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You can still join us at for this weekend’s 2-day Orientation on Nonviolence365®️ (my father’s nonviolent philosophy & strategy). A few slots left. Register at .

You can still join us for this weekend’s 2-day Nonviolence365®️(’s philosophy and strategy) Orientation. There are a few slots left. Register at .

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I was today preparing for this weekend’s 2-day Nonviolence365®️ (’s philosophy and strategy) Orientation. There are a few slots left. Register at . See flyer.

America in Crisis (Hardcover/$22.18/286 pages) We are a nation at war; a war being played out on the highways and back alleys of our most prestigious cities, towns, and country side

America in Crisis (Paperback/$13.25/286 pages) A nation haunted by our past, distracted by our present and disillusioned by our future.

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“Our work for must begin within the private world of each of us. To build for man a world without fear, we must be without fear. To build a world of , we must be just.”

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Poem - The Pinprick

The Pinprick

Look to history to know the tale
the sum of what came before
when a single act can’t explain
the reaction from the crowd
the slight should not enact
cries of anger then expressed
except when the breadth is seen
of the pain the wounds inflict

the pinprick made in jest
or the statement meant to quip
both convey so much more
than  thoughts may account
assumptions miss the mark
to detriments of the ghosts
those that walked the twisted trails
tracking back to hurt once veiled

these revenants doubt intent
of the one that walks their grave
demanding blood for trespass
with damnations few contend
the past has more to say
than all the mutterings that explain
transgressions made by fools
with knives turned back to wound.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190422.

The poem “The Pinprick” was inspired by the online reactions to a person who played Devil’s Advocate on a sensitive subject.  The response was swift against the problematic statements.  Sensitivities were triggered.   Some ground should be traveled carefully.


I swear I’m not pulling the “black” card but can someone show me consistent stories of police officers shooting unarmed people of other races??? Thank God Both Of The Victims Are Still Alive and Can You Believe The Officers Were Put On Administrative Leave 🙄 | 🎥: @abcnews | #news #politics #blacklivesmatter #yaleuniversity #justice #naacp #blackpower
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When White people talk about so-called Over-population, what they really mean is that there are too many Black people.

The United States could easily eliminate the majority of crimes in the US.

… if only white people were actually punished for the offenses that they commit.

But white people are dedicated to maintaining the revolving door two tear judicial system that mandates that white people only receive a slap on the hand.

The laws weren’t written to punish white people,,, they were writtten to punish Black people only.

— Jason Black

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It’s been a celebration of partnerships for @whoishussain_nyc over the past few weeks. At the end of March, the team attended a lunch to celebrate a partnership with @gracechurchny and @habitatnyc, and, just last week the team celebrated a three-year interfaith relationship with the Brotherhood Synagogue by attending a Passover Seder🍴⠀
📷: Unity Lunch with Grace Church and Habitat NYC⠀
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In memory of Ana
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Sri lanka will not be broken

Today is Easter Sunday in my country.We woke up with joy in our hearts.We were ready to eat, drink and celebrate with family.

A few hours later our country is attacked by terrorists.Over 140 people are dead and over 600 are injured from the eight explosions.

I dont know how to explain the fear of trying to contact your friends and family to check if their alive.To watch people you recognise fade into view on the television as a newscaster pronounces them dead.Of seeing people pointing fingers at one group or another.

Churches and hotels that had advertised for easter meals were targeted.So some may view this as a religious issue.My country did not see it that way.

An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us.Whoever did this will never divide us.They will be found and they will be brought to justice.We will no longer be a pawn in the worlds power games.We have suffered enough.

We have been colonized by the British,the Portuguese and the Dutch.We have lived through a 25 year long civil war.If that did not break us,this will not break us.

Don’t pray for us.Pray for the people who did this to us.For God to forgive them.

Volunteers from @whoishussain.washingtondc assisted in a park clean up and restoration over the weekend, because the environment around us is important too 🌲 ⠀
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