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A last minute pivot becomes a playful shawlette:

The instruments I made for my knitted Liveaid display. Brian’s guitar, Rogers drums, johns bass guitar and Freddie’s Steinway piano 🥰

Solid Color Invisible Socks for Women with Kitty Designs

TIL why garter stitch is preferred between cable stitches. This pattern uses reverse stockinette and it is much looser than other cables I've done with garter.

Mustertest „Mock Honeycomb“ als Topflappen 🧶 41M 6 rows garter RS: 1) K3,*sl3wyif,K1*,K2 3)K3,*sl3wyif,K1*,K2 5)K4,*K1uls,K3*,K1 7)K5,*sl3wyif,K1*,K4 9)K5,*sl3wyif,K1*,K4 11)K6,*K1uls,K3*,K3 WS (2,4,6,8,10): K3,p35,K3 6 rows garter

roter gestrickter Topflappen in Schuppenmuster
roter gestrickter Topflappen in Schuppenmuster

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My newest sweater progress, it’s the lorelei pattern from Ravelry. I’ve had a bit of a dry spell with knitting because I’ve been busy with work bit it feels good to be back at it :) I wish the lighting in my room wasn’t so bad though 🙄


Sometimes the knitting community on facebook can be a complete disaster.  But other times you’re offered somebody’s Neopolitan grandma’s 120-year-old red sauce recipe because you reverse-engineered a cable pattern for them.

  • me, sitting in the living room at 2am knitting while anxiety tries to swallow me whole: everything is fine! nothing is wrong! life is amazing! nothing in the world is going wrong at all! it's all tickety boo!