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What do you think of this mudroom design with bench & storage? Coastal Virginia Magazine's Best Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeler#dogoodwork

A kitchen can never have enough storage! Whether you have an unusual shape kitchen or you’re looking for something a little more personal. A bespoke kitchen offers the opportunity to add smart storage and custom design in a way a standard kitchen can’t.

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GREAT Britain people~This is UK market in Amazon. VARIETY of CUTTING / Quick,Simple,Convenient Slicer Kitchen Tool Set for Any Vegetables and Fruits

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Finally got the kitchen altar set up. It’s a little tricky to see in the photo, but the black tray thingie is a deer, and there are bronze keys hanging off the the antlers. Also included are salt for purification, Cinnamon for love, a lavender candle for calm, barley for the harvest, and a chunk of quartz I found in a marsh, while asking my matron deity, Frigg, for a sign she was listening.

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“There’s not a cloud to spoil the view.” - donna

BUDDY HOLLY STARTERS.  ( accepting. )   @soughtlove   !

KNOCK ON WOOD !    it’s true  ;  currently the sky perfectly mirrors the turquoise ocean waves beneath it, almost as if the view is turned upside down, but the weather in these parts can be deceiving. The evening of their very first meeting is concrete proof of that. Sam can still recall it —     rain pouring down as if the gods forgot to turn the sink off ,  thunder roaring through the pitch-black clouds without an inch of compassion.

     LUCKILY  , their marriage has been blessed with a lack of such heavy storms so far. A pair of arms is gently wrapped around her waist as he approaches her from behind ,  eyes taking in the very same view that she flawlessly summed up in one sentence  ;   it remains absolutely breath-taking !    and yet it is unable to capture his attention for longer than mere seconds, for an adoring gaze travels towards Donna (  the woman who is not only capable of taking his breath away ,  but of keeping it safely locked up in the pockets of her dungarees, leaving him entirely at her mercy ). 

     “     Oh  ,  I”m sure NOTHING can spoil the view right now.   ”