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É o último e eu vou trabalhar

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"Got shut down by the health department for its D rating." "D for delicious." 1x10 'The Unseen Hand

She wants back. She's a big fan of . So look deep in your hearts and renew the show so she can be happy again.

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Just when i thought i was getting fluff, it turns out i was getting kaymeron angst! IT CANT END LIKE THAT!

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Only just got around to watching last week’s episode. I cant believe i missed so much goodness in real time.

O alívio no rosto dela por ele estar fazendo gracinha e de colete <3

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Pessoas que quase morrem e mesmo assim fazem gracinhas porque a crush está assustada

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"I'd rather focus on the future" the way they look at each other kills me every time


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So... posted this on her Instagram story yesterday. cast and I love you guys dearly but... why must you all toy with our emotions? Why must you make Cam sad? 😊

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Um beijinho de coco para quem adivinhar para quem Kay Daniels está sorrindo assim

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anonymous asked:

Can you mix 3 ,38,117 for kay and Cameron? Great writing!

Okay, who ordered the triple scoop of fluff and angst. They include #117 – “Game’s over you son of a bitch! Tell me where (s)he is!”, #38 – “You fainted… straight into my arms. You know if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”, and #3 – “Please, don’t leave.” Anyone? Anyone?

“Game’s over you son of a bitch! Tell me where she is!” Cameron yelled when he got to the front desk. For the past few days, he and Kay had been investigating the mysterious murder of a night janitor in a high-end energy drink company. Everything had been going seemingly fine until Kay went missing two nights ago. She had told Cam that she was going to go speak to the president of the company again to ask about some new evidence that they had uncovered. Cameron had offered to go with her but she said that it wasn’t going to take long, Cam wished he hadn’t listened to her, he would know if she was safe if he hadn’t.

The president of the company, Mr. Enerday played dumb, “Mr. Black, I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I’m talking about my partner, Agent Kay Daniels. She came to speak with you two nights ago and she never came back.” Cameron was in no mood.

Mike rushed up next to Cameron, “Agent Mike Alverez. We’re here because my colleague Agent Daniels came to ask you questions a few nights ago and she hasn’t been heard from since.”

Mr. Enerday shook his head, “I’m afraid I haven’t seen Agent Daniels, if I do, I will let you know. Now if you’ll excuse me.”

“Just a moment Mr. Enerday. If you have nothing to hide, you won’t mind if we look around. You have to understand that Daniels is one of our best agents.”

Enerdaay stiffened for a moment then relaxed, “Of course. Take a look around.”

Cameron quickly walked down the hallway, he had a feeling that he could figure out where Kay was. Mike called after him, “Cameron, wait up!”

Cameron slowed down for Mike to catch up, “Sorry Mike, I’m just-”

“I know but it’ll be easier to find her if we stick together.”

Cam smiled at his friend, “Yeah, I know.” His eyes suddenly caught a door that he hadn’t seen the first time he and Kay had looked around, “Hey Mike, you got my back?”

Mike raised an eyebrow at the out of place door, “Of course.” He had his gun at the ready for whatever was in there. They went through the door and were shocked by what they saw. The company building had this bright aesthetic to it but in here was dark, dreary and kind of rusty looking. “What is this place?”

“I have no idea but if Kay’s somewhere in this building, she’s here.”

Suddenly they heard frantic running, “Stay alert.” Mike warned.

They hid behind a giant wall of pipes when someone came running through, as if she didn’t know where she was going. However Cam recognized her, it was Kay but something wasn’t right. He ran after her calling her name, “Kay!”

He couldn’t hear what she said and he almost lost until she tripped… over nothing. Kay wasn’t clumsy, something was wrong. He got closer, tried to take her by the arm but she swatted him away, “Get away from me! I’m not some guinea pig!”

Cameron noticed that she wasn’t wearing the clothes she had worn two nights ago, she was now wearing an off white cotton dress and a dull blue cardigan. He had to grip her shoulders, “Kay! It’s me, Cameron!” When he finally got a look at her face, he was shocked. She still looked like Kay but there were scratches on her face, bruises on her skin, including her neck and a black eye was beginning to form. Her injuries were similar to what she

Kay blinked for a few moments as if she was trying to focus her vision but was failing. Kay carefully her hand and placed it on where she felt his hand was, “C-Cameron?” It was him, she could sense it.

Cameron smiled, “Yeah, it’s me, and Mike’s here with me”

“Mike?” Kay was silent for a moment as Cameron helped her to her feet, “We need to get out of here! Now!” She pleaded gripping his upper arms.

She tried to walk but she couldn’t keep herself steady, “Kay!” Cameron exclaimed as he wrapped one arm around her waist and took her arm and put it around his shoulders, “Kay, what did they do to you?”

“I-I don’t know, every time I started asking questions, they would just inject me with a needle and… then I don’t know what happened. I would just remember the injections. But every time I would wake up, I kept having trouble keeping my head clear and my eyes won’t focus.”

“Kay!” Mike called out, “Thank God we found you. Cameron was starting to go kinda nuts.”

“He-” Just then, Kay lost her consciousness.

Cameron to wrap his other arm under her legs and pick her up, “Mike, we need to get her to a hospital. Now!” Cameron said.

“What happened?”

“I don’t know but she said they’ve been injecting her with stuff” He explained.

Mike’s nose flared, “That son of a bitch.” Mike had his gun held up in front of him and motioned for Cam to follow him. When they got back out to the lobby, Mike pointed his gun to Enerday, “Put your hands in the air where I can see them Enerday!”

“What the hell is this!? You have nothing to tie me to that murder!”

“No, but I can arrest you for kidnapping an FBI agent and using her as some… guinea pig.”

Mike knew that if Cameron wasn’t holding onto Kay, he would have attacked Enerday but Cam did look furious, “You better hope to God that she’ll be okay or you’ll have to deal with a hell of a lot more than simple criminal charges.”

After Mike had brought in Enerday, he drove Kay to the hospital with Cam watching over her. Kay had been taken into the ER, still unconscious, leaving Mike and Cam in the waiting room with Cam being a worried mess. Mike placed a hand on his friend’s shoulder, “Hey, she’ll be okay.”

“You saw those injuries on her, right Mike?” Mike could only nod as Cameron continued, “What I don’t think you saw was the look in her eyes. I mean she was having trouble focusing her eyes but… God, she looked terrified, I have never seen her like that before.”

“I can only imagine. Kay’s strong though, she’ll be able to pull through.”

“What the hell did they… inject in her?”

Almost as if on cue, a nurse walked out of the ER, “Kay Daniels?” Mike and Cam both stood up and walked over to the older lady, “She’ll be fine. She had been given an unhealthy amount of non-FDA approved drugs but we managed to flush most of it out of her system. Unfortunately, because of the drugs, we could not give her any pain medication. All she needs now is plenty of rest and we’ll need to keep her here for a few days for observation just until all the toxins have been eradicated from her system.”

Mike nodded in understanding, “Thank you Nurse… Rose” Reading her name tag.

“Can we see her?” Cameron asked.

Nurse Rose nodded, “She’s being taken to a private room now, I can show you the way.”

Mike patted Cam on the back, “I actually have to report back to Deakins now and make sure our new friend goes behind bars. You go on, tell her I’m glad she’s okay.”

Cameron nodded as he followed the nurse to where Kay was. “So what is your relationship with the Ms. Daniels?” The nurse asked with a kind tone

“Oh, uh… I’m just a friend.”

“Just a friend?”


“Then she’s lucky to have friend like you, I happened to noticed you when you three came in, you wouldn’t stop until you made sure she would be alright.”

“I care about her, I wanted to make sure she would be okay.”

The nurse stopped in front of a door and opened it, “Thanks to you, she will be. I’ll be back in a little while to check up on her.”

Cameron walked into the room and saw Kay lying on the bed with her eyes closed. Her skin was no longer a sickly pale and her cuts and bruises had been cleaned up. we walked over sat on the chair next to the bed and took her hand. “Kay? I know you probably can’t hear but… I’m glad you’re okay.” He took her hand in both of his brought it close to his lips, “I’m so sorry that you had to go through… whatever it is you went through. I know you must be in a lot of pain but it’ll be over soon, I promise.” He then kissed the palm of her hand.

“Hmm?” Kay began to stir. After a minute, she cracked open her eyes and saw Cameron seating next to her, not having noticed that she had woken up, “C-Cam?”

Cameron couldn’t help but smile, “Kay?”

“W-where am I” She tried to sit up but her headache got in the way, “Ugh, and why do I have such a nasty headache.”

“Do you not remember? You’re in the hospital.”

“The hospital?”

“Yeah, you went to talk to Enerday and then you went missing… for two days.”

“Honestly the last thing I remember is walking into the Enerday building.” Kay suddenly looked down at her arms and saw that there were many needle holes, “What happened to me?”

“You were drugged… a lot. So much that hospital is reluctant to give you pain medication.”

“That explains the pain. How did you guys find me?”

“We found this hidden section of the building that didn’t seem to match up with the rest of the building’s theme… then we found you as you were trying to run away, you said something about how you weren’t some guinea pig and then.. you fainted… straight into my arms.” Cameron smirked trying to brighten her mood, “You know if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

Kay smiled but felt pain as she did so, “I must be a total knockout right now.” She muttered sarcastically.

Cameron shrugged, “Makes no difference to me. You’re still the same strong beautiful woman you’ve always been.” She blushed at the kind words. Cameron smiled that she seemed like she would be fine and back to her old self in no time, “I’ll go see if Nurse Rose has anything at all she can give to help with the pain”

He stood up and was about to leave when Kay gripped his hand, “Please, don’t leave.”


“I… I’d just feel more at peace if you were here with me.” Kay pressed her lips tightly, “Just until I can fall asleep?”

Cameron smiled at her as he sat back down. The two continued to talk and Cam even preformed a few card tricks for her until Kay fell asleep. Cam would have left but he stayed a little just to be sure that she would be okay. When Kay had been woken up by a nightmare involving her kidnappers, Cameron calmed her back down and hugged her until she stopped shaking. He then proceeded to lie down next to her claiming that if it happened again, she could just grab onto him like a teddy bear or body pillow. Kay soon fell asleep again with her head against Cam’s shoulder and her arms wrapped around one of his arms while his other soon pulled her close as he fell asleep as well. Kay didn’t have any more nightmares that night.

When Nurse Rose came back into the room to see how they were doing, she saw the two in their sleeping embrace. She quietly closed the door and let them sleep. She could bend the rules just this once.

I swear that these stories won’t all take place in a hospital!

[Cameron and Kay have had their first fight as a couple and it… upsets Cam to say the least…]

Dina: Cameron darling, are you alright?

Cameron: [Turns around in his chair] Just looking some memories [Swipes through photos on his phone] Here’s a picture of Kayby at the petting zoo. Here’s a picture of Kayby at the pancake place eating a short stack. Here’s a picture of Kayby telling me to stop taking pictures of her short stack.

Dina: Cameron, what are you doing?

Cameron: That’s what she said when I took the picture… [Cries] I miss her so much!

loveisalwayswise  asked:

14 for kaymeron? 😉

14. “Hey, I’m with you, okay? Always?”

“Hey, I’m with you, okay?” Kay suddenly said as she was driving, gripping the stirring wheel, “Always?”

“What?” Cameron said snapping out of his daze.

Kay looked in her rear-view mirror as they were leaving the prison, “I know that you’re hurt but I need you to know I’m here for you. Whatever you need, just please don’t push me away.”

When they got to a red light, Cam placed a hand on hers, “Thank you Kay” He removed it when the light turned green and gave her a faint smile as she made the way back to the archive, them both sitting in a comfortable silence.

When they opened the door to the archive, the team almost looked surprised. Dina quickly ran up to Cameron and gave him a great big mama bear hug. “Oh my god Cameron, we are so sorry! I can’t believe that we didn’t realize that it was Johnny who left.”

Cameron chuckled as Dina let him go, “Hey D, it’s fine. Really…” He took a glance at Kay, “Luckily, when Kay came in to see how Jonathan was doing, she noticed that it was me and not him.”

Dina gave a sincere smile to Kay, “Thank you Kay. Really.”

Kay smiled, “It was nothing, I’m just glad that Cameron is back with his family where he belongs”

Gunter, who was usually not one for emotions, spoke up, “That means you now too Kay.”


“I’m not going to lie, when the FBI let the Mystery Woman go, my first instinct was to get angry at you but then I remembered, thanks to Jordan and Dina,” Jordan gave a smug smirk to Gunter, “That you were the first, and quite frankly, the only person who was willing to help us and truly believed us. you even risked your own career at some points. So, thank you my friend.”

Kay smiled but before she could say anything, Jordan spoke up, “Wow, Kay, you really are something else. I’ve known Gunter for years and I have never seen him spill his guts like that before.”

Gunter rolled his eyes, “And if you tell anybody about this Jordan, I will quite literally spill your guts”

It was Dina’s turn to roll her eyes, “How about we all go and have a nice cup of coffee?”

Cameron cleared his throat, “Well, if you don’t mind, I’m actually gonna go out to the balcony for a few minutes, need the air.”

They all nodded in understanding, then Dina invited Kay in, “I want to here about how you got Cameron out so quickly”

Kay chuckled, “Well, it took a lot of yelling at the guards and a few choice swear words I didn’t realize were in my vocabulary until then.” About twenty minutes later, Cameron was still outside, “He’s been out there a while” Kay noted.

Dina nodded, handing her a second cup of coffee, “Here, why don’t you take this to him, I have a feeling it should be you who talks to him right now.”

Kay took a deep breath and headed towards the balcony, she knocked on the open door, “Hey Cam, may I join you?” Cameron nodded. Kay came and stood next to him, handing him the cup, “Here, Dina made this for you.”

He took the coffee from her hand, their fingers brushed slightly, “Thanks.” He took a sip of it. Cameron was being quiet, it was really unlike him.

“Cam?” Kay asked softly, “Are you okay?”

Cam gave a slight chuckle, “Nope. I’m angry.”

“I get it. I mean Jon-”

“No, Kay, you don’t. I’m not angry with Jonathan, I mean I am but I’m not angry at him right now.”

Kay furrowed her eyebrows, “Then who are you angry at?”

“Myself.” Cam sighed, “I’m angry at myself for ever being angry with you.”

“Y-you were angry with me?” Kay whispered.

He placed his coffee on a nearby corner table, “Yeah… it’s just… when the FBI let MW get away. I told myself that I was done with the FBI. I even told Jonathan that I was done with you.” Kay felt her eyes glaze over but she wanted to let him continue, “I was treating you like you were just some random FBI agent who didn’t care about me or my family in the long run, boy, did those thirty-six hours behind bars remind me that I was wrong.”

“You… you thought of me as just another FBI agent?”

“Yeah… in that fit of anger, I did. I was just so frustrated with trying to get Johnny out the right way and not getting anywhere with it, I didn’t realize that I wasn’t going to go about it the right way this time. Then when he said that he didn’t want to escape with me… I don’t know.” Cameron ran a hand through his hair, “You were never just another FBI agent to me Kay.”

Kay gave him a small smile, “Really?”

Cameron turned to face her, “Yeah, I mean, I could honestly say that I consider you as my best friend. You make laugh, you make me smile… you make me want to be better than I am”

Kay smiled widely, so wide that Cameron wanted to take a mental photo of how beautiful she looked in that moment as she replied, “I consider you as my best friend too Cameron.”

“Kay?” Cameron said taking a step closer, “I know that we haven’t known each other for that long but… I don’t know what I’d do without you in my life anymore.”

Kay then took a step closer, “Well then, it’s lucky for you that you won’t have to find out anytime soon because I am not going anywhere.”

They then hugged, with Kay wrapping her arms around his neck and Cameron having his arms around her back and her waist. He rested his head against her shoulder and thanked whatever higher power allowed him to have Kay in his life because he could trust that she was truly with him. Always.

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Well, I would love a 25. But just a thought about 37? It doesn’t have to be sexuality. It could be expressing an unpopular opinion or confessing something awkward to a friend/partner.

Alright, so this is part two of the Fairytale/Royal AU I had written, please find it under… somewhere…

Oh! Also, when I have completly finished writing this AU story, I will put in all together in one post. :)

Kaeleigh was in her tower room once again. That was the rule, if she wasn’t out with her family, she wasn’t out of her room. It was the rule her father had set after… after what happened with Carolina. It was fine for the most part, even though she couldn’t be out, there was enough space in her room to practice her archery skills despite her father’s protests. She believed that a person should be able to defend themselves even if they have people who can do it for them. She took aim and shot the arrow right into the bull’s-eye on the tiny target she had placed on the other side of the room. “Nice shot.” A voice came from the window causing Kaeleigh to jump. It was one of those magicians from earlier, the one with the kind eyes. He gave sheepish grin as he sat up on the window sill, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.”

Kaeleigh shook her head, “It’s fine. I just wasn’t expecting you, that’s all” Kaeleigh furrowed her eyebrows, “Wait, how did you get up here?”

“Figured out how to use the vines to travel around and when I found out that this was your room, I thought I’d pay you a visit.”

Kaeleigh put her bow down, “Why?”

“I’m guessing you don’t get out much so you seem to spend a lot of time in this room and I thought you might be lonely.”

Kaeleigh raised a playful eyebrow, “You got all that from a single meeting?”

“And the facts that I noticed you being escorted to your room a few hours ago and there have been guards at your door since then.” He admitted.

Kaeleigh gave a slight chuckle, “Well, I suppose, I’m not opposed to some human interaction. I’m afraid I might not be the best conversationalist though.” She said, taking a seat on her bed.

“That’s alright, we have a few days to get to know each other before the ball, we could spend time together when Jameson and I are not rehearsing for our show.” He said, taking a seat on the chair by her vanity.

Kaeleigh smiled, “I’d like that… very much” Her response made Campbell smile. Little did they know that while they were having the first of many conversations, elsewhere, Princess Cornelia was planning something.

In New York, Kay was admitted into the hospital, still unconscious. “What happened?” Deakins asked looking over one of her best agent’s body. Mike, Dina, Gunter and Jordan were all in the room

“They’re still running test but as of right now… no idea” Mike replied with sadness in his voice.

Cameron didn’t say a word. He had taken the chair on Kay’s left and just held her hand in his own. She looked so peaceful and beautiful even in that pale state but at that moment, he would have given anything to see her open her eyes again, “Mr Black?” Deakins inquired, “You found her like this, any explanation you have in mind?” Cameron didn’t answer, “Mr Black? …Cameron?”

“No sir.” Cameron whispered, “I have no idea how this happened… or why?”

Deakins turned to Mike, “If anything happens, if she even lifts a finger, let me know.”

“Yes sir.” Mike responded, showing Deakins out. He quickly turned back for a moment, “Hey guys, just remember that you all can’t be in here for too long.”

“Alright Mike, thank you.” Dina said, taking seat on Kay’s right. “What happened to you my friend?”

“Cameron?” Gunter spoke up, “Is there anything we can do for you?”

“Find an antidote?” Cameron asked wishfully.

“Maybe if we convince Deakins to let us see that spinning wheel, we could figure out what role it had.” Jordan replied, “I mean, it’s not every day a spinning wheel pops out of nowhere right?”

Cameron gave a small forced smile at his team, “Thank you guys.”

Dina got up from her seat, walked over to Cameron and placed a kiss on his head, “We’ll come back in a while to see how you’re doing.”

“Thank you” Cameron said turning his attention back to Kay, “Please wake up… please…”

In the Kingdom of Danica, a maid named Diana was collecting ingredients for something when Jameson startled her causing her to drop her items, “Oh my dear!” She exclaimed.

Jameson held up his hands, “My apologies. I wasn’t looking where I was going.”

Diana noticed he willingly picked up her items for her, “No, no. My apologies, I tend to jump a little too easily.” She said taking them back.

“Could have fooled me…”

“Well… good day to you… ”

“Oh. Jameson”

“Good day to you, Jameson”

“And to you…”


“Diana… Good luck with… whatever it is you plan to do with those items.”

“Thank you.” She called as she walked away.

Cornelia watched Diana walk away from Jameson and walk towards her chambers as she whispered to herself, “When I’m done… the love of the kingdom will be mine… and so will the love of that boy…”

In New York, five hours had passed since Kay had fallen unconscious and she showed no signs of recovery. After a while, Cam had started to inch his way closer to Kay. Maybe it was just him but he could have sworn that the closer he got to Kay, the steadier her heart rate became. After about an hour, he was still holding her hand and stroking her cheek until he himself fell asleep. He awoke from the sound of a click; he turned his groggy head to find someone he didn’t think he would see again standing over him pointing a gun to his head, “Hello Cameron” said the Mystery Woman, “Why don’t you and I take a little walk?”

To Be Continued…

Okay, so this might end up being three parts

Also the thought about #37 is noted.

[One night, the team plus Kay and Mike get a little drunk and a drunken Kay reveals a secret]

Kay: When I was a little girl, all I wanted for my birthday was an Easy Bake Oven. I begged and I begged but my ultra-feminist mother didn’t want me conforming to traditional gender roles so all I got was a lousy set of legos.

Cameron: Easy Bake… that’d be a good name for a band in the 70s.

Kay: [Laughs] It would… [They both laugh in their own little world]

Jordan: Who wants to lock them in a closet and bet to see how long it takes them before they start making out?

Kay: You’re cooking?

Cameron: [Proudly] Yes I am.

Kay: Aw [Kisses him] Are you sure that’s a good idea after last time? You looked really creepy without eyebrows.

A Bundle of Secrets Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Cameron could not stop pacing back and forth. Two days ago, the only family he had was his Deception team… and Kay when he really thought about it. However now, not only did he gain and lose a sister within the same five minutes, there was now a completely innocent little girl who only family left seemed to be Cam. Finally, after a good ten minutes of sitting in shocked silence, Dina spoke up, “Cameron?”

Cameron’s attention suddenly to the worried faces all looking at him. He took a deep breath, “If you’re gonna ask me whether or not I’m okay… I’m not.”

“I wasn’t going to ask that. We already know that this is hard for you. It’s hard for all of us.”

Gunter, who hadn’t said much since Farrah came into the archive, “But you need to remember that we are a team and if that means taking care of that little girl whose parents were so cruelly taken from her, so be it”

Cameron smiled at his father-figure, “Thanks Gunter but… now that I know, I have to step up for Farrah. I just don’t know how to.”

Gunter rolled his eyes, “That’s why you have us, you dummy.”

Cameron gave a small chuckle then realized something, “Where’s Kay? And where’s Farrah?”

“Kay went to go change Farrah’s diaper. Poor little thing was fidgeting a lot. She’s very calm” Dina answered.

“Where did they go?”

“I think they went into the powder room but Kay said she’d keep the door open” Replied Dina with a knowing expression on her face. Cameron ignored it went off to see if Kay and Farrah were there.

“Five bucks says he makes a move.” Whispered Jordan

“Five bucks says she makes a move.” Gunter whispered back

“Ten bucks says both of them chicken out of making a move” Dina said upping the ante.

Gunter and Jordan looked at each other then at Dina, “You’re on.” They both exclaimed.

When Cam found Kay, Dina was right, she had kept the door open and she was finishing up with the diaper changing and seems to be talking to the baby so he just leaned by the doorway and listened, “You’ve been such a little angel, yes you have.” She cooed at Farrah causing Cam to smile, “I know a lot of things are going to change for you now but I want you to know that you are in the best hands. Your Uncle Cameron is a good man. I trust him with my life” Those words made Cam’s heart flip a little in his chest, “He might not know exactly what to do at first but give him time and he always comes through and tries to make sure that everyone is happy… even if he’s not” Kay suddenly noticed Cam in the doorway, picked up Farrah and placed her on her hip and gave Cam a smile, “He’s selfless like that.” Cameron didn’t say anything. He just gave a grateful smile took two steps forward and hugged Kay and by association, Farrah. “Cam?” Kay asked softly.

“Thank you.” He whispered softly as he quickly let go, realizing just where they were. Cameron cleared his throat, trying to ignore the light blush that seemed to be resting on Kay’s cheeks, it wasn’t helping him keep her at a distance. She deserved better than him. “So.”

Kay gave a slight chuckle, “So.”

“I was gonna go get some baby stuff for Farrah and I thought you could come with me so I could get your opinion on what to get.”

“What did you have in mind?”

Cam shrugged, “The usual stuff, a crib, car seat, changing table, clothes, maybe a few toys”

“Well, we are still waiting to hear back from the lab about some stuff. I guess I could join you.”

Dina smirked as she, Gunter and Jordan watched Cameron, Kay and Farrah walk out the door shouting a quick good bye, clearly both having chickened out on making a move, “Pay up boys!” The two men rolled their eyes and each handed Dina a ten dollar bill.

Cam and Kay pulled up to the closest Babies-R-Us and went inside. They took a cart and placed Farrah in that baby basket seat and went to shop around. They picked out a sturdy car seat, a nice white crib with a light pink and blue bedding to go with it, and a pretty standard changing table. Kay reminded Cam that he needed a stroller so he got the best one her could find. They went to the clothes section, Cam picked out a few fun bibs along with some hair accessories while Kay got a few t-shirts, pants, and dresses for Farrah. Cameron picked up one of the t-shirt and pants combos and furrowed his brows, “Kay?”

“Yeah?” She replied as she checked on Farrah.

He raised an eyebrow as he turned the clothing set around; it was a set with red pants with white stars and a black t-shirt with the words ‘Ta-Da’ written in white. “Really?”

Kay laughed and nodded, “Let her learn about your dramatic flair early.”

“Oh ha, ha, ha. You’re hilarious Kay.” He said trying to contain a smile.

A little later, while they waiting in line, they were both trying to entertain Farrah with Cameron making funny faces and Kay giving her a little tickle every now and then. An elderly woman in front of them spoke up, “Hello, I’m sorry to bother you.”

Kay replied, “Oh, I’m sorry, are we being too loud?”

The woman waved her hand, “Oh, not at all, I just wanted to say that you have a very adorable child.”

“Oh, Thank you, well, actually-” Cameron tried to explain.

“I generally don’t see such a well-behaved baby but judging by her parents, I’d say it makes sense. You two seem very happy together”

“Oh, you see-” Kay tried to explain but was interrupted by the speakers telling the woman to please proceed to Register Nine.

“That’s my cue, enjoy your day you three.”

“Uh thank you.” Kay replied. It suddenly became very quiet between her and Cameron as he paid for the items and Kay took Farrah out of the cart and placed her in the new stroller.

When they got to Kay’s car, they still didn’t say a word. That is, until, Cameron spoke up, “So that lady thought we were together and that Farrah was our daughter… crazy right?” He said as he secured the car seat.

“Yeah… crazy.” Kay said subconsciously brushing her hair behind her ear. “So I guess when I drop you off at your place, I’ll just help you get all this inside then I’ll see you tomorrow?”

Cameron looked confused as he took Farrah from the stroller and carefully placed her in the car seat, “Why don’t you stay for dinner? I can order a pizza.”

“I wouldn’t want to impose or anything.”

“Impose? Kay, come on, I like having you around. Plus, you could help me set up the crib.” Cameron joked, “Plus I’d rather you help me eat a pizza than eat the whole thing with shame.”

Kay laughed at that last remark making Cameron smile, “Well then, I guess we’re eating pizza at your place then.”

“Darn straight we are!”

Kay raised an eyebrow, “Darn?”

“There is a child present Kay!” He joked as he placed the rest of the items in the trunk of the car.

They drove to Cameron’s apartment and took almost everything with them, leaving the stroller and car seat in the car. In the apartment, Cam was sitting on the ground in his spare bedroom trying to figure out how to put the crib together while Kay sat crossed-legged across from Cam with Farrah on her lap as she jingled her keys for the little girl. “I think I got it now but I don’t know if I can finish it for tonight.” Cam said, scratching his head.

“It’s too bad we can’t use Farrah’s crib but it was broken.”


“When the killer entered the apartment, they ransacked the whole place. Including Farrah’s room.”

“I hope we find the coward! They deserves to rot in jail for what they did.” Cam shook his head, “Now if only I could figure out how to put this forsaken thing together!”

“It’s a good thing you picked out that cushioned play pen for Farrah so they is somewhere that she could technically sleep in just for tonight, maybe you should set that up first.”

Cam nodded, “Good idea.” He went to set up the play pen in the living room

Just then, Kay’s phone rang, “Hello? Hey Mike. …Uh-huh. …Uh-huh. …Uh-huh. Good to know, thanks Mike, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Kay put her phone down on her lap causing Farrah to pick it up and just play around with it.

“What was that about?” Cameron asked as he re-entered the spare room.

“So good news is that the bullets used on Fiona and Shawn were from the same gun meaning that it was the same murder weapon.”

“And the bad news?”

“It doesn’t mean that it was the same killer.”

“Any suspects so far?”

“We’re trying to find out what these two did for a living and go from there but for now, Mike and I will be going to Shawn’s next of kin for more information.”

“Shawn’s parents are still alive?” Cameron asked incredulously.

Kay nodded, “Yes but according to what we could see in the home, there were no pictures of parents so something tells me that they weren’t very active in their son’s life lately.”

A little later, Cam had set up the play pen in front of the couch and Kay had ordered that pizza. Kay put Farrah in the pen along with a few toys to keep her occupied but the baby soon feel asleep and the two of them collapsed on the couch, suddenly realizing that they were tired. “You okay?” Kay asked sitting up, facing him, placing an arm on the back pillow.

Cam turned his face her “Yeah… I guess. Just… still processing everything.” He adjusted himself so his body was facing Kay as well and placed an arm on the back pillow as well, “It’s just… so much has changed about my life in just one day. I mean if you had told me yesterday that I had a sister, I would’ve had said you were crazy. I can’t help but think that things might have ended differently for Fiona if I had known”

Kay placed her hand on top of his, “Well, I know that if you had known you had family out there, you would have fought tooth and nail to make sure they lived a good life. I mean, just look at what you’re doing for Farrah. No one had to even tell you that her care essentially falls to you now, you just accepted it and you have not complained about it once!” Cameron smiled at her and took the hand that was under hers and intertwined their fingers causing both their cheeks to gain a slight pink colour. “What?”

“You make me smile, that’s all.” They locked eyes as Cam said something else, “I don’t know what it is but working with you is always the best part of my day and I just… I’m happy when you’re around Kay.”

Kay saw that there was something in his eyes that she hadn’t seen before but she wasn’t sure what it was, “You make me happy too Cameron. I honestly look forward to cases when I get to work with you.”

They both started moving closer to each other without even realizing it until their knees brushed together. Cameron cleared his throat, never taking his eyes off her, “Kay, I…”

“Yes?” She asked searching his face as if trying to figure out what he was going to say.

“Kay, I… there’s something I need to tell you.” Cameron said, his voice almost in a whisper, leaning in slightly as Kay did the same.

“Tell me.” She whispered back.

“I don’t know how…”

Kay bit her lip which drove Cameron crazy, “C-can you show me?” She asked with hesitation.

Cameron nodded as he leaned in until their noses were touching, “If… if you want me to stop… now’s kinda the time.” Kay shook her head ever slightly, worried that if she moved too much, she would break this… thing they had just created. When Cam closed his eyes, she did the same and he lightly pressed his lips against hers. When Kay didn’t recoil or even move, he pressed on her lips a bit harder while taking his other hand and cupping her cheek with it as Kay’s other hand moved to be placed on his shoulder. Call them crazy but they both felt something that they had never felt before. After a few moments, Kay pulled back for air, much to Cameron’s disappointment. They didn’t move from their position however. Cam’s thumb stroked her cheek as he looked into her shining eyes, “That was… wow…”

“Yeah… wow…” Kay replied, almost speechless. Cam began to lean in again when the doorbell rang.

What will become of Cam and Kay’s strictly professional relationship now? One might wonder… Yeah… I’m a teaser.

Cameron: Kay kissed me!!

Gunter: [Gasps] No!

Jordan: Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!!

Cameron: It’s unbelievable.

Jonathan: Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!!

Mike: Okay okay, we wanna hear everything. Johnny, get the beer and Gunter, unplug the phone. Cam, does this end well or do we need tissues?

Cameron: Oh it ended verrrry well.

Jonathan: [Rushing over with the beers] Do not start without me! Do not start without me!

Jordan: Alright, let’s hear about the kiss. Was it like a soft brush against your lips, or was it like a, y'know, “I gotta have you now” kinda thing?

Cameron: Well, at first it was really intense, y'know, and then… oh god, and then we just sorta sunk into it…

All guys: Awwwwww!!!

[Scene changes to Kay and Dina casually eating pizza around the table]

Kay: And uh, and then I kissed him.

Dina: Tongue?

Kay: Yeah.

Dina: Cool.

The Morning After

A Deception Drabble ft. Kaymeron

Note: This is part two to the fic “The First Time” which can be found with this link: . This can be read as a stand alone fic too.

Requested by: @marissatucker23

Request:  Kay and Cam the morning after they made love


As Cameron stirred and rolled over onto his side, images from the night before came rushing back to him. Kay’s lips on his.  His hands roaming her backside.  Her legs wrapped around his waist.  It was pure bliss. Easily the best sex he had ever had.  Definitely the best night he had ever had. Smiling, Cam stretched and reached across the bed for Kay.  Feeling nothing but empty sheets, he opened his eyes and picked up his head in confusion.

Was it all a dream?  Cameron wondered for a long moment.  He really hoped not.  The sheets beside him were messed up and felt warm, which boded well for reality. Sitting up, he tried to look for female clothes scattered on the floor.  It was hard to tell what was what in the dim lighting, but when Cam’s eyes landed on his shirt it made everything pretty clear.  His shirt was halfway buttoned and hung loosely on Kay’s body like a mini dress as she stood in the doorway with a smirk.

“Good Morning.” Kay greeted warmly as she made her way across the room and took a seat on the edge of the bed so they were facing each other.

“Morning.” He grinned as he coolly ran a hand through his mop of hair that was no doubt looking like a hot mess. “So… last night did really happen then.”

“Yes, it really did.”  She nodded with a slight blush.  "Sorry about disappearing like that.  I had to return a phone call.“ Kay added in explanation as she set her cell on the bedside table.

"Everything okay?” He wondered aloud.

“Yeah, Deakins just had a few more questions about last night.” She replied.  "Then she insisted that I take the day off.“

"Really?” Cam quirked a brow mischievously as he slid closer.  "Well, I think I have an idea or two of how you can spend your free time.“

"Oh, you do, do you?”  Kay retorted in amusement.

“Well, it’s really just one.”  He corrected as he slid the shirt down off her shoulder, a task made easy by the fact that she already had the first few buttons undone, and placed a soft kiss on her bare, smooth, mocha skin.

Kay bit her lip and closed her eyes as she enjoyed the tender caress of his lips as they moved from her shoulder to her neck.  She began to whisper his name but was cut off by his mouth hungrily covering hers.  Kay let herself relish in the moment as her hands roamed his torso.

Cameron was way past cloud nine as he pulled Kay flush against him.  Kissing her was better than he remembered.  That said a lot considering he remembered it to be pretty incredible the first time around.

Before they got too carried away, Kay came to her senses, splayed her hands on his chest, and pushed him back as she said breathily, “Cameron.”

“What?” He asked as he caught his breath, looking a mixture of concerned and confounded.

“What are we doing?” She asked him curiously.

“Making the most of your day off?” Cam queried teasingly.

“I’m serious.” Kay retorted in a no nonsense tone.  "Before this thing goes any further we need to talk about it.  We need to decide what this is exactly and whether it should really happen again.“

"Oh, it should definitely happen again.” He said eagerly with a playful tug of her shirt.

“Cam, we are being serious, remember?”  She scolded as she tried and failed to stifle a smile.

“Believe me,” Cameron told her reassuringly.  "I am dead serious about that.“ Kay rolled her eyes as he went on. "Okay, fine.” Cam sighed then pushed some hair behind her ear.  "You want to know what this thing is?  It’s amazing. It’s exhilarating.  It’s… like nothing I’ve ever felt with anyone else.“

Kay’s lips quirked upward as she responded, "Me either,”  Then, wiping her smile away, she added sternly, “but we can’t actually be in a real relationship.  You know that.  It would put everything at risk… our team, our partnership, catching mystery woman–

"freeing Johnny.” He added knowingly.

“Exactly.” Kay nodded.

Rubbing the back of his neck in frustration Cam replied, “Well, the last thing I want to do is put Johnny’s freedom at risk.  However, ending this thing between us is a close second, a very close second.”

Kay shrugged, sharing his disappointment and asked, “What other choice do we have?”

Cameron thought for a moment then offered, “What if we keep things casual?”

“What do you mean?” She inquired, wondering what exactly he was getting at.

“Well, you said a real relationship would make things too complicated.”  He elaborated.  "So, what if we have a casual relationship that’s purely physical? No one would have to know, no emotions would be involved, and therefore no complications would arise.  Most importantly, we would still get to be together. It’s a win-win-win-win.“

"I don’t know…” Kay trailed off, considering his solution carefully.  It wasn’t the worst idea.  However, she wasn’t convinced it was the best plan either.  Even if it did involve more bedroom fun with ‘The Amazing Cameron Black’ who most definitely lived up to his name in that particular department.

“Look,” Cam continued on.  "I get that your worried about all of this blowing up in our faces, but Jonathan once told me that I shouldn’t stop living my life just because he can’t live his, and he’s right.  I need to keep doing the things that I love and being with the people that make me happy… and you make me happy.“ He told her as he threaded his fingers through hers.  Lifting their hands and pressing the back of Kay’s to his chest, he repeated, ”Very happy.“

"Ah, Ah, Ah,” She warned, pulling her hand away.  "Happiness is an emotion.  You said no emotions, remember?  If we are gonna do this, that’s how it has to be.  No emotions, no attachments, no worries.  Got it?“

"Got it.” He agreed with a curt nod. “So, should we shake on it or something?”

“Or something.” Kay grinned with a mischievous glint in her eye, then grabbed at the middle of Cameron’s shirt that she was wearing and yanked it… hard.  Buttons went flying in every direction as the top came undone. Cam couldn’t care less about his damaged shirt though as he watched it slide down off her body and be exiled to the floor, revealing the beautiful masterpiece that was Kay Daniels’ bare body. Sealing the deal with a kiss (and then some), Cameron couldn’t help but think that this was the best deal he had ever made.  

No emotions, no attachments, no worries.  Just sex. Easy enough, right?  So, why was a tiny voice inside urging him to call the whole thing off and telling him that staying unattached to Kay was going to be impossible?

Nothing is impossible.  He argued with himself, using his life motto and personal mantra.  However, Cam’s conscience wasn’t convinced, and truth be told, neither was he.  Cameron had always truly believed that nothing was impossible, but maybe… just maybe… could this be the one time he was proven wrong?

Double the Trouble

A Deception Drabble - Kaymeron centric

Requested by: Anon

Request:  “We were never that bad at their age, were we?” For somewhere in the future where Kay and Cameron have twin girls and Cameron and Jonathan reminisce.


Cameron and Jonathan laid exhausted on the couch, dressed in floppy beach hats and feather boas.  They had been playing with Cam’s twin, four year-old daughters all afternoon, finally crashing after having a tea party and watching Alice In Wonderland, which thankfully lulled the girls to sleep.  The room around them was trashed with toys covering the floor, glitter slime smeared on the table, paint on the wall by the kid-sized arts and craft table, and a big grape juice stain on the beige carpet.  They had certainly had one heck of a day.

“My, god.” Johnny called out tiredly.  "How do you do this every day?“

"Coffee.  Lots and lots of coffee.”  Cam answered.  "Those smiling faces help too.  I live to make my girls smile.“

"Those aren’t girls.” Johnny amended, taking off his hat and tossing it aside.  "Those are gremlins with an insane amount of energy.“

Cameron chuckled and quirked a brow, "Gremlins?  Really?”

“I have the broken phone to prove it.” Jonathan retorted, pulling his smart phone from his pocket and gesturing to the shattered screen.

“Hey, that one’s on you for not putting a case on it.”  Cam told him teasingly.  "Besides, I told you they were in a throwing things phase.“

No, you didn’t.“ Johnny challenged.

"Well, I guess I just thought it was obvious by the constant throwing of things.” Cameron smirked.

Jonathan rolled his eyes then sighed, “Seriously, we were never that bad at their age, were we?”

“Pretty sure we were worse.”  Cam replied knowingly.  "Remember the Legos we left everywhere? and hotel rooms we destroyed on tour with dad?“

"Don’t forget the toy car debacle.” Johnny smiled cheekily.

“Yeah, I still have the scar to remind me.” Cameron responded dryly.

“I was only trying to share my racecar with you.”  Jonathan said innocently.

“You threw it at my head.” Cam tossed back half amused, half irritated. “I had to get stitches.”

Jonathan shrugged, “You should have caught it better.”

“I was facing away from you and watching cartoons.  I didn’t know it was coming.”  Cameron defended.

“Yeah, well, that was kind of the point.” Johnny quipped.

Sharing a smile, they both laughed at the memory as the front door swung open across the room.

“Hey, guys.” Kay greeted as she entered her house with a shopping bag in one hand and her purse in the other. “Looking good.”  She added with a wink.

Embarrassed, Jonathan immediately ripped the hot pink feather boa from his shoulders, while Cameron, completely unperturbed, flipped his purple one around his neck and said, “I know.”  This wasn’t the first time Kay had seen him in this get up and no doubt wouldn’t be the last, so why should he be self-conscious about it now?

“Sorry about the mess.” Johnny told her, trying to change the subject.

Scanning the room, Kay shrugged a shoulder and said, “Honestly, with the two of you in charge, I expected to come back to much worse.”

The brothers shrugged and nodded as if to say ‘fair enough’ as Kay placed her bags on the cleaner side of the coffee table and moved to sit in-between them.  Giving her husband, Cameron, a quick kiss, she removed her sun hat from his head and placed it on her own as she queried, “Where are the girls?”

“Napping.” Cam answered, wrapping a arm around her shoulders.

“Thank god.” Jonathan echoed, to which Kay laughed.

“Yeah,” Cameron went on.  "You’d think after going through the terrible twos things would get easier, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.“

Grinning at her husband, Kay said, "If you think this phase is bad, just wait until they start dating.”

“What?” Cam replied, going deadpan serious as he processed her words, leaving no traces of the smile that was there only a moment ago.

“Yeah,” Johnny continued teasingly.  "First, they’ll go after the rebellious bad boys.  Then, they’ll be looking for a special someone that acts justliketheir father. It’s a psychological fact.“

Cameron said nothing as he looked to his wife who shrugged and nodded, "It’s true.”

“Oh, crap.” Cam finally muttered.

Double crap.” Jonathan corrected. “Because you have not one but two girls to worry about.”

“Son of a…” Cameron mumbled some more as he rubbed his temple to relieve the stress headache that was threatening to form.

“Babe, relax.” Kay grinned as she placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. “We have plenty of time to worry about that.  Besides, I’m FBI, remember?  No bad boy is going to want to mess with that.”

“She has a point.” Johnny nodded in agreement.

“And the good boys?”  Cameron wondered aloud.  "They may be good, but they are still boys.“

"Yes, they are.” Kay relented, knowing all too well what he meant.  "But if they are anything like mine, then they will be sweet and kind and caring to a fault.“

Looking quizzically at her, Cam questioned, "And how many of these boys have you dated exactly?”

“Just one.” She promised.  "That was all I needed.“

Cameron smirked just as his wife kissed him sweetly on the lips.  He happily returned the favor, making his kiss last a bit longer.  His stress melted away with each embrace, knowing that he and Kay could handle anything as long as they had each other.

As the kissing dragged on and showed no sign of stopping, Jonathan made a grossed out face, stood, and said, "And that’s my cue.”  In somewhat of a haste to leave before things escalated any further, he tripped half way to the door over a plastic ball, knocking it into a block tower that he had made earlier with the girls.  As the tower crumbled down, there was a quiet pause, then Johnny heard the sweetest voice call out, “Daaaaaddy?!”

He loved his nieces, he really did.  Not to mention, he was responsible for waking them up, so he probably should stay and help. However, they wanted daddy, and daddy he was definitely not and tired he definitely was.  So, before the girls could utter another word, Jonathan yelled, “Later!” and made a bee-line for the door.

Cam and Kay just laughed as they got up and made their way to the girls’ room to check on their kids. Kay walked happily, thinking about how lucky she was to have such an amazing family.  Cameron walked casually alongside her, thinking the same… and silently wishing Johnny would have triplets someday.