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They don’t need more gadgets or games, they need more and from us!

Ceil Blue Toddler Kids Scrubs for little Doctors and Nurses $19.99 ➤

【NEWS】「」第50回が先週から配信中📺 アニメーションや、ももくろちゃんZのおはなしなど盛りだくさんな内容になっています❣️ でぜひご覧ください✨ HP➡️

South Salem Culinary Leadership students POPPED UP at of Salem today to thank them for their community support and learn about employment opportunities with Mercedes.

A huge thank you to Mrs. Wills' Kindergarten for sharing our Arctic Animals and Polar Bears videos! We are so tickled you chose us to be part of your unit on Arctic Animals! Find more delightful classroom ideas here:

A very small part of the license plate mania in my classroom. All kid/school themed. The kids love them and they are great for games

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repeated dreams

Last night, I had a nightmare. In it, I got up and found myself alone. I was a child still living living with my family in my hometown. My parents and my little sister came back from McDonald’s. They had breakfast there without me. I grabbed my mother’s arms and said, ‘Listen to me! Listen to me very carefully!! You must treat your kids equally! Whatever you do to my little sister, you should do the same to me! You can’t keep doing nice things only to her! Besides, how could you bring home nothing for me? It’s McDonald’s where you can get take-out!!’ But, no matter how hard I tried, my voice didn’t come out. I repeated those words very hard again and again but only my mouth was moving. In the end, I shouted at the top of my throat, and awoke from the dream. I’m still exhausted. I dream a lot every night. And this one is one of the repeated dreams. Although the details are different, I am ignored by my parents and left alone each time. I’m fed up with this kind of dream but I know I will soon have it again. When am I released from this?

The biggest reason why I want goats is that if someone asks me if I have any children, I can say yes and show them pictures of my wonderful jumping kids of the non human variety

Danger, Will Robinson

My three year old brought the bathroom stool into the kitchen and got the biggest knife he could grab off the counter.

I caught him sneaking into the living room with it while he gave me the “side eye”. So I approached with caution.

“Hey, buddy. Can you please hand that back? I don’t want you to get hurt.”

*Incoherent babbling* while brandishing said knife.

“Please?” I start to back away

*toddler war cry* as he charged right for me.

He chased me around the couch and back into the kitchen, then he chucked the knife into the sink where it clanked around.

I gave a sigh of relief and fixed him with a hard glare.

“You son of a bitch” I said under my breath then let out my own mama war cry and chased him up the stairs.

He laughed and farted leaving me in the cloud.


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