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Cultural days are a big part of Our students learn by participating in hands-on, sensory-rich experiences. Come take a tour!

Day three of mini carnival building. Some kids prototyping. Some testing. Some reiterating. All engaged and having a blast!

RT : Our KG students are using a green screen app to share their observations of weather conditions for four seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter.

This fun center was inspired by @pocketofpreschool our students had so much fun rescuing polar animals from the ice ( and a few snowboarders too 😉)

...and the results were beautiful!! These colour mixed snowflakes will be hanging in the hall of

Great mathematicians today! Students accessing different tools and models to work thru a story problem. Students used or paper to show/explain their thinking.

These children created a magical beach with a palm tree (created using a tube and green wool strips), ocean rocks and a pile of dead sea snakes!

One of my kids made Dr. King today using Legos of his own design. I was impressed!

The end of recess just became one of our favorite times of the day. We’re reporting our recess weather while finding the similarities and differences in weather with connected classrooms around the country.

Yesterday, 24 College students braved the elements for , a program that immerses children in in hopes of forging a love for the , and developing in physical, social, emotional & cognitive aspects. Read more:

Engaging in Responsive Classroom for daily Morning Meetings. Every Monday we do a “turn and talk” and share about our weekend with our neighbor. Building community and practicing recounting events with others.

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Subhan'Allah, what a majestic creature 😲🤩😍. ⠀



English ➡️ Lion.
Arabic ➡️ اسد (as'ad).
Urdu ➡️ شیر (shair).

Comment below, how do you say lion in your language?

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What shampoo is he using? ❤️
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Infant - Box of Scarves

This student uses her developing fine motor skills to reach for the scarves inside the box and pull them out. She was able to push them back inside and repeat the process several times. This work enforces the concept of object permanence, where an object still exists even when not visible, and allows the child to repeat steps in a process and develop cognitive planning. This is a great alternative if your child is showing interest in tissue boxes. Even filling a tissue or wipes box with scarves can serve the same purpose, without the waste! 


A Cake Encounter 05 by ArdieBeaPhotography
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My youngest niece is always cute but often difficult to capture on camera! This time there were a couple of occasions where she was sitting still long enough to take a decent series of shots - both times by virtue of something a little yummy!


Kindergarten - week 14

Read Madeline’s Rescue by Ludwig Bemelmans and continued reading Polo and the Runaway Book. Learned how to use the new letter signs to find books in the Everybody (picture book) section. 

Early Childhood - Sensorial Exploration

This student combined multiple Montessori materials together to make a giant creation! We call this sensorial exploration. He shows off his visual discrimination skills by sorting the cylinders from largest to smallest, the cubes from biggest to smallest, and the brown stairs broadest to thinnest.

Another part of being a parent of a child with autism.

Filled out the parent survey for the functional behavior assessment W is getting right now. The conference committee is split on whether he can go into mainstream kindergarten or if he needs a year in a special education kindergarten first. I always feel hollow and sad when I do these kinds of things (like for IEP meetings). So much focus on negatives. While this one did ask for strengths and HIS goals (not just ours!), it was all about problem behaviors. I know that’s why we’re doing this, and we have to be honest so he can get some more support. It’s just really hard to admit and put into words that my child is violent. He hurts other kids. He’s so smart and has phenomenal strengths, and I love how he sees the world- but he’s a danger to other children without supports in place. We have the Medicaid waiver application going, he’s getting the assessment, and we work closely with his teachers so we’re consistent. 

In the section that asked for our goals for him, my first one was that he would be able to have friends. He’ll learn the academic stuff one way or another. He’s smart. But I know he wants friendship. I hope we can get the tools to make that happen.

For the record, we are on the side of having him in special education kindergarten. I’ve seen the rows of desks in the mainstream K class, and I can’t picture W being able to sit for any length of time. He even paces the floor during dinner because he has to stim while he eats. How could he sit at a desk all day?