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Cameron: What the hell!? You just shot me!

Kay: Calm down, it’s laser tag, that’s the point of the game!

A Bundle of Secrets Chapter 19

Chapter 19

Kay opened her eyes as the pain of the beat down she received kicked in. She clutched her right side when she felt something in her right jacket pocket. She placed her hand in her pocket and pulled out a bracelet with a small charm on it. The charm was styled to look like an ace of hearts. Kay smiled, shaking her head slightly; Cameron must have snuck it in her pocket at some point.

She had to get out of here, wherever here was. She made a painful attempt to get up but did manage to succeed in getting up when the door opened again. Kay quickly placed the necklace back in her pocket. The mystery woman came back in, “Hello Kay.”

Kay scoffed, “What do you want?”

“Simply to say hello, see how you’re doing.”

Kay rolled her eyes, “Look, I’m not telling you anything. I would never betray Cameron’s trust.”

The mystery woman shook her head, “So loyal. I do wonder about that loyalty.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Well, I can’t help but wonder just how far you’re willing to go for Cameron. How much you’re willing to do for him.” Kay didn’t answer, “I mean, when you think about it, he’s really not worth it. He can be pretty selfish.”

Kay scoffed and shook her head, “You have no idea what you’re talking about. I’ve never met anyone more stupidly self-sacrificing than him. It’s only fair that I try to do the same for him.”

“Would you even be willing to take this?” The mystery woman pulled out a small vial with some sort of clear liquid inside.

“What is that?” Kay asked.

“Just a simple serum.”

“A serum… Like the one Jonathan has?”

“Do you know what it does?”

“I-it creates a sort of vegetable state in the person who takes it.”

The mystery woman raised an eyebrow, “Not just that. You see you may be in this locked-in state but you are fully aware of what goes on around you. You’d sleep and wake up like anyone else but you just wouldn’t move… and then one day… your heart will just… stop. The autopsy would rule it as a heart attack.” She holds it out towards the agent.

“Why are you giving it to me?”

“I want you to take it.” She grinned, “And drink it.”

Kay’s eyes widened, “Why would I do that?” The FBI agent couldn’t see any reason as to how she would willingly take that serum.

“Because I’m willing to make a deal. You take the serum and I leave Cameron, Jonathan and their little family alone. Forever. If anything happens to them, I will not be responsible for it.”

“And if I refuse to do it?”

“Then by my orders, you will die execution style. We will leave your body for Cameron to find and will continue to pick off each of his little deception group including Jonathan until he is left all alone.”

“Cameron wouldn’t abandon Farrah… even if all that happened.”

“But it would break him. So much so that I doubt any reasonable judge wouldn’t accept that Farrah would be better off with her grandparents.”

Kay sighed, “Why do they want Farrah so badly? They hadn’t spoken to Shawn for years and-wait.” Kay’s eyes widened with realization, “That’s why… They want her to be their… their do-over, don’t they?”

“Shawn was going to have a very important role in their family and he abandoned them before it could be a done deal.”

“They’re want to raise her-”

“Raise her right.”

Kay shook her head, “But even if you don’t hurt them, that won’t stop the Blancs from doing what you would have done.”

The mystery woman chuckled, “See that’s where you’re wrong. Without me… they never would have found Shawn and Fiona in the first place.”

Kay’s eyes widened with anger, “No.”

“Oh yes.”

“Do you even have a moral conscious?”

“Of course. It just differs from your own.” She smirked, “So what’ll it be Kay?” Kay just glared at the woman, “You know what? I’ll come back. Give you some time to… rest up?” She joked.

Just as the mystery woman stepped out the door, “I take that serum and everyone lives? That’s the deal you want to make?”

“With all my heart.”

“Why? What did I ever do to you? What did Cameron or Jonathan ever do to you?”

The mystery woman turned around, “They lied their whole lives. As for you…” Kay could have sworn she saw a flash of emotion, possibly… hatred or… jealously in the mystery woman’s eyes, “You helped them.” With that, Kay was left alone in the cold room with a decision to make. She pulled on the chain still attached to her arm, if only she had something to break the lock of the chain with. She had to get out here. Just then, she saw something in the corner of her eye by the window.

Back at the FBI building, Mike was in the interrogation room with the glaring woman from the photo. Cameron and Jonathan were both behind the mirror with Agent Deakins as they looked on. “So… Roma Van Wesel.”

Roma raised a perfectly formed eyebrow, “That’s me.”

“Do you know why you’re here?”

“Don’t know.” She shrugged, “Don’t care.”

“You’re here about Shawn Blanc and Fiona Jonbroni.”

“Shawn Blanc I know.” She thought for a moment, “Oh, is this Fiona girl that little whore he was seeing?”

Both Cameron and Jonathan felt their blood boil at that comment. Mike shook his head, “You were engaged to Shawn at one point?”

“Pre-engaged. The ass-hat backed out.”

“Must have made you angry.”

“Hell yeah it did.”

“It’s terrible when the person you thought you could trust turns out being somebody else.” Mike said.

“Yes!” Roma exclaimed, falling for Mike’s trap, “That bastard chose little orphan Annie over me. I mean look at me!”

“You wear red lipstick correct?”

Roma became confused, “Yes?”

“When did you last see Shawn?”

“I don’t know. Why does that matter?”

“Were you aware Shawn had a daughter?”


Mike repeated his words, “Did you know Shawn had a daughter?”

Roma paused for a moment, “No. I didn’t.”

“Someone killed Shawn and Fiona” Mike said showing her the crime scene pictures. He then showed her a picture of them with Farrah, “And now this little girl doesn’t have her parents anymore.” He then noticed her crack a small smile that could have been missed had he not been paying attention, “And someone drew a heart around his bullet wound using lipstick. The same lipstick that you are currently wearing.”

“You think that I killed him.”

Mike raised his eyebrows, “Well, you have motive, means and opportunity. Plus I’m sure that if we check the DNA on the lipstick, it’ll be a match for your DNA”

“You won’t find any DNA, it was a new tube!” Roma’s eyes widened as she realized what she said then smirked, “Bravo… I was wondering when you people would figure it out.”

“So you’re saying-”

“Yes, I killed Shawn… and I enjoyed every minute of it. You see if I can’t have what I want-”

“No one else can.”

“When Bennett Blanc said he needed my help in bringing his son home, I just knew that I had to see for myself that a member of the Blanc family had actually given up their luxury lifestyle to be with some orphan. When I agreed, some woman met me at the Bennett Estate after having dinner with them, handed me the address and a gun, just in case Shawn tried to be difficult.”

Jonathan noticed Cameron clench his fists in anger, “Cameron.” Cameron didn’t answer so Jonathan place a hand on his younger brother’s shoulder, “We got Shawn’s killer. You can relax.”

Mike couldn’t believe this woman, speaking so casually about ending a life, “Who was this woman? What happened?”

Roma shrugged, “I don’t know, some weird lady with different coloured eyes.” Cameron and Jonathan eyes widened at the statement, “I called him. He said he didn’t want me to come over, said that it would never happen between us. So naturally, I had to go over there and remind him on what he was missing out on. I got there and when I saw those photos on the wall in that tiny apartment, I lost it. I pulled out my gun and then his little orphan whore walked in wearing the ugliest outfit I had ever seen and looking a little chunky I might add while carrying a bunch of blankets. They weren’t even folded properly.”

“You chased after her?”

“No. Shawn told her to take what she was holding and run… he told her he loved her and that’s when I readied the trigger. Little bitch ran out like they had opened the door to a Black Friday sale.”

Mike tired to keep his composure. He had never met a killer this… nonchalant before, “I see.”

“I only have one regret. I didn’t shoot the orphan bitch first. Would have loved to see Shawn’s reaction to that.”

“Then you chased after Fiona?”

“Nope” She said, popping the ‘P’, “I kicked him around a bit, then shot him in the head, drew the heart on Shawn’s forehead and then left to clean myself up. Didn’t waste my time with her. I took the man she loved because he didn’t love me.”

“Roma Van Wesel, you are under arrest for the murder of Shawn Blanc.”

Roma smirked, “You know, you’ll never make it stick.” She laughed, “My family has far too much money for you to be able to keep me to jail.”

Mike cuffed her from behind, “At the very least, I can put you a holding cell.”

Cameron let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. Agent Deakins spoke up, “We have his killer Cameron.”

Cameron nodded, “I know… but we don’t have Fiona’s killer… and Kay’s still missing.” Just then Gunter walked in carrying a crying Farrah. She was usually calm and she liked Grandpa Gunter but she started crying a little while ago and wasn’t stopping. When Gunter saw Mike lead Roma out of the interrogation room in cuffs, he came in. “Gunter?”

“Look, I really bonded with this kid but I don’t know how to deal with a crying baby.” Gunter said, handing her to Jonathan.

Jonathan took the crying baby and tried bouncing her up and down to calm her down, “Hey Pudding Sack, what’s wrong?” Farrah’s crying subsided for a moment but started to wail again.

“Hand her to me.” Cameron said. Jonathan passed her over to him but Farrah still didn’t stop crying, “I wish she could tell us what wrong.” He tried getting her to relax, “Come on Farrah, what wrong?” Tears just kept rolling down her face; it broke everyone’s hearts to see this sweet little girl in distress. “I wish Kay was here… she’s really good with her.”

“We’ll find her Cameron.” Deakins said.

Just then Mike walked in, “Hey guys, I got a hit on Kay’s phone.”

Cameron’s eyes widened as Farrah seemed to have cried herself out and was now just resting her head on Cam’s shoulder while lazily hitting him with her tiny hand, “And?”

Mike sighed, “You’re gonna wanna see this.”

So… they caught Shawn’s killer. I know that it might feel a little anti-climatic but to be honest, that’s what I was going for because while it was important, Shawn and Fiona’s murders were not the central theme of the story. Farrah was the central theme… if that makes sense… I’m not sure if it makes sense… but I think you guys get what I mean. I just hope that you guys didn’t see who the killer was coming and if you did… cool! Good for you! :)

Fiona’s killer is still on the loose and Kay is still kidnapped… or is she?

Hope you enjoyed this chapter and I hope you will come back for the next one.

anonymous asked:

You’re not the kind of person I thought you’d be…I like that.”“What are you doing here?”

Today’s prompts are… … … Linus! Where are the prompts? [Hands me the hat] Thank you Linus. Today’s prompts are… “You’re not the kind of person I thought you’d be… I like that” and… “What are you doing here?” Let’s see what happens.

It had been just over twenty-four hours since Kay had last spoken to Cameron, well, spoken to Jonathan but she didn’t know that. She couldn’t understand it; she knew Cameron was upset and rightfully so but… why did it seem like he hated her? She shook her head, clearly Cameron didn’t want anything to do with her anymore, she should just forget about him. That’s when her phone rang, “Hello?”

“Kay?” A familiar voice said on the other line.


“No, it’s not Jonathan, it’s me. Kay, you gotta help me, I didn’t know who else to call.”

Kay sat down in shock, “C-Cameron?”

Cameron gave a nervous chuckle, “Y-yeah… wait till you hear how I got myself into this. I know this is a lot to ask especially after the way I snapped at you but… you’re the only one I know I can trust right now…”

“What about Dina, Jordan, or Gunter?”

There was a silence for a moment, “I need to see you Kay.” I need you, he thought.

Kay was silent for a moment, “I’ll be there as soon as possible.” It took Kay less than an hour to reach the prison. When she walked into the meeting room, she saw him. The man sitting at the table looked up and locked eyes with her. This time she recognized those eyes. “Can you give us a few minutes?” She said to the guard. The guard left the room and Kay turned back to Cameron, “It really is you.”

Cameron stood up and grinned sheepishly, “Hey Kay… you look good.”

She took a step closer to him, “Cameron… h-how long have you been here? What are you doing here?”

“Uh… just a little over twenty-four hours. I would’ve called sooner but I just thought-” He was cut off by Kay pulling him into a hug. He froze for a moment then proceeded to tightly wrap his arms around her, “God, I missed you.” He was mentally kicking himself for ever thinking that he could be done with her.

“I missed you too.” When they pulled away, Kay got a good look at his face, “You’re hurt.”

Cameron realised she was talking about the bruise on his cheek, “Oh that… that’s nothing. You know if you wanna see hurt, you should see what some of my fellow prisoners did.” He joked then realized that he probably shouldn’t have said that.

“Wait, who’s hurt you?”

“I-it’s not important. I’m just a little bruised, nothing too bad.”

“No, tell me. I want names.”

Cameron gripped her shoulders, “Kay, it’s not important.” He looked into her eyes, “You came. That’s important.”

Kay pursed her lips. She wanted to know who hurt him but she didn’t want to push him, “What happened? How are you here? Where’s Jonathan?” She asked as they sat down.

Cameron sighed, “I… he punched me out. He switched our clothing and he-he left.”

“But why? What happened?”

“I’m not going to lie. I… I had planned on breaking him out.” Kay looked down at the table then back at him, “I’m sorry. I just, I was angry that-”

“That the FBI had really let you guys down again… but this time, it really was our fault.”

Cameron took her hand which surprised her but she didn’t move it back, “But it wasn’t yours.”


“No. These past twenty-four hours reminded just how much you helped and how much you put your job-the job you love-on the line for us.”

“Were you planning on leaving and just disappearing… no pun intended.” Kay said, cracking a small smile.

Cameron actually managed to let out a little chuckle then his smile faded, “Y-yes.”

“W-would I have ever seen you again?” She asked, remembering what he-no, Jonathan had said the other day.

“I-I don’t know.” Kay’s eyes flickered down again which Cameron noticed. He squeezed her hand, “I wouldn’t know how to face you.”

“I would’ve understood.” She said, squeezing his hand back.

Cameron shook his head smiling, “You’re not the kind of person I thought you’d be… I like that.”

“Why did Jonathan leave you here?”

“I think he got fed up. I don’t blame him but… I have no idea where he is or what he’s doing. I just know he hates me.”

Kay gave him a sympathetic look, “He doesn’t hate you.”

“Then why did he-”

“Cameron, I-I don’t know if you remember but I saw how Jonathan looked when you got stuck in the vault. He loves you Cameron.”

“Then why?”

“People make bad choices when they’re mad or scared or stressed.”

Cameron smirked, “Did you just quote Frozen?”

Kay thought for a moment then let out a chuckle, “I didn’t intend to.” They both laughed a little. Kay then gave his hand a reassuring squeeze, “I’m getting you out of here Cameron. I’ll have them run a DNA test.”

“Wait. Kay… you don’t hate me?”

Kay slowly shook her head, “I don’t think I could if I tried.”

They smiled at each other as Kay let go of his hand and got up from her seat, “Kay?”

She turned around to look at him, “Yes?”

Cameron grinned, “I don’t hate you either. Quite the opposite of hate actually.” Kay felt her cheeks turn a slight pink which didn’t go unnoticed by Cam as his cheeks turn a little rosy from his own words.

About twelve hours later and after some very choice curse words from Kay, they tested Cam’s DNA and fingerprints and realized that they had the wrong man. They apologized for the mix-up and quite frankly, they had grown quite terrified of Kay and her glare in such a short time.

Kay and Cameron exited the prison. When he got out the door, Cameron stopped and took a deep breath. He never realized just how much he appreciated the fresh air. Kay smiled as he looked over to her, clearly glad to be out, “Let’s get you home.” They started to walk towards her car when Cameron gently grasped her arm, stopping her, “Cameron? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I just…” He paused and took a step closer to her, “Kay I-I… what happens now?”

“What do you mean?” She said stepping towards him.

“I mean… are we… going to be partners again? Are you still going to be in my life?” His hand sliding down her arm and taking her hand in his.

Kay felt her heart quicken, “Do you want me to be?”

He gazed into her deep brown eyes, “Yes.” Their faces were very close to each other and the fact that they were pretty close in height made it easier for them to be in close proximity, “Kay, I want you in my life. I-I need you in my life.”

“Cameron, I…” Kay was still unsure of what he meant, “Am… am I just another FBI agent to you?”

Cameron gave her a sweet smile, “No. You never were.” Kay let out a slight laugh which made Cam’s smile widen. Suddenly, their faces were so close that their lips were just inches apart, “Kay, I…”

Kay’s expression softened, “Yes?”

“I…” Cameron lips hovered about an inch away from hers. He was nervous but after a few seconds, he softly pressed his lips against hers and he felt her grip his hand a little tighter. He pulled away after a mere moment, “N-no, we shouldn’t… I’m sorry. I-I didn’t ask. I just…” Cameron was at a loss for words. When he thought of the future, the only thing that was clear in his mind was that he wanted Kay to be a part of it, if she would let him.

“No, no, i-it’s okay… I…” She softly cupped his bruised cheek and pressed her lips against his in a tender kiss. His hands moved to cup her neck as he adjusted the angle of their heads and deepened the kiss. Her hands moved down a tad as she gripped the fabric of his jacket. A few moments later, they pulled away, not having moved much they kept their foreheads pressed gently together as their eyes remained closed for a little while. “I want you in my life too. I just didn’t think you meant… this way.”

“Y-yeah. I didn’t just… screw things up did I?”

Kay chuckled, “Far from it.”

He smiled, making his dimples appear, “Good.”



“You’re not going to make me regret this are you?” She smirked playfully.

Cameron raised a playful eyebrow, “Well, I certainly don’t plan to.”

Kay smiled and intertwined their hands, “Let’s get you home.”She said, repeating herself.

Cameron smiled and squeezed her hand, “I’m already there. Thanks to you.”Cameron didn’t know what he did to deserve to have Kay in his life but damn, was he glad that she was.

…I know, I actually finished a new one-shot! I hoped you guys liked it! If you did, please let me know what you thought because I always love hearing your opinions!

Twenty one-shots down!

…More than twenty to go! …Wish me luck!


A Deception Drabble

(Kaymeron + the team)

Requested by: @castledisneyfan and Anonymous


1. Would you be willing to right angst-y fluff for Kaymeron with the prompt, “Don’t die on me. Please.” And please don’t kill one of them off!

2. Would you be willing to write a Kaymeron one-shot where Kay almost dies giving birth to the twins? (Also, I don’t know about you but I see the twins as being a boy and a girl set)

Summary: Kay goes into labor and takes a turn for the worse.  Cameron must rely on the magic of family and love to get through it and stay strong.


“Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!” Kay yelled in pain as she lay in the hospital bed squeezing Cameron’s hand. She had been having contractions for hours, and it showed. Her hair was in a messy bun that was falling out in random places, making it messy in a non-cute way. Not to mention her bangs were stuck to her forehead in a layer of sweat. Kay’s eyes were also tired and puffy from all the emotions coursing through her. She was happy to be becoming a mother, sad that her pregnancy was coming to a close, annoyed at how much pain she was in, and both glad and angry that Cameron Black did this to her.

“Ow, ow, ow!” Cameron winced. “My hand!” Kay cut him a wicked glance that said ‘Are you kidding me?’ and he quickly shut up after adding, “Right. Nevermind.” With that, another contraction came along with more yelling and grunts of pain from both.

“Good job, Kayby. You got this. The babies are almost here.”  He smiled as he always did when he said the word baby in the plural form. Cameron still couldn’t believe they were having twins. He remembered the day the nurse told them the news. They went in to find the gender but came out with so much more. It was crazy. He hadn’t known whether to laugh or cry, so naturally he did both. At the end of the day though, something about having twins just felt right and oddly perfect.  And now it was finally happening. The contractions were minutes apart, so Cameron knew it wouldn’t be long now.

Kay stared at her husband for a long moment then finally whispered, “I love you.”

“I love you too.” He replied, kissing her once on the forehead then on the lips.

Too soon the sweet moment was interrupted by yet another contraction. As this one came to an end, the doctor entered the room.

“Sounds like we are getting close.” Dr. Singh said with a smile as she put on her gloves. “Let’s have a look.”  Sitting on the stool at the end of the bed, the doctor began to examine Kay. “Ten centimeters.” She noted. “It’s pushing time.”

After a couple nurses came into help, they did just that. “All right… push!” Dr. Singh commanded.

With a loud grunt, Kay squeezed Cameron’s hand until it turned purple and pushed with all she had. Once. Twice. Thee times.

“Hold on. Stop pushing.” The doctor said calmly yet forcefully.

It was quiet a moment. Not too long but long enough for Cameron and Kay to exchange a worried look and for Cam to ask, “Is everything okay.”

“Everything is fine.” The doctor assured. “However, baby number one is in breech position.  Now, normally I could go in and try to rotate the baby by hand, but with another baby in there, I think it would be safer for everyone involved if we did a c-section.”

Standing up, the doctor rattled off some directions for the nurses as she made her way out of the room. Kay rubbed her stomach and looked to Cameron who was doing his own version of Lamaze breathing.

“Hey, look at me. ” She said softly, catching his attention. As his eyes bore into hers, she told him confidently, “A c-section is a common method of delivery. Everything is going to be fine.”

Cameron nodded and kissed their intertwined hands, wanting to believe her. However, he had a pit in his stomach that was convincing him otherwise.


Fifteen minutes later, they were in a new  room with more doctors and nurses and machines. Cameron was dressed in scrubs this time with a matching cap. Kay was in her hospital gown but also wore a special cap to keep her hair out of the way as she was attached to several machines given that this was a surgical procedure. In the same positions as before, they held hands tightly and let the doc do her thing.

A few moments later, Dr. Singh’s voice rang out, “Here is baby number one… It’s a girl!”

“A girl! We have a daughter!” Cam beamed then kissed his wife in excitement.

“She’s beautiful.” Kay added as she watched the nurse take her baby girl across the room to clean her up.

“Just like her mama.” Cam nodded.

Exactly three minutes later, the doctor cheered, “Baby number two has arrived! Mr. and Mrs. Black… say hello to your son.”

“A son!” Cameron exclaimed.

“Our son.” Kay grinned tiredly as her eyelids grew heavy.

“We have a daughter AND a son, Kay!” He smiled proudly as he watched the nurse take his baby boy from the doctor then turned to his wife. Her eyes were closed like she was sleeping and her head rolled slightly to the side. Immediately feeling like something was off he queries, “Kay?” Unfortunately the only response was the sudden chaotic beeping of the machines she was attached to. “KAY!” He found himself shouting. “Wake up, Kay!”

Cameron waited for a response as he shook her lightly by the shoulder. Still nothing. At least not from her. The doctor and nurses were pretty chatty though, sharing information about the patient’s current state and how to treat her. They used terms he wasn’t too familiar with, so he wasn’t 100% sure about what was going on. All he knew was that she was bleeding too much, which obviously wasn’t a good thing.

“Come on, Kay.” Cameron begged. “Don’t die on me. Please.” Cupping her face with his hands he cooed softly. “Our kids need you. I need you.”

He wanted to say or do more but the nurse was ordered to remove him from the room so the doctor could focus and have more room to work and breathe. Cameron understood, but he didn’t like it. He hated being helpless. He couldn’t stand sitting in the hall and doing nothing while his wife was potentially dying in the next room. So, instead, he paced and prayed to any and every higher power he could think of. After a few minutes, his mind wandered to why. Why was this happening? Why couldn’t he have a happy life with a happy family…. just this once? Becoming enraged at his thoughts as well as the helplessness, Cameron balled up his blue cap that was now in his hands and threw it violently down the hall before swinging a fist in the other direction and punching the wall. He made a sizable dent in the drywall but didn’t care in the least.

“Whoa! Cam! What’s going on?” A familiar voice called out.

Turning to his left, Cameron saw his twin brother, Jonathan, coming toward him with a nurse in tow.  The elderly woman was chastising him. Something about how he wasn’t permitted to be back here. She must have gone to the waiting room to give the gang an update and worried him. Or maybe his twin sense had kicked in and alerted him that something was wrong. Either way, Cameron was grateful to see him.

Now standing in front of his brother, Jonathan placed a hand on each of Cam’s shoulders and repeated, “Cam! Are the twins okay?”

“The babies are fine.” He managed to get out clearly, but Cameron’s voice began to waiver as he tried to explain about his wife. “It’s Kay… sh-she’s bleeding too much. The machines were g-going crazy. I’m so scared Johnny.”  Cam finished in a whisper as tears streaked down his face.

Jonathan immediately pulled his brother in for a hug, squeezing him tightly with everything he had.

That’s when Cameron Black officially broke. Holding on to his big brother for dear life and sobbing uncontrollably into his shoulder, he felt himself grow weak with sorrow. After a long moment, he finally whispered, “She can’t die, Johnny. I need her.”

At that, Jonathan quickly pulled his brother back to look him in the eyes and said adamantly, “Hey, don’t talk like that!  Everything is going to be all right, you hear me?”

“You don’t know that.” Cam tossed back dejectedly.

“Actually, I do.” Johnny assured. “In case you haven’t noticed, your wife is kind of a badass. She is literally the strongest person I know, putting criminals away for a living, growing two little humans inside of her, not to mention putting up with you on a daily basis.” At that, Cameron offered the smallest of smiles. His brother took that as a positive sign and kept going. “What I’m saying is, Kay has never given up on anything or anyone before, and I doubt she’s about to start now. So, believe in her…. just like she’s always believed in you.”

Cameron nodded, “Yeah, okay.” Then added with a sniff. “Thanks, Johnny.”

He nodded in return, then after a moment, he replied, “C’mon.” and walked his brother to a nearby chair so he could sit down.

Leaning coolly against the wall beside his brother, Johnny asked, “So do I have nieces or nephews?”

“Both.” Cam grinned, revealing his right dimple.

Jonathan proceeded to probe more about the babies, including what their names and who their god parents were. He was genuinely curious and wanted to distract his brother from thinking the worst. So, really it was a win-win. However, Cameron refused to divulge any information, saying he had to wait and see.

After that, they proceeded to chat aimlessly to pass the time. They sat in the hall talking for what seemed like forever until Dr. Singh came out of the room with an unreadable expression. Cameron shot out of his chair, more than ready to hear an update on his wife.

Sighing, she said, “Obviously, there were some complications with the delivery. The placenta wasn’t delivered properly with the babies, causing a hemorrhage. However, we were able to act fast and stop the bleeding. Kay is going to need a lot of rest, but she’ll be just fine.” Dr. Singh finished with a smile.

Jonathan sighed in relief as Cam flung his arms around the doctor and said, “Thank you, Doc.”

“Would you like to go see her?” She offered.

“Yes!” Cameron answered hurriedly then looked to Johnny.

“I’ll give the guys an update. Go be with your family.” Jonathan smiled as he briefly clasped his brother on the shoulder.

Cam clasped him back, giving him a small smile before following behind the doctor and returning to Kay. As he did, a million things ran through his mind.

One of them being that he hoped his twins would one day be as close as he and Jonathan were.


It’s amazing how quickly things can change. One minute, you’re having the worst day of your life, and the next, you’re on cloud nine. That’s how Kay felt today. Going through labor and almost dying was terrifying, but now, sitting in the hospital bed and holding her new born son, she felt euphoric, like nothing could ever top this feeling or this moment. Ever.

Cam stood to her right, gently rocking their baby girl back and forth in his arms. He smiled as he hummed a soft tune and adjusted the pink blanket tightly around her. Not too tight though… of that he was careful. He did just as the nurse showed him earlier.

The twins were born early this morning. It was now a quarter after six. After a good day’s rest, Kay was… well honestly she was still exhausted. However, when the nurse checked in a moment ago and asked if she was up for visitors, she couldn’t say no. No doubt the gang was waiting excitedly and definitely impatiently to meet their newest members. Kay could only imagine what kind of scene they were making out there in the waiting room. She didn’t have to imagine long though.

“Gunter, what the hell!?” Jordan spat as he stumbled through the door.

“You were taking too long. I was helping.” Gunter smirked. “And watch your mouth. There’s tiny ears present!”

“Both of you hush or you’ll wake the… babies!” Dina squeeled in delight as her eyes danced between the twins in front of her. Quickly, she darted to Kay’s side to coo at the infant in her arms.

Mike chuckled as he followed behind her.  Jonathan did the same, nodding for Jordan and Gunter to come with him toward Cam.

“Congrats, you guys.” Announced Johnny.

“Mom ‘n’ pop in the hizhouse!” Jordan cheered dorkily.

Gunter responded with a slap to the back of the head, saying “Don’t ever do that again.”

“Seriously, guys.” Mike interrupted. “We’re all really happy for you.”

“Thanks.” The couple replied in unison.

“And were glad everyone is healthily.” Dina noted pointedly at Kay. “You gave us quite the scare, young lady.”

“Well, I think I have a way to make it up to you.” Kay smiled, holding her son out to her friend. As Dina eagerly scooped him up, Kay continued, “Meet Destan Asher Black. Your godson, if you and Mike accept.”

“What!? Of course we do! Oh, my precious boy!” Dina blurted in excitement.

More calmly, Mike chimed in with a grin, “We’d be honored.”

“And Johnny,” Cameron interjected. “We have decided that we want you to be the godfather of our first born, Miss Tessa Adalyn Black.  Meet your uncle, Tess.” Cameron whispered the latter softly to his daughter as he handed her over to his brother.

Johnny was a little stiff at first, causing her to fuss and Cam to laugh.

“Just relax.” Cameron told him.

“Yeah,” Jordan agreed. “They can smell fear.”

Jonathan ignored his friend’s teasing and took a deep breath. As he began to relax, so did Tessa… Tess? Tessie. He decided. She was definitely a Tessie.

“Hey there,Tessie. Listen, I’m not exactly the greatest role model, but I promise I will be the best uncle ever… and apparently godfather. You okay with me being your godfather?” Johnny spoke softly as he doted over his niece.

Tessie let out a teeny weeny burp then smiled, causing all the adults to erupt in quiet laughter.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” He grinned.

“So will I.” Cam nodded then looked to Dina. “D, we were hopping you wouldn’t mind pulling double duty in the godmother department.”

“Are you kidding? I’d be delighted!” She beamed. “These two already have a special place in my heart. My precious Destan Asher and sweet Tessa Adalyn.” She cooed to the twins.

Just then, something clicked inside Johnny’s head. “Wait… you said Tessie was born first right?”

“Yep, by a good three minutes.” Cam answered.

“So, it’s actually Tessa Adalyn and Destan Asher.” Jonathan corrected Dina’s former statement.

“Yeah, I suppose so.” Kay replied skeptically, wondering where this line of questioning was going.

“What’s your point?” Dina queried.

Johnny smirked, “You named your kids Tessa Adalyn and Destan Asher… as in T.A. and D.A. …as in…”

“Ta-da!” Cameron finished with a flourish.

The room was instantly filled with an assortment of smiles, giggles, eye rolls, and head shakes as this little revelation sank in.

Kay was the first to speak as she fell back against her pillow and said, “You gotta be kidding me. How did I miss that one?!”

“Pregnancy brain?” Jordan tossed out. When he was met with a bunch of curious looks, he went on. “What? It’s a thing. Scientifically speaking, women tend to forget things and loose focus when their preggers.”

“Actually,” Gunter challenged. “Some women are known to get sharper instincts when pregnant in preparation for taking care of their young.”

“I don’t know about Kay’s mental state,” Dina responded. “But her body has been quiet distracting lately, growing two little humans and all.  I’d say that’s a valid excuse.”

“Don’t forget, Cameron is a master of deception.” Mike added, slightly geeking out over the ‘trick’ his friend had just revealed.

“Not to mention, conception.” Jordan quipped, pointing between the newborns. “Am I right?”

“Jordan, sweetie…” Dina began sweetly. “It wasn’t funny the first time when we found out about the pregnancy, and it’s not funny now. K? Okay.”

“Ooh, wait, what’s that, Tessie?” Johnny asked the small child in his arms. “Yes, you are right. Uncle Jordan did just get burned! High five!” He teased, picking up his niece’s tiny hand and tapping it to his own and then to Gunter’s.

“Well, if Tessa is gonna be mean, then I’m gonna go over here and hold Destan instead.” Jordan tossed back, slightly embarrassed but not at all mad.

After that, the gang chatted aimlessly as they played pass the babies. By the time  they all got a chance to hold each one, a nurse came in to check things out.The same elderly woman from the hallway that chastised Jonathan was now checking on Kay’s chart and IV. As she finished, she gave a practiced smile and told them, “Visiting hours are over. Time to give the happy family some rest.”

Minutes later, all the goodbyes had been said and everyone was cleared out.  Cameron, who was now holding their son, crawled into the bed with Kay, who was cradling their daughter. As they rocked their children to sleep, Cam whispered, “Thank you.”

“For what?” Kay questioned as she turned to look him in the eyes.

“For giving me all of this.” He replied, gesturing around them. “I never thought any of this was possible, that I could be married or have kids or be this happy… until I met you.”

Kay smiled and responded, “You know, I never thought romance or a family was in the cards for me… until you came a long and shuffled the deck. So, thank you for not giving up on me… and for not letting me give up on myself.  I love you, Cameron Black.”

“I love you too, Mrs. Daniels-Black.” He retorted sweetly, then, after exchanging the dopiest, love struck looks, they exchanged a quick, soft, yet very passionate kiss.

After the kiss, they lingered a moment with their foreheads pressed together and then Kay adjusted herself so her head rested on her husband’s shoulder like a pillow. Still embracing their children, they sat together in the peace and quiet and enjoyed the rest of their evening together as a family.


Cam had heard that word several times today and couldn’t help the smile that appeared on his face each time.

It was there again now.

As of today, he officially had a family of his own, and he couldn’t wait to love and cherish it and be the best dad he could be.

The Amazing Cameron Black: Man. Magician. Brother. Husband.

And now, father.

A Bundle of Secrets Chapter 16

Chapter 16

When Dina and Jordan came back to the archive, they found Cameron and Jonathan looking through some of Shawn and Fiona’s stuff with Mike and Gunter as Kay sat in a chair by the table with Farrah in her arms. It had been almost an hour and the child refused to let go of Kay, gripping onto the woman’s sleeve but she had become very quiet. Awake, but quiet. “Hello everyone.” Dina said, announcing her and Jordan’s return.

“Hey Dina.” Kay replied, “Hey Jordan.”

“Farrah’s hanging on to you pretty tight, did you almost drop her something?” Jordan joked.

“Oh ha. Ha. No, it seems she’s becoming aware of the absence of her parents and she’s just a little scared.”

Dina and Jordan both gave sympathetic looks. Jordan then turned to the men, “So did you guys find anything?”

“That could lead to their killer? No.” Jonathan said. He then picked up a light pink knitted blanket with ‘Farrah’ stitched in a bright blue on the edge and smiled, “She was good.”

Cam furrowed his brows, “What?”

“This blanket is clearly handmade.” Jonathan gulped, “She really loved her daughter. Sure didn’t get her parental instincts from Dad.”

“Except for the eyes, I don’t think she got anything from Dad.” Cameron joked.

Kay stood up from her seat and walked over to them, “Could I see that?” She placed Farrah down on the table, “Don’t worry baby girl, I’m not going anywhere.” Farrah looked up to Kay with her big eyes as Jonathan handed Kay the blanket, “Farrah, does this look familiar?”

She knew the child wouldn’t answer but she waited as Farrah eyed the blanket, reached her little hand out and gripped the soft wool. A few moments later, the baby smiled letting out a happy, “Gah.” She recognized the blanket. She then used her other little hand to grab the blanket and pulled it towards herself. Everyone gave small smiles to each other.

Cameron couldn’t help but smile, “She knows it’s her blanket.”

Kay was about to let Cameron or someone else take over when Farrah raised her arms back up at her. Kay sighed, “You’re lucky you’re the cute one Farrah.” She said as she picked up the child, only now Farrah wasn’t clinging on to her anymore. The scene was kind of picturesque, with Kay smiling down at little Farrah as she clung on to the blanket, to the untrained eyes, they looked like mother and daughter. Cameron smiled at the scene, Kay said she wasn’t good with kids but these past few days would have made him tell her she was wrong. As Farrah chewed on her blanket and Kay tried to stop her from doing so, Cameron took out his phone and took of a picture of the precious moment, nobody noticed.

As Kay adjusted Farrah in her arms, she noticed something in the pile of items, “Hey guys.” She picked up a small box with a number lock, “Think you can decode this?”

Cameron took the box from her and got it open on the first try, “You know, as sweet as it is, parents should stop making passwords based on their children’s birthdays.” He opened the box and inside was a gold ruby ring, “I feel like I’ve seen this before.”

Kay took a closer look at the ring, “Isn’t that the same ring that Bennett Blanc was wearing?”

“That’s exactly it!”

“Seems like it’s a family heirloom kind of thing then.” Jonathan said, “Why would Shawn still have it?”

“Well, family clearly meant something to Shawn. Maybe he couldn’t fully let them go. I mean it makes sense, before Fiona, they were his whole world” Cameron responded. He picked up the ring, “One thing that doesn’t make sense.”

“What is it?” Mike asked.

“It’s clear that Shawn’s been… separate from his family for a couple of years… and… Kay found these papers.”He said, showing the papers on Shawn’s family, “It must have been in case his family found him and he needed… insurance, I guess?”

“So what doesn’t make sense?”

“How did they find them?”

Mike furrowed his brows, “How do we know that his family is responsible?”

Cam and Kay looked at each other before looking back at Mike, “We think they sent someone to shoot Kay.”

“What!?” Mike exclaimed.

“Kay, are you alright?” Dina asked, feeling very concerned for her friend.

Kay nodded, “I’m fine. Cameron managed to push me out of the way in time.”

Jonathan picked up the ring and took a closer look at it when his eyes widened, “I know how they found Shawn and Fiona.”

“What? How?” Cameron asked.

“Exactly how they found the archive. This ring… there’s a tracking device in it.”

“Wha- the archive? Johnny, what are you talking about?”

“The mystery woman called me.”

Everyone’s eyes widened as Cameron gave out a nervous chuckle, “W-when?”

“While you were all out and I was taking care of Farrah. She was the one who sent the note.”

“What does she want?” Gunter asked.

“She… she’s somehow involved in this. She knows about Shawn and Fiona and more importantly, she knows about Farrah but I still know nothing! I don’t even know her name.”

“Wait but-”

“The name she gave me was fake. I once tried calling her by the name, she didn’t even look up. It must have been a new name she was trying out. She was never honest, not even with me.” Jonathan handed the ring over to Mike, “Can you… put this somewhere safe at work or… destroy it or something? I don’t want whoever knowing where Farrah is.”

Mike took the ring and put it in and evidence bag, “Of course.”

Just then, Farrah spit up. Luckily, not much of it got on Kay or the blanket but a lot got on Farrah’s clothes. Kay let out a chuckle, “Where can I find her diaper bag with her extra clothes?”

“By the new playpen.” Jonathan pointed out.

“Thanks.” Kay managed to gently take the blanket from Farrah, “Dina? Can you hold on to this for a second?”

“Of course.” The British woman said, taking the soft blanket as Kay walked away to change the little girl.

Jonathan sighed leaning against the table, “What the hell is her endgame? She knows we have Farrah. If she’s involved with the Blanc family, what do they want out of this? I thought you guys said that they wanted nothing to do with her.”

Mike shook his head, “They clearly didn’t.”

“So then why track them down?”

“They were after Shawn. They wanted him to… come home. Only they didn’t realize that he was already there.” Cameron said.

“I still don’t understand how the mystery woman plays into all this.” Jordan said.

Jonathan shook his head, “Yeah, neither do I.”

“What about the… um… insurance you took from her?” Cameron asked, “What is it?”

Jonathan thought for a moment then decided that it was time to tell them, “It’s a serum.”

“What kind of serum?”

“She called it the human tomb serum.” He noticed the confused looks on his friends’ faces, “Basically what it does is that it turns your body into its own tomb and you just… in there with nothing but your own thoughts… I don’t know if the effects are even permanent but I’d say it’s almost as bad as killing someone.”

“Well, why on earth would you have something like that on you?” Dina asked.

“In case I needed to use it against her if she ever came after my family… which she is. I just didn’t realize the type of family she’d be after… which makes me want to get rid of her even more.” Johnny then noticed the concerned looks on everyone’s face, “Not like that! I mean finally throw her in jail… or a padded room. Besides… the serum has an antidote. I took that too.”

Suddenly they could hear Farrah crying from the next room. Cameron nodded, “I’ll go check on them, see what’s wrong.” He walked over to the other room where Kay and Farrah were. Kay was sitting crossed-legged on the floor next to the playpen with a crying Farrah in her arms. The little baby was now wearing a comfortable blue onesie with a bunny hood but her little face was all red as tears streamed down her chubby cheeks. Kay tried to calm her down by rocking her gently and soothingly stroking her back and didn’t even notice Cameron was there until he sat down next to her, “Tough day?”

“You know, I was almost shot today and yet this is the most difficult part of my day.” She joked as she continued to rock the child.

Cameron chuckled, “Really?”

Kay then gave Cameron a pained look, “I hate hearing her cry. Not like it’s annoying, it’s like… I can just feel something inside me just gnawing away at me until her cries stop.”

Kay looked back down at the baby in her arms so she didn’t notice Cameron giving her a loving look. He then noticed that Farrah was now looking at him as her wailing turned to quiet sobs as tears continued to roll down her cheeks. He held out his index finger for her to grab, when she did, she let out a light, “Heh.” She smiled at her uncle as her tears were finally slowing down.

“Hey… you’re giving Uncle Cameron a smile?”

“She does have your smile.” Kay said.


“Her smile. It’s just like yours.”

Cameron grinned at her then looked back down at Farrah, “Can you give Aunt Kay a smile? After all, she did just change your clothes.” Farrah didn’t respond, she just kept smiling at her uncle, “Come on Farrah.”

Kay smiled, “It’s okay Cameron. I’m just happy she’s happy.”

Farrah then slid out of Kay’s grasp, off her lap and onto the floor. She got on her arms and legs and crawled over to Cameron. She placed a tiny hand on his knee and looked up at him. Cameron smiled at his niece, “Hey there.” She placed another hand on his knee and tried to push herself off the ground, “Hey now, let me help.” He held out his hands for Farrah to take as he slowly moved his arms up, making her stand up. He and Kay both chuckled at the baby as she stood on her little legs. Cameron smiled, “It’s weird…” He loved his niece and wanted to always be there for her. Not just because of his sister but because he genuinely loved this little girl.

Kay looked over to him, “What’s weird?”

“I-I never thought I could… love someone so much… so fast.” He then took Farrah in his arms and kissed her on the head, “It’s like, I could give her the world and it still wouldn’t be enough.”

Kay smiled at him. Cameron truly was something else. She knew he loved his family and would do anything for them but now she truly understood the extent of that love he gave. She placed a hand on his shoulder, “She’s really going to be fine Cameron.” He looked at her confusingly, “She has you. She has Jonathan, Dina, Mike, Jordan, and Gunter.”

He smiled, “She has you too. Remember how you said you weren’t good with kids?” Kay nodded, “You couldn’t be more wrong about that.” He scooted closer to her, Farrah still in his arms, “Thank you Kay.”

“For what?”

“Just… for everything.”

Kay let out a chuckle, “Why? We are no closer to catching Fiona and Shawn’s killers than we were two days ago.”

Farrah relaxed in Cam’s arms as he adjusted her to make her comfortable, “I know… but I also know that you just make this all easier. I’m really glad I have you in my life.”

“Cameron…” He needed to stop saying these things. He was really making her fall in love with him. it scared her.

He lifted his hand and cupped her cheek, “Just… thank you Kay.” He then leaned in and kissed her. Kay’s hand moved from Cam’s shoulder to cup his neck.

When they parted, they rested their foreheads against each other and for a moment, they just felt peace… which was interrupted when they heard Dina clear her throat. They both looked up at her standing just a couple feet away from them. Their faces turned red and they looked like they had just been caught in janitor’s closet. Dina had smirk on her face, “I came here to tell you guys something but… is there something you need to tell us?”

I thought I’d end this chapter on a slightly humorous note because… we’re gonna be getting into some… less-than-funny stuff soon…

Hope you guys liked it! Stay tuned for the next chapter!

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@incorrectdeceptionquotes​ has been the best person in the world for me in the Deception fandom, so I decided to give it back. I hope you enjoy it, my dear.

This is a little spin-off of “A Coffee Connection”, which I wrote between chapters 6 and 7. Follow this beautiful fanfic, you will not regret it!

Cameron had kissed me.

That was the only thing going through my head now as I headed for our room. Why was I coming back to our room? Why had I started and agreed to all this?

As my head hammered at these inquiries, the room seemed to get even farther and farther, but I came to him.

Closing the door made me realize that I was alone, and by myself I realized why I was so terrified: now that Cameron had kissed me, I would have to face my own feelings.

“Take a deep breath, Kay Daniels,” I said to myself as I sat on the bed. “It doesn’t work, it was just a staging kiss."I tried to fool myself by repeating this, but every time the words came out of my mouth, they seemed more false. 

As in a theater show, it was as if every time I tried to cover my feelings with these words, a piece of the curtain fell, revealing even more my feelings.I inhaled and exhaled deeply, trying to make the strong beats of my heart quench.

 "It doesn’t work,” I said, because I knew freaking out wouldn’t do any good, I’d have to deal with Cam’s attitude, whether I wanted it or not.

But theory and practice were completely different things.

There was a part of me that was bursting with happiness. Cameron felt the same way about me, too. Or had it just been staging? I didn’t know for sure, but I remembered what Nana told me a few days ago. “Open your heart, my dear, you deserve to be happy again." 

The confusion still lingered in my head as the sound of the door opening sounded.Cameron entered the room, and when I saw his cheeks flushed, in contrast to his even bluer eye, I realized: I could even be happy with him. But did he want to be happy at my side?

That was the only chance to know that.

"Kay, I think we need to talk.”, Cameron said looking at me seriously.

“Seriously? Do you want to talk now? "I completed, trying not to show how nervous I was, although I unconsciously wanted to face our feelings at once and wonder if we could try happiness together or not.My heart threatened to jump out of the body when Cam said 

"I’m serious. We need to talk about … our kiss. ”, But I just tried to control my breathing and disengage, but he was stubborn.His stubbornness was one of the things I loved most about him.

When he said that he wanted me more than as his best friend, I was sure that I feared so much for not having in the last few months: Cameron Black was not just a magician assistant to me, and I was not just an FBI agent for he.

When he kissed me, without any barrier, and respected my time and snuggled my body to his while sleeping, I was finally able to confirm: Cameron could make me happy forever, I would just say yes. And I’d said my yes to him a long time ago in a dream, now I could finally say it in real life.

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