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Didn't expect to be talking about another so soon, but I have a short story drawn by in the new Modern Mythology book that just went live. We re-cast the founding of Rome as the founding of Vegas (complete with mobsters). Link:

WIN THIS PRINT! If we reach $1000 on before midnight PST, every backer today gets this Jynn Erso digital print!!! Click the link and let’s make this happen!

So close to stretch goal 2! We have 10 days. Spread the word! is here to stay! Hewitt and Myman doing their thang!

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Crowbar! use an updated system to allow for an even smoother gameplay experience, the game utilizes four custom Movement Dice. Each die is made up of different results, escalating the possible risk/reward ratio.

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Look what @msbluebell​ got today!!


We ordered and received our stickers for our first 50 backers already! Even if everything else is going to take a few months. That’s okay though! We’re fuelled by sheer excitement (and slightly prompted by good deals). 

I know campaigns lull a bit in the middle, but you can help us out by reblogging here, retweeting on twitter, sharing in your stories on instagram, sharing links on your discord servers, and so much more! 

Along with the pins we have now, I actually have four more potential designs that only BBell and Silvia have seen, and I have everything set up for another round of freebies. To get any of that though, we need to get this round of pins unlocked. And I know we can do it! 

We only have three more spots left for our freebie stickers, so snatch them up while you can!


Hello adventurers! The Habitica team is excited to announce a new way you can bring RPG magic into your daily life. We’re launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund enamel pins with the insignia of our four playable classes! If our funding goal is met, backers will get the pin(s) of their choice, a special profile badge and, depending on the funding tier you choose, you can get exclusive animated in-game items. The campaign ends on September 10, so be sure to take a peek soon!

We’re excited to bring you these new ways to show your Habitica pride. Thank you all so much for all your support and for just being a part of our community.

Cryptic Explorers, the asymmetric survival horror tabletop game I helped do art for, just got launched on Kickstarter. Got a good feeling about it getting funded this time, given the activity I’ve seen on it so far. But if you’d like to ensure this gets a physical release, consider throwing a couple bucks behind it.

There’s a pretty robust amount of backer rewards on offer, including some of the original art I did for the game (!), a damn dungeon synth cassette (!!) for ambience, and a resin bust of one of my creature designs (!!!). There’s even a print-and-play version at the $1+ level for those of you who’d like to play the game, but can’t go all out on the boxed editions.

This has been 5 years and multiple campaigns in the making and I’m excited to see folks interacting with it thus far.

Hello survivors!

I’m pretty sure you’ll need this inventory : very practical, it can store 5 objects that will save your life… sometime it will ! 🤷‍♀️😟

In this regard, we have planned fifty objects to discover, so, stay around and see you in space ! 👨‍🚀😄



- Romain -


I got the idea for @childrenofdisease 3 years ago and now I can finally say that we’ve wrapped production! 🎥

Making this film and meeting the families I’ve met, the child life specialists and the therapists who work to help these families has been a humbling, healing, and heart wrenching experience. The strength of these families battling parental chronic illness is immeasurable, the passion of the child life specialists who help the children understand and cope with their parents chronic illness is awe inspiring. I cannot wait to share the completed film #ChildrenofDisease with the world!

Special thank you to the families featured in the film, who are brave enough to share their stories. Thank you to @becstir for sharing her story of being a child of disease and for offering her expertise as a therapist. A huge thank you to every contributor to the film’s Kickstarter campaign, this is happening because of you! And last and certainly not least to the ONLY organization in the entire United States offering free support to children and families through a parent’s serious illness, thank you to @wondersnworries . I am so grateful that all of you have joined my fight to support children of disease and educate parents with disease. Together we will bring to light a seriously underrepresented issue and hopefully help thousands of families across the country 💓

Now excuse me while I lock myself in the editing room until it’s finished 🤓😂🎞

📸: @dianazalucky


Brother Maynes logbook. The stone stood tall and clear as Kenzu, and myself, came nearer. Our research has brought us here. This proves it. I am sure… A deity is involved in the story we are following. I thought Alethrion got the best of them, but nay. I will immidiately start to investigate more about this “Eye” sign.

New video out on the youtube channel. An update video about what we have been up to over the summer and some sneak peeks into the preproduction of the next episode. Here Brother Maynes and Kenzu finds a mysterious stone with an eye symbol.


Lotor unlocks in less that $100! After that we have the Lotura pin before we move onto the other paladins! We also have 5 spaces left for our freebie sticker! 

If we can get all of the pins unlocked, we also have a few more plans to share with everyone. 

If you can’t pledge, please share our posts with others! Exposure is just as important!


Tommy is a cartoon, both here and IRL. If you don’t believe us, wait till you see him in the video for our upcoming @Kickstarter! #privateinstigators #drummer #punk #doowop #Kickstarter #cartoon #silly #goofball #newmusic (at Chicago, Illinois)

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