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Nuevo tema de : "Figaro" 👉👉👉 en 👉👉👉

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¡FNE EN LA CORUÑA! Hoy se realizará la segunda fecha de en La Coruña. Participantes: 🇨🇱 🇦🇷 🇦🇷 🇪🇸 🇪🇸 🇪🇸 🇪🇸 🇪🇸 🇪🇸 - En la primera fecha se consagró campeón tras vencer a .

¡SEGUNDA BATALLA DE CONFIRMADA! ⚠️ . 🔥 vs 🔥 . Ambos consiguieron la victoria en la primera jornada, ahora en Santa Fe uno ellos se llevará los puntos! . ¿Quién ganará? . 📍Toda la infornación en .

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¡KLAN CAMPEÓN DE FNE SPAIN! El rapero se consagró campeón de tras vencer a en la final. El argentino se consagró en el primer evento de la gira de FNE que cuenta con participaciones internacionales.

: VS La segunda batalla confirmada de la es la que protagonizarán Dtoke y Klan Ambos ganaron su primera batalla, aunque logró hacerlo de forma directa. ¿Quién gana?

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Fun fact Candace, isn't the . They represent the ideas of anti-fascism. You were probably dealin with dumbass libs but they aren't the Klan nor ANTIFA (probably). However, making statements supporting 'ol Adolf doesn't help your case.

MI TABLA DE POSICIONES(x3 mis puntuaciones) 1- 3 pt {399} 2- 3 pt {336} 3- 3 pt {327} 4- 3 pt {309} 5- 2 pt {357} 6- 1 pt {354} 7- 0 pt {327} 8- 0 pt {315} 9- 0 pt {282} 10- 0 pt {276} 👇Aquí la tabla original👇

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W ogrodzie Elżuni Chojnickiej drzewa obsypały się żółtym kwieciem. Co prawda sztucznym, ale zawsze to raźniej w życiu.

Este es el truco a costo cero de para no tener arrugas en el rostro, ¿te atreverías a probarlo?

¡ASI QUEDÓ LA TABLA DE POSICIONES TRAS ! 🔥 . Tenemos un sólo puntero: ⬆️ Que fue el único de la jornada que logró el triunfo sin réplica, frente a . . ¿Cuál fue tu Batalla favorita? 🤔 . ¡ESTO RECIÉN EMPIEZA!🔥 . .

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: EL DEBUT DE LOS ASCENDIDOS y debutaron en lo que fue la primera fecha de la FMS Argentina en Córdoba. El mendocino venció a después de una réplica y perdió directamente su batalla frente a . ¿Cómo los viste? ¿Te sorprendieron?

LOL You can't even get out the gates and they are already articles being written about how racism is prevelent in South Bend, Indiana I guess his good ol' boys and forgot to clean this up for him 😆

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Post 186: Ku Klux Klan killing - Wife admits murder of Missouri leader

Read: 20 April 2019

Hold your horses! Do not think this woman is good for killing her racist husband! She did not kill him because he was a bigot but rather because he wanted a divorce. 

Also, she blamed the murder on her son and agreed to testify against him. Now, she has decided to confess and plead guilty, she will receive life in prison.

Electric chair!

anonymous asked:

Opinion on the KKK?

The original Klan that appeared following the War of Northern Aggression was a necessary force to protect Southerners from gangs of marauding blacks who were raping and murdering whites, along with Yankee occupation troops who were pillaging, and from the exploitation of carpetbaggers.

The Second National Klan in the 1920s era was also a professional element of middle class white Americans defending their nation against communists, immigrants, Jewry, and other evils.

The Third National Klan in the 1950s and 1960s had good intentions in fighting integration, communism, and liberal ideas, but was overly prone to violence and began to go downhill.

The modern contemporary Klan is overall degenerate, full of skinheads, methheads, and trashy people.

If the Klan is to have any future, it must professionalize. No more prison-gang aesthetics, no more tattoos, and no acceptance of neo-Paganism.

The Klan should represent decent, hardworking White Christians. It should not be some trashy organization full of uneducated hicks.


Seguimos avanzando! Y estamos buscando publisher y caminos nuevos! HOY nos puedes ayudar de dos formas: 1) Recomiéndanos a un publisher 2) Juega nuestro juego y danos feedback! Ya sabes en que pagina bajarlo y en grupo de “Beta testers” déjanos cómo mejorarlo! Abrazos #klan 👾🙏🏼📱🥰😘🤙🏼 (en KaraOKulta)

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Seguimos avanzando! Y estamos buscando publisher y caminos nuevos! HOY nos puedes ayudar de dos formas: 1) Recomiéndanos a un publisher 2) Juega nuestro juego y danos feedback! Ya sabes en que pagina bajarlo y en grupo de “Beta testers” déjanos cómo mejorarlo! Abrazos #klan 👾🙏🏼📱🥰😘🤙🏼 (en KaraOKulta)

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Coals is young duo from Poland under the leadership of Katarzyna Kowalczyk and Łukasz Rozmysłowski. The name of the band is connected with the region they come from - Silesia which is famous for coal mines. They started playing music in September 2014. They quickly made themselves liked by listeners due to the home-recorded songs they published on the Internet. An exclusive British magazine “The Quietus” about Coals: “The somewhat creamy quality of Coals’ music is an experience akin to being wrapped up in cotton wool and sailing away on ebb tides of unperturbed bliss. It could well be down to the silky smooth voice of vocalist Katarzyna Kowalczyk or possibly the multi-instrumentation of Łukasz Rozmysłowski but the net result is gorgeously lush music that increases the anticipation of their yet-to-be released debut album.”

Coals are inspired by artists such as Spooky Black, Soap&Skin, Dean Blunt and Sigur Ros. The band have played quite a lot of concerts in Poland and abroad (Iceland Airwaves, Positivus Festival, Reeperbahn Festival, LOFTAS, Tune In Tel Aviv, BUSH Budapest) and they have the support of Icelandic bands (Rokkurro, Myrra Ros) to their credit. They performed on 10th edition of Off Festival which is one of the most important music festivals in the world according to Pitchfork. They also played for popular American radio station KEXP (twice, during the Off Festival and the Iceland Airwaves) and their composition „Weightless” was „KEXP Song of the day” in September of 2015. They recently recorded a song called “Rave03’” which is the first single from an upcoming album (release sometime in 2017) about childhood.


@familyfence drove over 8 hours to come see me bend @timbertech deck boards. He gets my full respect and admiration. I can’t explain what it feels like to hear the stories of my #klan and what motivates them. Kevin- Thank You for coming. It melts me to think that I had a part in why you were here. Give this guy a follow! #gracious #grateful #honored #drdecks #yourprescriptionforquality #deckboardbending #heatbender #heatcon #timbertech @timbertechjeff (at Las Vegas Nevada)

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Making of KLAN “Lang lebe die Liebe”


Watching crimanal minds with my mom

And it’s an episode where a black man killed a bunch of klansmen who castrated him in the 60s and my mom not looking up from her phone mutters “kill all klansmen. They deserve it.”

So like who wants to go racist hunting? My mom gave permission.