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Laborers Bull Roast. Breaking bread with good people

Insights from the Amos. I honestly feel that projects like this are overwhelming.

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Colorado National Guard opened fire on a group of armed coal miners & set fire to a makeshift settlement where over a thousand striking workers & their families were camped...

Borrowing from other bodies such as Rainforest Alliance – listed as an Advisor – the trustea code is comprehensive, addressing many of the Indian industry challenges, especially with policies and

The tells us that the are better economical managers than if you consider giving away $1Billion in tax payers money without due diligence good management just follow the money trail

1914: Ludlow Massacre, the "blackest episode in U.S. labor history": National Guard fired on striking coal miners and their families, then burnt their tent village, killing 66.

think they know what is good & best for us hence why they propose to change to the point it is a disincentive to invest in property. Labor policy writers are also of the view we prefer to be taxed when we die & not while we’re alive.

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Labor party leader Shorten, a former union organizer, said on Saturday he would reverse the decision by a tribunal to cut overtime pay in several low-paying industries within 100 days of the May 18 poll.

But Chris, we all know that the Leadership team don’t make the policy decisions, your Unions do just ask Sally. It’s time to come clean about this grubby Labor Tax.

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Albanese won’t jump into the toxic political fire pit while the controlling Unions openly demand they introduce the abhorrent abomination Albo will wait & Shorten burn then shaft him at a time of his choosing.

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Shorten knows his Unions want his dirty new Tax which he will only reveal if Labor win Govt. It will be only a mater of time before we see Shorten with his Unions on the streets of Melbourne chanting; Death Taxes. When do we want them? NOW!

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- Keidanren Chairman Hiroaki Nakanishi says the era of Japan's famed lifetime employment system is now over and cannot be continued. Keidanren will soon make proposals about how to shift to a new employment system across the nation. (MP)

Bill Shorten’s team is built around having great 🙋‍♀️ women. is 💯% focused on delivering a "fair go for all Australians." Ease Family Budgets ✔️ Restore School & Hospital CUTS ✔️ Support Workers & Restore Penalty Rates ✔️ Invest in Cheaper, Cleaner, Renewable Energy ✔️

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West Coast Cookbook and Speakeasy FA -- Blue Moon Spirits Fridays April 19


Are We Going Into Labor?

We are getting too familiar with the Triage area of the hospital. :)

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If people are too lazy to get a minimum wage job and buy what they need, yes, they do deserve poverty.

The people who literally just don’t pursue jobs ever are rarities; outliers that do nothing to support your argument.

But as for the minimum wage, it’s worth noting that it’s drastically below a living wage, which has been estimated to be over twice the minimum if not higher. Minimum wage jobs make up a significant percentage of the economy, yet people can’t even keep their heads above the water on those wages, and the system is already beginning to fail because of it. The longer people resist an empathetic correction of these problems, the more problems we’re gonna see.

Anyway, I’m not continuing this with an anon, so consider this the last reply.

I was pregnant and at a mall with my stepdad, who was dressed like a gladiator, my mother, who was dressed like Moana, and my little sister, dressed like a mime. I suddenly went into labour and it hurt so much and I had to go to the hospital, but they couldn’t understand me because they spoke only French. When I woke up, I had just gotten my period.

OK, less fun at 4am

Counting contractions is less fun when they won’t let you sleep. I think I’ve gotten a total of an hour or two between being woken up. And my count isn’t even accurate because I’ve managed to sleep through a couple.

Also, they kinda hurt now. I don’t want to wake Wilder and the boy up just to get sent home from the hospital. Either way, tomorrow - today, I guess - is gonna suck. Either she’s coming and I’ll have gotten no sleep, or she’s not and I won’t have slept.

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I am hugely pregnant and holding onto my bump as I walk around my room, enduring contractions. I struggle as I’m laboring, leaning on a birthing ball, and letting my bump hang. I’m making all kinds of pained noises and primal groans as my contractions worsen. I sit on the ball and try to ease my pains.

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The incisions on the skin vs those on the uterus. Most common incision on skin is Pfannensteil incision, which is like a bikini cut. It limits exposure as far as if there’s an emergency. Vertical incision is done between rectus abdominus muscles; less common, takes longer to heal, more painful, likelier not to heal correctly. Vertical incision is done in those who are morbidly obese. If their pannus is too big to do Pfannensteil, may need to do vertical incision.


You just guide the head with the forceps. You don’t pull. Forceps cause less damage to baby, but more damage to the mom. Increased risk of laceration. D:

Forceps are used less now because we do more C-sections now. Vacuum is used more. Need to know position of baby’s head. With the kiwi, pump it up to the green mark; guide the head out as mom pushes. Vacuum causes more harm to baby and less harm to mom. Baby can get hematoma. Vacuum is more commonly used than forceps. Remove vacuum when head is delivered.


Reasons not to have kids #575!

If the vagina opening is too small, you can do an episiotomy. They don’t do this much anymore. It’s not recommended unless you have to. Only done if fetal heart tones go down and stay down or the vagina doesn’t stretch. You can inject lidocaine first if they haven’t had epidural. Mediolateral episiotomy bleeds more, and is more painful, but has decreased risk of tearing into rectum. Midline episiotomy doesn’t hurt as much, but can extend into rectum (4th degree laceration). If it’s a small distance from fourchette to anus, likelier to tear; increased risk of anal incontinence later if not properly corrected.

9 out of 10 times, there will be perineal lacerations. 1st degree laceration = the vaginal mucosal is disrupted. 2nd degree = the laceration goes into muscles/fascia. This is common. If the tear isn’t put together again properly, then it won’t heal correctly. There could be a fistula between the rectum and the vagina because of that.

3rd degree can be partial (muscle not completely torn through) or complete.
4th degree = you’ve torn into the mucosa of the rectum. These pts should be recommended for C section for later pregnancies.

It just hurts me to look at these! 😫😱

How is the baby situated in the birth canal?

It’s like reading a CT scan—you’re at the feet of the mom looking up. I wrote “R” and “L” on the maternal right and left sides.

LOA = Left Occipitoanterior = back of baby’s head is pointing towards the mom’s left side and is anterior by the symphysis pubis.

You feel for suture lines and fontanelles to figure out the fetal orientation.

You want the baby to be in an OA configuration (i.e., baby’s occiput is facing anterior—back of baby’s head is facing the mom’s pubic symphysis). It’s easier for the mom to deliver the baby in that position. If baby is looking straight up (OP position—occiput posterior, i.e., back of the head faces towards the floor), it’s harder for mom to push baby out.

If you need to do an operative delivery, you need to know what position the baby is in so you don’t put the instruments in the wrong location.

“ROT” = Right Occipitotransverse, meaning the baby’s head is transversely oriented with the occiput facing the mom’s right side.