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An interior designer in Portland updates a 1950s home by a celebrated local architect.

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Me suddenly and inexplicably wanting to munch on cereal at 2 in the morning while writing. Brain: No just go to sleep. Me: Yeah sure…but first Crispix.
Brain: Noooooo…


Fresh Herb Falafel

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clockdrawn  asked:

❝ well, i just, i have never been a breakfast person. . ❞

  THAT 70′S SHOW PROMPTS .         ⇢          @clockdrawn

  ❝   NOT  a breakfast person ?   everyone’s a breakfast person ,   breakfast is always good .   five  a.m. ,  nine in the afternoon .   it’s just the  right  breakfast .   you’re telling me you’d skip out on some fresh bacon and an omelette with so much in it it’s falling apart ?   and those fluffy little waffles ?    ❞

I like this simple way to achieve an Art Deco look- Cabinets repainted glossy black, turquoise walls, classic checked flooring, and a big poster. Voila!
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5. Lady’s Mantle (100 herbs)

Scientific name: Alchemilla vulgaris

A.K.A. “Woman’s Best Friend” (Christian Church, Virgin Mary reference)

Grow It: self-seeding, outdoors after the last frost, or indoors to be moved outdoors.

Cook With: tea: pour two tsp. of dried lady’s mantle and allow to infuse for 10 mins or less.

Heal With: “helps” with menstrual problems, pregnancy, breast related issues… post-natal depression. The dew that collects in the leaves is said to have magical properties. Use in lotions, salves, cuts, wounds, sores, and to treat insect bites and eczema. Water infused with this plant has been used for gargling to treat mouth ulcers and other dental/esophageal issues. (sore throat)

(Photo Credit: Cornell; Information: Herbarium, Thomas & Hudson)

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True Food Kitchen Proves Green Food Tastes Good By Linda Milks Can healthy food taste good? Our regional International Food, Wine & Travel Writers group was on a conquest to see just how good healthy eating can taste. We were invited to the True Food Kitchen in El Segundo, CA. There are currently 24 locations of True Food Kitchen with 9 new locations being added from the West Coast to the East…