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(Delaware Online) 's Apa Trolls Himself After Sharing an Adorable School Photo : You can always count on your castmates to call you out. Riverdale star KJ Apa became the subject of his co-stars punchlines after he ..

Apa HINTS at 'ROCKY' Varchie Relationship in Riverdale S3 & Guesses 'Fandom Slang' at 2018 NYCC ♥Watch Video♥ OR Check more at የኢትዮ አርቲስቶች ፔጅ and Like US at

Apa TROLLS Cole Sprouse Birthday Message to Lili Reinhart ♥Watch Video♥ OR Check more at የኢትዮ አርቲስቶች ፔጅ and Like US at

post Apa trolls the intimate photo that 'Riverdale' co-star Cole Sprouse posted of Lili Reinhart on Instagram has been published on SAllBuzz -

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Apa is "SO DOWN" For a Kevin-Archie Romance on Riverdale ♥Watch Video♥ OR Check more at የኢትዮ አርቲስቶች ፔጅ and Like US at

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The worlds most underrated friendship.

Kj Apa & Lili Reinhart, NYCC 2018

I’m sorry! And a question!

I’m sorry I’ve not been very active, I hope to get some more Christmas requests up this week! So you can request more as well!! I’ve been busy with the holidays and not had time to write. I also haven’t updated Worth The Risk in years, would you guys like me to finish the series’s? Comment below or message me with feedback about the series and if I should continue or not. It would mean a lot to me. Thank you!


Brother | Maisie & Levi 

Cheryl and Archie as twins in a AU, named Maisie and Levi.
Flash Family Fancast

if you have suggestions, don’t be a dick about it, this is just my comic opinion

sam claflin as the flash/barry allen (I like the idea of someone blonde, and sam claflin has a very charismatic personality)

jessica de gouw as iris west (she has been in the cw as helena, but I’ve seen her as Mina Murray in Dracula, and she was pretty good)

jeff bridges as the flash/jay garrick (I mean c’mon, he has the acting for this job)

kj apa as kid flash/wally west (I know a lot of people are against using riverdale actors/actresses for anything, but I’ve watched a few newer scenes where I personally think he has improved greatly and could pull wally west off)

caleb mclaughlin as kid flash/wallace west (this kid is talented and I like using stranger things kids because they are so talented so here I am)

griffin gluck as impulse (or in the picture kid flash)/bart allen (I tried to find someone that fit his age to fit the rest of the fancasts I had)

haley lu richardson as jesse quick/jesse chambers (she’s such an underrated actress)

janet devlin as dawn west 

max irons as don west

kawani prenter as linda park (she is half-white, half-korean) 

ella gross as impulse/irey west (half-white, half-korean)

daniel hyunoo lachapelle as jai west (half-white, half-korean)

john slattery as max mercury 

dianna agron as magenta/frankie kane (she has blonde hair in the comics)

diego boneta as pied piper/hartley rathaway 

jenna ortega as valerie perez (I included bart’s main love interest because she deserves a spot)

ben barnes as hourman/rick tyler (again but jesse chambers love interest)

*internally screaming* Stream the latest #Riverdale