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フランスで安心・安全なおいしい昆虫を販売しています! 毎週昆虫を使った料理動画も作っています

フランスで安心・安全なおいしい昆虫を販売しています! 毎週昆虫を使った料理動画も作っています

フランスで安心・安全なおいしい昆虫を販売しています! 毎週昆虫を使った料理動画も作っています

フランスで安心・安全なおいしい昆虫を販売しています! 毎週昆虫を使った料理動画も作っています

💠 Kibo Energy partnering with world class consultants & critical commercial agreements 💠 Powering Sub-Saharan Africa Company website

フランスで安心・安全なおいしい昆虫を販売しています! 毎週昆虫を使った料理動画も作っています

appoints Wimmer as adviser for African project financing • Corporate finance engagement with Wimmer Financial & provision of a project finance corporate credit line facility of up to $900-million.

Riddler gone into hiding, watch him come on later and say successfully placing blah blah blah and post all his repeated crap again and again.

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Riddler is a clueless manipulator. He should be banned from this platform and we should all wise up to his sensational analysis

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on many radars now after yesterday’s news. Plenty more to follow very soon from the Benga power project Mozambique

フランスで安心・安全なおいしい昆虫を販売しています! 毎週昆虫を使った料理動画も作っています

hope everyone in makes money , but when you see these two planks on a BB you has to have concerns

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Amazes me how people do not read RNS properly these days. KDNC 2?,

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RNS today and more RNS to come over the next day or two I suspect. Telling point is the price has gone over PAR VALUE 1.35p again which means the company can raise funds again.

Next Benga Power Plant Project in Mozambique 🔹 DFS completed ahead of schedule and final review in progress 🔹 Coal Purchase Agreements ('CPA') with coal producer in advanced stage and progressing well 🔹 PPA discussions with potential private off-takers in advanced stage

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anonymous asked:

got any Interesting Backstory here, mah dude?

of course, i do. you think i’m this epic memer for no good gosh darn reason? naaaaah bruh. i’ve got LORE!

do you wanna know? i’m up for telling if you’re D2L (down to listen).

midnightwerewoolf  asked:

I'm sorry you had to get that from some disgusting asshole. If you do, I hope it makes you feel as happy as you deserve. ^^

thank you 😭😖 luckily tumblr censored it for me because i wasn’t following him, but what he said was pretty… disturbing. I know i won’t be posting my face for awhile due to that experience 😖.. please remain safe ♡

this close 👌 to making my blog pjo centered. also i just posted a selfie and immediately got a dick pic. this is great.

anonymous asked:

hhow do u sadly dab keebz please i need to know

first, you assume the position. this is like if you do the “just do it” pose but you stop halfway during execution.

next, you think of things you think as sad. like robophobia and the struggle of the modern day robot. and the fact that you’ll never live up to your title unless you change every aspect of yourself. things that usher in Sad Boy Hours, y’know.

then you dab. not too sharp tho as you need to look as pathetic and weak as possible.

and that’s how you dab sadly, dearest subscriber! remember to hit that like button and smash that bell for notifications. 

It came!

It finally came!!!

Mod kisa.exe has stopped working. Please reboot.

Mod hajime and shuichi look at mood K1b0. “ how do we fix this!!! ”

Mood k1b0: 1. I dont appreciate the nickname mood k1b0. And 2. I have no idea push her power button?

Mod Miu: That sounds like a innuendo.

Mood K1b0: why must you make every thing dirty!

Mod shuichi: I think she will be back later

@pangur-and-grim I showed Kibo some of your videos with pangur and grims overwhelmingly perfect Gayness and now every time I find a picture of your cats she paws at my screen and meows fondly (aka, QUITE LOUDLY). This is pretty new behavior for my cat, and she doesn’t do it with other cat pictures either. She really likes the video with pangur and the balloon friend, but it could just be from the sounds of the balloon. 😂

justrandomaskocblog  asked:

Gonta K1B0 and Kaito with s/o who have overprotective sibling and reader was earlier heartbroken so the sibling doesn't trust them?

Never fear for it is i the luminary of the stars!! To bring you an overprotective sibling protecting the darling s/o!! (Well besides Shuichi asked me to do this cause i’m the older brother type…) 

Anyways here we go!!

Gonta, K1b0 & Kaito with a s/o who has a Overprotective sibling!!

Gonta Gokuhara

  • How could Gontas adorable s/o’s older sibling not trust Gonta!! Gonta is to sweet and innocent to ever hurt anyone. (Can vouch for this he wouldn’t even hurt a fly. and gets mad when I squish ants)
  • The sibling tries there best to explain to Gonta that they are only trying to protect s/o from heart ache and wants to make sure Gonta wouldn’t hurt there younger sibling. 
  • Gonta takes a bit more of a talk to fully grasp the situation. Is it cause Gonta appears threatening or scary??? if so he is extremely sorry and will try desperately for you to understand that “Gonta is gentlemen! Gonta could never hurt S/o!! Gonta loves S/o!!”
  • “Gonta may even love S/o more then Gonta loves bugs!!” (now that is saying something) 
  • He will invite his s/o and their older sibling to go with him to go search for bugs and get to know each other!!


  • Does not compute. K1b0 is very confused as to why his s/o’s older sibling doesn’t trust him!! (sorry please don’t call me a robophobe k1b0…)
  • K1b0 is still learning about how relationships work and for his precious s/o’s older sibling not think he would hurt s/o!! now that is almost robophobic!!
  • He tries to explain to them that love is still a foreign concept to him and that if he was ever to hurt s/o he couldn’t live with himself
  • “I love s/o very much. They are teaching me so much about thing I don’t fully understand yet!!
  • K1b0 suggest that maybe s/o and the older sibling spend some time getting to know each other and that way they can all learn to trust each other!!

Kaito Momota

  • The great luminary of the stars, Kaito Momota, Would never hurt his s/o, and for his s/o’s sibling to not trust him!! He must fix this!
  • The sibling explains the situation to Kaito and he kinda freaks out for a moment. Who would dare cause his s/o such heart ache!! (will lowkey ask for there name and address so he can have a word with them!)
  • Kaito tries to convince his s/o’s older sibling that he is a hero, and s/o is his sidekick!! If he was ever to hurt s/o he would be a terrible hero!!
  • After much convincing s/o’s older sibling realizes that kaito is indeed a hero.
  • “S/o is my precious star! The one who believes in me! I love s/o so much i could never and will never hurt s/o. That is my promise to you as the luminary of the stars!!” 
  • All three of you enjoy spending nights just staring at the stars and Kaito will point out all the constellations for you both!!

Omg I did it, I hope you enjoy!!! Sorry if it seems kinda repetitive but all three are very big sweet hearts!!

-Mod Kaito (Head cannon) -