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"Null is your friend, not a mistake" -> great post by on why nullability in is broken and how addresses this.

We are excited to organize Night Warsaw with . Join us 28 Feb in Warsaw! In the agenda, among others, a presentation about Interoperability with . Details:

Poznajcie kolejny temat warsztatów 👉 "Kotlin plus Spring minus Adnotacje" 👍 Warsztat prowadzi 😉 Wybraliście już swoją ścieżkę warsztatów? 😉

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I finally wrote a syntax highlighter for my template engine Koreander! ようやく自分のテンプレートエンジンのSyntaxHighlighterを作った。

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RT @kotlinconf: Call for Papers will be opening soon. In the meantime, tell us things you want to hear about this year at KotlinConf!

KBUG returns on Thursday - only three more days to go! We have two amazing speakers: @bence1001 with type safety with inline classes, and @gyula_voros with Micronaut + Kotlin. Also, @andraskindler will give an update about @Kotliners 😱 See you on Thursday!


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Interested in product development? We are a mobile agency based in Argentina 🚀

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2018 배우고 써본 skill

 : AngularJS / Angular6
   - javascript는 참 싫지만, typescript는 멋진 언어이다.

: SpringBoot
  - xml이여 안녕~
: Swagger
  - 잘만 사용하면 편하다. 잘만 사용하면… 딱히 어렵지 않는데 거부감이 있는듯…
: Golang
  - API 서버 개발에 빠르게 쓸만하다.  
: Kotlin
  - Spring에서 unit test로 써봤는데, 신세대 언어다. 하지만 빌드가 더럽게 느리구나… 언어 자체는 편하고 편하다.
: jUnit5 + mokito
  - jUnit4보다 더 나은지도 모르겠지만 Spring Boot에 붙이느라 삽질 좀 했다. 

: Redis Cluster
 - Redis M/S는 써 봤지만, Cluster는 처음… 처음 환경설정이 중요하다… 

: 안드로이드 6.0 FirmWare
 - 그냥 rockchip android image 빌드만 줄창해봤다..

New update

I have not posted on here but I really plan to now. I have taught myself basic css and html and I’m currently taking a full course on android development. The medical school application didn’t go as id hoped but I’m going to keep working towards accomplishing my dreams. I want to keep an actual record of my coding progress so here we goooo

RT @s1m0nw1: What do you think about mentioning companies which use #Kotlin in production? #Android, #Backend and everything else welcome! Use the comments and #RT for reach 🙏🏼 if you’re even looking for new engineers, feel free to promote it! Let’s help everyone find a #kotlin job 🙂 #kotlin