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Morganite Gemstone in Celtic Knot Engagement Ring Rose Gold

This Parcel Lashing finished with a Reef Knot is why my UPS guys like me. It is quite secure, even on heavy packages. For more knots, see @theyearofknots

JUGGELKNOT is your Hoptanglish Word Of The Day; "a pattern woven with skweavers." [from + .]

The Courier had an assignment to Waterloo, two (2) days ago. far from . 🦇

【ハッピーライフハック】22 2019/1/17 今日のロープワークは《引き解け結び》☝🏻 イラストを参考に、ぜひ結んでみてください🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

by taiche | Society6 Multi-piece wall design composed of nine Baltic birch squares - just piece them together to form the full design.

And of course, the [REDACTED] Other, who shall be named, is absolutely to saying “hey,” which is for .

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〈new〉 Knot No.2 ピアス・イヤリング 今のところシルバーのみです。 1枚目はイヤリングを着用した写真です。 全体は3枚目にあります。 左右微妙に違うところがポイントです。

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