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A comparison of 2 most popular solutions that we use to simplify the logs management procedure: vs ELK ( + + ) 👉

7.0.0-beta1 introduces Elastic Maps (beta) for and location-based analytics. We've also made a few exciting design and navigation changes, including the one you've all been waiting for... everywhere. Try it out:

Nuestro sistema de nos indica que tenemos 951 IPs en prisión permanente revisable, 270 con la condicional.

A cookie type sweet made with white chocolate surrounded by layers of almond galette. Made by Kibana, a long-standing Hokkaido sweet maker.

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Leave Con2019 hands-on workshop on Mar 21 at the in VA, able to set up and use OSSEC with and . Hands-on training with OSSEC experts! Register today:

queries are even faster, ’s look and navigation are new, You *beta* believe we have an preview release for you. We hope you’re as smitten as we are with the features in 7.0.0-beta1 this :

The Stack consists of , , and ! In this blog, learn how to create granular dashboards with the ELK stack. 💁

Finding timelion a very powerful way of getting quick feedback on changes. We just deployed an optimisation on our 404 pages, graphed in seconds direct from logs with no extra metrics.

3月6日(水)ー7日(木)にElastic Day TOKYO & OSAKAを開催します! 日本市場向けの特別な発表ができるように鋭意準備中です。ぜひご応募ください。 東京: 大阪:

. is an amazing that we are already deploying in many of our clients. This is why today we were present at to deepen our knowledge in 's stack and use cases.

Something I threw together real quick over the weekend. All of this is public record from the local 's Office. Much more insightful than what is currently offered on the website. used , , to process, store and display the data.

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Persona’s Pt.2

Indeed there be a sequel. I like everything about this that I started making it 10 minutes after the first one, with a few pauses which is why it took so long.

DK: Can you read minds?

Kibana: No.

DK: Fly?

Kibana: Levitate.

DK: Take off your head?

Kibana: Yes.

DK: Take your entire body apart?

Kibana: Yes.

DK: Cool!

Joker: So Donkey Kong how do you like your new friend.

DK: He’s so much like me. He super strong I’m super strong. He’s got a thick skull, I’ve got a thick skull. The only different things are the magical stuff and his one eye. Maybe I should take one of mine ou-

Joker: No. No you shouldn’t.


R.O.B was watching everyone trying to think of a traumatic thing that would trigger a Persona to appear.

R.O.B: I do not really see the point in doing this we are strong enough as it is.

Pac-Man: Come on it’s fun.

R.O.B: Making yourself traumatised is not fun.

Popo: Hey R.O.B I think your batteries are running low.

R.O.B: What!?

Looks at his battery life.

R.O.B: Oh no! *he starts running to his room or hovering rather*

I gotta get back to my ro- ro- rooooaamm. *his batteries died just outside his door*

R.O.B: No I’m back in dead space.

Where he goes when he runs out of life.

???: Hey there buddy. Zzt!

R.O.B: Hello?

???: Lookzzz like you’ve gone and got yourzzzelf immobilized.

R.O.B: Who are you?

Shokku: I am Shoku.

R.O.B scared: Hello.

Shokku: Zo I’m gonna give you zome of my energy. Then in return you can zzzet me free by removing the mazk on your face. Do we have a deal.

R.O.B: Ok.

Shokku: Zzzee you on the other zzzide.


R.O.B: Well. That was interesting. *looks in the mirror* It’s true.

R.O.B was wearing a mask that was a straight red line on top of his visor.

R.O.B: Ok. This isn’t a big deal all I gotta do is take it off.

*pulls off mask* All the lights turned off.

Shokku: I am thou, thou art I. Question thine exiztence, and then quench your fearzz.

Arrising from blue flames formed 5 metal chambers, entering them came electricity that that had used them to make a torso (the biggest chamber), some arms (the smallest chambers), and some legs (the second biggest chamber). It had no eyes and no mouth, and a slender frame.

R.O.B: Wow! Magnificent!

Shokku: Yezz! Thank you! I shall ztand by your zide now forever.

R.O.B: Forever. Forever!

Shokku: Forever ever!

R.O.B: Forever ever!

Shokku: Yez and with my technological zkill I can aid your machinery.

R.O.B eyes sparkling: Yes please. I take back everything I ever said about you guys.

Shokku: Yeah!…..Wait what?

R.O.B: Nevermind that. I always loved you guys.


Any smash characters Persona is original.

Everyone was hanging outside. They were all playing Basketball, Ridley and Ganon were always picked first cause of their mad dunking skills, but are forbidden from being on the same team. The opposition doesn’t have a chance of winning otherwise. Joker came outside.

Joker: Hey. Guys I’ve been thinking how about we all try to trigger ourselves our own Persona.

Mario: Wait, I-a thought only-a you could-a do that?

Joker: According to my friend Morgana Persona’s are the strength born from one’s heart. So really you all could have one.

Pirahna Plant: That sounds so cool.

Ridley: Yes, yes that’s nice. Hey Ren you keep telling these chumps stories while I score a bunch o’ baskets.

Joker: Ok.

Ridley flying up towards the net and throwing the ball in and out: Yeah. Woo Woo Woo Woo Woo.

Samus: Anyway how do we trigger a Persona?

Joker: Well you see the way I got mine was through a traumatic expierience I believe. In fact most of us have expierienced trauma. So what I’m confused by is why nothing has happened already.

Diddy Kong: So basically what we’re gonna have to do is expierience some kind of traumatic event?

Joker: Exactly but if you don’t want to do it that’s fine.

DD: Good bye then.

DK slides in: Diddy something terrible just happened.

DD: What is it big buddy?

DK: There’s no more bananas!

DD: What?!


Diddy and DK both acuire masks DK was wearing a golden banana mask and Diddy with one in the shape of barrels.

DK: Hey what’s this.

???: Hello there DK.

DK: Err. Ren am I supposed to be hearing voices in my head?

Joker: Oh boy now here comes the hard part.

DD: What do you mean?

Joker: What you’ve gotta do is rip the mask off your faces hehe😅.

DK & DD:………………………. WAIT WHAAAAAAT!!!

Joker: Don’t worry it won’t hurt that much it’ll just be like a pinch.

DK: Pinches hurt.

Joker: You’ve punched the moon out of orbit I think you’ll be fine.

DK: Ok here goes nothing.

Rips off mask

DD: Are you okay?

DK: I’m alive. Hey that actually wasn’t that ba-….Why are there blue flames around me? Aaah!

???: I am thou, thou art I. Relinquish thy anger and mold it into thine weapon.

DK: Ok. Cool. Hey I didn’t catch your name.

Kibana: You may call me Kibana.

DK: That’s like banana tree in japanese but backwards, right?

Kibana: Precisely.

DK: Can I. See you now?

Kibana: Of course.

The blue flames formed themselves into a tall being. It had one red glowing eye, large bulky arms, slender fingers, no neck, a floating skull with a mini tornado holding it up and wore a yellow suit with stripes, extremley long tail and collar which was coloured brown at the tip.

Everyone: Woah!

Ridley dropped the basketball as he was in awe.

DK: What’s everyone looking a- Woah! Now that is sick! How come your dressed like a banana?

Kibana: Thou art to be asking me?

DK with a dumb look on his face: I have no idea what your saying. Is there any chance you could talk… normally?

Kibana: Oh thank the god’s I can stop talking like this it was getting extremely annoying. I thank you for freeing me.

DK: No problem my man since your gonna be with me for pretty much my entire life might as well let you do what you want to right.

Kibana: Certainly.

DK: So what can you do?

Kibana: I know what you want first so I’ll do that then tell you. So without further ado King K.Rool stole the last banana.

King K.Rool runs away.

DK: Can you teleport? If so I wanna try something.

Kibana: Ok.

King K.Rool: I think I lost him. Now to eat this delicacy in peace.

DK teleports behind him.

DK: Omae Mou Shinderu.

King K.Rool turning ‘round: Nani!?

King K.Rool was beaten up.

Everyone else excited: Time to expierience some trauma! Yay!







  1. 「Metrics & Axes」を選択
  2. Y-Axesの「LeftAxis-1」の▶を選択
  3. 「HideAdvanced Options」の▶を選択
  4. Custom Extentsの「Set Axis Extents」にチェックをいれ、「Max」と「Min」を任意の値に設定します
  5. 「Apply Changes」ボタンを選択し、グラフを再描画すれば任意の値に設定された範囲のグラフが表示されます
To do Graphite or just stick with Elasticsearch

I’m in the middle of setting up Graphite and in that process I thought, why should you use Graphite instead of using the Graphite input in Logstash and store the data in Elasticsearch instead.

Input section should look like this

input { 
	udp {
		port => 2003
	tcp {
		port => 2003

Just opens up udp and tcp ports.

Filter should be like this

filter {
	grok {
		match => ["message", "%{DATA:metric} %{BASE16FLOAT:value} %{INT:date}"]
	mutate {
		convert => ["value","float"]
	date {
		match => ["date","UNIX"]
	mutate {
		split => ["metric", "."]
	mutate {
		remove_field => message
		remove_field => date
		remove_field => host

This is what is happening

  1. Split the original message to three fields
  2. Convert the value field to float (so Elasticsearch can do calculations on the value)
  3. Switch the timestamp to the Graphite timestamp value
  4. Split the metric value so Elasticsearch can analyze the field properly.
  5. Finally unused fields are dropped

In Kibana we can now search for metric key’s very easily and tell graphs to use the value field.

Extremely flexible and simple.

There are only two downsides.

  • The metric resolution does not change with time like in Graphite and RRD.
  • The size of the data seems to be quite a bit bigger than Graphite and RRD

But there are upsides as well

  • Using everything in the ELK stack, simple, well documented
  • Scales with ease
  • Can do what Logstash can do, for example alerting.