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진심 wow girl congratulations 바로 얼마 안 걸렸네 잘 나셨어

The girls of EXID will be released today, the last song of their project "RE: FLOWER".

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Welcome to Mount Phoenix, the metropolis city of the Gods.

The city was created long ago for the children of the divine, who belong neither in the worlds of man or god. A self-sustaining island off the coast of South Korea, near Icheon, the city offers education, employment, shelter and opportunity for demigods who may otherwise find integrating into society difficult for one reason or another. But when ancient gods and their children mix, some unique challenges are bound to pop up.

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Upon receiving a comment regarding them, we did some more research, and would like to correct a statement that we made on this page about Busters.

There has been a rumor going around saying that the group Busters is going to disband if they do not get more views on their Grapes music video. We shared this information in an attempt to help the group out. However, it turns out that they are a project group, and it has not been officially said anywhere that their disbandment relies on the music video.

We have removed our posts that included this false information about them. We would also like to apologize to Busters and their fans, as well as to anyone who we may have affected by accidentally helping spread this information.

We only want to provide you all with factual information, and will try our best to prevent any similar occurrences from taking place in the future.

If you would still like to support Busters though, you can check out their music here.

Once again, we apologize. We were not trying to spread rumors, we were simply trying to help them gain views. Thank you to all of our followers for your time.


** We are not confirming or denying any information about the group or their music videos, as we are in no way affiliated with Busters or their label. We are simply making a correction to a post made on this page. **


2018 Gyeonggi International Boat Show - SeojinA Fancam


[MV] MAMAMOO(마마무) _ Egotistic(너나 해)