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The is nearly here!! and upgrade to Contact us if you need a hand to make the transition

ไม่จำเป็นนะที่คนเราต้องมีทุกๆ แอพ เพื่อให้คนเข้าถึงเรา เวลาไหนก็ได้ เพราะคำว่า space กับ private มันจะหายไป ซึ่งมันผิดวิถี

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and Say Ahh.. Ahh..Huhh.. 1800 บาท ส่งฟรี EMS มือ 2 ตำหนิ หนัก ถ้าสนใจขอดูสภาพเพิ่มเติมได้จนกว่าจะพอใจซื้อแล้วไม่รีบคืน

Its not rocket science (39): Your human potential ultimately rests with you.... not with the government, your friends, family or some movement or other. Challenge life! Try to take charge of your life! Commit! Act! keep the faith!

Calling all Year 7s . Only 2 days until the Unity Tournament. See Mrs Jackson if you need help login on. and Rock on!

Bilamana kau dah baraiii tapi masih melayan ws lagi haha. Kemain nak miss miss dengan aku 😂😂😂

Taking advise from a mug. Thanks for my cake ! Always a "treat" coming in to see you guys!

Seriously risking of being 🦵 kicked out from the fellows’ office if I continue keeping the temperature on Amalfi Coast’s levels😂

Problems come and go ... it all upto you how you handle it !!!

A person claiming to be an Indian, though he is still not accepted by India is known as . is currently a Canadian National, but still tries to be an Indian spitting venom on Pakistan by distorting facts. Pls spread and .

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Believe In Yourself and Fight

When you start believing people hate you…

You have no friends…

No one cares….

Then you’re suprised with a beautiful message from someone you don’t even call a friend yet.


Keep Calm And Tron On - Unisex Hoodie // Brand By You original / tron legacy, flynn lives, light disc cycle, flynns arcade, kevin sam flynn

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#silence #hill #last #day #keepcalm

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i used to recite this every time i prepared for an in class essay test. every time i was about to get up and present to the class. any time anything stressful or terrifying was happening. i would imagine the precise moment when it would end. in less than 24 hours — by 3:25pm tomorrow — i will pain no longer.

there will come a time when it is over, and you will not have died.

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Hey...I just wanted to say I really enjoy your blog and I wanted to thank you for taking the time to answer questions about our OTP. I always enjoy reading your thoughts and analysis. You’re the best! So seriously -thank you! Going into the final season I’m quite bummed out because we’re not going to get very many intimate scenes (kisses, hugs, handholding etc) other than what is shown in flashbacks. Everything will either be with the glass separating them or over the phone:-/

Hey, thanks for your kinds words—I’m blushing here :) This blog is a labour of love and I try my best to give thought-out (long-winded lol) answers so it’s always lovely to get positive feedback like yours in my Inbox. Thanks again :)

Now about season 7…Well, we knew that lack of physical contact during visitation was going to be an issue –Laura talks about that in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter here– BUT we know how beautifully Laura and Taylor can express how Alex and Piper feel about each other through gestures and looks alone, so I’m confident we’ll get some great scenes of them together in present-day…and I’m hoping for at least one flashback of them together :)

In the meantime….



These are testing times. Local, central and international politics are all over the show and the internet is full of people who know how to fix it. But whether you’re a Bremainer or a Brexiteer, it’s important to remember one thing; Keep Calm and Wear Tweed. #keepcalm #tweed #tweedfashion #brexit (at Yorkshire)

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Keep Calm Coffee is ON..☕
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What can be said, that has not already?

It’s when you are sad, and no longer steady.

Creating a storm, deep in your soul.

Emotion so strong, a state of mind well known.

Bursting out, with no control.

Wanting a bout, not a stroll.

But keep in mind, it’s still you.

So start to unwind, and breath slowly too.

When you think, you won’t be rash.

So let the feeling sink, and drown in a flash.

Keep calm