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One of my favorite stops is . Looking forward to sampling the pubs! Spots still available for our trip. We had two more guests sign up last week. ☘️ 🇮🇪

The inaugural “2019 Links & Lakes Open Championship” will be launched this Friday watch this space for details !

Enjoy a 10% discount at our , as well as over 4,000 hostels worldwide with our membership. The hostel is housed in an 18th century mansion and set on 75 acres of gardens and forest near National Park.

Night Series is back on Thursdays: 17, 24 & 31 January, 7, 21 & 28 February! Read more on the series!

Hey , we’re in the Dromhall Hotel, on Wednesday 16 January from 3pm - 5pm and 7pm - 9pm. We are low in O NEG and need your help!

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Niamh O'Connor, accredited Dietician and Nutrition Consultant, will be in Library at 11am and in Library at 2pm today to discuss nutrition and healthy eating. All welcome. Part of

Hey , we’re in the Dromhall Hotel, on Tuesday 15th January from 3pm - 5pm and 7pm - 9pm. We are low in O NEG and need you help!

Could the glorious and brand spanking new Glebe Sofa Collection be making its way into your home in 2019? Featuring super-deep comfy seats and stylish winged arms, the Glebe is upholstered in the plushest high quality fabric and tailored to perfection.

Did a walk around the Lakes of last weekend. Really quiet and relaxing this time of year!

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Bring me back to Ireland please 🥰


Only the sound of the waterfall🍀🇨🇮

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this weekend i did something quite out of character…

on thursday night while doing laundry i saw an empty four day block in my calendar and decided to fill it. within the next 12 hours i was on a train heading west. after three hours on the train, i arrived at my destination to quickly find out i was locked out of my airbnb!

fortunately some kind neighbors helped me into the building and i got everything sorted out in time to go grab hot chocolate at a local cafe and read… for the next five hours. finally i finished my work and set out for dinner!

this is something i’ve also probably never done… gone to a restaurant by myself (like a sit down, nice-ish place). it was actually kinda fun! i ordered something i’d usually never order - bbq ribs - because i wanted fries really badly and they came on the side. sitting close to the bar, i people watched and enjoyed the liveliness of a group of 50ish year old irish women who were soaping it up with cocktails in hand.

early the next morning, i boarded the tour i’d booked (cause i’m still a planner at heart). i won’t bore you of the details, but the day was filled with beautiful landscapes, the salty smell of the sea, and learning about irish history and culture. easily the highlight of my day was meeting this realllly cute dog by the beach. she was full of energy and wanted to run, so of course i played with her. lol people thought she was my dog - i wish! after the tour, i explored the high street and local town, boarding the train back to dublin the next morning.

(pictures from the tour and this really cute dog to come)

this weekend was comforting in that i’ve discovered i can do a great deal all on my own, and it’s 100% possible to escape the ‘collegiate lifestyle’ i’ve never really loved. while i was in killarney, i didn’t feel obligated to go out clubbing or socialize with hoards of people (expectations of the ‘freshers’ week vibes going on here at ucd). it was a nice break/recharge after a draining first week in ireland, and i hopefully have some more weekend trips to the irish countryside to look forward to!