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storing When Block Subject in a Variable

Know the difference between these two methods in JUnit5 Assertions class. 📌 assertEquals -> Asserts that expected and actual are equal in values 📌 assertSame -> Asserts that expected and actual are pointing to the same object

Looking to hire software for the summer? I have a candidate with varying levels of experience in , , C++, , , , development. Feel free to DM for more info :-)

▶️Precisamos perfiles de en con mín. 2 años de experiencia en la tecnología . 👉 Envía CV a: Más info:

[] Mercredi on vous réserve quoi ? 🎙 «  : une architecture robuste et moderne » avec & 🎙 «  end to end: du client au serveur » &

[] Qu’est-ce qui vous attend demain à ? 🎙 « Sécuriser ses appels réseau Android, de 2009 à 2019 » avec

Announcing the Java & Kotlin client library for Actions on Google ☞

Magnet 3.2 can inject dependencies into constructors respecting default values specified there:

@Instance(type = TemplateObserver::class)
internal class DefaultTemplateObserver @JvmOverloads constructor(
    private val database: MediaDatabase,
    private val marshaller: Marshaller,
    private val templateDao: TemplateDao,
    ioScheduler: Scheduler =
) : TemplateObserver

[] Demain Pâques se poursuit sur notre stand ! Les plus chanceux ne repartiront pas de ces 2 jours consacrés à les mains vides 🎁

Writing unit tests with is kinda like talking to a close friend who cares about your thoughts. Relaxing... ❤️

El 5 de junio te espera una increíble oportunidad para aprender con nuestro . En esta profesión, el que no aprende y se recicla acaba siendo un dinosaurio. 🦎 ¡No seas un fósil ☠️ y hazte ya con tu entrada aquí! 👉

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RxJava to Kotlin coroutines

#android #Kotlin

RT @kotliners: Just ran into a coding issue that is a tough nut to crack? No need to call a doctor, the #KotlinClinic is here 🚑 You’ll be able to ask your questions from members of the Kotlin team in person at the conference.

RT @AndroidMakersFR: As mentioned we are sold out, and we had the final confirmation that we won’t be able to have left over from a waiting list neither 😥
Sorry for those who didn’t get a ticket, we hope to see you next year!
If you had a ticket, well, we will see you in 8 days! ✌️

Why Kotlin is great?

Why Kotlin is great? We used Kotlin for some of our projects, but haven’t a chance to explore all of its delightful advantages. So now we found a material where all of them are collected. We wish we could use this language more often!
So here’s a couple of reasons why we (and you as well) …