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Momma Raccoon with two juveniles in an attic.

Here’s 14 kits with matching tracksuits that are an absolute winner already in 2019

Mushroom ravioli in a butter sauce with spinach and fresh parmesan. Make it tonight with fresh ingredients in store now. Or check our easy to make and ready made pasta dishes in store 🍝 7am-11pm

The ones that started them all. If you were to go to a fancy dress party where the theme was the 1970s. You could don one of these if you can't find a John Travolta suit

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Tri Hoops. First Summer that England finally relented and embraced two tone kits

First full coloured kit in official ODIs. First had the stripes on the sleeves

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Premium - perfect for any . Our Walkway will compliment any property and protect you from those wet and dry days. Designed for & uses. To Have one installed or to add them to your range visit

1999 World Cup. The last world cup where the host nation provided the kits before we ushered in the provide your own era.

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Found this black and white photo. Maybe one of our sub continental friends can shed some light on where and when.

Side panels. Or as the chief called them as a kid the "down" shirts. WSC 1981-84

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A is a great addition to any installation. Not only do we carry firepit , but we also have individual available too! This way you can make your as small or as large as you want!

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Kits’s beach day

Who said this cat hates water.

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how would the era 4 Ghouls react to their own kit? What would they help it learn and such?

Ember: His kit is pretty much a very tiny version of him. He’s not a bad dad, but he is faced with the worst thing. Trying to raise himself. His kit is very fiery, full of energy, and not afraid to play. Unfortunately, kit play is like how a kitten would- bite and pretend to hunt. Ember finds himself constantly being climbed on and bitten on the horns and ear. The bigger ghoul acts like it’s a pain… but deep down he loves bonding with his spawn. When the kit is old enough you see him do things like try and teach them how to play the guitar. Also very VERY protective of his child. Ember will throat punch anyone who comes near his kit. 

Aether: #1 Dad award is this big lug. Aether cried both when he found out he was gonna be a daddy AND after the birth. He’s always got his kit around, when he can. You’ll see him carry the baby around, letting it rest on his back or shoulders. Aether would teach them everything he could!! ESPECIALLY how to play guitar, or any instrument. He’s a proud daddy and loves showing off his child. Luckily, the kit is just like him- a big ball of cuddles. And on tour? If his kit can’t be there, Aether has SO MANY photos of them. 

Swiss: Is the forgetful dad, but not out of spite. He’s just so not used to having spawn. The type to show up to practice, get started, and then panic halfway through because he left the kit in his room!! Also uses his kit to cause trouble or make jokes. But the baby is usually fine. He’s not as sure how to be a good role model, and it’s rather adorable when he tries. But if you can say one thing about Swiss? He has a lot of enthusiasm and pride for his spawn. Kit learns to walk for the first time? Swiss is cheering! First word? Swiss is telling (and showing) EVERYONE! 

Smol Ghoulette: Proud Mama. She is small and fierce, but is surprisingly not on edge with her kit. Which is very strange. Ghoul mothers tend to be hella scary protective of their babies- it’s simple ghoul nature. (That doesn’t mean try anything funny, though!) She loves to be gentle and nurturing with her baby. All snuggles and affection. Clergy life can be rather harsh on ghouls, so it’s her time to show love and affection. When they are older, she takes great pride in teaching them ghoul heritage for the Air tribe and how to sing. 

Tol Ghoulette: Awkward first time mama, and VERY protective. She’s the type to hiss if you get too close to her or her kit. She’s very nervous and has a lot of doubt in herself as a parent. But she deeply loves her kit and wants nothing but the best for them. She reacts to her kit with nothing short of awe, since this tiny life came from her! This ghoulette finds herself fascinated with everything about her child, and loves teaching them to do everything! I think the one thing she would definitely teach them is how to be strong and protect themselves… but she hopes they want to learn piano!

Rain: Nervous first time dad, but extremely sentimental about it. Mainly cause clergy and band tour life is not the ideal time to raise spawn. Rain is actually more calm and collected, but on the inside he is a basket of worry. Rain carries around his kit all the time. And like the tol ghoulette, he’s rather in awe of his own child. There is something special in getting to raise a tiny life. Rain tries not to baby his kit, but is a very doting father. He wants to raise his kit to love life, even with its struggles of clergy duties. 

Mountain: You would almost think this dense ghoul is oblivious to the fact he has a kit. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t a happy daddy. He’s just… not really sure what to do differently? Mountain still provides and teaches his kit… he just sometimes forget that they are little and might not absorb all of it. But he is the most likely to bond with his child through music. Kits, like human babies, have a natural urge to bang on things. Mountain’s kit gets into drums way before any of the other kits even learn to play an instrument. A regularly prodigy, just like Mountain!!

The Ultimate Super Light Bug Out Bag!

Shelter Kit

- Military Poncho Tarp

- Military Poncho Liner

- Compact Survival Bivy

- 550 Paracord

- Aluminum Tent Spikes

Fire Kit

- Lighter

- Ferocerium Rod

- Small Magnifying Glass

- Quick Tinder

- Hurricane Matches

- 3 Small Candles

Water Kit

- Sawyer Mini Water Filter Kit

- 100x Water Purifying Tablets

- Single Wall Steel Water Canteen

- Canteen Nesting Cup

- Bandana (for prefiltering)

Food Kit

- SOS Emergency Ration

- Mini Fishing Kit

- Survival Card (with hooks, spear head, etc)

First Aid Kit

- Black Scout Survival IFAK

- Revmedx TX2 Tourniquet

Navigation Kit

- Map of local area

- Waterproof Paper

- Pencil/Pens

- Compass


- Headlamp

-Full Tang Carbon Steel Knife

- Quality Multitool


(via Way of the Brush ep 239 - a doo dabba di dabba da… 

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sorry if this has already been asked,but say a clan is running a bit short on upcoming apprentices. would queens that have already had a litter be encouraged to have another (when that normally isnt the case) to keep the population of the clan stable?

Generally, no! The Clans are so paranoid about keeping families from overflowing and ruining the bloodline that they would rather not have apprentices for a month or two. As long as the rest of the Clan was doing fine, and the population wasn’t dropping dramatically, they can wait for a bit for the next generation.

However, in certain circumstances it may be acceptable. For instance, if a queen had a litter before, and all of her kits died before they could have families of their own, her having another would be fine.

A basic list:

It’s been so long since I updated, I figured it would be best to make a list of all the rabbits we currently have:

  • Baby/buck/2 years old
  • Bubby (previously Ari and Divebomber)/buck/1.5 years old
  • Madeleine or Maddie/doe/1.5 years old
  • Reiko or Rei/doe/1 year old
  • Audrey/buck/10 months old
  • Alyss/buck/10 months old
  • B1, B4, B6/does/3 months old
  • B3 or Belle/doe/3 months old
  • B5 or Bungie/bucks/3 months old
  • B7 or Gloves/doe/3 months old
  • C1, C6, C7/does/3 months old
  • C3 or Coe/doe 3 months
  • C2, C5, C8/bucks/3 months
  • C4 or Collateral (Collie)/buck/3 months

(Half of them are the babies…)

Queen!Fernsong headcanons

Headcanon that Fernsong is a permanent nursery queen since daisy is getting old and needs the help. Since he’s a tom he has some special jobs to make up for his inability to feed kits.

His jobs include:

- fetching the kits mom when they’re hungry.

- Since he is so large and fluffy he’s able to keep many kits warm and safe at once, so he often babysits other queens kits when they are out.

- He’s VERY large and despite not fighting ragularly his sheer size gives him an advantage over other cats so he’s the official guard of the nursery.

- if this doesn’t work he cover the kits with his absolute insane fluff and is like “kits??? I’m a guy??? Did you think I was a girl???” And when the intruder questions him he’s like “idk man you’re weird??? Maybe you wanna have kits??? Are you a girl???” It makes the foe uncomfortable and he leaves.

- He usually takes older kits out with leafpool to help collect herbs, his job is to look after them and make sure they don’t get lost while they search. Leafpool finds a good friend in him and admires his paternal nature.

- he takes up so much room in the nursery that it doesn’t get as cold in leafbare.

- He’s basically the male nanny from friends.


- I see him as a cis/het male™ I considered making him bi or pan but I feel like we need more cis/het male characters who are paternal and loving. I know a lot of cis/het guys who are very good people but sometimes feel demonized by the media. No one deserves to be demonized for something they cannot control. It also shows cis/het men that they have the ability and should be kind, and no one should judge them for that.


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Purdy Headcanon

Spoilers for Vision of Shadows.

All I can imagine Purdy doing in StarClan is telling his stories to all the kits and young apprentices there. He just lies there telling his stories with a whole crowd of wide eyed young cats around/ on him.

Also he still appears old in StarClan because the happiest time of his life was when he was living with ThunderClan as an elder.

I’ve just got a new StarClan headcanon

Ok so when a cat dies, whether they go to StarClan or not may largely depend on how they are remembered by those they left behind

- Not many cats knew about Ashfur’s attempted murder etc, they remembered him as a loyal ThunderClan warrior.

- Rainflower’s neglect and abuse towards Crookedstar was largely overlooked by everyone else in RiverClan.

- Mapleshade was remembered as a monster due to her crimes, although she was motivated by her grief for her kits and the fact she was so wronged by her clan. (I’m not saying that justifies her murdering people but the fact that Ashfur got into StarClan after attempting to murder his leader because he got romantically rejected…)

I also believe you can choose to go to the Dark Forest but you can’t choose to go to StarClan. Antpelt obviously wanted to go to the dark forest and I believe Thistleclaw and Hawkfrost made the same choices after they died they both were largely remembered by most as loyal, even if a bit ambitious and bloodthirsty, warriors. They both received Dark Forest mentorship and were very enthusiastic about it.

Kits obviously go to StarClan by default as I can’t imagine many cats thinking a kit as evil.