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Lotta Love - Fangs Fogarty

Originally posted by dailyrivermale

//Requested by @slytherinqueenmer :  Can you do one with Fangs, where the reader is Archie’s sister and they start to develop feelings for each other while Archie is in Canada and now that he is back they they are afraid to tell him?//

//Warnings: Language. I had a lot of fun writing this the first time. Pairings: Fangs x Andrews!Reader//

It felt like forever, not having Archie around. You knew he left to protect you. You knew he would’ve stayed if he could, but he saw no other way. He left you, your dad, Betty, and even Veronica behind. Even though Archie Andrews was a free man in Riverdale, he didn’t feel safe.

After you and your friends helped get Archie out of juvie, and after he was hiding out of the bunker, he came out different. You couldn’t blame him. Anyone would come out different if they had escaped a teenage fight club. But despite it all, you wanted to hate him for leaving even though you knew you couldn’t. His last words haunted you, everyday.

“I have to keep you safe, Y/N. You have to let me do this. I’m sorry I wasn’t better at this whole big brother thing. Guess I didn’t figure it out until now… I love you.”

But despite everything, being friends with Toni made things hurt less. Hanging out with her and her friends helped you feel less alone. You loved hanging out with Betty and Veronica but they just made you miss Archie even more. It wasn’t their fault and you all understood that fact, but seeing them made you remember your brother. So, until you could come to terms with what was happening, you had to keep your distance.

Toni and her southside friends welcomed you with open arms. You weren’t sure if it was part of Jughead’s influence or maybe Cheryl’s. Or maybe they just liked you as a person. Either way, you appreciated their company. You had hoped they could fill the empty space you had in your heart for family that Archie took with him, but it didn’t quite do the job.

“I still can’t believe Jones left us.” Sweet Pea muttered as the small group sat around the empty fire pit.

“We all know you’d do the same thing for Fangs and vice versa. He’s protecting his best friend. We can’t be mad at him for that.” Toni reasoned. “Speaking of Archie, how are you holding up, Y/N?”

“Little better everyday, I guess. Walking past his room isn’t at upsetting, same with his locker at school. And hearing people talk about him doesn’t make me wanna cry to yeah, making progress.” You shrugged nonchalantly. “It just sucks.. When we were growing up, Archie was always around. I’ve never been this kind of apart from my brother and it’s just kinda empty.”

It was far worse at home. Archie’s room was completely untouched. Everything was the way he left it. Neither you nor your dad could stomach to go in so you simply shut the door, thinking it would make the pain go away. It didn’t.

“He’ll come back..” Cheryl said softly. “Trust me, I know it’s not the same as me and JJ, but I promise it gets better. You just need someone to help remind you what it’s like to be happy again.” She squeezed Toni’s hand affectionately.

“Yeah, why are you still single, Little Andrews?” Sweet Pea asked, suddenly interested in your life. Sure, you and Sweet Pea were friends but not enough to really talk about your personal lives. Let alone ask questions with intent of a conversation behind them. “The Bulldogs are on you every day and you just wave them off.” 

“Huh?” You asked as the questioned registered in your mind. “Oh, uh, I don’t know. I guess I just haven’t been asked by the right guy.” You shrugged with a small smile, sneaking a glance at Fangs, who was distracted by the ring on his hand. “But I mean, I’m not the only single one in circle.” You stared pointedly to the boys.

“That’s right. Fangs, buddy. Where’s your lady love, hmm?” Cheryl asked teasingly. “Sweet Pea has his rollercoaster with Josie but at least it’s something. You however, are so lonely in that little corner.”

“Ha ha, Cheryl.” He rolled his eyes.

“You’ve got to have your eye on someone.” Toni urged, trying to squeeze a confession from him.

“And what if I do?” He teased as an answer.

“Serpent?” Sweet Pea asked eagerly.

“Not even close.” Fangs laughed.

You had to admit that Fangs had caught your attention since the Southside kids transferred to Riverdale High. He wasn’t as brooding and angry as Sweet Pea, but he wasn’t the outgoing and talkative personality that Toni was. He was the perfect balance of a Serpent and a regular kid. Not to mention he was beautiful.

“Hey, what if Y/N doesn’t want a Bulldog?” Toni realized suddenly.

“Who would?” Sweet Pea scoffed. “They’re all mangy and covered in fleas… Well, save for your brother, Little Andrews.”

You simply rolled your eyes with a small chuckle. Sweet Pea took any shot at the Bulldogs that he could. Old habits died hard, you supposed.

“I’m serious, Y/N… What about a Serpent?” Toni asked slowly, her voice hinting that she was asking for someone specific. “Maybe about five foot nine, dark hair…” She trailed off.

“I’m open to the possibility, sure. I mean, if girl-next-door Betty Cooper can survive dating the Serpent King, I can handle dating a Serpent… Should the opportunity present itself, that is.” You played along as if you didn’t know who she was talking about. You had no proof, but part of you hoped she was hinting at Fangs. “So long as they can get over the fact that my brother is an idiot.”

“Yeah, your idiot brother pulled a gun on then clocked me in the face.” Sweet Pea commented. “He’s lucky I didn’t-”

“Clearly, Pea isn’t over it.” Toni laughed.

The conversation shifted from your love life to school, to Serpent business, to Jughead, and then came to an end when Toni had to leave for her shift at the Wyrm. At that point, you thought it best you leave too. You didn’t want to be home alone since your dad would be working late on some blue prints he was creating. But at least you had Vegas.

“You’re leaving?” Fangs asked suddenly when you stood to gather your stuff, drawing a small smile from you.

“Yeah.” You nodded. “I have to pick up dinner for myself and then get some homework done. My dad’s gonna be late so I don’t want to still be up when he gets back, y’know?”

“Did you need a- a ride or anything?” He offered, nodding to his bike. “Or, do you want one even if you don’t need it? Not that you- that you have to. Only if uh… if you want.. to…”

“As much as I would love that,” You smiled. “I can walk. A little cardio would do me some good. Besides, I’ve locked myself away a lot lately. Maybe it’s better if I take my time in the fresh air.. Stretch my legs and fill my lungs, all that good stuff.”

“Want one of us to walk you home at least?” Cheryl offered. “It’s getting a little dark to be out on your own, don’t you think? Despite what Archie believed, the Andrews family is not the Bat Family. Plus, you’re as much of a walking time bomb these days as Archie was before he vanished. Maybe it’s best if you’re not alone?”

“I’m not going to do anything stupid. But if you feel so obliged, I can’t tell you where to walk.” You winked in their direction before turning on your heel and heading home.

You were only a few feet away when you heard someone jog up to you. You glanced over and saw Fangs next to you.

“Hi.” You smiled when he looked down at you after a moment of walking in silence.

“Hey.” He replied with the same smile.

“So what made you decide to walk me home?” You asked, pointing in the direction you were walking. 

“Eh.” He shrugged. “A little cardio would do me some good.”

“Clever.” You nodded slightly.

“Where you going for dinner?” He asked, trying to keep conversation.

“Probably just grabs Pop’s.” You replied casually.

“By yourself?” He asked before shaking his head. “No, that’s not right. Go with me.”

“Wouldn’t you be going with me since I was already headed that way?” You asked teasingly.

“Yeah, yeah. You know what I mean.” He rolled his eyes with a small smile. “C’mon. My treat.”

“Your treat, huh?” You contemplated.

“My treat.” He confirmed, side stepping and turning on a dime to stand in front of you. You had to quickly stop your own steps to not run into him.

You stared at him for a moment, mildly admiring his features. You had to tilt your head back to meet his eyes, which held just a bit of mischief behind the excitement that was mixed with worry. Maybe this was the opportunity to see if you were really compatible with a Serpent over a Bulldog. So far, all signs pointed to yes.

“So, what do you say, Y/N?” He asked, breaking you from you daze.

“If you insist, Fogarty.” You sighed with a small smile. “Vanilla shake, no cherry. Double dipper sliders with a side of fries.” You said as you and Fangs walked to Pop’s.

You two took the corner booth after being welcomed by Pop. Fangs ordered for you, getting it exactly right before ordering for himself. It was interesting, being alone with Fangs. Normally, you would hang out with him when you hung out with everyone else. It was nice to be alone with him. You didn’t feel so alone with Fangs. Life wasn’t as empty.

“How tall are you?” You asked suddenly, thinking about what Cheryl and Toni had said earlier that day. “Asking for a friend..”

“I don’t know.” He shrugged. “Five eight, maybe five nine.”

“Nice.” You mumbled happily. “So why did you want to come with me? And not just here, like taking me home too.”

“Is it a crime to want to spend time with you?” He laughed a little.

“A crime, no. But I suppose it wouldn’t be your first.” You winked.

“Oh, aren’t you clever?” He joked.

“A little bit, yes. I am.” You beamed.

“I don’t get you, Y/N.” He said honestly. “You’re just the opposite of your brother.”

“Yeah, not everyone sees that.” You laughed a little. “A lot of the kids at school would call me Little Andrews growing up,  just like Sweet Pea did earlier. Everyone saw me as Archie’s little sister, and not Y/N Andrews. No matter what I did, everyone compared me to Arch. So I didn’t do sports in high school. I started doing Kevin’s theater productions and writing for the Blue and Gold.”

“Never would’ve pinned you as the theater type.” He said, pointing at you with a fry.

“Well yeah, no one does. But that’s what happens when you’re friend with Kevin. He can be very convincing.” You said with a slight chuckle.

“Y/N, hey.” Veronica said, approaching the table with Betty. “Oh, and Fangs. Hi.”

“Oh, hey girls.” You said with a welcoming smile. “What’s up?”

“We just wanted to see how you were doing, and if maybe you’d want to join us.” Betty answered.

“I’m okay, actually.” You nodded and looked over at Fangs, who was already looking at you. “As far as joining you goes… I’m good here, matter of fact. How about you girls come over to my place tomorrow and we can catch up?”

“Uh, okay. Yes, of course.” Veronica answered before slowly walking away with Betty, both of them glancing back at you before sitting in their own booth.

“You sure you don’t wanna go?” Fangs asked.

“Positive.” You nodded happily. “You’re the one who wanted me to go with you so leaving would be kind of a dick move, don’t you think? Besides, this wasn’t their treat.” You winked.

Once you two had finished eating, Fangs had elected to keep walking you home. He used the fact that it was dark as his excuse, saying that Riverdale isn’t the same anymore and you had to be careful. You two got to know each other more on your walk and it was rather calming. You felt happy, not just distracted like you’ve been in your recent misery. When you reached your porch, you asked Fangs if he’d like to go to Pop’s again next week, your treat. He happily agreed and that was the start of something truly great, something that did a lot of good for you.

You and Fangs turned once a week at Pop’s to twice a week. Then to every other day. Then it turned to going to your house after school, or you going with him to the Wyrm. You hadn’t realized that you two had begun holding hands, sitting next to each other, or being rather affectionate towards one another. It made sense that you asked him to be official after a couple weeks of it, and he didn’t hesitate.

For the next few weeks, you two kept your uphill climb. Fangs began spending the night at your house a few nights a week, with your dad’s blessing. You were his support system and he was yours. Suddenly, everything didn’t seem so hopeless. Birds chirped again. The wind wasn’t so cold. The sun was a little bit brighter. Your smile was a little bit wider.

Jughead came back after you began to normalize your new life without Archie. It sparked that hope in your chest again, but when he told you Archie wasn’t coming home, you deflated. Your dad was able to see Archie one last time and tell him goodbye. He even gave Vegas to Archie to look out for him. But upon Jughead’s return came a new set of problems to endure. You were seated towards the back with your boyfriend, listening to Jughead’s latest announcement. He called Cheryl and Toni to the front and demanded their jackets for breaking the new Serpent code. Fangs covered his face when he heard Cheryl drag him into the fuss.

“And in case you were wondering how we know, Fangs told Sweet Pea who told me.” Toni said in her defense.

“Who told me!” Cheryl interjected. 

“God, you just can’t keep your mouth shut, can you Blossom?” You said low enough to where she couldn’t hear but Fangs could. He chuckled slightly, dropping his head onto your shoulder.

“I’m fucked.” He sighed. Gently, you hooked an arm through his and held his hand. You squeezed it slightly, to show that everything would be alright.

“You’re asking for our jackets, shouldn’t you be asking for his as well?” Cheryl said confidently.

“Jug…” Betty said softly.

“You can’t be serious…” You muttered as Jughead turned around to face where you two were. 

“You’re right… Fangs, give me your jacket.” Jughead said, making eye contact with Cheryl again.

“Hey, what the hell, man?” Sweet Pea defended.

“It’s okay, Sweet Pea.” Fangs said, crossing the distance to stand next to Jones.

“Like hell it is!” You said loudly, hurrying to stand between your boyfriend and Jughead. “You can’t take his jacket, Jones.”

“Yes, he can.” FP clarified from behind you. “Stay out of it, Y/N.”

“No.” You shook your head. “Fangs isn’t the one on trial here. He shouldn’t have to suffer cause Cheryl can’t keep her damn mouth shut.”

“Oh please.” She laughed. “You latched onto Fangs the second he gave you a second look and you didn’t have your brother to hide behind. You were desperate for someone in your pathetic little life. I feel bad for Fangs, actually, since he’s stuck with you.”

“Oh yeah, cause you’re such a blessing?” You scoffed. “Toni, Fangs is practically your brother. How could you do this to him?” Your attention shifted. Toni’s eyes dropped.

“I am, actually. Glad someone around here other than T.T. finally noticed it.” Cheryl said with a cocky smile.

“Yeah, my life sucked for a while. It still does. But at least I’m not trying to take away anyone else’s happiness. Fangs and Toni have been Serpents their whole lives. This is their family. And you’ve had that jacket for what, a few months, so you think you have some sort of crown on your head? That you can’t be held accountable? God, Cheryl. Wake up and see the consequences your actions have on everyone else.”

“I know what my actions do.” She shrugged. “But do you? You’re not even a Serpent and you’re out here, yelling like what you say is going to make a difference?”

“Cheryl, Toni.” Jughead said, cutting off your next statement.

“We’ll go but we’re keeping our jackets.” Cheryl said, staring daggers towards you.

“Fine. But I need that egg back.” Jughead replied.

“Come again?”

“You gotta give me that damn egg, or Veronica won’t give us the protection contract.”

“Why the hell would I care? I’m not a Serpent anymore.” Cheryl laughed.

“Can you even say you were a Serpent?” You scoffed.

“You really wanna do this, you miserable little muppet?” She said calmly.

“Oh yeah, I do.  I have time today, Blossom. Because honestly, if you were really a Serpent or had the slightest respect for what being a Serpent really means, you would’ve been looking out for these people, this family. If you would stop looking down on everyone for a minute, you’d see how people are struggling here. Not everyone gets to go home to their four-poster bed like you and Toni do. If I could do something about this, I would in a heartbeat. But I guess if it doesn’t affect you, it doesn’t matter, right?” You ranted.

“Hey Andrews. We get it, alright? You’ve made your point.” Sweet Pea said, carefully approaching you. He gently pushed you back to stand closer to Fangs, who took your hand and continued to pull you towards him.

“No, I don’t think I have, Pea.” You said angrily. “Not until that pretentious, spoiled bitch realizes she’s wrong!” You shouted so you knew she would hear.

“Alright, Y/N.” Jughead patted your shoulder before facing Cheryl and Toni. “She’s right.” He addressed the now antsy crowd.

“I am?” You asked, taken by surprise. “I mean, of course I am.” You tried to recover.

“The Serpents are a family. And in unity there is strength… Cheryl, Toni. Bring me that egg and we’ll see about redemption.” Jones said before turning to you and Fangs. “Y/N, Fangs… You and I had a deal, right? No more dealing. And since you haven’t… Last chance. Use it wisely.” Jones turned to leave before adding one more comment over his shoulder. “And Y/N… Go home. There’s something you’re gonna wanna see for yourself waiting.”

“Thank you.” Fangs whispered to you, squeezing your hand slightly as he led you to his bike.

“Did you really think I was gonna let Blossom and Jones cheat you out of what’s yours?” You said quietly before he took off. “Not a chance in hell, Lover Boy.”

Once you got home, your house had a different aura. It seemed more like a home than it had before you left. Cautiously, you waked up the steps and through the front door. As you dropped your keys on the table and just before you could call out for your dad, you heard something clattering towards you.

“Vegas!” You exclaimed as your dog jumped on you. “Hi, boy! Hi! Who’s a good boy?! Vegas, where’s dad?”

Vegas barked once before leading you into the living room. Your dad sat on the couch with a surprise guest next to him.

“Oh my God. Archie?” You asked carefully, not sure if you were really seeing your brother. “Is this real?”

“Hey, Y/N/N.” He said with a smile, standing and opening his arms.

“Your hair, oh my god.” You laughed and you hugged him tightly. “Don’t ever leave me like that again, dumbass.” You mumbled against him.

“Trust me, I’m not going anywhere.” He replied happily.

After Archie got back to school, him and Veronica picked up where they left off. You and Betty helped get him caught up and prepared for the SATs. You had made amends with Cheryl and Toni after your stand off about the jackets. They returned the egg and Jughead gave them the same last chance he gave Fangs. You and Fangs were better than ever. The only problem was that you hadn’t told Archie that you two were together. Well, it may not have been the only problem.

Helping your brother readjust was hard enough. School was pressuring him, threatening to hold him back a year. He bailed on his SATs, despite all his cramming. He hadn’t been able to face Mr. Lodge since he returned, even when he went to check on Veronica after he was shot.

You blamed Hiram for your brother leaving. You blamed Hiram for the grizzly attack. You knew he didn’t have bears that worked for him, but you blamed him for putting Archie in that situation. But just as Archie did, you separated Mr. Lodge’s vendetta and actions from his daughter, who was one of your closest friends.

Archie had stripped his room to the bare necessities and a punching bag. You imagined his cell in juvie must’ve had more than what he left in there. Your brother wasn’t the same, but it made sense that what he went through had changed him. You didn’t blame him. You knew he felt strange, maybe even out of place. His home was the same, but totally different all at once. Despite it, he was home. He was socializing. Maybe he would be okay after all.

“So, now that the worst part is over and I feel like I can finally breathe again, what I miss?” He asked everyone as you were huddled around a table at La Bonne Nuit. “Y/N, anything new?”

“Nothing much.” You shrugged. “Gargoyle king still running around. FP is the sheriff. Oh, attorney McCoy and Mr. Keller got married. Did I miss anything crucial?”

“Serpents work protection for Veronica and La Bonne Nuit.” Jughead answered as Sweet Pea gave you a knowing look.

It was obvious that he was hinting about you telling your brother about your new relationship. But you weren’t sure Fangs wanted to tell him either. Neither of you had talked about it, assuming you were both on the same page. So neither of you mentioned in front of Archie. And you tried not to show it either.

“Oh, and Y/N nearly started a war with Cheryl.” Toni laughed.

“I didn’t think it was fair!” You defended with a smile. “Okay Archie, tell me if I was right or wrong.”

“Oh, cause we’re going to trust his judgement.” Pea joked.

“Hey, it worked out for me so she was on to something.” Fangs replied with a smile on his face as he winked at you.

“Don’t get too worked up over there, Fogarty.” You laughed, pushing him slightly.

“You sure I didn’t miss anything?” Archie teased, raising his eyebrows expectantly at you.

“So what had happened was that Jughead put new rules in place. Toni, Cheryl, and Fangs had broken those rules, but they broke two different rules. He granted clemency to Fangs because they had discussed it and figured out their own thing. Sounds fine, right? Well when he went to punish Cheryl and Toni, they automatically threw him under the bus. I jumped in, saying you can’t drag the whole world down with you. And then her and I got into it and I may or may not have called her a pretentious, spoiled bitch…” You trailed off.

“And I called her a miserable little muppet, so all’s well that ends well.” Cheryl added.

“You’ve never been able to keep quiet when you feel cheated, Y/N.” Archie commented.

“You’re definitely not wrong.” You laughed.

You left La Bonne Nuit before Archie did, wanting to spend a little extra time with his girlfriend. Fangs offered to take you home, saying that it was too dark for you to walk. While you knew he was right, you also knew that wasn’t his sole motive. He pulled up to your house and parked, allowing you to hop off and return his helmet. He propped his bike on the kickstand so he could get off and lean against it instead.

“Should we tell him?” You asked as Fangs pulled you close to him. You stood between his legs, your arm hanging around him lazily and his hands on your hips. “I mean, he’s doing alright so maybe it’s a good time.”

Moments like this made you feel so lucky. You admired your boyfriend, his eyes shining in the moonlight. His cheeks were pink from the cold wind, his hair blown wild.

“Whatever you wanna do, Babe.” He said calmly. “But what if he doesn’t like me?”

“Is that a serious concern or are you just being an ass?” You smiled.

“I’m serious! What if he starts a fight?” Fangs asked, a smile tugging his lips. “I could take him, but that’s your brother.”

“Alright, Pretty Boy. Cool it.” You laughed. “I’m seriously worried about telling him.”

“There’s no reason to be, Beautiful.” He shrugged. “Archie’s a dumbass but he’s not stupid. He probably knows something’s up by now anyways.”

“Cause you want to be obvious!” You laughed. 

“Oh, I was the obvious one tonight?” He accused.

“Yes, you were!” You agreed. “Come inside?” You asked.

“And if Red comes home?” He questioned, raising an eyebrow at you.

“Then we’ll deal with that when it comes.” You shrugged, taking his hands in yours and pulling him as you walked backwards towards your front door, carefully maneuvering the steps. “I mean, he’s going to have to find out eventually. Especially if you plan on sticking around.”

“Oh, I’m in it for the long haul, Andrews.” He winked, opening the door for you as you turned to face the right way.

As you stepped inside, you were bombarded by Vegas. Casually, your dog greeted you before excitedly jumping on Fangs.

“Dad!” You called, laughing at your boyfriend playing with Vegas. “I’m home! Archie stayed a little later with Ronnie. He’ll probably be home soon.”

“Sounds good, Y/N/N! Hey, did you want any of this- Fangs, hey! I didn’t know you were coming by.” Your dad said, coming from the kitchen to greet your favorite Serpent.

“Yeah, just thought I’d make sure Y/N/N got in alright.” Fangs said with a shy smile as he used your childhood nickname that your dad always used.

“We had a deal!” You exclaimed in embarrassment as you smacked his chest lightly. “You’re not allowed you call me that.”

“Alright, I’m sorry!” He laughed, dodging your hand. “Babe, I’m sorry.” He kissed your forehead and slung an arm over your shoulders.

“You’re lucky you’re cute or else I’d kick your ass.” You smiled as you leaned into him.

“You could try, but I think I have the upper hand.” Fangs teased.

“Were you staying over, Fangs, or just dropping in?” You dad asked once your laughter had faded.

“No, just popped in for a minute.” Fangs nodded.

“Yeah, I’m still trying to figure out how I’m gonna tell Arch.” You explained. “Cause I want him to know, of course. I just don’t want to overload him.”

“I don’t think you have to worry about that anymore.” You dad said and nodded to you. “Looks like you didn’t have to say anything..” You turned your head and saw your brother standing in the doorway with his jaw on the floor. Veronica was next to him, keeping a hand on his arm and maybe even holding him back. You couldn’t read the emotions in your brother’s eyes, and it made you think that all your worrying was justified.

“Oh jeez.” You sighed. “Arch, just chill out, yeah? I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I just kinda didn’t know how.”

“He’s gonna kill me, isn’t he?” Fangs said.

“He might try, yeah.” You answered with a small nod.


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