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Been playing with the timelapse function on my phone at work, so here’s my favourite robot working very very hard at something I can do by hand in less than half the time.

I only use this guy when it means that I would have to come back after work hours to load this machine, otherwise he is too slow to be worth it

Work crush keeps staying late for various reasons, so I’ve been keeping him company. Two nights ago, it was because the cat trap caught a kitten and someone from first shift was coming to pick it up. Last night was because of a TLC plate taking forever in the mobile phase. We ended up talking about bunch about non work stuff and it was really nice. Raccoons, voles, baby bats, our pets, dissecting stuff at school, tattoos, skin issues, friends, the girl he’s been texting. Earlier in the night, he was complaining about workload and trying to move up, asking if he was being too negative. Yujung was like “Stop flirting with Jenn!” and to get back to work. I was kind of happy. I feel like I’m pretty obvious about liking him, but I’m so shitty at knowing what others are thinking.

That feel when you accidentally inhale hydrochloric acid fumes. Then you feel sick, get worried, Google it, and have an anxiety attack at your desk. Work friends helped make me less worried. Now my throat just hurts a little.

I had to use it again yesterday, and was kinda scared, but I didn’t breathe any in. Success.


From organic chem extractions, back to microbio testing of agricultural products. Each week we’re sent fertilimer, a mixture of sludge deposits/biosolids from waste treatment plant drying beds, as well as a base, generally lye. It’s mixed together like compost with the intention of selling it to farmers as a less expensive alternative to chemical based fertilizers. Before that can happen, we need to test it for nutrients, heavy metals, and fecal coliform. The life of a lab tech is sometimes less than glamorous.