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What stage are you in?

That moment of panic when you watch the water continue to rise after flushing your kid’s shit down the drain.

Did you know that mindfulness can help children to manage their emotions? Here are 5 engaging tips from our new Calm flash card set to help introduce kids to mindfulness

Allow children to choose their own extracurricular activities! The more control and input you're able to provide a child, the more engaged and motivated they will be to learn.

Looking for something fun to do with the ? Why not take them to the to see the slightly annoying elephant! This play brings the story of a bossy, big blue elephant that turns up uninvited. Book your tickets and find out more:

The and the team partnered up to host an amazing workshop for on managing stress constructively. Thank you for helping coordinate the event.

Ladybug o Catnoir?? Difícil elección, verdad? Nuevo encargo de zapatillas personalizadas que os dejo inspirado en la serie de Miraculous, con los personajes principales en ellas!

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Funny personal things

I, after carrying all day (fuckin finally) tried to shoot my pistol on a range trip Friday. Needless to say, the flush mag on a Shield leaves my pinky in the void of space. So, I ordered a basic extension. Arrived no fuss. Today, after picking up my 15yr old when he was done with mid terms, I decided to ask him if he could watch, learn and help as I installed it. He said yes. And with his help, it was seemless.

He then asked to go to the range. My kid, who had stuck to anti gun attitudes before, wants to go and shoot.

I am so excited. So happy. Friday after school..


I can’t believe this is our baby boy 2 years ago. He looks basically the same to me and almost sounds the same until the end…. BLUEBERRIES 💕💕 I feel so lucky every day to be his mommy. Some days may be trying and not feel so rewarding but then I’ll get a smile, a hug or asked a silly question. Then that reminds me why it’s so perfect 💕
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I lose my mind when I see people hand authority to a child. Don’t get me wrong here, I love the natural curiosity and whimsy most children have. Asking why is great.

However, if you let a child grill you with the word “why” or let them think everything can be argued with, you are letting that kid drive the car. How the fuck are we supposed to keep the kids safe if we let them drive the car at an early age?!

Letting a kid learn and be curious is one thing. Letting them think the world revolves around them is dangerous and stupid. That’s how you end up with ignorant and entitled bastards. I’ve seen kids argue their way out of anything from getting a haircut to going to school. I don’t care how long you let your kid’s hair grow, but please send your kids to school! Jesus Christ, I fear so many privileged people have forgotten what it is to be assertive. So many people are adequate parents. Why are people with resources out here looking so dumb with their kids?

I have friends burnt out on parenthood all because they don’t know how to say “No.” I have friends who would rather let the screens raise their kids than lead the kids to the backyard to kick a ball in the afternoon while they watch from the kitchen. I also have friends who quit their job to raise their kid full time, and hired help to get them through pregnancy when they didn’t have much. I’d much rather be the latter example. If I have kids, I will not stand by and let their brains rot from screen time. I will not lie to them about how unfair and illogical life and society can be. If nothing else, my kids will be present and have common sense.


Getting him to giggle on this rainy day in Arkansas 😊💖 Get that play time in parents!

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Grounded fairies and a babysitter witch 04
  • Asked: Kinda of?
  • Words: 1025
  • Sinopse: An AU where Monsta X gets cursed by a spellcaster and all get turned into lil toddlers (3-5 years old). And Reader has to babysit them as well as figure out how to turn them back to adults.~~~ @mi-nyu-dreams
  • Notices: I hope you like it :3 and that this is cute enough. Also, I don’t really know how to do baby talk, so I’M SORRY!!!!
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On the third day of the week that the boys were passing with you, your morning was actually really peaceful. The boys had decided that they would spend some time on their rooms, playing by themselves, something like a war between reigns. Anyway, you got your research to do and was almost certain of what the antidote was. Now everything you had to do was gatter the ingredients.

You had almost all of them in your garden, so you weren’t really worried about this part. At the time of lunch you had already send a list to your friends of the coven to send you the rest of it. After two days of loud kids, you found weird when you almost couldn’t hear their voices. So, you went to check on them and oh… How you wish you had gone early…

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This is for everyone:

I’m going to be 34 and as much as I used to want kids when I was younger they have not been on my mind at all. My ovaries don’t explode when I see a baby and I have no instincts right now to even want to bear a child. My question is: Did you always know you wanted to have kids? Were they a surprise? And for the women that don’t want any kids, what made you decide that?

I go back and forth all of the time. I’m almost mid thirties and I know women have them later in life but I really do not want to have a child past 35. It’s just not what I want out of life at that age so it’s just 🤷🏻‍♀️🙃