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Normalize needle crafting! It’s not just for old people. Millennials are good at it too.

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Second sleeve about to commence yes it still black knitting I’m on the downward spiral now phew!

Cannot WAIT to get my hands on this pattern by Kyle Vey (Insta:KnitaholicTO) & commission friends to make one for me. fans... this drops 4/27 on & kits from The Blue Brick !

Color photograph of knitted shawl resembling large wings, with three rows of "feathers," in ombre blend from olive to teal to turquoise to purple (shoulder to "wing" tips).

Celebrate Earth Day with This Amazing Deal! Premier® Luna™ Yarn 3 for $10! Regular price $6.99 - Don't miss this Flash Sale! 5 Hours Only! 1 pm - 6 pm EST!

Hand spun yarn on sale at the Union Square Market in Manhattan. It's also hand dyed using only natural dyes. Yes - I did. I may still have some left in my stash. , USA 2012

Working on more Weedles I intend to take another "progress picture" of my stash this weekend. It will cover roughly a year and a half of work. (I didn't count the months I spent trying to make Gyarados)

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Does anyone else get so overwhelmed with all the amazing craft things they want to try and do that they start so many things at one but never finish anything so their crafting space looks like this??

A little close-up of my handspun and handdyed both in colourway Hummingbird 💕 They were dyed in the same way but I love how they are individual 😊 . . . .

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Working on more fingerless gloves.

Little Hippo. Малыш бегемотик во время фотосессии все время пытался сбежать. Но всё же попался и даже немного попозировал.

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Im moment arbeite ich nur an einer Restedecke. Dazu nehm ich nur die Reste vom Socken- und Mützenstricken und häckle Sie in Rechtecken zusammen. Wenn man nur gleich Dicke Wolle nimmt wird die Decke ganz glatt. Leider hab ich das erst später gelernt aber naja die Decke wird ziemlich groß.

I managed to convince Spartacus to begrudgingly model my latest scarf. He wasn’t thrilled about it, but I’m excited to start in on my next project! Are you interested in owning this scarf? Proof of a donation of $40 or more to your charity of choice + shipping, and it’s yours! This is the only one I have and it wil be sold on a first-come-first-served basis.

More on the Vogue knitting book: the illustrations are something special. Almost every new technique has a photograph showing what the final product should look like, and a hand-drawn sketch showing how to do it. The sketches more real than reality: when you’re knitting, you know where every relevant fiber is, but a photograph only shows the ones on top. Exaggerated size and transparency makes the sketches must better



Episode 70 is now live! :D