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The Complete Android Oreo Developer Course - Build 23 Apps! ☞ SymlQ13vC3V

Kotlin Everywhere session was superb!!! Looking forward to the next meetup.😊

Mobile Backends with and , Multiplatform y en !!! Excelentes charlas de la mano de grandes amigos , y en el La Paz y cerrando la tarde con 🀘😎

Day 7 - doOnNext (side effect operator ) You can use the doOnNext() method anywhere in your processing pipeline to see what is happening and what the intermediary result is. πŸ‘€

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2019 Fullstack: Full Laravel with QRCodes, APIs, Android/iOS ☞ rJzlXynw02V

Today we started Bootcamp. Day 1 session taken by on Why one should learn ? From where one should start? He cleared the fundamentals and also shown the best features of the language : Infix, Extension, Delegate, Lazy etc. – at Techno India University

Learn Kotlin and build 2 basic android apps from scratch ☞ HyWxQ12DChE

Kicking off Kotlin Everywhere La Paz πŸ‡§πŸ‡΄ with "Understanding Kotlin's Type System" by me πŸ˜›

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GraalVM 19.2.0: Preview the Java Flight Recorder plugin - JAXenter

Build your own contact center with Nexmo using our new guide, including example servers in and , and clients for the web , iOs and Android

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