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I have no idea if this has been done yet...
  • Kay: *Walks into Archive smiling* Sorry I'm late, I was doing stuff.
  • Cameron: *Following closely behind, noticeably disheveled* She pushed me down the stairs!
A Bundle of Secrets Chapter 26

Chapter 26

Cameron woke up in the middle of the night. Something in his gut was telling him that he needed to be up. He got up from bed and walked over to Farrah’s crib. Her crib was originally in the other room but after everything that happened, he was a little paranoid so he had moved it into his room in case she needed him. He looked into the crib and saw that Farrah was sleeping soundly. Her blanket had just been kicked aside. He took the blanket and tucked her in once more. Despite his drowsiness, he couldn’t help but smile at his sleeping niece. This little girl had flipped his world upside down and inside out. He still couldn’t believe that she had captured his heart the way she did and that someone so little and innocent was in his care now. “Couldn’t sleep?” Jonathan’s hushed voice came from the doorway.

Cameron shook his head, “I just had a feeling, turns out Farrah had just moved her blanket.”

“Well, I guess with the weather getting colder, I don’t know why she would. Babies are weird…” Jonathan said walking up to the crib, also taking a look at his baby niece, “Is she feeling better?”

“Seems that way.”

Jonathan was silent for a moment, “Do you think there will be any trouble with the adoption?”

Cameron furrowed his brows, “Why do you ask?”

“Didn’t Shawn have siblings too?” Cameron nodded as Jonathan continued, “What if they come for Farrah before the adoption goes through?”

“Well, it’s been almost two weeks. If they haven’t come for her by now, I don’t know if they ever will.” Cameron looked on as Farrah turned her head from the left to the right in her sleep, “But if they ever wanted to see her, I wouldn’t prevent them from doing so.”

“You’re a good guy Cam.” Jonathan yawned, “So, we’re going to the cafe that Fiona worked in the morning?”

Cam nodded, “Marigold’s known Fiona since she was nineteen, there’s probably some stuff she can tell us about our sister.”

“Then we’d better get a little more rest.” Jonathan said as he backed away, “Good night.”

“Night.” Cameron replied as he took one last look at his sleeping niece before going back to bed. His eyes quickly closed as his head hit the pillow and he fell into a deep sleep. He was woken up the next morning by a tiny hand slapping his cheek before the hand grabbed his nose. His eyes cracked open and he saw Farrah who was wide-awake and laughing, wearing a long-sleeved orange shirt, dark blue overalls, yellow socks, and a yellow headband, “Wha-really Farrah? Even when I’m sleeping?” Suddenly, it clicked in his mind, “Wait a minute. How’d you get out of your crib?”

“Jonathan let her out.” A familiar voice said. He blinked a couple of times and looked up, and saw Kay sitting on the edge of his bed, keeping hand close to Farrah so she wouldn’t roll off, “Good morning Sleeping Beauty.” She lightly smirked.

“Morning… what time is it?”

“Just after 8:00.”

“How long have you been here?”

“About five minutes. You were pretty out of it” Farrah rolled over to face Kay, “Hey baby girl.” She cooed at the small child as Farrah grinned at her and rested her head on Kay’s right hand; Kay looked back at Cameron, “Are we going to take Farrah to see Marigold?”

“You don’t have work?”

Kay shook her head and chuckled, “Deakins said she doesn’t want me back at work at least until my arm is out of the sling.”

“When should that be?” Cameron asked, sitting up.

“Should be in a few days, but even then, it’ll take a while before I have a full range of motion.”

“How’s the pain?” He asked

“Pretty numbed right now but I do feel pretty sluggish… but that’s probably the pain killers.” Farrah lifted her head and rolled over again to face Cameron. “How did Farrah sleep?” She asked, smiling at the joyful child.

Cameron picked up his niece as he got out of bed, “Very soundly.” Farrah kicked her legs in excitement, “Does the little lady want to fly?” He lifted Farrah in the air as he went over to sit next to Kay.

“Cameron, be careful!” Kay exclaimed laughing as Cameron sat down next to her.

Farrah burst into a fit of giggles, “Well, Farrah seemed to enjoy it.” He said, laughing along.

Kay shook her head, “She’s less than a year old Cam, and she doesn’t know any better.”

He smirked, “Well, looks like Farrah doesn’t need me to a buzzkill… she’s got you for that.” Kay rolled her eyes.

“Are you two done flirting so we can go for breakfast, some of us are kind of hungry.” Jonathan’s voice came from the living room. Farrah squealed at the sound of her uncle’s voice, “See? Farrah agrees with me.”

Cameron picked up Farrah as he and Kay walked out of his room and into the living room. Jonathan took the little girl from his brother. “Just give me five minutes and we’ll leave.” Cameron said, dashing back to his room.

Kay chuckled as she sat down of the couch and Jonathan put Farrah in her playpen as he sat on the chair next to it, “How’s the arm?”

Kay shrugged with her right shoulder, “Getting better.”

Jonathan nodded, “So Cam said that this Marigold knew Fiona?”

Kay nodded, “Fiona lived with her and worked in her cafe until she married Shawn and even then, she kept working until Farrah was born.”

“What did Shawn do for a living?”

“According to his file, he was a doctor. He seemed like an honest man, who clearly loved your sister.”

Jonathan nodded as Farrah stood up in her playpen and tossed a stuffed bear onto Jonathan’s lap. Jonathan quickly turned his head, made a funny face at her and she giggled before plopping back down to sit, “You want your Uncle Johnny to play with the teddy too?”

Farrah giggled, playing with the legs of her overalls, “Johnny.” She said.

Jonathan’s eyes widened as he looked to Kay who also had a look of shock on her face, “Did she just… Kay, you heard that, right?” Kay just nodded as Johnny dropped the bear back into the playpen and picked up his niece bringing her to eye level, “Farrah, what did you just say?” Farrah flapped her arms and giggled. Jonathan brought her close enough to his face where Farrah started lightly hitting his cheeks, “Did you just say my name?” Farrah just giggled again, “Farrah, did you just say ‘Johnny’?”

“Johnny.” She repeated. Jonathan hugged the little girl, letting out a laugh of his own.

Just then Cameron walked in wearing jeans, white button-up and a thin black sweater overtop, “What’s going on?”

“Sorry Cam, but Farrah is my favourite family member now.” Jonathan announced as he held the little girl close with a proud look on his face.

Cameron raised an eyebrow and looked over to Kay, “Did I miss something?”

Kay chuckled, “Farrah said Jonathan’s name.”

Cam’s eyes widened as he grinned, “Seriously?”

Jonathan nodded as Farrah placed her hands on her head and pulled off her yellow headband, “Yeah, she just said it out of the blue.” Jonathan took the headband from her before she dropped it on the floor, “Come on Farrah. It took Uncle Johnny a while to get this on your head.”

Farrah giggled again and hugged Jonathan’s neck, pressing her tiny little cheek against his, “Johnny!”

Cameron let out a laugh, “That’s incredible!” Kay smiled at the two brothers fawning over their niece, she would be just fine with them. Cameron then took Kay by the hand, “We should get going. Got a big day ahead of us.”

As Cameron was about to walk out the door, Jonathan cleared his throat, “Cameron, aren’t you forgetting something?”

“You’ve got Farrah with you.”

Jonathan shook his head. Cameron still looked confused until Kay exclaimed, “Her stroller and diaper bag Cam!”

Cam’s eyes widened, “Oh!” He rushed over and got her stuff from the spare room, “I’m sorry, I’m still getting used to this.”

Jonathan laughed, “Well, you didn’t forget the baby so you’re on the right track.” Cameron rolled his eyes as the four of them walked out the door.

When Jonathan was out the door, Kay quickly placed a kiss on Cameron‘s cheek. He smiled at her, “What was that for?”

Kay smiled as she helped him push the stroller, “For being you.” Cameron’s grin widened as they got into the elevator. Good thing too because their stomachs were all growling. Some cheesecake and coffee for breakfast didn’t sound too bad.

Okay! The story is slowly starting to wrap up. Still got a few chapters to go but we are in the home stretch people! I’m so glad you guys have been so patient with me. I hope this was worth the wait!

Next chapter, we find out a little more about Fiona and Shawn so stay tuned for that!

anonymous asked:

Putting your awesome fanfics aside, how do you think Cameron and Kay finally got together (Was during a case? Was it while they were just hanging out?) and who kissed who first? I'd love to know your thoughts on that.

Aw, thank you! <3 Ooooh, but this is a good question, and there are so many ways it could go, I wish I could write all of ‘em. Let’s see. 

I’m a sucker for one of them being hurt, or in danger, and the other just bursts out with how they actually feel. They were so close to it on the show, when Cameron took that bullet for Kay; just imagine what it could be like if Cameron was actually in danger of dying, and Kay’s yelling at him to stay with her. And he tries to smile and croaks, “Thought you’d…jump at the chance to– get a break…fr’m me.” And she’s trying to stay angry so she won’t cry, but her voice breaks when she goes: “Shut up, Cameron, I need you!” 

Or Kay almost gets shot while out on a case. Cameron is so shaken for the entire rest of the day, and she eventually demands: “Cameron, it’s a part of the job, why are you still so upset about it?” And he just loses his filter and  snaps: “Because I’m terrified of you getting hurt! I’m terrified of losing you!” 

Or…we know that Cameron doesn’t cave into jealousy, but something tells me Kay wouldn’t be as good about that. I think it’d be sweet if they constantly run into women who openly fawn over Cameron, and she always leaves huffy and irritated for the rest of the day. Cameron is oblivious, of course, but she’d practically be seething in the background as he takes selfies with them. Eventually someone else points it out to Cameron and he confronts her about it, completely confused. And what commences is a really awkward, really endearing, stumbling confession that takes them both off-guard.

As for who kisses who first, I’ve gotta say Kay is the one to kiss Cameron first, if their feelings haven’t been said yet. If it’s in the moment, without either of them confessing beforehand, she would be the one to grab him and pull him in for one. He’s too conscientious to kiss her on the fly, and to be honest, he figures she’d never go for him anyway, so he wouldn’t give into the fact that he wants to. If they start actually dating before they have their first kiss, though, then Cameron would definitely be the one to initiate it.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any Kaymeron wedding headcanons you'd be willing to share? 😊

Oh, do I! I’ll start off by just giving a couple; I have ideas for their wedding that I’m keeping in a certain fic, so. 

Cameron would be crying all day long. People usually think the bride is the one who’s overly-emotional, but those people have never met Cameron Black before. Kay is walking down the aisle, looking absolutely beautiful and happy, and he’s just a mess of tears. She tries to look exasperated with him while the priest is talking, but it’s so difficult to, because it’s really touching. Mostly she just gets mad because he makes her cry. 

They write their own vows, and it’s a miracle Cameron gets through his, or can even be understood because he’s crying so much. But he thanks Kay for putting up with him and reminds her that: “Now you can never not, so…gotcha.” He says he wouldn’t rather have anyone else as a partner, and that whatever’s to come, they have it handled because they’ll be together. Kay tells him that if someone had told her the first day she met him that he would end up making her as happy as he does now, and that she would want to spend the rest of her life with him, she would have told them it was impossible. And she smiles and rolls her eyes and says: “But I also should have known that you don’t believe in ‘impossible.’ I used to. But now, thanks to you, I don’t either.”

Jonathan is the best man, and Dina is the maid of honor. Gunter tells Cameron the whole ‘wedding’ thing is over-the-top and absurd, and he might not even stay the entire time because he hates people. But Jordan filmed Cam and Kay’s first dance, and he made sure to get a shot of Gunter in, tearing up at the edge of the crowd. 

Cameron: [To Kay] What if you met one of my ex-girlfriends and she was like… Angelina Jolie?

Kay: Oh, come on Cameron, be realistic!

Cameron: What, I’m not hot enough for Angelina Jolie?

Jonathan: I’d like to weigh in here: No.

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#40 for Kaymeron? 😊 And... could Cameron be saying it to Kay... please?

#40: “Who gave you that black eye?!”

“You look ridiculous.”

“Thanks, Cameron.”

“I’m only letting you know because apparently I’m the only person in this building that cares about you enough to,” Cameron returned. Kay scowled. She might have rolled her eyes; he couldn’t tell. “So you should thank me, for being so gracious. And I should say, ‘You’re welcome Kay, that’s all I’m here to do, is to help you fix all your messes,’ and you should take them off.” Kay didn’t look up. Cameron started trying to stifle a laugh. “Seriously, Kay, you look like a frat guy that’s too hungover to realize he’s at work, and not Alpha-Beta-Whatever. Take off the sunglasses.”

“No,” she snapped.

“Who do you know wears sunglasses inside?” Cameron demanded. When she said nothing, he answered himself. “Nobody. Because nobody wants to look like a douche, but apparently you’re perfectly fine with that.”

“Are you going to be useful today or just annoying?” she asked.

“Are you gonna be an FBI agent today or just a lifeguard?”

She slammed her pen down and fixed him with a hard stare. But he just laughed at it, which made her angrier. “Cameron…pick. To continue being annoying and get kicked out, or to drop it and focus.”

Cameron did nothing, still just sitting on the edge of her desk. His face was blank. They only held one another’s gaze for a very long time. Before he suddenly flew at her, grabbing for the sunglasses. She started fighting him, smacking at his arms as he tried to snag them. “Just— give ‘em!! You— look stupid, I’m just—“ He kept scrambling, squeaking when Kay landed a couple particularly harsh blows. “It’s an intervention, Kay, sunglasses belong in the outside world, we are inside! Society has rules, and—“

He finally wrenched them off, grinning with triumph at the feat. But the triumph was quick to fade. His face fell, and he slowly wilted. “…What happened?” he mumbled eventually. Kay glared at him. She had a whopping black eye. The bruise was dark on her skin, painful just to look at. She looked away. His voice got louder. Harder. “Who gave you that black eye?!”

“I don’t want to talk about it,” she said thinly. She snatched the glasses back and shoved them back on. She looked down at her desk, with that same pursed look.

Cameron stood. Anger was beginning to cloud over his face. “Who did that to you?” he demanded, rage creeping into his voice. Kay got stiffer, and still didn’t talk. “Did someone do this to you?! Who?! You didn’t have that last night, you—“

“Cameron, drop it, it’s not—“

“Tell me what happened! Tell me who hurt you!”

“I don’t want to—“

“Kay, you can’t just—“

“It’s not important it’s—“

“How can you say it’s not important?! Someone hurt you! Tell me who it was!” She kept looking away. Her lips were pressing together more and more. He snapped again: “Kay! Tell me! What happened?!” Her hands clenched. “Tell me who did it, tell me who hurt you!”

“I did!” she snapped. He blinked, shutting up at once. She took her glasses off again to turn and glare daggers at him. He just looked stunned. “I did it! Last night I was trying to open the junk drawer in my apartment and it was stuck, so I tried to crouch and get a better hold on it, and I yanked too hard and it jerked out and slammed right into my face— so I gave myself the black eye, Cameron, that’s what happened, is that what you wanted to hear?!”

Cameron’s expression was still vacant. He looked at her eye and clarified softly: “Nobody…hurt you?” She shook her head. “You…just hit yourself…with a drawer…” She only stared back. He was silent for a while, not doing anything.

Before he started cracking up. Kay scowled and slammed the glasses down on her desk, sticking her tongue in her cheek as he bent over the waist laughing. “You— you didn’t— oh my God, no, you didn’t actually— I wish I’d been there that’s gonna be my new biggest regret! In my whole life! That I didn’t witness that!” he cackled. She went back to glowering at him. “You hit yourself with a drawer!” he practically screamed, hitting her desk with every word. “You really— I’m never gonna look at you the same way ever again!”

Shut up, Cameron,” she spat.

“I can’t! I can’t because it’s so funny— you literally look like someone beat you up but nobody did, you were just being an idiot, you—“

She jerked up to stand and before he could do anything, she shoved him. She put all her effort behind the push, not thinking about the repercussions. And sure enough, her furious expression froze into alarm immediately at the loud slam that followed.

They got back to the archive later that night for the dinner Dina had planned a week ago. She looked up at Cameron’s call that they’d arrived, a smile spreading over her face. But it was quick to fall the instant they came into the room. She saw Kay first, with the bruise underneath her eye, and gasped. “Kay! You’re hurt!”

“It’s nothing,” she grumbled.

Dina turned to Cameron, and her face fell even more. “Your forehead!” The bruise had gotten worse and worse throughout the day. By now it had gone from red to more purple. “What happened?!” she demanded.

To her confusion Cameron lit up. He grinned from ear to ear, practically beaming. And when he started to speak she could hear all the giggles he was keeping back. “Oh my God, okay so—“

Kay elbowed him hard in the ribs. He doubled over, staggering and nearly falling, she used so much force. Dina gawked. And her befuddlement only tripled when he straightened with a tiny grimace, still laughing as he repeated: “It’s nothing.”

A Bundle of Secrets Chapter 25

Chapter 25

Cameron’s eyes widened, “What do you mean she told you?”

Kay shook her head, “I know it sounds crazy but I think when I… when I flat lined, I went somewhere where I… I saw Caroline. I hugged her, I talked to her. Then Fiona just appeared.”

“She appeared?”

“I-I don’t know what to tell you. I didn’t even remember any of it after I woke up but then I saw the letters in sketchbook.”

Jonathan looked confused, “And that’s what set off your… memory?”

Kay nodded, “I know that this sounds impossible but what are the odds of my remembering about two unmarked envelopes hidden inside of a black sketchbook with a silver spiral binding and finding two unmarked envelopes hidden inside of a black sketchbook with a silver spiral binding?”

“She’s right. It’s…” Jonathan chuckled, “It’s pretty impossible.”

Cameron nodded, “So.. she knew about us?”He asked.

“I-I think so.” Jonathan and Cameron both looked at each other with somber expressions, thinking that their sister must have thought they didn’t want to see her. Kay had a feeling as to what they were thinking about, “She remembered meeting you Cam.”

Cameron’s eyes widened, “She did?”

She smiled, “Yeah… you know… she said her main concern was that her daughter was going to grow up like she did.”

Jonathan gulped, “Without a family.”

Kay nodded, “But she’s grateful that Farrah has the both of you.” She let out a chuckle, “God, I must sound insane.”

Cameron shook his head, “No, I mean… you have no reason to lie.” He gently took the letter that Kay had in her hand as he motioned for Jonathan to pick up the other, “So… do you know what in these letters?”

She shook her head, “All I know is that they’re for you guys.”

As Cameron and Jonathan opened up the envelopes, they each pulled out a letter along with printouts of photos attached to the bottom. In Cameron’s letter was a picture of Fiona wearing a red sweater and holding Farrah who looked to be around a month old at the time of the picture wearing a little baby Santa outfit and wrapped in the knitted blanket Fiona had made. In the letter, she had written:

Dear Cameron,

Hi, I’m Fiona Jonbroni-Blanc. I am twenty-five years old, I have a wonderful husband and a beautiful daughter, and… there’s something I think you should know…

You see, I grew up without a family and I never thought that I would have a family of my own but I did. I knew who my mother was but I grew up never knowing who my father was. So I few months ago I managed to find my birth certificate and under where my father’s name would be was the name “Sebastian Black”.

That sounded kind of familiar so I did I little research and… I think we might be siblings. Well, half-siblings, if you want to get technical.

I do know that you’re this big-name illusionist and the first thing I want to make clear is that I’m not writing this letter because of your fame or anything, I was just hoping that maybe we could meet up sometime… or meet up again. You see, a little while ago (while I was still pregnant), you came into the cafe I work at and we had a short conversation and I like to think we kind of got along.

I know about what with your our brother, Jonathan and I want you to know that based on what I’ve read about what happened, I don’t think he did it. I know that details are foggy but I don’t know… something in my gut is telling me that he’s innocent. I really wish I could meet him just so I could tell him that. I know this might sound cheesy but I know how hard it is to hope when it seems like the world is against you.

I hope we get the chance to meet someday. I’m not expecting anything from you but I want you to know that I would be happy at the chance to talk to you again and maybe you could meet my daughter (I know I sound bias but she is just the cutest thing in the world).

I hope to talk to you soon.

Your (possible) sister,


P.S. If you wanted to get a DNA test done to confirm our being related, I would not be offended at all because I’m still unsure about it myself.

Cameron’s eyes glazed over as he finished reading, “She…” He felt his throat close up and being unable to speak. Kay quickly walked over to his other side so she could place her arm around him. Cameron gave a broken chuckle, “Sh-she thought Johnny was innocent. She wanted to meet both of us Johnny.” He said looking to his brother who seemed to be having trouble keeping his composure, “Do you want to read yours?”

Jonathan gulped, not knowing what to expect but nodded. He opened the envelope and inside his letter was a printout photo of Fiona wearing a pink sweater holding a three and a half month old Farrah wearing a tiny matching version along with tiny red pants with white hearts on it. He couldn’t help but smile at the picture, inside the letter was written:

Dear Jonathan,

Hi, I’m Fiona Jonbroni-Blanc. I am twenty-five years old, and… I know this might not be a great time but… there is something I think you should know.

I grew up without a family and I never thought that I would have a family of my own but somehow I ended up with one. I knew who my mother was but I grew up never knowing who my father was. So I few months ago I managed to find my birth certificate and under where my father’s name would be was the name “Sebastian Black”.

That sounded kind of familiar so I did I little research and… I think we might be siblings. Well, half-siblings, if you want to get technical.

I know about what to you Jonathan and I want you to know that based on what I’ve read about what happened, I don’t think you did it. I don’t know… something in my gut is telling me that you’re innocent. I really wish I could meet you just so I could tell you this in person. I know this might sound cheesy but I know how hard it is to hope when it seems like the world is against you. I know it is so not the same but I know what it feels like to be invisible but you can’t let it get to you, you have a place in this world, you just might not see it yet.

I hope we get the chance to meet someday. I’m not expecting anything from you but I want you to know that I would be happy at the chance to talk to you.

I hope to talk to you soon.

Your (possible) sister,


P.S. If you and Cameron wanted to get a DNA test done to confirm our being related, I would not be offended at all, I’m still unsure about it myself if I’m being completely honest.

“I should have looked for her…” Jonathan whispered.

“What?” Cameron asked

“I should have looked for her! I should have… I don’t know, I shouldn’t have let myself forget about her!”

Kay let go of Cameron so he could go over to his brother, “Johnny, it’s not your fault.”

“But it is! If… if she had been with us, we could have protected her! I could have protected her! She could have had a home with us in the archive whenever she needed it!” In that moment, for the first time, Jonathan broke down as tears started to run down his face. It took Cameron a moment but he quickly took his older brother in his arms as Jonathan hugged as if his life depended on it, “Maybe sh-she could’ve run here, maybe she could still be alive a-and Farrah would still have her and she w-would still have at least one of her parents.”

Cameron felt his eyes glisten but swallowed in order to stay strong for Johnny, “Hey, hey…” He whispered, “It’s okay, it’s okay. What happened to Fiona is not your fault.” He had only seen his brother break down like this a handful of times. Jonathan was also so busy looking after Cameron that sometimes Johnny forgot to look after himself.

Kay looked on with a pained expression. In being upset with Jonathan, she had forgotten just how much baggage both these two men carried with them. She might still have trouble trusting him personally but she sure as hell could trust that he loved and wanted what was best for his family, just like Cameron. Just then Jordan walked in with Farrah in his arms and a smile on his face, “Alright, so we got a fun dance playlist for the little kicker and-” He suddenly noticed the atmosphere of the room and his smile faded, “Hey, what’s going on?”

“Jordan, why don’t we give them a moment?” Kay said as she led him into the kitchen. When they got there, Kay asked him if he could put Farrah in her high chair, “When was the last time she ate?”

“Well, she had a bottle about two hours ago but she hasn’t had solid food since lunch.” Jordan said, still wondering what had happened.

“Then I guess, she should probably have some dinner.” Farrah gave a little squeal as Jordan put a bib on her, Kay smiled at the child, “Yeah, you’re going to have…” She took a tiny box of baby food, “Some mashed sweet potatoes and a little bit of chicken, how does that sound?” She didn’t get a response but Farrah gave her a big smile and a little giggle.

“So what’s going on with them?”

Kay sighed, “They found letters that Fiona had wanted to send them and turns out that this whole thing… it’s harder on Jonathan than we thought it was.” She attempted to open the baby food but with her arm in a sling, it was near impossible, “Jordan, could you help me with this?”

He nodded, taking the baby food from her and opening the lid, “You know it’s weird.”

“What is?” Kay asked, taking the food back and placing it in front of Farrah and took out a little spoon.

“Well, I just never pictured Cameron taking care of a kid; I just assumed he would be the kid everyone took care of.”

“People can surprise you.” She said taking a spoonful of sweet potatoes and feeding it to Farrah.

“I know, it’s just… kinda surreal right now.”

Kay nodded, “I know what you mean.” Farrah stopped eating and started pushing Kay’s hand away as if to say she didn’t want food. Kay furrowed her brows in confusion, “You sure she’s only had a bottle since lunchtime?”

Jordan nodded in confusion, “Yeah… and Farrah’s not a picky eater.”

“Come on Farrah, sweet potatoes, you love them.” Kay cooed trying to get Farrah to eat again but it didn’t work. She got worried about the little girl when she refused to eat. Kay put the little spoon down and placed the back of her hand on Farrah’s forehead, “Jordan, can you get the guys in here?”

Jordan nodded as he went to get Cameron and Jonathan. A few moments later, the three men came into the kitchen. Kay noticed both Cameron and Jonathan’s tear-stained faces. Damn, they were really identical. Cameron cleared his throat, “What’s wrong?”

“Farrah’s not eating and she hasn’t eaten any solid foods since lunch time.”

Jonathan furrowed his brows, “That’s not like her.” Kay nodded. He walked over to the high chair, “Hey Farrah, it be dinner time little girl. You need to eat.” He took the little spoon and brought it up to her mouth but she pushed the spoon away. Jonathan furrowed his brows again, “That’s weird, she loves sweet potatoes.”

Cameron walked over to his niece, “That is weird. Maybe she just wants you to put in a little show” He joked picking up the spoon of food, “Hey Fairy, here comes the airplane…” He tried feeding her the food but she pushed his hand away and gave a little whine. The four of them looked at her with concern.

Jonathan picked up his niece from her high chair, “Cameron, can you get the digital thermometer?” Cameron nodded and went over to the kitchen cupboards. Jonathan kissed Farrah’s cheek and felt that she wasn’t warmer than she should be.

Cameron came over with the thermometer and checked her temperature, “Her temperature is fine.”

Farrah started to fidget in Johnny’s arms and started to lightly hit him as her face grimaced in pain. Just then Dina and Mike came into the archive, “Hello? Where is everyone?” Dina called out.

“In here.” Cameron called back.

Mike and Dina walked into the kitchen and right away Mike noticed Farrah’s discomfort, “What’s wrong with Farrah?”

Jonathan sighed, “No idea. She won’t eat but she doesn’t have a fever and now she looks like she’s in pain… I don’t know what it could be.”

Mike thought for a moment, “Could be a stomach ache.”

Kay raised her eyebrows in realization, “A stomach ache.”

The male agent nodded, “That’s the most likely thing.”

“What should we do?” Cameron asked.

“Well, in my experience, best thing to do for a baby her age is to swaddle her and rock her in your arms or swaddle and walk around with her. A pacifier might help too.”

Cameron smiled in appreciation as he took Farrah from his brother, “I’ll try the swaddling approach.” He turned to Mike, “Do you think you could show me how to swaddle a child?”

Mike chuckled, “I’m a little out of practice but I think I can help.” A little while later, Mike came back into the kitchen, “Okay, turns out I was more out of practice than I thought but we got it.”

Dina smiled, “Thank you Mike. You’re the only person we know who has actually dealt with a child.”

“You guys should probably go sit down on the couch, Gunter should be back soon.” Jonathan said.

As they left the kitchen, Jordan said, “Man I hope he doesn’t get the tangerine chicken, that sauce does not taste like tangerines.”

Dina chuckled, “If you don’t like the tangerine chicken, just don’t eat the tangerine chicken.”

“I like tangerine chicken but what we get is not tangerine chicken”

As the others walked away, Kay stayed back and turned to Jonathan, “Are you okay?”

Jonathan nodded, “I’m fine.”

“You sure?”

He nodded, “Yeah, it’s nothing.”

“You know I was wrong about you.” Jonathan gave her a confused look, “You aren’t the selfish jerk I thought you were.”

“Thank you?”

“What I mean is… your family clearly means everything to you, just like it does to Cameron. I’m sorry I couldn’t see that before.”

Jonathan gave a small smile, “I don’t blame you. I didn’t exactly give you the best impression.” They were both silent for a moment, “So I’m given to understand that you’re dating my brother now.”

Kay chuckled, “What? Are you trying to give me the big brother talk?” She joked.

“Oh no, I don’t need to. No, no, I am just genuinely curious… as to what the hell you see in my brother.” Kay laughed as did Johnny, “I’m serious! I mean… good looks aside, you might be Cam’s type but he certainly doesn’t seem like your type.”

Kay gave a soft smile, “He makes me happy.”

Jonathan paused for a moment, “Well, damn, I didn’t know you were going to get all sappy on me, you’re worse than he is. You know what I think I’m starting to see the reason now. You’re both really cheesy.”

Just then Gunter came back to the archive with bags of takeout, “I come bearing human fuel in the form of Chinese takeout! Luckily they got our order right this time!”

Jonathan raised his eyebrows, “I’ll go help set the table, you go see how Cam’s doing.”

“Sounds good.” She nodded.

Kay nodded as she and Johnny went in separate directions. Kay walked over to another room where Cam was. He was sat down on an old but comfortable-looking couch as he held a swaddled Farrah in his arms and gently rocked her to try to sooth her. It seemed to be working too. Cameron looked up and noticed Kay walking towards him. He smiled and her as she sat down, “Hey.”

She smiled back, “Hi… Gunter’s come back with the takeout, you in the mood something that Jordan claims is not tangerine chicken?” Cameron chuckled, “So how your little girl doing?” She asked as she took her good arm and reached over to stroke the baby’s cheek with her finger as Farrah’s eyes started to droop shut.

My little girl… Cameron thought to himself. He knew that he could never take Shawn and Fiona’s places but he hoped he could be a decent enough substitute. Farrah was his little girl now. He smiled softly, “I think she’s doing better.” He chuckled, “God, I seriously have no idea what I’m doing.”

Kay took her hand from Farrah who seemed to have fallen asleep and placed it on Cameron’s cheek, “You know for someone who claims he has no idea what he’s doing, you seem to be doing a good job so far.” He gave her an unsure smile, “Or have you forgotten that you’re the Amazing Cameron Black?”

He chuckled, “I guess I did for a minute.” Cameron looked back down at his niece as Kay stroked his cheek with her thumb and smiled down at the child as well. “It’s her birthday next month.”

Kay smiled, “Her first birthday…”

“They never got the chance to celebrate their daughter’s birthday…”

Kay pursed her lips and thought for a moment, “I can think of one thing we can do.”

“What’s that?”

“Remember how in the first home video we saw of Shawn and Fiona, Shawn said he wanted to give Farrah ice cream on her birthday?” Cameron nodded, “What if we got her an ice cream cake?”

Cam smiled, “That’s a good idea.” He leaned in and lightly pressed his lips against hers, “You’re amazing Kay…” He rested his forehead against hers, “I love you.”

Kay closed her eyes and sighed contently, “I love you too.”

“Oi lovebirds!” Gunter called out, walking up to them, “Are you two going to join us for dinner or is the tangerine chicken going to get cold?”

“This is not tangerine chicken!” Jordan called out from the dining area.

Gunter rolled his eyes, “Shut up Jordan!” He shook his head at the two adults and baby in front of him, “Are you guys hungry or not?”

“Well, I know I’m starving.” Cameron said, “How about you Kay?”

Kay chuckled, “Oh I could definitely go for some not-tangerine chicken.”

“I think they use oranges.” They heard Jordan say.

“Jordan!” They heard Dina exclaim, “No one cares Darling.”

Cameron laughed as he, Kay and Gunter made their way over to the dining area. Gunter brought over Farrah stroller and placed it next to Cameron’s chair so they could all keep an eye on her, just in case. Cameron placed the little girl in the stroller and then sat down. For the first time in long time, they were all just smiling and laughing with each other which made Cameron feel slightly melancholy as he thought about the fact that his sister and her husband’s funeral was next week and there was still so much to do. Generally, every funeral has someone to do the eulogy but how do you write a eulogy for the sister you never knew? Then it hit him, kind of literally when Johnny threw a fortune cookie at him that was aimed at Jordan. Much like how he was now kind of Farrah’s adoptive father… Fiona had a kind of adoptive mother in Marigold, the sweet cafe woman but could he really ask her to do that?

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