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Our Denver team spent some time with the Apollo Valves rep going over Backflow Prevention Devices. Staying in the know allows us to help when you call. Want an overview of our training and the Apollo Advantage? , ,

Great Story - The book includes facts about the Chesapeake Bay, the bridge, the watermen, jellyfish, bay anchovies, blue crabs and osprey.

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This afternoon we were creative with logo. We created our favourite parts and scenes from our visit to Stirling Castle yesterday. We really enjoyed this and are looking forward to displaying these in class. Post 1 of 3.

Teaching and learning the Eureka Math Way. Way to go Mr. Young’s 6A math class.

🌸Where there is , there is , & where there is , there is ! 🌸 is only given 2 those who r willing 2 seek it. 🌸 with what u have. with what u want. 🌸If u can learn u can master anything. 🌸🌸🌸_

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The Technical Training School recently visited MOD Main Building, Churchill War Rooms, Imperial War Museum and Tower of London to , enhance their and of historical Defence.

Thanks...Toddlers! All the toddlers in our sucrose toddler study, our pilot study, our translation work, and our little ambassadors/models!

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“Every attempt to find a way out of these dilemmas points to a single necessity; some source of authority must be found. The only source of authority whose title is unimpeachable at all times is knowledge. But superiority in knowledge carries prerogative, which implies, of course, distinction and hierarchy. We have seen, too, that the possibility of liberty and the hope of personal improvement rest upon these, for liberty must always work in the name of right reason, which is itself a conception of the scheme of things. The conservatives of our day have a case which only their want of imagination keeps them from making use of in the proposition that levelers are foes of freedom. Where simple massness exists, everyone is in everyone else’s way, and a certain perilous liberty has been traded for stultification.”

Richard M. Weaver: Ideas Have Consequences


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