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Finally done drawing 😅

【再入荷速報🥝】 O.WHT/BLK ¥4,320 完売しておりましたO.WHTが 再入荷してカラーが揃いました🥰 夏にオトナ可愛いtopsです☝🏻 ぜひCheckしてみてください♥️ 161㎝


"When Life Knocks u Down, Calmly Get Back Up, Smile & Very Politely Say, 'You Hit Like A Bitch', Now Watch Me..!!" - The Princess 👑

IPPEN Cycle Road Map 完成しました🚲絶景ポイントや日本の夕陽百選に選出されている場所など×2紹介しております!香住にお越しの際は是非IPPENレンタサイクルご利用下さい!

スタッフ購入item⭐️ 🐱 24/25/26 ¥17,280 履いてみて脚長効果とシルエットの綺麗さに一目惚れした、とkasumiさん大絶賛のデニム👖 明るめのBLUのカラーがより夏らしくこれからの季節にぴったり🌺🌴🏖

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So few things we learned from Morgana’s second video. Well things I’m guessing at since I can’t read or understand Japanese. But there was a brief moment where you could see Kasumi using Bless attacks. Which took me by surprise,because I figured with her looking exactly like Joker but a girl she would end using Curse. But I was wrong apparently. I think?It was a very short thing and was loving off the screen as she did it so.

Secondly,looks like fighting enough of those super strong enemies gets you an item that,more then likely,gives you access to a spell line?If not then just one of the spells of that line,because it shows Ryuji equipping the item and then casting Dia on Morgana.

Thirdly,Kasumi’s confidant has only 5 ranks. Meaning her Arcana probably changes as the story goes on,and her first 5 ranks are part of the story. When it changes is when she really joins the Phantom Theives,or when she betrays them?Who knows.