will be in this. Please do not read if you are unable to handle this. 
Author’s Note: I wrote this awhile back and it’s hands down been one of the most emotional writings I’ve ever done and I thought since I finally made this writing sideblog, it’ll be one of the first things I’ll post. 

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