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VIDEO Laudisa: "--: il valzer dei bomber. resta alla . ..."

Dybala si è abituato ad , sempre fuori ruolo, oggi falso nueve, perché non gioca . Contropiede, Douglas Costa con Dybala vicino passa la palla a Ronaldo arretrato. Dybala distribuisce palloni ma non li riceve: dispiace.

Juventus 1 - Milan 0 Alla fine abbiamo vinto, se non gioca deve giocare Douglas Costa è meglio quando entra in gara in corso. Più palloni agli attaccanti e non fare tiri inutili. Chi segna sono i soliti: Ronaldo. ⚪️⚫️

Juventus 1 - Milan 0 Ancora tiri da fuori inutili e mai un vero passaggio a Ronaldo e Dybala. Ma quest’anno abbiamo Ronaldo e senza troppe azioni pericolose si vince. , forse poteva giocare prima o dopo

Grazie a Toto' per la bella chiacchiera con lui sulla fra e , con temi affrontati anche il momento di , e , oltre che l'incisività nelle finali di Il tutto su in edicola oggi

Un’importante notizia riguardante i presunti buu razzisti di

SPRING SEMESTER IS HERE, which means. . . How many days till Spring☀️🌊🌼Break? Either way, enjoy the ride, these four months are gonna fly🚀

Patrick a joué son premier match de Serie A le 21 mai 2017: il avait 19 ans. Six jours plus tard, Moise marquait son premier but en Serie A à 17 ans. Précoces.

Per una volta dice una cosa giusta..👏👏 (Non montarti la testa però) siamo tutti ma nessuno è questa è la federazione e il

...c'est double jeu!! Alors que nous ferons notre sixième représentation de au , la elle se jouera au théâtre du Jeu de Paume d'Aix-en-Provence. Ce soir...c'est 💕

a : "Il triennio alla fu straordinario: meriterebbe di vincere molto di più. un maestro. ? Ha qualità impressionanti, l'ho strappato alla quando ci soffiarono . Può diventare un top"

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Couldn’t give him even 90 minutes poor Kean

Putting my translation projects on hold till the end of 2018

Hello, everyone ^^

I’ve mentioned this before, several times, but I guess I’ll now be making an official announcement of sorts about it. I will be putting my translations of Kagerou Daze VII -from the darkness- and Shuuen no Shiori 3 Shuumatsu -Re:write-, as well as any other long-term projects I’m currently working on, on hold until my GCE A-Level examinations are over this year.

I still intend on translating them, don’t worry, but this means that I’ll only be able to continue working on them around December of this year? And I’ll probably post the next few chapters up either at the end of this year or at the beginning of next year ^^’

Only my long-term translation projects will be on hold, though, so I may reappear from time to time with translations of small stuff like song lyrics or anything I’m interested in at the moment.

I’m sorry for the long wait, but these exams are really important so I ask for your patience m(_ _)m 

Never mind

If ever I’ll write our story, where do I start? Is it ‘Once upon a time?’ Nahh that’s clichè. Well let me start this way 'One day I fall fast and hard’ yes a typical story of a girl and a boy. But hey it’s an open letter for him actually though I know he can’t be able to read this one.

Hi Kean! I wonder do you still remember me? Do you still remember our late night talks? Do you still remember my name? Nevertheless I just wanna say I hate myself. I hate myself for believing your sugar coated words. I hate myself for trusting you. I hate myself for assuming you’ll catch me if ever I’ll fall from the cliff of your charm. Our three weeks is fast as lightning, but I’m just the only one whose affected that much hahaha silly me I should done precautionary measures that time. Anyways I hope your now happy with her. I hope your doing good. How unfair I’m just the one who knows your real name it means I have ways how to stay updated to you. New year means new beginning and will you congratulate me? My days of missing you is finally over and this letter is my key to left all the baggages you left.

One day if ever we cross our path (I hope I still remember your face when that time comes) I’ll greet you with a smile that I often gave to strangers I met. Yes stranger to think that we started like that and will end that way.

If anyone’s wondering why I suddenly went on a translating spree, it’s because I’ve been listening to shissou word on a loop for literally the entire day?? No kidding, I’ve been listening to nothing BUT this song it’s amazing and has me in tears, so I’ve been unusually motivated!! Thank you Jin and Sidu ;u; It’s also really great to see the kagepro fandom revived with the release of summer time reload and shissou word!!! The first two chapters of from the darkness are really short, anyway. They get longer from here on. (I was planning on starting on from the darkness after finishing the shuuenpro chapter I’ve already started on, but I’m way too hyped right now :’) )

Current Translation Status + Future Plans

Hello everyone!!

I’m actually done translating Kagerou Daze VI -over the dimension-, just that it’s being proofread right now before I can post the final chapter and the afterword. It ends on a really ominous note… ;u;

…which brings me to the main focus of this post. After I post the last two parts of over the dimension, I’ll have the proofreading done one more time for the entire novel. So there’ll probably be some major editing going on! I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this, but the first half or so of over the dimension was translated directly from the official Chinese version, which explains any inconsistencies when comparing my translations to the official Japanese raws that you guys may have spotted. Yup, so the proofreading will be done by checking my translations against the official Japanese raws.

Besides that, here are new novels I will be translating: Kagerou Daze VII -from the darkness- and I’ll be continuing the rest of Shuuen no Shiori 3: Shuumatsu -Re:write-. I intend on translating the 4th (and final, so far) shuuenpro novel too, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.


- final chapter + afterword of over the dimension will be posted (soon) when the proofreading is done

- the entire translation of over the dimension will be proofread one more time

- i will be translating Kagerou Daze VII -from the darkness- and Shuuen no Shiori 3: Shuumatsu -Re:write- next

Yup, that’s all. Thanks, everyone! :>

Oh yeah, if any of you play the mobile game A3! (Act! Addict! Actors!), I started a translation blog a while ago where I translate backstage stories and event stories (the only event story I’ve translated so far is hAve A greAt trip! though). Here’s my blog url: @rurikawa–yuki :>

Update: Currently translating the ongoing event story, Merry, Xmas! Mr. Blooming.


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Every time we meet, I keep realizing more how we’re much like puzzle pieces. Jagged, unique, finding and struggling to be part of the bigger picture. We fit perfectly and it just made sense. I keep looking for your marks and tattoos in other people, but then nothing is as beautiful as the moon inspired patterns on your skin.

Your arms were a familiar place that I would willingly site as my address. It was home. And now I feel homesick as fuck because god you gave light to my life and now it’s flickering and I cant find my matches and switches so I burn myself instead to keep the damn darkness away