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You don’t need to label yourself.

You are an individual. You are you.

Hipster, goth, kawaii/princess, etc. You don’t need to fit yourself into any of those words. Listen to whatever music you please, dress how you want, do what you want and don’t worry about tags for your individuality.

I have absolutely nothing against labels. Go, label yourself as you please, but don’t feel pressured to. Especially if you’re unsure, or maybe you fit into multiple labels (I know I do!)

You’re more than a subculture.

Don’t force yourself to be something you’re not. Be you.


Ruffi’s DIY: reusable sticker album

Hello everyone, Ruffimutt/Ruffireviews here! In my effort to preoccupy myself, I made a sticker album which I have actually wanted for a very long time. I love decorating and I have always wanted a place to display my favorite stickers so I can have a place to enjoy them and not worry about them getting used up! They do actually have sticker albums on amazon, but they are either: Expensive, low quality, or for kids. After doing some experimenting, I actually made my own sticker album that I feel it is worth sharing!


First I took some lamination paper and put some construction paper inside (not actually laminating), allowing you to change out your background which will be any sort of paper you cut to fill your laminate slip. Not only does this make your sticker album much customizable, but the laminate slip’s glossy texture allows stickers to be removed and replaced without ripping. The slips naturally have a static cling so it should be easy to keep your background in one steady place. After this step take the laminate with the paper inside and cut off the access paper that does not have laminate over it. This step makes your background the same size as your slip!


After that I punched two holes along the side and found some old binder rings to keep the pages together. If you wish to use a actual binder instead of just the rings by themselves and do not have a multiple hole hole-punch

you can take the background paper out and press it against your binder, making a small indention. Take a single hole-puncher and line it up with the indentions which will give you a piece of paper that goes inside your binder! Once you have the holes punched, put it back in the laminate slip and rehole-punch over the holes you have created. This sounds like a lot of work but once you have the first page down, you can hole punch the laminate with the paper inside for the other pages while you use the first as a guide.


I did find that while turning the pages some of the stickers/paper would get stuck on each other as they were going in between the glossy laminate and the sticker. I solved this by putting regular construction paper between each page like a divider. You do not have to do this, but if you encounter that problem that is the way to fix it! If you would like to close your laminate slip which will make it easy to turn pages, you can simply take a small piece of clear tape and put it on each side of the slip. It can even be a little piece!


Well there you have it, thats how I made my very own reusable and refillable sticker album! I hope this helps anyone who likes stickers!


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