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Shhhhh, don’t tell them...we have a special visitor coming to the gym next week for our “Merry Grinchmas” activities!

This sign always makes me laugh but there’s so much truth to it! Let kids have all the rodeos they need!

and then this note, broke me. I’ve been so intentional about building a community in my class and to push my students to excellence in all things, and when a student recognizes that, everything is worth it.

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We successfully saved the Polar Express & found the 🎁s the stole on . You know it was a great experience when your Ss see you in the hallway & thank you for the Breakout & ask when can we do it again.

... everyday she’s out at bus dismissal making sure each and every gets loaded for their trek home. It’s the that’s best!

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Inspiring message today! Thanks for the perspective on healthy work/home balance, continuing to grow, getting out of our comfort zones and making the most of this REAL (it's not a practice) life!

My Ss received the sweetest from & her 1st graders from Texas! Her class earned kindness tickets so they could gift each of my Ss w/ a new book & even wrote us letters! We are excited to be connected! 💙

Did you hear the news? We're so excited for Dwayne Reed to be our Thursday Keynote at the TEPSA Summer Conference! Registration opens in January!!

We started reading the book Rising Above: How 11 Athletes Overcame Challenges in Their Youth to Become Stars in small group, and I caught these guys during lunch discussing a different book. They asked to read about , next. Challenge accepted!

Thank you for inspiring us to be the BEST version of ourselves...So that we can lead others to be the BEST version of themselves! 💗 💙🦁💙All Day - Every Day💙🦁💙

Do you use social media to teach? offers some cool ideas on using Instagram to teach poetry!! So unique!

We had the best live performance by parents! Thank you so much Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas for sharing your talents with the class. You rock!

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