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هیچ چاوەڕێ ئەوە نەکات، بەئاسانى بتوانێت بەدەست بهێنێت، چونکە ئازادی و پێویستى بە و، ـى تۆکمەى دەوێت، دەبێت هەمیشە سەیرى بکات، بۆ ئەوەى بکات

Imprisoned Catalan pro-independence leaders enter the Spanish Congress as elected MPs to a standing ovation from parts of the chamber. Later they have to go back to jail. Courageous people!🔥🔥 -via

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سوربوون و هێزی ئیرادە هیچ سودێکی نابێ بەبێ بەدیهێنانی ئامانجەکەت..




Riya Kobanê

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fixed it…

how about supporting Kurdistan?

-about 50 million people seperated in 4 countries (Syria, Iraq, Iran and Turkey)

- they don’t have any rights in those countries

- Kurdish forces fought and are still fighting against ISIS in Syria

- We got our own language and culture

- even in europe, kurdish political groups dont have it easy.. while terrorists are walking free… police in the countries are arresting Kurdish people because they have YPG/YPJ/PKK flags ..

- the only country in the middle east (besides israel) where christians, atheists, LGBTQ, armenians etc can live in peace

yeah just a bit angry because it’s not only palestine having trouble in the world … even they got a fucking flag emoji.. where is the Kurdistan emoij and I am bit angry of hatari because.. well in those outfits you wouldn’t survive one day there… and it was so disrespectful but I still love the boys for their music didnt know I need bdsm music in my life but now I know thanks also matthías is a cutie pie