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We have a special treat for the kids in Malabon today and a special guest appearance...πŸ₯³

Some moments like these are not meant to be fully understood so for now it’s best we just call them miracles.

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Who wants to be insulted, tortured, raped, arrested or killed? They’re our kids and should have a joyful time. Guilty to see the merciless and inhuman acts of hk govt! The adults like me owe them a lot. They are the target of the govt. Who can protect them?

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My nine-year-old just looked at me and said, “Cartwheels are called cartwheel because your arms and legs go around like spokes on the wheel of a cart.” And then just went back to coloring.

Wtf, kid?!? I mean, you’re probably not wrong, but what prompted that?
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I grew up in literal hell and though I (somehow) excelled in school as Top 10%, Merit Scholar, National Honors Society and all that nonsense — I hated it. Due to home traumas I was a 40 year old in a child’s body. Too aware. Too stimulated. So I absolutely hated school. Loved learning, but hated the process and construct.

Here’s the great thing though: my mom recognized when I needed a day off. She never fought me on wanting to miss, and she covered for me when I had way too many sick days. Parents, learn your children and have a heart. If you’re struggling in life, know that as children, they’re probably struggling worse because unlike adults, they have zero control over their circumstance.

And even if it SEEMS like life is okay and they “should” be fine, there’s still mental health issues, bullying, learning disorders, social anxieties, etc that could be affecting them.

My point is, the world doesn’t end because kids miss school, no matter what lie administrators may tell. Kids and teens are human beings. And they need a break sometimes. Pay attention.

I had to give a presentation for English class. I did it with my friend, cause we were allowed to work in pairs.

We talked about young activists, and about how fucked up it is that kids have to be the ones changing the world.

We had a slides show and everything.

The whole class turned into one big debate. A huge argument. Our classmates had a lot to say. They mostly complained, asked why we were complaining when we were given the chance to make a difference.

Yes, we can make a difference. But it isn’t our job. Not yet, at least. We’re 16. We might want to change the world, but we shouldn’t have to. We shouldn’t be under that pressure.

Sure, its inspiring to see all those kids changing the world. But most of them do it because no one else does. We shouldn’t be protesting, or giving speeches. We should be having some form of childhood, living our life and gaining life experiences. Not fixing the problems other people have ignored.