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Decrepit Courts: Leaking roofs, seats strapped up by gaffer tape, not a water cooler in sight. Read more in today's Times. (picture follows) 1/2

Our latest blog article covers Criminal Injury claims, and the instances where victims are often punished for unrelated circumstances. Copy the link to read at:

Mobilisation des avocats du barreau de Limoges contre la réforme de la justice. Hier, les bâtonniers sont montés manifester devant le Palais-Bourbon pendant que leurs collègues manifestaient à Limoges Écoutez Me Abel Pleinevert à 10h sur Alouette.

Fransa’da Napolyon hala saygıyla anılan bir isim. Fransızların Napolyon’a olan saygı ve bağlılığını göstermek için Fransa’da bir domuza Napolyon adını vermek resmi olarak yasaklanmıştır.

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Il faut peut être vous adressez à et qui ont foutu la merde en Libye pour un système de corruption et avoir favorisé le massacre d'innocent au nom de QUOI ?? d’éviter un témoin gênant ? que font la et les ces grands parleurs CHUT

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I can’t do a proper post for now because I broke my laptop, but as soon as I get it back i’ll upload the sentence video, as well as an article. Basically Patrick Nogueira, guilty of murdering his uncle, aunt and cousins in 2016 got charged with 3 permanent reviewable prison sentences.

(He watched the whole thing from Estremera’s prison via video conference, that’s why the quality of the image is so low)

Here is what I’d like to think of as my tribute to Undertale, even though this drawing is for my own AU, it still means a lot to me about the game itself. Undertale has been a HUGE part of my life since the end of 2016 when I discovered it through DanTDM (reluctantly) playing through the True Pacifist ending of Undertale. I remember waking up at 7 in the morning on Saturday just to catch the live streams in which he played it. I eventually got the game myself and played through the entire thing twice. 

So yeah, this drawing means a lot to me. I also used a new style of shading for this drawing, and I really like it, but it takes a long time so I think I’ll only use it for big drawings.I really like how the line art came out for this as well, I have much cleaner and more stable lines. Lighting was also fun, I got to try out a lot of cool things! If you can tell this is for my AU, called Fallen Under and if you knew me last year at all, you probably know about it. There might even be some art I made ages ago of it here. Who knows. 

Besides that, this drawing took about 10.5 hours to do.  I’ll have a speed paint up of it soon! And by soon, hopefully tomorrow!

Characters Left to Right

Chara, Driti (Patience), Daya (Kindness), Honera (Integrity), Bruce (Perseverance), Allord (Bravery), Masato (Justice), and Frisk!

Undertale by Toby Fox

Fallen Under by Me!

I feel like sometimes we can be so consumed by this idea of fairness/justice that when someone wronged us we try to create justice in our heads. Let the thoughts consume us. Creating scenarios where we got the last say, or where we see the person getting what they deserve. And this is so unhealthy. We are still consumed by the person or event. When we can move on they won’t be in our head anymore. Fairness to ourselves is moving on and becoming better healthier people. Not dwell on mistreatment. This mistreatment will help strengthen our intuition. We can’t change the past but we can learn to love ourselves and listen to our past, reduce further damage.


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On Compassion, Empathy, and Wisdom

“I am human, and I think nothing human is alien to me.“ ~Terence (Roman playwright)

Compassion is the nurtured child of empathy. Empathy differs from compassion in that it is the almost entirely subconscious capacity to understand and experience the feelings of another, to become one with them. Compassion, on the other hand, is the conscious ability to relate, and the intellectual capacity to act wisely upon empathy.

True compassion built atop a refined sense of empathy, and is the primary tool in the peacemaker’s toolbox. For the Bodhisattva to save all beings, they must become all beings, and transcend the sense of self and other.

So frequently Buddhists and Buddhist teachers speak generically toward compassion as something to cultivate, but there are seldom real instructions or directions given, outside of usually brief and cheap guided "metta” meditations. There are, however, concrete steps one can take, and from a Zen perspective, they arise entirely out of the perennial instructions to “sit down, shut up, and pay attention.” Too many do-gooder Buddhists run around trying to fix the world by “engaging” their practice, and so many lose any notion of practice along the way. As The Deoksung tradition’s Compass of Zen’s opening lines state “First wake up, and then help save all beings.” Trying preemptively to be there while getting there is nothing but a sure recipe for harm.

To begin one should note that empathy is hardwired. It’s an innate human capacity that arises from the functioning of mirror neurons. However, as I’ve noted above, it is generally a subconscious and unattended process. Therefore the first step on the road of cultivating compassion is to attune ourselves into our innate functioning empathy. In our tradition, we frequently say “Where the mind goes, energy flows. That to which energy flows grows.” Therefore, by getting back to the basics of our practice, namely, settling in and paying attention we can begin to become consciously aware of our capacity for empathy in its more obvious expressions (when someone hurts themselves in a film, when we witness an awkward social encounter, or giggle along with a child’s laugh). Eventually, the more subtle expressions of our empathetic functioning may become consciously aware within us.

From this place of cultivating profound attention to our internal process, we may begin to engage exercises of intentional understanding in mirror of Terence’s words aforenoted. This is most profoundly effective when utilized in tandem with actions and experience that we find negatively affective to our psyches. Be it the behavior of a politician, or a criminal of any sort. Can we observe their actions, and our anger, frustration, and irritation that may arise as a result of our observations and then consciously trace back their behavior to a base sentient tendency or emotion. Are these actions arising out of fear (perhaps for self-preservation as a least common denominator), or out of greed which is but a perverse form of the craving inside us all that is run rampant and unmetered?

As we reduce gross actions into subtle motivations, we have the opportunity to interject ourselves into the common mindstream that all humans and sentient beings wade within, and eventually we follow this reduction forward and we can find ourselves in the midst of the actions of others (self-sacrificial and benevolent ones too), so that they become no longer alien or foreign to us, and we can live within them, if but for a moment, as if they were and indeed are our own actions.

From this place compassion can begin to take root, when we can become one with another in such a profound way, we can relate to them from a place of profound proximity that no longer responds in hatred, loathing, or anger, but the much more useful/workable emotions of sadness, and perhaps regret that midwife functional compassion, and lead us on paths of action that reflect justice and reconciliation rather than retribution and retaliation. When we deal with others as though and as if we are dealing with ourselves, we can respond in ways that do not summon more of the same type of action that is rooted in, as previously examined, fear and greed.

The wise application of compassion measured by our intellectual capacity has the potential for actually creating the causes and conditions of profoundly positive transformation, though frequently in a manner at odds with sheer “reason” and “rhetoric” yielded by individual and bifurcated minds alone. Wisdom, after all, is often perceived as crazy, and in this antithetical to the mere musings of a lone mind or minds.

The foundation of wisdom is laid upon the leveling of the ground of being, wherein there is no longer a mound of self, and a mound of otherness, both are leveled in the field of the awakened mind, and thus wisdom can come to stably rest.


Silence Was Perfect Chapter 17

“Hello bloke.” The man the approached Frank in the exercise yard of the jail was a man that also looked new to this way of life. No visible jail/ prison tats. No bulked up muscles. He wears no clothing that signifies gang involvement. Frank thinks he has found a mate. He couldn’t be more wrong.

“Hello, new here too?”

“Yes. In here for swift and sure justice to the bloke who raped my daughter.” He signals to some of the other convicts that are around the yard. This move is unseen by Frank who is starting to get very nervous. “I put his arse in hospital. He is in the critical care unit, they tell me. I wanted him in the ground. And my daughter is 16. How old is your daughter, Frank?”

“Uhhh, look it isn’t the same.”

“Not the same he says mates.” And Frank realizes he is surrounded. And some of the bloke are bulked up. Oh Christ! “I guess he is right in that. His daughter being but 6. Don’t you have a daughter that age Sean?”

Sean, a short but heavily muscled man, answers,“ Ahh, I do. And if any bloke took it in his mind to diddle her, well, he won’t have any brains left. I would kick em’ straight outa the bloody perv, so I would.”

“Seems a fitting punishment.” The orginal man says.

“Help! Hey guards, Help!” A frantic Frank calls out.

“Hey bloke. They won’t respond to you either. You see, there be a hierarchy of evil in here. And child molesters are at the top. The very top. Even above murders. The guards will look away as such as yourself, are raped, sodomized, kicked, punched, well, pretty much whatever we wish to do to you. You are our toy. Even if we kill you, well murders can get no more time, can they. Enough chatter. Time to take your punishment.”

“Noooooo!” It will be the last understandable word Frank says. The circle tightens and the men push him to the ground. He is kicked and they miss no part of his body. Several of the men focus on his groin. So much damage is done that, if he survives the beating, he will get no more use from that part of his body. Several focus on his head and face. His teeth are broken and, in his gasps and struggling, he starts to choke on them. The kicks to his back would cause his kidneys to bleed if he lives long enough. A debatable proposition. His knees are shattered. His arms broken. His face is unrecognizable. The guards let it go on for five minutes before intervening. It is enough.


The knock comes just as the Murray’s and their guests are setting down to dinner. “I will get it.” Ian offers. He opens the door to Detective Grady and a police chaplain. “What has happened, then?”

“Is Mrs Randall about?” Detective Grady asks.

“Aye. She is in the dining room. Come, I will take ye to the sitting room and bring Claire to ye. I’ve a feeling the bairns shouldn’t overhear what ye have to tell her.”

“That would be best.”


Ian had whispered to Claire, and stunned, she had got up to follow him. Jamie, seeing her face, gets up to do the same. Ian leads the to the waiting officers and shuts the door behind him.

“Claire and Jamie, this is Chaplain Campbell.”

“Nice to meet ye.” Jamie offers his hand to the young man. Claire just stands stunned.

“What has happened?” She asks as her nervous fingers encircle where her wedding band used to be.

“Please sit down Claire.” She falls into the sofa and Jamie sits beside her. Her takes her hand, feels the chill of fear in it, and starts to rub his own heat back into it. They both look to the officers who had taken seats across from them.

“Claire, we’ve some disturbing news. Your husband was attacked by a mob in the jail yard. By the time the guards were able to break it up..” Detective Grady starts to say.

“Is he dead? He is, isn’t he? It is why Chaplain Campbell is her.”

“Yes. He substained a broken skull, broken pelvis, his knees were broken, his kidneys bruised and bleeding. His arms broke. Every tooth broken. His face is unrecognizable. I am sorry.” Chaplain Campbell replies.

“How? How did they do it?”

“He was kicked to death.” Detective Grady says.

“So, the guards waited just long enough.” There are gasps and looks exchanged between the two officers. “No worries. I will make no fuss.

I guess I should as his widow, but, I just can’t find the outrage. He killed my daughter’s innocence. Now he is dead. Feels like justice served. Do I need to identify the body?”

“No. We do have some of his belongings.” Detective Grady says.

“Toss them. I want nothing of his. What now?”

“He will be released to you.”

“I don’t want him. Do with him with whatever you do with unclaimed bodies.”

“But ma'am.” Chaplain Campbell starts to say. Detective Grady shakes her head.

“As you wish Claire. We are both avaliable if you need us.” Chaplain Campbell gives Claire his card and they leave.



“We should return to the table, don’t you think?” She starts to head that way. He stops her and roughly pulls her into his arms.

“Jamie.” She starts to struggle and he tightens his arms around her. After a moment, she ceases struggling and starts to weep.

Sharing in the spirit of the #Hindu festival #Dussehra, which is a celebration of the triumph of good over evil, the #Gurgaon team @whoishussain_in interacted with the crowds to present the humanitarian values of justice, morality and kindness that Hussain ibn Ali stood for ❤️ ⠀
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