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Filmocracy is the first and only gamified movie streaming platform that rewards you for watching and rating films

Filmocracy is the first and only gamified movie streaming platform that rewards you for watching and rating films

Whether you have a social cause that you wish to fight for or a consumer right that you want to defend, CrowdAction is your new solution. Join or make a cause here!

Sometimes you just have to give yourself a deadline & go for it! There’ll be a slew of Earlybird bonus perks so make sure you sign up to my newsletter on cos that’s where I’ll be announcing that the ’s gone live!

If there’s one thing I like more than supporting independent designers, it’s supporting the next generation of gamers. Today’s Spotlight does both. Check out The Floor is Lava by 🔝

Newbury & Hobbes: The Curse of Menamhotep by James M. Hewitt & Sophie Williams Announced: Newbury & Hobbes: The Curse of Menamhotep is coming to Kickstarter this Summer. The game is a mix of narrative, investigation and action adventure.…

Are you a Wizard? A quick and simple test to see if you have the potential to be a Wizard with The Potions Cauldron Magic Meter now on !

Our “name a card contest” has a few days left before we pick a winner. Here’s a list of the current cards in the game so we don’t get overlaps. Drop a submission in the comment section of the campaign page.

"History is female / Heroínas de la historia" es un para niños y niñas. Presenta a 40 personajes históricos con información en inglés y en español. En Marzo en ✍️ 🙌 💁

We kept the main color of the pink ruby the same, the clear I made slightly opaque to give it an inner glow effect. Check out our hidden gem to get yours today!!

* PODCAST - UNLUCKY FROG * “I can think of no theme more wholesome for a game than organised alcoholism for rich people” That pretty much says it all! LAUNCH PARTY INVITE! 😀

NEW! Exclusive Page Peek of Issue #3: The Monster Within Tells You Fear the Shriekers • Fight the Humans • Kickstart the New Apocalypse @

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Hey all! My partners are starting a screenprinting business focused on fair trade and ethical working conditions in their product and their practices. If y'all are at all interested in helping a couple of queer, young adults start up, I hope y'all can send a few dollars their way. Also, reblogging helps a bunch too!


The NEW American made WoodOX Sling’s ergonomic design makes the chore of carrying firewood indoors a lot easier for everyone!
We’re more than halfway to our funding goal on Kickstarter with 10 days left 📈😃. Click the link in our bio to pre-order yours! #TeamLogOX #firewood #madeinusa #woodheat #fireplace #woodstove #homesteadhomies #vetrepreneur #kickstarter (at Vermont)

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We’re sure you have seen already…. 😊

but just in case you haven’t - take a look at our little art sneak peek for RAVAGE!

9 very different artists, very different takes: and only a fraction of the art that awaits you in this book!

We invite you to back RAVAGE on Kickstarter - two stretch goals have already been reached, giving every backer of a physical copy extra stickers and a poster!

Come, join Dante’s Inferno with us and … raise hell!

Kickstarter has finished, raising $5,346 out of $5,000 goal!

I want to thank everyone who helped out, whether through pledges, plugging, or general support. It helped me get through the past 35 days when this was going.

So what’s next? Well, Kickstarter is gonna spend the next two weeks collecting all the pledges before sending it my way. In the meantime, I’m making final checks with the files, then go contact the printing company for arrangements. I’m also gonna work on getting the rewards made. I’ve already ordered stickers for the backers, for starters.

Once again, thank you all!

In addition to being funded, we’ve unlocked the first 3 stretch goals: the Ox, the Tiger and the Rabbit! These cuties will now be available as pin options in the survey after the campaign.

Thank you for all of your support - let’s get the rest of the goals!! >>


We are seeking your support to help us reach our goal as we work to make this available to everyone. Go to and let’s make it happen.

With your help we will ensure that the investments we’ve already received and the money we’ve invested takes us all the way to our goal. We are making every effort to innovate, cut down the production cost without depriving you of the fullness of this most sensational drink and without limiting the vision of our company.

We’ve been at this for over 9 years and have done our due diligence to make it taste the way our ancestors made and intended for it to taste. We’re proud of what we’ve done through our R&D, but now we’re ready to share it with the world. However, we need a little push, a nudge really, from YOU to get us there. Simply go to to learn more and to support and share

Click link in bio
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Dublin & Dragons
Dublin & Dragons is Ireland's first D&D 5e actual play webseries, filmed with high production values, in a homebrew setting.

We’re making Ireland’s first D&D actual play webseries! Be a part of magic and mystery in a homebrew urban fantasy setting.

Our story takes place in a city called Jackhaven, loosely based on the city of Dublin with some landmarks you might recognise making a cameo. Jackhaven is a major city built up over the delta of an important trade river, a  bit of a cultural melting pot in terms of races that live there but with  a definite sway class and politics wise towards the elven invaders who conquered it about half a millennium ago. Jackhaven is a trade port, there are  several marketplaces scattered around its winding streets, and the buildings of note are Jackhaven Castle and the University of Infinity. The city’s main export is a kind of fancy magic wine.

If you like Critical Role or High Rollers, then we are making hour to 90 minutes episodes throughout from April into June 2019 that might be just right for you. So help us make it the best quality it can be by becoming one of our donors.


Halim is cheerful and sweet, and kind to everybody. He’s happy with the life in the harem, but Adnan’s talk of all the things he’s seen and all the places he’s visited makes him realize of how big the world is beyond the harem walls.
(In the end, he will be 18 in the game, by the way).

My Kickstarter got approved way faster than I expected! So that means… WE’RE LAUNCHING TOMORROW! 😱❤ I’m too excited to wait any longer, I just want to gogogo and bring this project to life!

There will be early bird slots for 1 pin, 2 pins, or 3 pins - but there’s only 5 of each so you’ll have to be super speedy!

I’m so hyped for tomorrow, I can’t wait to start!! It will be launching at 12pm GMT!

Clara Bow, the “It” girl of the Roaring Twenties. I love her distinct eye shape and tried to emphasize that here. 

Clara is a design on my Enamel Pin Kickstarter, which you can see here (link) and can pledge a few bucks to get a pin of your own!

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Those eyes… damn.


A friend of mine is doing a kickstarter for her very first full length comic book. Below is a description of the comic. If anyone is interested please become part of the kickstarter by clicking on the link.

I’m trying to raise money to print 250 copies of a full color, 32-page comic book for readers aged 17 and up that I wrote and illustrated myself. The story follows Shawn, a young black girl living in an inner city area who wants to get a job before college, only to find she has a magical destiny. If you are a fan of anime like My Hero Academia, kung fu movies, Chinese folklore or culture, or indie comics in general, you’ll love this project! For the cost of two cups of Starbucks coffee (around $15), you can help me bring my dream to life. As an indie creator, I often don’t have access to large amounts of funding which is why crowdsourcing is important. Not only will you be getting exclusive rewards from the Kickstarter, but you’ll also be the first to read my comic. The Kickstarter only goes until the 28th of February, so if I don’t reach my goal my project isn’t funded.