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Kay: Toaster broken?

Cameron: Wasn’t when I started with it. Pretty sure it is now.

A Bundle of Secrets Chapter 30

Chapter 30

At the end of the day, Cameron and Jonathan went home with their niece. Despite everyone’s help for the funeral, both brothers were exhausted. They plopped down onto the sofa after Jonathan placed Farrah in her playpen. She was still fussing a little but she seemed to be tiring herself out. “Hey Cam?” Jonathan spoke up.


The older twin sighed, “Why didn’t Dad ever tell us? Did he just not believe that he was Fiona’s father? Did he just not… not… want her? I mean I know he wasn’t a good guy but… I mean, if I thought I had a kid out there, I’d want to be there for them.”

“I don’t know…”

“I guess it’d be useless to ask him that because he denied I even existed and he raised me… he probably had no trouble pretending he didn’t have a third kid.” Jonathan ripped his tie off in frustration, “I mean how terrible would it have been? Maybe if we had been together-”

“He might have been just as hard on her as he was on us. Maybe worse.”Cameron interjected, “I never thought Dad was secretly a good guy… I just never thought he was-”

“A deadbeat? A piece of crap? A monster?”

Cameron let out a chuckle trying to make it sound like a cough, “Yeah, I guess.”

“There’s just one thing I don’t understand.”

The younger twin raised an eyebrow, “What’s that?”

“Why did Fiona go to that abandoned warehouse?”

Cameron’s eyes widened slightly, “Yeah… and how did she know that there was hollow wall she could hide Farrah in?”

Before Jonathan could think of a reason, a tiny voice was heard, “Johnny… Johnny…” Farrah tiredly called out from her playpen. Jonathan walked over to her as she held up her little arms, “Johnny.”

Jonathan picked her up and she just rested her head on his shoulder, her arms just hanging at her sides. “I think someone’s really tuckered herself out.” Jonathan said, rubbing her back as she sniffled, “Where are her pajamas?” He then smelled something unpleasant, “And her diapers?”

“I’ll show you.”

It took Cameron and Jonathan a good twenty minutes to get Farrah into a fresh diaper and a pair of pink pajamas with white bunnies as a pattern. Jonathan left the room to change and Cameron placed Farrah in her crib but she gripped the end of his sleeve and looked up at him. She didn’t want him to go. He bent over the crib to look at his niece, “Hey… I’m right here Farrah. I’m not going anywhere. Uncle Cameron’s here.”

“Cam’mon…” Farrah gurgled.

Cameron’s eyes widened, “What did you just say? Did you just say my name?” Farrah giggled. It was the first smile she had given all day. “Did you say ‘Cameron’?”


Cameron chuckled, “Close enough. Johnny!” He called out.

Jonathan walked back into his niece’s room, “What’s wrong?”

“Farrah just said my name!” Cameron patted her curly haired head, “Farrah, can you say it again? Can you say ‘Cameron’?”

“Cam’mon.” She giggled as her other uncle peered over into the crib.

Jonathan grinned, “Well, now you can stop pouting Cam. She can say both our names now” Cameron let out a laugh.

They stayed until Farrah fell asleep… but things didn’t stay quiet for long.

Farrah slept through most of the night. However, around five in the morning, Cameron and Jonathan were both woken up by the sound of Farrah screaming and crying. Jonathan ran to Cameron’s room and Farrah had kicked her blanket aside as tears ran down her cheeks. Jonathan turned on the light and Cameron rushed over to pick her up. She cried into his shoulder as her sobs began to quiet down. Cameron just kept stroking her back until she calmed down.

“Hey… it’s okay… it’s okay…” He whispered.

“Mama… Dada…” She whimpered. She wanted her parents. It made Cameron and Jonathan’s hearts break that this was the one thing that they couldn’t do for her. They couldn’t bring back her parents. All they could do was try to make her happy.

A few days later, Cameron and Jonathan were still dealing with a fussing Farrah. She wasn’t throwing tantrums but her eyes were still tearing up and she couldn’t stop crying. She kept calling for her “mama” and “dada”, and clutching the woolen blanket Fiona had made for her. Jonathan was trying to get Farrah to laugh by making funny faces. It was getting close to the end of November. It was almost her birthday. She should be happy on her first birthday.

She just clutched her blanket tighter and looked at him with tear filled eyes. Jonathan sighed, “Come on Farrah… can you give Uncle Johnny a smile?” She didn’t say anything. “Come on, do you know how much of my dignity I’m giving up for these faces?” He joked. She still didn’t say anything. She just looked at him with big sad eyes. He sighed, “Alright… come here little girl.” He picked her up from her high chair and her little hand gripped his shirt. Jonathan got her bottle for her and she grabbed with her hands as soon as he brought it close to her and started to drink her milk.

Cameron walked in wearing a button-up shirt and jeans, “Hey Johnny”

“Hey Cam. Farrah’s still fussing a bit and thought I might be able to help out. So far, not much luck… but at least her fussing isn’t affecting her appetite.” He tried to smile. Right now, all he wanted was to see his baby niece smile. Farrah continued to drink her milk as she looked up at Jonathan with her big brown eyes. Suddenly he remembered something, “Hey Cam?”


“I’m going to say something but it is to never to leave this room.”

Cameron raised an eyebrow, “Okay…”

Jonathan pulled something out of his pocket and handed in to his brother, “Here.”

Cameron’s eyes widened, “Wha-how?” He held up the item. It was the bracelet he had given to Kay before… things got crazy.

“I was thinking maybe you could actually hand it to her this time.”

“Where did you find it?”

“After… what happened and Mike cuffed the mystery-Cornelia, I found it in the grass. I don’t know if you’d still want to give it to her but I just thought you should have it.”

“Thanks Johnny.”

“Don’t mention it.” He saw Farrah’s mouth twitch upwards slightly as she continued to drink her milk. Jonathan then quickly turned to his younger twin with a stern look, “I’m serious, not a word about this to anyone.”

Cameron chuckled and held up his hands, “I wouldn’t dare. Far be it that people know you’re sentimental.” Johnny gave him an intimidating glare… well; Jonathan thought his glare was intimidating.

Once Farrah had finished her bottle, her eyelids grew heavy and she snuggled closer to her uncle. At least she was getting some rest. However, the quiet lasted only an hour, Farrah woke up, still in Jonathan’s arms and she wanted to play. Cameron put on a children’s show on the television and Jonathan placed her in a playpen as she became hypnotized by the bright colours and funny noises on the screen.

That afternoon, there was a knock on the door. He walked over with and Cam opened the door to find Kay on the other side. He smiled, “Hey.”

“Hi.” She smiled back

“Hey Kay.” Jonathan called from the kitchen.

“Hi Jonathan.” She looked to Cam, “Is this a bad time?”

He shook his head, “Not at all. Come in.” Kay walked in and suddenly Cameron noticed something, “Your arm. It’s out of the sling.”

She grinned, “Yes it is. Doctor said I still need to take the pain meds for a couple more weeks and I have to be careful but… I can go back to work in January.”

Cameron’s smile only grew as he hugged her, feeling relieved as both her arms wrapped around him, “I’m glad.”

Kay pulled away slightly to face him, “You know,” She started as she placed her hands on his shoulders, “I would still need an unofficial observer to join me on cases.”

Cameron raised an eyebrow and smirked, “Oh really?”

“Yeah.” She called over Cam’s shoulder, “Jonathan, are you available?”

Jonathan laughed as Cameron furrowed his brows until he saw her attempting to hold back a smile. “Wow. Just wow.” He couldn’t help but grin, “I thought you loved me. You know I have a fragile ego. I’m still recovering from finding out that FBI observer wasn’t a real thing.” Kay just laughed. “You find that funny?”

She nodded, still smiling, “Very much so.”

Cameron was about to pull her in for a kiss when Farrah squealed from her playpen, “Kay!”

“Hey, look at that.” Jonathan smiled, “You got her to smile.”

Kay walked over and took the baby out of her playpen, “Did I?” She held the little girl close, “I really missed you Farrah.” Farrah gurgled as she gripped Kay’s shirt, “Yes I did. Yes I did.” She cooed to the little girl. Kay paused for a moment and looked to the twins who were both giving her amused looks. She raised an eyebrow, “I’m sorry, can I help you?”

Cameron chuckled, “Sorry, we’re just not used to seeing you act like this.”

Kay rolled her eyes. “Well, excuse me for being fond of the child.” She joked.

Cameron moved to take Farrah from her when Kay moved back. “I thought the doctor said you shouldn’t strain your arm.”

“Try and take her away from me, see what happens.” She smirked. Farrah giggled as Kay held her close. “What’s the plan for today?”

“Well, I was going to go get some stuff for Farrah’s birthday on Friday. Care to join me?”

Kay nodded, “I’d love to.”

Cameron turned to the kitchen, “Hey Johnny, wanna come with us?”

“Actually, there’s something I need to do in the archive. I’ll see you guys there later.” He was about to leave to change when he paused, “How do you guys feel about pizza for dinner?”

“Sounds good.” Cameron and Kay both nodded.

Later, when they were at the supermarket, Kay helped Farrah take her little coat off when she started to whine a little under the heat of the supermarket lights.

“I’ll go see if I can get a cake ordered for the party.”

“Good idea.” Kay replied as she placed Farrah in the baby seat of the shopping cart. It was funny; Kay actually couldn’t remember the last time she had been to the supermarket. Before she met Cameron, she lived mostly on take-out and coffee. She lived so much for her work that she didn’t really think about much else. She never thought about family all that much but now… things were different… and she liked it.

Kay started to push Farrah in the shopping cart as the little girl babbled on about something and she kept her pale little hands on Kay’s hands that were gripping the cart handle. It was clear that Farrah was very fond of Kay and vise versa.

Farrah let out a tiny cry in the shopping cart when Kay turned away for a moment to get something off the shelf. She turned back and Farrah had her arms out, reaching for the agent. “Hey…” Kay bent down a little so the little girl could see her, “I’m right here Farrah. I’m not going anywhere.” Farrah placed her hands on Kay’s cheeks as Kay kissed the baby’s forehead making the little girl giggle.

Cameron came back with a receipt in hand, “I got the cake ordered, and they said we can pick it up on Friday before noon.”

Kay managed to remove Farrah’s hands from her face but the little girl took hold of both of Kay’s index fingers “Perfect. What flavour did you get?”

“Figured we couldn’t go wrong with chocolate.” Cameron said as he came into Farrah’s line of sight.

The baby squealed when she saw her uncle, “Cam’mon!”

Cameron smiled as he took the cart from Kay. Farrah tried biting down on the cart handle but Cameron stopped her by getting his own hand bitten, realizing what was going on when he saw her clenched fists, “Kay, can you get a teething biscuit from her diaper bag?”

Kay nodded and found a little box of teething biscuits in the bag full of baby materials. She took one of the little shortbread-looking biscuits and handed it to Farrah. The little girl started to happily munch away on it which made her relax in her seat. The rest of their shopping went smoothly as they got some groceries as well as some kid-friendly party-type food.

Although Kay did almost punch Cameron for making so many food puns.

Friday came about much faster than they expected. Farrah woke up that morning, stood in her crib, gripping the white wooden bars and called for Cameron, waking him and Kay up. Cameron yawned as he got out of bed as Kay fell back asleep. He walked over to his niece’s crib with a tired smile, “Hey Farrah… it’s your birthday today. Your very first birthday.” Cameron took his niece into his arms and she flapped her arms. “Do you even know it’s your birthday today?” He held up his index finger, “You’re one. One year old… that’s little.” Farrah giggled as she grabbed his finger. Cameron grinned and kissed her head making her giggle again, “I wish you could stay like this forever.”

Farrah turned her head and pointed to the sleeping agent in Cameron’s bed, “Kay!”

Kay stirred slightly but didn’t wake up. Cameron chuckled lightly, “Should we wake Aunt Kay up?”


“Okay, but if she gets mad, I’m blaming you.” Cameron sat down on the bed and let Farrah crawl over to Kay.

“Kay.” Farrah waited for Kay to move but she didn’t. Farrah lightly patted Kay’s face. Kay stirred slightly as Farrah pouted continued to pat her face, “Kay. Kay.”

Kay’s eyes opened to find the little girl in front of her face. She let out a light chuckle, “Well, good morning to you too.” Farrah giggled as she kept a hand on Kay’s cheek. “You know if you weren’t so cute, I’d be really mad.” Farrah just giggled again.

“That’s why I had her wake you up.” Cameron joked.

Kay smirked, “So if I got mad, it’d be at the birthday girl?”

Cameron let out a laugh and shrugged, “She probably wouldn’t remember.”

Kay rolled her eyes as she sat up and placed Farrah on her lap, “Uncle of the year, ladies and gentlemen.” She ran a hand through her hair and then noticed Cameron smiling at her, “What?”

“Nothing.” He grinned. Kay smiled at him. Just a few weeks ago, Cameron thought he’d never get to see that smile again. Now he could only hope he’d get to see it every day.

“I love you.” She said as she leaned in towards him.

He leaned in as well and placed a light kiss on her lips, “I love you too.” Farrah squealed as the two adults pulled back. Cameron grinned, “And I love you too Farrah.”

Kay gave a content sigh before she adjusted Farrah to rest on her hip as she got out of bed, “What time did you say you were going to pick up the cake?”

“Uh, I was told it would be ready by noon so I’ll leave in a few hours.”

“And the party starts at 3:00 right?” Cameron nodded as Kay took out her phone, “Okay, I’ll tell Dina to be here by 1:00.”

Cameron raised an eyebrow, “Why’s Dina coming here?”

“She said she got a special dress for Farrah and she wants to come by earlier so we can get her ready for the party.”

He chuckled, “Of course she does.”

Just then Jonathan popped his head in the doorway, “Oh good, you guys are decent.”

Cameron raised an eyebrow, “There’s a baby in the room; of course we’re decent.”

Kay rolled her eyes, “What’s up Jonathan?”

“I’m just heading to the archive to do some last minute touch-ups.”

Cameron furrowed his brows, “I thought we finished decorating last night.”

The older twin shook his head, “I have a personal project I need to finish before the party.”

“Johnny!” Farrah squealed when she saw him.

“Hey Shorty. I can give her breakfast before I leave so you guys can get dressed… unless you guys were going for the pajama look.” He joked. Cameron rolled his eyes as he took his niece from Kay and handed her over to Jonathan. Jonathan took Farrah into the kitchen as she clapped her little hands together, “Yeah, there’s going to be a party today and you’re gonna get a lot of presents but more importantly you’re gonna have cake.” Farrah giggled as Jonathan got her bottle ready and gave her a bowl of honey-nut cheerios.

A few hours later, Dina showed up with a few little bags in hand. Cameron shook his head and chuckled, “You know you’re styling a baby right?”

Dina shrugged, “I’ve styled you, can’t be much different than that.”

“That hurts Dina.” Cameron joked, “Kay’s just getting Farrah cleaned up, kid had a bit of an accident, you can join them there. Which reminds me… I need to go get more diapers.”

Dina raised an eyebrow, “You’ve already run out?”

“No but I’m not risking it.” Cameron said as he sped out the door, taking his jacket with him.

Dina rolled her eyes as she walked into the baby’s room to find Kay drying off Farrah with a towel while the girl giggled from the fluffiness of the towel. “Hello Kay.”

Kay smiled at her friend as she picked up Farrah, wrapping the towel around the little girl, “Hey Dina.”

Farrah waved to Dina. The British woman smiled at the little girl, “And hello to you too Farrah.” Farrah smiled then buried her face in Kay’s shoulder. “I found a dress that I think will be perfect for a first birthday. I did have to make some adjustments to it.”

Kay smiled, “Let’s see it.”

Dina excitedly placed her bags on the table and pulled out a little blue dress with a noticeably large blue bow tied around to the back. “I had to move the bow from the front of the dress to the back and I removed most of the ruffles from the dress because the poor girl might not have been to sit without a thousand ruffles covering her face.”

“It’s beautiful Dina. What do you think Farrah?” Farrah cooed as she reached her arm out to the blue dress. Kay smiled, “I think she likes it.”

“Then let’s get the birthday girl dressed.”

An hour later, Dina, Kay, Cameron and Farrah entered the archive. They were surprised to see Marigold there so early with the guys. “Hi.” Cameron said, “It’s nice to see you Marigold.”

“Thank you for inviting me.” She walked over and held out her hand for Farrah to grab hold of her finger, “Happy birthday Farrah.” Farrah gurgled as she gripped the old woman’s finger and shook it a little before letting go and hugging her uncle’s neck. “She looks very stylish.” Noting the white faux fur coat Dina had gotten her and the headband with a blue bow on it that matched her dress.

“You can thank Dina for that.” Cameron grinned he placed Farrah down on the couch and helped her take off her little coat.

A little while later, everyone gathered around Farrah in her high chair as Cameron brought over a chocolate ice cream cake with a single candle and placed it on the little high chair table. Farrah’s brown eyes went wide when she saw the candle.

They all started to sing happy birthday to the little girl as she clapped along with them and giggled. Cameron helped show her how to blow out the candle. She managed to blow it out… with a little help from Cameron. “Johnny, get over here.” Jonathan shook his head in amusement, “Jonathan, you promised.” The older twin walked over and stood on the other side of Farrah. “Kay? Do you have the camera?”

Kay smiled, “Ready to go.”

“Okay, ready Johnny?”

Jonathan tried to hold back a smile, “Let’s get this over with.”

“Okay!” Kay started, “One… Two… Three!” As soon as she said that last word, Cameron and Jonathan both leaned down and kissed either side of Farrah’s face, making the little girl laugh as Kay snapped a photo. “Perfect.” Kay then noticed Farrah putting her hands on the cake, “I think maybe we should be cutting the cake now.”

“Johnny, you get the cake, I’ll get Farrah cleaned up.” Cameron said immediately pulling a napkin out of thin air and wiped his niece’s hands before she got herself dirty.

“Well, I think we figured out what part of the cake Farrah wanted.” Jonathan proclaimed making everyone laugh. He placed the cake on a side table as he got out the paper plates and begun to cut the cake.

As the cake was being handed out, Cameron placed a bib around Farrah’s neck and she banged her hands on the table in excitement. Jonathan placed a tiny piece of cake in front of Farrah and Cameron handed her a little spoon. As they passed out cake to the others, Kay was helping Farrah eat her cake as the little girl kept missing her own mouth. Cameron only wished he took a picture of Farrah’s face when she had that first bit of ice cream.

When Cameron walked over to check on her, Farrah took her spoon from Kay and tried to feed some of her cake to her uncle the way Kay fed her. However she kept missing his mouth as Cameron ended up with a lot of chocolate stains on his face. Farrah giggled as Cameron wiped his face with a napkin.

The party started to wind down a few hours later and everyone was just relaxing and silently chatting. Cameron and Kay were sitting on the couch with Farrah sitting between them. Jonathan walked over and placed the present that Shawn and Fiona had gotten their daughter in front of Farrah. “Thought that this should be the first birthday present she opened.”

Cameron nodded and smiled as Farrah eyed the box. Her little hands gripped the lid as she clumsily lifted it. She tossed the lid aside, it landing on Kay’s lap. Inside was a fluffy blue bunny plush with brown eyes and a pale pink ribbon wrapped around the plush’s neck. Farrah cooed as her tiny hands gripped the stuffed animal and she pulled it close to her. She smiled to the adults around her as she held the bunny tightly.

Cameron and Jonathan smiled at each other as Farrah showed her new toy to Kay who was pretending to be so amazed by the stuffed animal making Farrah laugh. They decided they could give Farrah her other presents in an hour and let her enjoy the last thing her parents were able to give her.

Two hours later everyone’s gifts had been opened and Farrah was busy chasing Jordan in the baby walker Gunter got for her. She was a speedy little baby in that thing. Cameron laughed as he turned his head to Kay. She narrowed her eyes at him and smiled, “What is it?”

He smiled, “Just thinking.”


“I’m lucky… I’m really lucky.” He took her hand and gently intertwined their fingers. “You know, I don’t think I could have done this without you all.” Kay chuckled slightly. “What? Too cheesy?”

“No, you’re just sweet.”

Cameron scooted over and wrapped his arm around her shoulders, “Really now?”

“Yeah… you’re so sweet that I think you might give me diabetes.”

Cameron chuckled and raised an eyebrow, “What’s with you?”

“I think I’m just tired. Pain killers.”

Cameron leaned in and placed a kiss on her lips and Kay smiled as they parted. “I have something for you.” He pulled out the bracelet out of his pocket, making Kay’s eyes go wide, “Johnny thought I should actually give it to instead of slipping it into your pocket.”

She smiled as he slid the bracelet onto her wrist. “It’s beautiful… although I still don’t understand the ace of hearts.”

“You’ve stolen my heart.”

Kay laughed, “Okay. That was too cheesy.”

Cameron pretended to look offended, “Excuse me that was not too cheesy, it was just cheesy enough.” Kay rolled her eyes and rested her head on his shoulder, taking his hand in hers. It had been a good day. She felt Cameron take a deep breath. Like a weight was being lifted from his shoulders. They suddenly heard Farrah come over in her baby walker. “Hey Farrah.” Farrah smiled at her uncle and lifted up her arms wanting to be picked up. Cameron took his arm off Kay’s shoulders, took his niece out from her baby walker and placed her on his lap. “Did you have a good day?”

Farrah just giggled. Kay smiled, “I think she did.” Farrah turned her head and reached for her blue bunny next to Cameron. He picked it up and handed it to her as she tightly hugged the bunny. The magician smiled as his niece relaxed in his arms and he turned his head to Kay. “What is it Cam?”

He motioned his head to where Jonathan, Gunter and Mike were having their own discussion, “I just didn’t think we would ever get here. I didn’t think that… this is how this whole mystery woman fiasco would end. I never thought I’d end up… raising a kid.”

Kay just gave him a smile, “We’re all still going to be here you know.”

He smiled back, “I know.” He looked down to his niece who was starting to fall asleep as she held the bunny close to her. “Hey Kay?”


“Do you… do you think Fiona and Shawn would be okay with the fact that Farrah’s being raised with all of us?” He hesitated with his question, like a child who wasn’t sure if he could speak.

Kay smiled, remembering what Fiona had told her. She placed her hand on his cheek, “I really think they would be more than okay with it. Farrah’s safe.” He smiled as her hand stayed there and she stroked his cheek with her thumb.

Five weeks. In just five weeks, Cameron’s whole world had been turned upside down and inside out. This little girl was now the most important person in his life and he would fight tooth and nail to make sure she’d be happy. He was with the woman he loved and by some odd miracle, she loved him too. He finally had his brother back and their bond was now stronger than ever. His family was back together and their circle had grown. He had no idea how he was going to do this but he did know one thing for sure; his life was never going to be the same and he didn’t mind. He had his family. Nothing could tear them apart again.

However that wasn’t going to stop others from trying.

Whew boy! Wow… I can’t believe we’re actually here. ‘A Bundle of Secrets’ has come to an end. Thank you so much to everyone who read it. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I loved writing it!

You guys are all the best!

If for some reason, you find yourself feeling melancholy about this being the final chapter, don’t despair! There is going to be a sequel, I have already gotten the first page written. I don’t know how long it will take but the story is not over!

After all, the end is just the beginning.

Happy Pal-entine’s Day! You guys are all my pals and I swear that finishing the story on Valentine’s Day was just a happy accident! <3

Have an amazing day!

misscrazyfangirl321  asked:

The Greatest Con

A case involving MW (Let’s assume Johnny is back with the team) appears and this time she’s leaving clues as if she wants them to find her but they keep missing her by mere seconds.

Jonathan gets a call from the mystery woman who tells him that she wants to see him. At first he refuses until MW threatens Cameron saying that she has a way of hurting him without even touching him. Jonathan reluctantly agrees but brings some back-up with him because she said nothing about not bringing others.

When they find her, she looks quite disheveled and possibly a bit off her usual calm game. Jonathan and Kay walk up to her. Jonathan says that he’s not talking to her until she pays for everything she’s done and MW just smirks and tells him that he’s just made a mistake, holding her gun up to him. At first it’s pointed at him and she reminds him that she’s going to hurt his brother because Jonathan refused to play her game. “How? He’s not even here.”

“No…“ She then moves her arm for the gun to point at Kay, “But she is.“ She pulls the trigger and a shot rings out knocking Kay to the ground. When MW sees the way Jonathan runs to her, she realizes something… that’s not Jonathan. She demands to know where he is. Cameron realizes that Kay’s had her bullet proof vest on. She’s in a lot of pain but she’s okay.

Jonathan then appears from behind her and cuff the mystery woman , “You know you claim to know me but Cameron and I just pulled the oldest trick we know and you still fell for it.” And then he whispers real low and angry that only she can hear him, “You just shot an FBI agent. Any reasons you could give to keep you out of prison just disappeared… like magic.”

The mystery woman’s name is revealed and they find that she’s better off being put in protective custody under heavy guard as they are a lot of people who would love to see her dead.

Kay’s going to be okay but Deakins did insist she take at least one day off.  Cameron finally works up the nerve to actually ask her out… well, actually Jonathan had to make it clear for her that Cameron was asking her out because the younger twin wasn’t exactly being clear.

When they celebrate at the archive, it truly is the first time in a long time that Cameron and Jonathan can rest with ease.

Dina: Why is Cameron carrying a package of flour?

Jonathan: He and Kay are thinking of having a baby and he heard that taking care of a bag of flour was good practice

Mike: And how’s it going?

Cameron: Last night I dreamt my flour sack was abducted and the kidnappers started sending me muffins in the mail.

A Coffee Connection Chapter 19

Chapter 19

Cameron couldn’t get to sleep that night. He kept tossing and turning, unable to get comfortable in his own bed. He eventually got to sleep and early the next morning, he reached over to his right but he remembered Kay wasn’t there. She was in her own home again. In her own bed. He missed waking up with her and having her smile be the first thing he sees in the morning. God, that one week messed him up. He was finally with Kay but… they never really discussed their relationship because everyone there already thought they were in a relationship. He hadn’t even taken her on an actual first date yet they’d taken things to the next level already.

But he knew he loved her.

5:23 in the morning. There was no use. He went to the archive. He didn’t do much there. He simply paced around the kitchen as he waited for the coffee to brew. He looked out the window to see that the rain was not letting up. Although the sound of the water falling from the sky was kind of soothing.

It was 6:15 in morning when Dina and Jordan walked in, “Cameron darling, you’re back.”

He smiled at his friends, “Hey guys. Where’s Gunter?”

“Probably still out like a light. He’ll be here at some point.”

Jordan smirked, “So how was the wedding?”

“Uh… big, loud and everything was very shiny.” He joked.

Dina smirked, “Did you and Kay have a good time?”

He nodded with a soft smile, “I like to think so…”                

“Any pictures?” Cameron handed her his phone to show her the pictures Tiffany and Harris sent him as he got the coffee ready. Dina and Jordan scrolled through the pictures with amused expressions on their faces. They then reached a picture they honestly didn’t expect to see which made them a bit shocked, “Uh Cameron?”

“Hmm?” He replied as he took the coffee pot and started pouring it into a mug.

“Is there something you forgot to tell us?” Dina asked with a bemused smirk.

He furrowed his brows, “I… don’t think so.”

Jordan took the phone and showed him the photo that had him and Dina speechless, “Then can you explain this?”

Cameron turned around and saw that someone at some point had taken a picture of him and Kay while they were dancing. They weren’t just dancing in the picture; it was a photo of that kiss they had shared on the dance floor. “…Oh.”

Dina grinned, “Is that all you have to say?”

“I-I guess I forgot about that.”

“You forgot to tell us that you kissed Kay?”

“Well, it’s not like that was our first kiss.” He said before realizing it.

Dina and Jordan gave each other a quick look before Jordan spoke up, “I’m sorry. That wasn’t your first kiss? There is more to this story than you are letting on. Tell us.”

Cameron gave a look of hesitation. He sighed before he sat down and told them the whole story; he did leave out a few details that they really didn’t need to know like what happened the night of the wedding. When he was done, the three of them sat in silence for a moment. “Gunter owes me fifty bucks.” Jordan spoke up.

“Wait what?”

Dina slapped the back of Jordan’s head, “Now is not the time.” She turned her attention to Cameron, “So what are you going to do now?”

Cameron raised his eyebrows, “What do you mean?”

“Well, obviously you care for Kay.”

“Of course.”

“Have you told her?”

“Well, I think so.”

Dina raised an eyebrow, “You think so?”

“I mean I did tell her that I was in this for the long haul. That I didn’t want this to be just some fling.”

“Okay. That’s a good start.”

Cameron started to get nervous, “What else can I do?”

“Do you love her?” Jordan asked. Cameron remained silent for a few moments before nodding his head. “Have you told her that?”

The illusionist shook his head. Dina gave him a tiny smile, “And why haven’t you?”

“I’m just… worried that it’s too soon. I mean we just started this. I haven’t even taken her out on an actual date yet.” Cameron replied, giving a little chuckle, “I don’t want to scare her off.”

There were another few moments of silence again. “Well, if she’s survived an entire week alone with you, I don’t think you can scare her off anymore.” Jordan joked.

Cameron rolled her eyes as Dina shook her head, “I think what Jordan is saying is that sometimes, it doesn’t matter, you’ve known Kay for a good while now and now you’ve realized that your feelings towards her is far more than platonic… and it’s good that you know that and accept it.”

“No, I know what I said.” Jordan replied earning him yet another slap to the back of the head from Dina.

Cameron gave out a laugh, “Well, Kay did say she’d call me if they needed us for a case.”

Dina shook her head slightly and gave her friend a smile, “Do you really think it’s a good idea to tell her how you feel while you’re working? I mean, have you even discussed how you two will behave around each other at work. Kay’s a very professional lady and-”

“You’re a little loose with the rules.” Jordan butted in.

Cameron gave a tiny sigh. Dina was right. He couldn’t just tell her how he feels during work. It just wouldn’t be right. “What do you think I should do? I mean she’s probably already headed to work, I can’t just go to her now and pour my heart out to her on her doorstep.” That’s when Dina lit up and smiled. “Dina, I was kidding.”

“I know you were but… it might not be the worst idea.” She said, “I mean you’ve already got a romantic setting.”

Cameron raised an eyebrow, “Pouring rain?”

“Hey, it is used in many a romantic comedy.” Jordan pointed out.

“But I don’t think we’re in a romantic comedy.” Cameron rebutted.

“Hey! Your life might be in a romantic comedy right now and you may not even realize it!”

Dina patted Jordan’s hand, “Alright young man, calm down.” She looked to Cameron, “I mean we could drive you to Kay’s if you’re worried about not catching her in time.”

“I don’t know… I don’t want to put her on the spot.”

“You are telling her in semi-private area given where she and if Kay doesn’t want to give you an answer, she can just walk away because it’s not like you’re going to pin her to a wall and tell her. You’re both adults and I know that neither of you play any sort of game with your emotions.” Dina smiled, “It’s one of things I first noticed about the both of you. When you feel something, you feel deeply and you don’t beat about the bush. Are you really going to start doing that now?”

It took them a ten minute drive to get to Kay’s building.

He had only been out of the car for two minutes but Cameron was already soaking wet at this point as the rain didn’t seem to show any signs of stopping. He stopped to catch his breath when he saw Kay leaving her apartment, letting out a yawn before she started walking towards her car, “Kay!” Kay didn’t hear him on account of the rain so he called again, “Kay!”

She jerked her head at the sound of his voice. She smiled when she saw him but then wondered why he was here at this hour. She thought he’d still be asleep. She grabbed her umbrella and met him halfway as he rushed over to her, “Cameron, what are you doing here?” She said putting the umbrella over both of them.

“I couldn’t sleep. You weren’t there.” Kay gave him a confused look, he explained, “I couldn’t sleep because you weren’t there.”

“Cameron, is everything okay?” Kay asked, wondering where he was going with this. Truth be told, she didn’t get much sleep last night either but she tried not to think much of it.

“Look, this past week, a lot between us changed.”

Kay nodded in agreement, giving a light chuckle, “Much more than I had expected.”

“Kay, I told you I’m in this for the long haul and I meant it.”

Kay gave him a loving smile, “I did too but… that doesn’t explain why you’re here… right now.” She chuckled, trying to get him under her umbrella.

Cameron took her face in his hands. She ignored the fact that his hands were soaking wet from the rain, “Kay, I-I want you to know, I need you to know that I…

Kay chuckled; putting a hand on his wrist while the other still held the umbrella, “Cameron?”

He looked deep into her eyes. He couldn’t hold back how he was really feeling anymore, “Kay… I… I love you. I’m in love with you.” Kay blinked as her hand lost its grip on his. Had he really just said that? Oh God, this had been a bad idea. Did he just ruin everything? He should have waited until she said it first. What if she wasn’t ready to tell him? She wouldn’t be so quiet right now. God, he’d wish she would say something. He didn’t want to push her but he couldn’t hold back how he was truly feeling. Not anymore. The sound of the rain was becoming unbearable. Cameron’s hands dropped from her face, “I-I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.” He started to ramble, “It’s too soon, I shouldn’t have- I don’t want to pressure you-”

“I love you too.”

He almost didn’t hear her due to the sound of the pouring rain. “W-what?”

“I’m in love with you too you idiot!”

Cameron could barely respond before Kay’s umbrella fell out of her hand and she pulled him by the lapels of his jacket, crashing her lips against his. She felt the cold from his clothing. He was soaking wet from the rain but she didn’t care as she was soon drenched in rainwater herself. Cameron was quick to wrap his arms around her as he kissed her back. He pulled back for a quick second, “You love me. Y-you… you actually love me.” He whispered in disbelief as he pushed back some of her hair that had been matted down to her face. He knew she had said it in her sleep but it was still a pleasant shock to hear.

“I do…” She said with a smile, the rain having completely soaked her to the bone, “And you love me.”

Cameron’s grin couldn’t get wider if he tried, “Yeah.” He held her in his arms, feeling that sense of warmth again despite the cold of the water, “I love you Kay.” He said over the loud droplets of rain.

“I love you too Cameron.” She almost didn’t finish her sentence as Cameron crashed his lips against hers. Her arms wrapped around his neck as he picked her up just an inch off the ground and spun her around as they continued to kiss and laugh. They were happy.

A little ways down the road, Jordan and Dina were in the car watching the scene unfold. “Do you think that maybe we should get them out of the rain before they catch a cold? All that rain can’t be good for your health.”

Dina slapped Jordan’s shoulder, “Oh, shut up Jordan. It’s beautiful.”

“Should we really be watching them?”

“Look, Cameron had us drive him here, it’s not like we’re spying, we just happen to be here witnessing this beautiful moment between our two friends.”

“Yeah, I guess… but remind me about this later, Gunter still owes me fifty bucks.”

Cameron and Kay were utterly soaked to the bone before they realized just how cold they were. Needless to say, despite her best efforts, Kay was late to work that morning.

Oh my goodness! I can’t believe we actually made it! I know that this may seem like the end… T^T

But trust me, it’s not!

There is still one more chapter left in this story and… I believe a promised you guys a sequel for this story as well.

I’m sorry if this chapter was a little short, I really hope you enjoyed this chapter because this chapter specifically has been a couple months in the making. This has been a crazy ride but I hope that you guys had as much fun with it as I have.

Hope you have an awesome day!

…Or night, you know, whenever you read this. XD

When Did We Stop

I started the story with the intention of making Kay and Cameron dancing alone in Central Park. The story went the other way, but I liked it a lot and I hope you like it too.

Boredom knocked on her door.

It was 10 o'clock at night. Friday at the FBI had been quiet, so it was early when I was home. There was nothing to do in the file though.

The team had traveled and Jonathan had gone out to play football. I was alone and my proactive side hated that. That’s when I had the idea of ​​going to Kay’s house.

“Hey …” I said a little more excitedly than I should have and she then looked at me worried.

“Something happened?”

“Oh … No.” I answered quickly and cleared my throat. “I want to know if you want to go out with me?”

Seeing her cryptic reaction, I made a point of fixing my speech.

“Not like a date, going out, exploring New York as friends.”

“Come in,” she replied, opening the door. “I’ll change my clothes.”

A few minutes later she came back.

“Come on?” She said cheerfully.

She was wearing shorts and a loose white T-shirt. I had never seen her so casually and I could not help but notice that she was even more beautiful than normal. Maybe she noticed my look because it flushed a little.

“Come on,” I replied, opening the door and giving her way out.

We decided to go to Jimmy’s Corner. It was a cozy place, though so full of tourists. The drink was very cold, and as soon as I drank it, I thanked him mentally for being there at that moment.

I caught Kay staring at me the way she did whenever she would confront me.

“How do you drink before you toast? Always toast when you drink with a  lady, Cameron Black. ”

I could stop laughing.

“You know a lot about exits then.”

“I did a lot of it in my youth.”

“Oh, sorry if I was being exploited by my father while you learned tips on how to drink the right way and enjoyed your college.”

She smiled at me. “I guess it’s never too late to learn these things. Traditions of New York. ”

“Besides, I’m still very young, so I still have plenty of time in the world to learn.”

“Ah yes. Happy 20 years, Cameron Black. ”, She replied with irony and I looked at her pretending offense.

“Are you calling me old, Kay Daniels?”

“Of course not.”

We laughed together with his tone of voice and that was when the bartender brought another round of beer. Before we drank, we toasted and laughed as we did so.

“Ready. I’ve done one of the traditions, ” said before taking my beer.

Kay stared at me for a while with those incredible brown eyes.

“Shall we?” She said suddenly.

“Although? It’s not even midnight yet. ”

“Let’s just go,” she replied and then asked for the bill for us. “I’ll show you on the way.”

We stopped at the Muses 35 Bar & Karaoke.

“Really?” I said in disbelief at her.

“I’m going to make you know all the New York traditions today, little boy,” she replied tapping my shoulder and entering the bar.

The place was packed. Obviously, there were a lot of young people, but I was surprised by how many people our age. As the night went on, we drank and soon we were following the singing of karaoke, until the young man responsible for karaoke called my name.

“No!” I said turning to Kay, who was on my side, now laughing at my situation

“Of course you will.” She replied literally pushing me to the small stage.

The young man in charge was staring and then I went, but when I went to choose the song, Kay had already done it.

I had to sing It’s Gonna Be Me by Nsync. Despite the momentary shame, everyone sang and at the end of the song, they were already very loose, pretending to know choreography, which made us laugh a lot.

However, I decided to take revenge and by pretending to get more drinks, I named Kay to sing. A few songs later, her name was called.

“How did you …?” She started staring at me, but I just raised the glass and answered.

“I’ve had my moment of fun. Now it’s yours. ”

I made her sing Wannabe of the Spice Girls, but she had a lot less shame than me and in the end was already dancing and chanting with other girls. I loved to see her that way. Freer, happier, without seeming to be carrying the world in the back. She looked even more beautiful, and my narcissistic side thanked her for taking it.

When the song ended, there was no shortage of smiles on our faces.

“You’re a great performer!” She said in a compliment, and she smiled back at me. “You were not bad either, although I still prefer Justin Timberlake.”

“OK. I’ll call him to come and have fun with you next time. "I replied pretending offense.

We drank some more and when we left the bar it was almost morning. We decided to stop to eat somewhere and when we left, Kay pulled my hand.

"We have one last stop."We went to Central Park to see the sunrise. 

We sat on one of the lawns, but soon Kay lay down, I did the same at his side.

"Thank you for the evening. It’s been a long time since I’ve had fun like this.” My heart pounded as I heard her say it. I’d give Kay so much headache to know that she was feeling happy so beside me I comforted her a lot.

“Maybe I’ll make up for the days I’ve upset you, then,” I countered with humor and she turned to look at me.

“Oh, so you’ll have to call me for another 300 times."Seeing my face pretending offense, she laughed and I laughed and turned to her. 

Her hair was beautifully fallen over her blouse and although her eyes were tired, there was a glow of happiness in them.

"I also have to thank you for the evening. I have not had fun like this for a while. ” She smiled at me and approached a little more and then I continued. “Actually, although this is not a date, I have more fun than any oth …”

I was interrupted when his lips touched mine. My initial reaction was shock, but I knew we were not drunk and when Kay deepened the kiss, I realized that was exactly what she wanted.When we parted, our smiles could no longer fit in our faces.

“Now is it a date?” She asked, then I pulled her closer to me.

“Best of all,” I replied and kissed her again, sure that it was not only the best date but also the best day of my life.


A Deception Drabble

(Kaymeron + the team)

Requested by: @castledisneyfan and Anonymous


1. Would you be willing to right angst-y fluff for Kaymeron with the prompt, “Don’t die on me. Please.” And please don’t kill one of them off!

2. Would you be willing to write a Kaymeron one-shot where Kay almost dies giving birth to the twins? (Also, I don’t know about you but I see the twins as being a boy and a girl set)

Summary: Kay goes into labor and takes a turn for the worse.  Cameron must rely on the magic of family and love to get through it and stay strong.


“Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!” Kay yelled in pain as she lay in the hospital bed squeezing Cameron’s hand. She had been having contractions for hours, and it showed. Her hair was in a messy bun that was falling out in random places, making it messy in a non-cute way. Not to mention her bangs were stuck to her forehead in a layer of sweat. Kay’s eyes were also tired and puffy from all the emotions coursing through her. She was happy to be becoming a mother, sad that her pregnancy was coming to a close, annoyed at how much pain she was in, and both glad and angry that Cameron Black did this to her.

“Ow, ow, ow!” Cameron winced. “My hand!” Kay cut him a wicked glance that said ‘Are you kidding me?’ and he quickly shut up after adding, “Right. Nevermind.” With that, another contraction came along with more yelling and grunts of pain from both.

“Good job, Kayby. You got this. The babies are almost here.”  He smiled as he always did when he said the word baby in the plural form. Cameron still couldn’t believe they were having twins. He remembered the day the nurse told them the news. They went in to find the gender but came out with so much more. It was crazy. He hadn’t known whether to laugh or cry, so naturally he did both. At the end of the day though, something about having twins just felt right and oddly perfect.  And now it was finally happening. The contractions were minutes apart, so Cameron knew it wouldn’t be long now.

Kay stared at her husband for a long moment then finally whispered, “I love you.”

“I love you too.” He replied, kissing her once on the forehead then on the lips.

Too soon the sweet moment was interrupted by yet another contraction. As this one came to an end, the doctor entered the room.

“Sounds like we are getting close.” Dr. Singh said with a smile as she put on her gloves. “Let’s have a look.”  Sitting on the stool at the end of the bed, the doctor began to examine Kay. “Ten centimeters.” She noted. “It’s pushing time.”

After a couple nurses came into help, they did just that. “All right… push!” Dr. Singh commanded.

With a loud grunt, Kay squeezed Cameron’s hand until it turned purple and pushed with all she had. Once. Twice. Thee times.

“Hold on. Stop pushing.” The doctor said calmly yet forcefully.

It was quiet a moment. Not too long but long enough for Cameron and Kay to exchange a worried look and for Cam to ask, “Is everything okay.”

“Everything is fine.” The doctor assured. “However, baby number one is in breech position.  Now, normally I could go in and try to rotate the baby by hand, but with another baby in there, I think it would be safer for everyone involved if we did a c-section.”

Standing up, the doctor rattled off some directions for the nurses as she made her way out of the room. Kay rubbed her stomach and looked to Cameron who was doing his own version of Lamaze breathing.

“Hey, look at me. ” She said softly, catching his attention. As his eyes bore into hers, she told him confidently, “A c-section is a common method of delivery. Everything is going to be fine.”

Cameron nodded and kissed their intertwined hands, wanting to believe her. However, he had a pit in his stomach that was convincing him otherwise.


Fifteen minutes later, they were in a new  room with more doctors and nurses and machines. Cameron was dressed in scrubs this time with a matching cap. Kay was in her hospital gown but also wore a special cap to keep her hair out of the way as she was attached to several machines given that this was a surgical procedure. In the same positions as before, they held hands tightly and let the doc do her thing.

A few moments later, Dr. Singh’s voice rang out, “Here is baby number one… It’s a girl!”

“A girl! We have a daughter!” Cam beamed then kissed his wife in excitement.

“She’s beautiful.” Kay added as she watched the nurse take her baby girl across the room to clean her up.

“Just like her mama.” Cam nodded.

Exactly three minutes later, the doctor cheered, “Baby number two has arrived! Mr. and Mrs. Black… say hello to your son.”

“A son!” Cameron exclaimed.

“Our son.” Kay grinned tiredly as her eyelids grew heavy.

“We have a daughter AND a son, Kay!” He smiled proudly as he watched the nurse take his baby boy from the doctor then turned to his wife. Her eyes were closed like she was sleeping and her head rolled slightly to the side. Immediately feeling like something was off he queries, “Kay?” Unfortunately the only response was the sudden chaotic beeping of the machines she was attached to. “KAY!” He found himself shouting. “Wake up, Kay!”

Cameron waited for a response as he shook her lightly by the shoulder. Still nothing. At least not from her. The doctor and nurses were pretty chatty though, sharing information about the patient’s current state and how to treat her. They used terms he wasn’t too familiar with, so he wasn’t 100% sure about what was going on. All he knew was that she was bleeding too much, which obviously wasn’t a good thing.

“Come on, Kay.” Cameron begged. “Don’t die on me. Please.” Cupping her face with his hands he cooed softly. “Our kids need you. I need you.”

He wanted to say or do more but the nurse was ordered to remove him from the room so the doctor could focus and have more room to work and breathe. Cameron understood, but he didn’t like it. He hated being helpless. He couldn’t stand sitting in the hall and doing nothing while his wife was potentially dying in the next room. So, instead, he paced and prayed to any and every higher power he could think of. After a few minutes, his mind wandered to why. Why was this happening? Why couldn’t he have a happy life with a happy family…. just this once? Becoming enraged at his thoughts as well as the helplessness, Cameron balled up his blue cap that was now in his hands and threw it violently down the hall before swinging a fist in the other direction and punching the wall. He made a sizable dent in the drywall but didn’t care in the least.

“Whoa! Cam! What’s going on?” A familiar voice called out.

Turning to his left, Cameron saw his twin brother, Jonathan, coming toward him with a nurse in tow.  The elderly woman was chastising him. Something about how he wasn’t permitted to be back here. She must have gone to the waiting room to give the gang an update and worried him. Or maybe his twin sense had kicked in and alerted him that something was wrong. Either way, Cameron was grateful to see him.

Now standing in front of his brother, Jonathan placed a hand on each of Cam’s shoulders and repeated, “Cam! Are the twins okay?”

“The babies are fine.” He managed to get out clearly, but Cameron’s voice began to waiver as he tried to explain about his wife. “It’s Kay… sh-she’s bleeding too much. The machines were g-going crazy. I’m so scared Johnny.”  Cam finished in a whisper as tears streaked down his face.

Jonathan immediately pulled his brother in for a hug, squeezing him tightly with everything he had.

That’s when Cameron Black officially broke. Holding on to his big brother for dear life and sobbing uncontrollably into his shoulder, he felt himself grow weak with sorrow. After a long moment, he finally whispered, “She can’t die, Johnny. I need her.”

At that, Jonathan quickly pulled his brother back to look him in the eyes and said adamantly, “Hey, don’t talk like that!  Everything is going to be all right, you hear me?”

“You don’t know that.” Cam tossed back dejectedly.

“Actually, I do.” Johnny assured. “In case you haven’t noticed, your wife is kind of a badass. She is literally the strongest person I know, putting criminals away for a living, growing two little humans inside of her, not to mention putting up with you on a daily basis.” At that, Cameron offered the smallest of smiles. His brother took that as a positive sign and kept going. “What I’m saying is, Kay has never given up on anything or anyone before, and I doubt she’s about to start now. So, believe in her…. just like she’s always believed in you.”

Cameron nodded, “Yeah, okay.” Then added with a sniff. “Thanks, Johnny.”

He nodded in return, then after a moment, he replied, “C’mon.” and walked his brother to a nearby chair so he could sit down.

Leaning coolly against the wall beside his brother, Johnny asked, “So do I have nieces or nephews?”

“Both.” Cam grinned, revealing his right dimple.

Jonathan proceeded to probe more about the babies, including what their names and who their god parents were. He was genuinely curious and wanted to distract his brother from thinking the worst. So, really it was a win-win. However, Cameron refused to divulge any information, saying he had to wait and see.

After that, they proceeded to chat aimlessly to pass the time. They sat in the hall talking for what seemed like forever until Dr. Singh came out of the room with an unreadable expression. Cameron shot out of his chair, more than ready to hear an update on his wife.

Sighing, she said, “Obviously, there were some complications with the delivery. The placenta wasn’t delivered properly with the babies, causing a hemorrhage. However, we were able to act fast and stop the bleeding. Kay is going to need a lot of rest, but she’ll be just fine.” Dr. Singh finished with a smile.

Jonathan sighed in relief as Cam flung his arms around the doctor and said, “Thank you, Doc.”

“Would you like to go see her?” She offered.

“Yes!” Cameron answered hurriedly then looked to Johnny.

“I’ll give the guys an update. Go be with your family.” Jonathan smiled as he briefly clasped his brother on the shoulder.

Cam clasped him back, giving him a small smile before following behind the doctor and returning to Kay. As he did, a million things ran through his mind.

One of them being that he hoped his twins would one day be as close as he and Jonathan were.


It’s amazing how quickly things can change. One minute, you’re having the worst day of your life, and the next, you’re on cloud nine. That’s how Kay felt today. Going through labor and almost dying was terrifying, but now, sitting in the hospital bed and holding her new born son, she felt euphoric, like nothing could ever top this feeling or this moment. Ever.

Cam stood to her right, gently rocking their baby girl back and forth in his arms. He smiled as he hummed a soft tune and adjusted the pink blanket tightly around her. Not too tight though… of that he was careful. He did just as the nurse showed him earlier.

The twins were born early this morning. It was now a quarter after six. After a good day’s rest, Kay was… well honestly she was still exhausted. However, when the nurse checked in a moment ago and asked if she was up for visitors, she couldn’t say no. No doubt the gang was waiting excitedly and definitely impatiently to meet their newest members. Kay could only imagine what kind of scene they were making out there in the waiting room. She didn’t have to imagine long though.

“Gunter, what the hell!?” Jordan spat as he stumbled through the door.

“You were taking too long. I was helping.” Gunter smirked. “And watch your mouth. There’s tiny ears present!”

“Both of you hush or you’ll wake the… babies!” Dina squeeled in delight as her eyes danced between the twins in front of her. Quickly, she darted to Kay’s side to coo at the infant in her arms.

Mike chuckled as he followed behind her.  Jonathan did the same, nodding for Jordan and Gunter to come with him toward Cam.

“Congrats, you guys.” Announced Johnny.

“Mom ‘n’ pop in the hizhouse!” Jordan cheered dorkily.

Gunter responded with a slap to the back of the head, saying “Don’t ever do that again.”

“Seriously, guys.” Mike interrupted. “We’re all really happy for you.”

“Thanks.” The couple replied in unison.

“And were glad everyone is healthily.” Dina noted pointedly at Kay. “You gave us quite the scare, young lady.”

“Well, I think I have a way to make it up to you.” Kay smiled, holding her son out to her friend. As Dina eagerly scooped him up, Kay continued, “Meet Destan Asher Black. Your godson, if you and Mike accept.”

“What!? Of course we do! Oh, my precious boy!” Dina blurted in excitement.

More calmly, Mike chimed in with a grin, “We’d be honored.”

“And Johnny,” Cameron interjected. “We have decided that we want you to be the godfather of our first born, Miss Tessa Adalyn Black.  Meet your uncle, Tess.” Cameron whispered the latter softly to his daughter as he handed her over to his brother.

Johnny was a little stiff at first, causing her to fuss and Cam to laugh.

“Just relax.” Cameron told him.

“Yeah,” Jordan agreed. “They can smell fear.”

Jonathan ignored his friend’s teasing and took a deep breath. As he began to relax, so did Tessa… Tess? Tessie. He decided. She was definitely a Tessie.

“Hey there,Tessie. Listen, I’m not exactly the greatest role model, but I promise I will be the best uncle ever… and apparently godfather. You okay with me being your godfather?” Johnny spoke softly as he doted over his niece.

Tessie let out a teeny weeny burp then smiled, causing all the adults to erupt in quiet laughter.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” He grinned.

“So will I.” Cam nodded then looked to Dina. “D, we were hopping you wouldn’t mind pulling double duty in the godmother department.”

“Are you kidding? I’d be delighted!” She beamed. “These two already have a special place in my heart. My precious Destan Asher and sweet Tessa Adalyn.” She cooed to the twins.

Just then, something clicked inside Johnny’s head. “Wait… you said Tessie was born first right?”

“Yep, by a good three minutes.” Cam answered.

“So, it’s actually Tessa Adalyn and Destan Asher.” Jonathan corrected Dina’s former statement.

“Yeah, I suppose so.” Kay replied skeptically, wondering where this line of questioning was going.

“What’s your point?” Dina queried.

Johnny smirked, “You named your kids Tessa Adalyn and Destan Asher… as in T.A. and D.A. …as in…”

“Ta-da!” Cameron finished with a flourish.

The room was instantly filled with an assortment of smiles, giggles, eye rolls, and head shakes as this little revelation sank in.

Kay was the first to speak as she fell back against her pillow and said, “You gotta be kidding me. How did I miss that one?!”

“Pregnancy brain?” Jordan tossed out. When he was met with a bunch of curious looks, he went on. “What? It’s a thing. Scientifically speaking, women tend to forget things and loose focus when their preggers.”

“Actually,” Gunter challenged. “Some women are known to get sharper instincts when pregnant in preparation for taking care of their young.”

“I don’t know about Kay’s mental state,” Dina responded. “But her body has been quiet distracting lately, growing two little humans and all.  I’d say that’s a valid excuse.”

“Don’t forget, Cameron is a master of deception.” Mike added, slightly geeking out over the ‘trick’ his friend had just revealed.

“Not to mention, conception.” Jordan quipped, pointing between the newborns. “Am I right?”

“Jordan, sweetie…” Dina began sweetly. “It wasn’t funny the first time when we found out about the pregnancy, and it’s not funny now. K? Okay.”

“Ooh, wait, what’s that, Tessie?” Johnny asked the small child in his arms. “Yes, you are right. Uncle Jordan did just get burned! High five!” He teased, picking up his niece’s tiny hand and tapping it to his own and then to Gunter’s.

“Well, if Tessa is gonna be mean, then I’m gonna go over here and hold Destan instead.” Jordan tossed back, slightly embarrassed but not at all mad.

After that, the gang chatted aimlessly as they played pass the babies. By the time  they all got a chance to hold each one, a nurse came in to check things out.The same elderly woman from the hallway that chastised Jonathan was now checking on Kay’s chart and IV. As she finished, she gave a practiced smile and told them, “Visiting hours are over. Time to give the happy family some rest.”

Minutes later, all the goodbyes had been said and everyone was cleared out.  Cameron, who was now holding their son, crawled into the bed with Kay, who was cradling their daughter. As they rocked their children to sleep, Cam whispered, “Thank you.”

“For what?” Kay questioned as she turned to look him in the eyes.

“For giving me all of this.” He replied, gesturing around them. “I never thought any of this was possible, that I could be married or have kids or be this happy… until I met you.”

Kay smiled and responded, “You know, I never thought romance or a family was in the cards for me… until you came a long and shuffled the deck. So, thank you for not giving up on me… and for not letting me give up on myself.  I love you, Cameron Black.”

“I love you too, Mrs. Daniels-Black.” He retorted sweetly, then, after exchanging the dopiest, love struck looks, they exchanged a quick, soft, yet very passionate kiss.

After the kiss, they lingered a moment with their foreheads pressed together and then Kay adjusted herself so her head rested on her husband’s shoulder like a pillow. Still embracing their children, they sat together in the peace and quiet and enjoyed the rest of their evening together as a family.


Cam had heard that word several times today and couldn’t help the smile that appeared on his face each time.

It was there again now.

As of today, he officially had a family of his own, and he couldn’t wait to love and cherish it and be the best dad he could be.

The Amazing Cameron Black: Man. Magician. Brother. Husband.

And now, father.


A Deception Drabble (Kaymeron)

Quotes requested:

1. “I didn’t choose you, my heart did” by @hpdecendatsncishugergames

2. “ People do crazy things when they’re in love” by Anonymous

Summary: After Kay partners with Jonathan for a case, Cameron gets jealous both professionally and personally. Knowing actions speak louder than words, Kay sets the record straight in a way even Cameron Black is sure to understand!


“I didn’t choose you, my heart did.” Kay told him sweetly.  "You are the one I want.“

Cameron grinned widely at her words but before he could respond, she continued.  "I love you, Johnny.”

And just like that, his smile fell as a bemused expression crossed his face.  Johnny?  What the heck? “Excuse me?” Cam finally said aloud. However, Kay ignored him.  Or  maybe she didn’t hear him?  He was so confused.  

It didn’t make it any better when Jonathan spoke up from behind him, “I love you too, Kay.”

Backing up a step to fully take in the scene, Cameron wanted to punch his brother right in the dimple he had just revealed with his words.  What was going on? How could he do this to his own flesh and blood? “Okay, not cool, bro!” Once again, Cam’s words were disregarded as the people in front of him, the two people that meant the most to him, moved forward and kissed. “Hey! Stop it!”  He called out.  Instead of heeding his advice, the kissing escalated, growing more and more intense. “No!’ He yelled, voice livid.  "No! No! No!” Cameron added angrily as he dove forward to pull them apart.  However, his hands went right through them, causing Cam to fall forward  to the ground and everything around him to fade to black.


“NO!” Cameron shouted as he woke with a start.  Sitting up in bed, he ran a hand through his tousled, dirty blonde hair and panted, trying to calm himself down.  The bedside lamp flickered on a moment later, revealing Kay sitting up beside him with concern in her eyes.

“Hey, it’s okay… it was just a dream.” She cooed soothingly then put a comforting hand on his back.  When Cam visibly tensed at her touch, she sighed in frustration.  "Okay, what is going on with you?  You’ve been acting weird all day.“

"I’m surprised you noticed.  I thought you were too busy having fun with Johnny.” He muttered tersely.

“You gotta be kidding me.”  Kay replied, irritation evident in her voice. “That’s what all this is about? Your jealous that I picked Jonathan over you?”

“So, you admit then? You rather be with him?” Cam tossed back.

Kay rolled her eyes and retorted, “That is not what I said.”

“Yeah, well…” Cameron trailed off for a moment then quickly added, “actions speak louder than words.”

“Cam, look….” Kay began then paused a second to tuck a lock of chestnut hair behind her ear. “Yes, I chose Johnny today… for the case. I couldn’t walk around and investigate with Mike and two civilians. It would have been too risky.  Deakins would have never approved.”

“She never approves of anything I do!” He argued.

True, but she’s my boss.  I have to obey her.  So, one of you had to hang back, and Johnny had the information and connections with the underground gaming league, so it made sense to pick him.”

“Yeah, sure.” Cameron answered, coating his words lightly with sarcasm.

“Wait a sec…” Kay went on a new train of thought as something clicked in her mind. “Are you jealous of me and Johnny professionally… or personally?”  When he didn’t respond, it was answer enough. “Cameron Black,” She paused to slap him in the back of the head (not too hard but just enough to make a point). “How can you think I would cheat on you? And with your own brother?!”

“Well, he does look like me.” Cam explained.  "So, I know he’s your type physically.  As for mentally… he’s definitely got me beat in the personality lotto.“

Kay looked at him quizzically, "What are you talking about?”

“It’s obvious he’s the better twin.” He told her.  "He’s the cool one and the serious one.  Not to mention he’s smarter. It’s not so crazy to think that you’d notice and…“  Cam hesitated, not wanting to say it.

"And what?” She challenged.  "Trade up?  That’s ridiculous.  Does Johnny have a lot of good qualities? Yes. But so do you. You are the sweet one, the funny one, the charming one… not to mention the one I love and nothing is going to change that.“ Kay finished, giving his hand a heartfelt squeeze.

"You don’t know that. Not for sure.”  Cameron argued.

“Well, I know that actions speak louder than words.” Kay retorted, pointedly using his own words against him. “And yes, I technically spent the day with Jonathan, but look at my actions now.  I’m in your bed, holding your hand, and am about to kiss your lips.” She finished with a smirk, then leaned in to do so.  She kissed him for a long moment then pulled back slightly for air.  It took all of one second for him to return the favor, this time deepening the kiss before pulling away and resting his forehead on hers.

With noses grazing and breaths intermingling, he whispered, “I’m sorry for acting so crazy.”

“It’s okay, people do crazy things when they’re in love.” Kay said teasingly.

“And I do love you.  A lot.”  Cameron noted seriously then added more lightly, “So, I guess we can expect more craziness to come.”

“Well, just to make sure things don’t get too crazy, I’ll have to work on my actions and make sure they speak loudly…” She paused and placed a kiss on the left side of his neck.  "and clearly.“ Kay finished then repeated the gesture on his right side.

From there, things began to both heat up and quiet down as their mouths collided and let their actions do the talking.  And "talk” they did… all the way to the break of dawn.  

Whoever said communication was key to a successful relationship was totally right.  Cam thought. Communication is the best!

anonymous asked:

Number two for fluffy please

2. Who sits on their partner’s lap as they wrap their arms around their partners neck?

Kay. it doesn’t happen that often but after Cam and Kay start dating and the group hangs out all together, Kay sits on Cam’s laps during movie night as a way to “make space” on the couch. They’ve used this excuse many times and their friends see right through it.

Double the Trouble

A Deception Drabble - Kaymeron centric

Requested by: Anon

Request:  “We were never that bad at their age, were we?” For somewhere in the future where Kay and Cameron have twin girls and Cameron and Jonathan reminisce.


Cameron and Jonathan laid exhausted on the couch, dressed in floppy beach hats and feather boas.  They had been playing with Cam’s twin, four year-old daughters all afternoon, finally crashing after having a tea party and watching Alice In Wonderland, which thankfully lulled the girls to sleep.  The room around them was trashed with toys covering the floor, glitter slime smeared on the table, paint on the wall by the kid-sized arts and craft table, and a big grape juice stain on the beige carpet.  They had certainly had one heck of a day.

“My, god.” Johnny called out tiredly.  "How do you do this every day?“

"Coffee.  Lots and lots of coffee.”  Cam answered.  "Those smiling faces help too.  I live to make my girls smile.“

"Those aren’t girls.” Johnny amended, taking off his hat and tossing it aside.  "Those are gremlins with an insane amount of energy.“

Cameron chuckled and quirked a brow, "Gremlins?  Really?”

“I have the broken phone to prove it.” Jonathan retorted, pulling his smart phone from his pocket and gesturing to the shattered screen.

“Hey, that one’s on you for not putting a case on it.”  Cam told him teasingly.  "Besides, I told you they were in a throwing things phase.“

No, you didn’t.“ Johnny challenged.

"Well, I guess I just thought it was obvious by the constant throwing of things.” Cameron smirked.

Jonathan rolled his eyes then sighed, “Seriously, we were never that bad at their age, were we?”

“Pretty sure we were worse.”  Cam replied knowingly.  "Remember the Legos we left everywhere? and hotel rooms we destroyed on tour with dad?“

"Don’t forget the toy car debacle.” Johnny smiled cheekily.

“Yeah, I still have the scar to remind me.” Cameron responded dryly.

“I was only trying to share my racecar with you.”  Jonathan said innocently.

“You threw it at my head.” Cam tossed back half amused, half irritated. “I had to get stitches.”

Jonathan shrugged, “You should have caught it better.”

“I was facing away from you and watching cartoons.  I didn’t know it was coming.”  Cameron defended.

“Yeah, well, that was kind of the point.” Johnny quipped.

Sharing a smile, they both laughed at the memory as the front door swung open across the room.

“Hey, guys.” Kay greeted as she entered her house with a shopping bag in one hand and her purse in the other. “Looking good.”  She added with a wink.

Embarrassed, Jonathan immediately ripped the hot pink feather boa from his shoulders, while Cameron, completely unperturbed, flipped his purple one around his neck and said, “I know.”  This wasn’t the first time Kay had seen him in this get up and no doubt wouldn’t be the last, so why should he be self-conscious about it now?

“Sorry about the mess.” Johnny told her, trying to change the subject.

Scanning the room, Kay shrugged a shoulder and said, “Honestly, with the two of you in charge, I expected to come back to much worse.”

The brothers shrugged and nodded as if to say ‘fair enough’ as Kay placed her bags on the cleaner side of the coffee table and moved to sit in-between them.  Giving her husband, Cameron, a quick kiss, she removed her sun hat from his head and placed it on her own as she queried, “Where are the girls?”

“Napping.” Cam answered, wrapping a arm around her shoulders.

“Thank god.” Jonathan echoed, to which Kay laughed.

“Yeah,” Cameron went on.  "You’d think after going through the terrible twos things would get easier, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.“

Grinning at her husband, Kay said, "If you think this phase is bad, just wait until they start dating.”

“What?” Cam replied, going deadpan serious as he processed her words, leaving no traces of the smile that was there only a moment ago.

“Yeah,” Johnny continued teasingly.  "First, they’ll go after the rebellious bad boys.  Then, they’ll be looking for a special someone that acts justliketheir father. It’s a psychological fact.“

Cameron said nothing as he looked to his wife who shrugged and nodded, "It’s true.”

“Oh, crap.” Cam finally muttered.

Double crap.” Jonathan corrected. “Because you have not one but two girls to worry about.”

“Son of a…” Cameron mumbled some more as he rubbed his temple to relieve the stress headache that was threatening to form.

“Babe, relax.” Kay grinned as she placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. “We have plenty of time to worry about that.  Besides, I’m FBI, remember?  No bad boy is going to want to mess with that.”

“She has a point.” Johnny nodded in agreement.

“And the good boys?”  Cameron wondered aloud.  "They may be good, but they are still boys.“

"Yes, they are.” Kay relented, knowing all too well what he meant.  "But if they are anything like mine, then they will be sweet and kind and caring to a fault.“

Looking quizzically at her, Cam questioned, "And how many of these boys have you dated exactly?”

“Just one.” She promised.  "That was all I needed.“

Cameron smirked just as his wife kissed him sweetly on the lips.  He happily returned the favor, making his kiss last a bit longer.  His stress melted away with each embrace, knowing that he and Kay could handle anything as long as they had each other.

As the kissing dragged on and showed no sign of stopping, Jonathan made a grossed out face, stood, and said, "And that’s my cue.”  In somewhat of a haste to leave before things escalated any further, he tripped half way to the door over a plastic ball, knocking it into a block tower that he had made earlier with the girls.  As the tower crumbled down, there was a quiet pause, then Johnny heard the sweetest voice call out, “Daaaaaddy?!”

He loved his nieces, he really did.  Not to mention, he was responsible for waking them up, so he probably should stay and help. However, they wanted daddy, and daddy he was definitely not and tired he definitely was.  So, before the girls could utter another word, Jonathan yelled, “Later!” and made a bee-line for the door.

Cam and Kay just laughed as they got up and made their way to the girls’ room to check on their kids. Kay walked happily, thinking about how lucky she was to have such an amazing family.  Cameron walked casually alongside her, thinking the same… and silently wishing Johnny would have triplets someday.

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Hey can you please do a Kaymeron story about Kay findings out Cameron is the one in jail and they finally admit their feelings

I hope you and the other readers haven’t given up on me. I had this beginning in the head, but the end almost doesn’t come out. I still feel it is very simple, but anyway. I hope you like it!

It had been a while since she had come into a church for the last time. She was never a religious person, but he believed in God and liked the peace that this place brought him. In fact, when everything collapsed and she rarely could handle the ends, she ran to that quiet place, because something there calmed her down.

Now she was there because that was all she needed most: peace.

Everything had gone wrong on that day at work and in her life. She, who had always left the job so far from personal life, had mixed the two in one for Cameron’s sake and then saw all the two go wrong in front of her without being able to do anything.

In his mind, the way he talked about not believing her was still clear, as if it had just happened, and she still could not settle for it. She was such a person with faults even though she almost never failed. But this failure hurt more than the previous ones. The words tore at her heart as it still echoed in her mind and she no longer knew what to do to get rid of it when she entered the first church she found on the street.

It was late, the church close soon, but she still sat there replaying all the tragedy. His thoughts were cut off as his phone rang. She almost ignored it, but when she saw where it was from, she sighed in fear of what she was going to hear next and answered.

A few minutes later, she was face to face with him.

With him really, not with his brother pretending to be him.

“Why did you do that?” She asked, still incredulous, and he looked at her for the first time in the night.

There was a mixture of anger and sadness deep in his eyes.

“Why did I go back to prison?”

“You’re not Jonathan, Cameron, I know you and your brother do not have the same fingerprints and I know they needed yours when you went to the refectory today.”

He sighed and ran his hand through his beard. Both were equally lost by what had happened.

“Tell me what really happened, please.”

He swallowed hard and then looked at her.

“I deserve this.”

“But you need to tell what really happened.”

“If I tell you, you’re going to chase after my brother and he doesn’t deserve it, he needs his freedom now, I’ve imprisoned him for 30 years in my life.”

“We’re going after him anyway,” she said seriously. “Talk to me.”

In the next few minutes he explained that he had gone to visit Johnny with the intention of running away and he then said that he didn’t want to run away with him, struck him and he then woke up in Johnny’s clothes.

“I even left without saying goodbye to anyone. I didn’t want to hurt them.”

Kay looked at him strangely and thought, “Jesus, I don’t believe this happened.” and then asked.

“What time did you leave the warehouse?”

“About five o'clock, why?”

The flush growing on Kay’s face made Cam speak more directly. “What happened, Kay?”

“I’m sorry, I saw Jonathan, I talked to him thinking it was you and he didn’t deny it and then …”

She stopped before she could compromise any more.

“How could I have not differentiated you? I should have realized, I …” she said, beginning to martyrize and then Cam scolded her.

“I just don’t get confused with my brother because I’m aware that I am me,” he said, with as much humor as he could

That was Cameron Black, joke even in the worst of times.

“Okay, I’ll get you out of here,” she said getting up and before he could protest, she was already with two policemen and a warrant to release him.


As they were going out side by side, the two quietly processing everything that had happened in those last few hours, Kay turned to Cam.

“Do you want a ride, or …?”

“Why I wouldn’t want to?,” he asked confused.

When they got into her car, she was driving home. Even if they had not said anything, even if he wanted to go to a hotel, she would want to make sure nothing happened to him. He had just been betrayed by his brother, whom the two of them had donated most of the last few months trying to save, so his warehouse was compromised.

“You still have reason to be angry with me, but if you want you can stay in my house.”

“I have, but because of the FBI, I know you would never promise me anything if you couldn’t keep it up.”

“Unfortunately.” She agreed as she stared at him.


When they arrived at her house, neither of them had much appetite, but the belly snoring denounced them. Kay arranged some microwave food and then they ate in silence. When they had finished, they were left alone with their distant thoughts.

Kay stared at Cameron and then began to speak.

“I should have realized it was not you, Cam.” She began. “You would never have treated me that way, even in anger.”

He looked at her in alarm.

“What did Jonathan do to you?”

“Nothing,” she said, not wanting to make him feel even worse.

Part of her was relieved that it was not him. He was still there. Now they had new challenges, but who knows could they go through them together? She knew that his beliefs in her promises should be void, but she had a new chance to prove to him that she would still try.

He shook his head.

“My brother hurt me, I’m sure he said something to hurt you. ”

She looked at him earnestly and sighed, and out of the air all the lack of courage that was still inside her.

“I asked him …”, she started and looked at him blushing, “ I said I didn’t want to let it all end like this. He said there were no more promises between us, that you … he did not believe me any more. ”

Cam was silent for a few seconds, until he lifted her and looked her in the eye.

“I don’t believe in the FBI, maybe I still believe you. I know your heart, Kay. I know that unfortunately these things don’t depend on you alone. And you know that I would probably choose to stay if everything went well, you wouldn’t even have to ask. ”, He finished with humor, which left Kay red, remembering what she had said to Johnny.

Cameron noticed and moved closer to Kay, pulling her gaze to him.

“You didn’t just say that to Jonathan,” he said, and she was surprised to see he realized she was hiding something. He could read her so well.

“I …” she started and then her voice broke. Why was it so hard to say this now, knowing it was him and what he was willing to hear.

“I had told you that I would not stop you if you wanted to help your brother run away because …” she began, and received a corner smile from his mouth “I did not want to stop you from being happy, but I did not want to either just be an FBI agent to you. ”

The next few seconds were pure shock to the two when their lips met each other. A bittersweet taste on account of all the defeats of the day, but still a good thing.

“You were never just an FBI agent to me, Kay Daniels,” he replied after they pulled away and kissed her forehead.

When he looked into her eyes, she knew that everything in her life was still very messy, but that they could sort everything out together or build a new life. The important thing was that they would be side by side, and for now, only that really mattered.