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Colección Watters Perfecta para las tradicionalistas, Watters presenta formas clásicas con encaje romántico y detalles de cuentas.

Just arrived in house six fine Edwardian lace mots. Available in our textiles and militaria auction on the 16th of May.

Easter Sales!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More colors Become the eyes of many, stand out in the crowd Be Unique, Be Elegant Our fabrics are 100% Guaranteed Quality To Order:+2348153041339 (WhatsApp only) or send us a DM

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Lace Details + Hot Maroon = This Girl Is On 🔥 @anavikalia looking super hot in our Lace Crop Top! ♥️ 🏷 Tap on the picture to shop! 🛍 . . . . . 💖you

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Alicia Vikander as Sophia in Tulip Fever
Black Lace Earrings

Three different earrings were combined to make Black Lace. First, smaller silver tone stud earrings with a light blue grey center bead had their back wires removed and were then attached to the center of the larger black lace metal earrings. To add a touch of sparkle and glamour, clear glass dew drop bead earrings, suspended on a silver tone square chain, were then attached to the bottom of the larger earrings. The earrings measure approximately 4 inches in total length. The fish hook metal earring wire is black and has a reverse bend to it so that the end of the wire never pokes you in the neck, like most fish hook earring wires do A clear plastic wire backing is included to prevent the hook from falling out of your ear.