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A skill taken for to have a first kiss.

When you are not there, it seems the is missing; when you are there, it seems my is !

It’s that Time of Year - ⁉️ This is the time when the starts claiming “this year’s ” began ... from at Easter. Any shows new virulent stains coming from few (if not ONE) keeping up w/ 🤬

Taken at one of my favourite venues - Northside Lodge - in Northumberland. This intimate venue is perfect for couples who want to make a weekend of their wedding

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By Alex Pick 🌈

“Goodnight angel lips, to you I give this sweet kiss to take you into the clouds and to the gates of heaven.. rest your beautiful eyes and don’t worry about any last thing, for your beauty is all that really matters to me.”

Sleep on the soft wings of angels for you will always fly in the heavens of my heart - eUe..

“I’m rubber, you’re hot glue.. my sweet kisses bounce off of your lips and stick all over you.”

I could kiss you anywhere and everywhere - eUe..

“Sensually soft, seductive nights do lay ahead for you.. if you just press your lips on mine. Kiss me and all of your sexy fantasies shall surely come so true tonight, will I lay your body down and flicker you with sexy little kisses? Or will I lather you in sweet, sweet love in a way that only lovers can do? All of that beauty that sits wet within you, and it needs to go places that only this mouth can take you.. you know that you want it bad, so why would you try to fight it? Let me make you glow like a fiery star baby, let me show you what little heaven that I know.. all of it is for you, all of this love in my heart..”

I think you deserve a little sexy to be put in your life, some sexy kisses, and you deserve this love that I am about to give you - eUe..