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Mes nouvelle créations, les knot bags. Ce sont de petits sac japonais utilisable en lunch bag ou en pochette de soirée, pochette à maquillage... Il trouvera forcément sa place chez vous.

Excited to share this item from my shop: Large Light Brown Macrame Bag, Drawstring bag, Carry with 8 styles, Back pack, Tote, shoulder handle,100% Handmade, big size, Beach

สินค้าใหม่ กระเป๋าผ้าคอตตอนน่ารักลดโลกร้อน ถือง่ายๆ สไตล์เก๋ๆ แฟชั่นญี่ปุ่น ใช้ได้ทั้ง 2 ด้าน 2 ลาย ขนาดประมาณ กว้าง 9” สูง 8” สายยาว 5” ราคาใบละ 150 .- ฟรีส่งลงทะเบียน :: สนใจสั่งซื้อ : 🍀line : iddikie 🍀line:

Here is the complete set I made! The bag is the same as in the last photo, just reversed. It's the pattern by @indigobird_design For the notebook cover I had followed an old pattern I had but did my own thing for the main fabric. The key fob was…

Here's my first project for the Monaluna Journey fabric tour! I've been wanting to make one of those cute Japanese knot bags for awhile now and needed a replacement asap for my sad little tote bag I use to carry my lunch to work in. I used the

Finished one lingering project! Ambrosius approves and has claimed it as his hanging out bag (possibly for sleeping too). He can enjoy it for a while.

Inspired by New York's skyline and sparkling lights, Bottega Veneta's Knot bag for AW18/19, brings a fresh perspective.

New project bag! Took way longer than it should've done, going to try alternative sewing order next time to see if it helps

Japanese Knot Bags handmade "batch production". Stay tuned! All made with upcycled fabrics, of course.



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