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My first post is now up on Just One Man's Opinion! A Diabolical Hitchcock Cameo asks whether suspense master Clouzot played a trick on his rival Alfred Hitchcock. What do you think?

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Or Each Service Head should check their house , spend real time with staff on the ground &ask staff on the ground to tell him / her the truth not KPI truth and then decide which room to clear out first ... Only then can a good standard of care commence My Opinion

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Happy Birthday Willie Mays the greatest all around player I ever saw!!! my opinion!!! #⚾️⚾️⚾️

Ratatouille is in my opinion a much underrated side dish. saying

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I truly believe that those who learn didactically have a better and more relevant education than those with more formal but conventional schooling.(This thought comes from a teacher with five years of university plus 34 years of experience under her belt.) my opinion.

saying#use it don't use it it's my opinion😂😂 enjoy a cooler lovely day Tweeps and behave or don't. It's a free country

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Okay. much happens in the finales. But at the same time nothing actually happens. 🙃🙃

I have mixed feeling about Crimes of Grindelwald. I liked it but at the same time i did not like it. No spoilers, for now, but…

All I can say is i strongly agree with the review that suggests Rowling is straying into George Lucas territory. This movie has lots of references and nods to the original books – but that it’s not a good movie make. Its a mess. Truly. Rowling needs to start thinking like a screenwriter if she’s going to be one.

So I’m finally watching last week’s episode of Supernatural and…

Maybe the Djinn reacted the way he did to Dean because Dean no longer has any nightmares.

He’s lived thru all of his worst nightmares: losing John, losing Sam several times, losing Bobby, letting Michael possess him, etc.

Dean has lived them all. So maybe the Djinn was shocked to find no nightmares left.

Unpopular opinion but…

I actually don’t like the Pokémon live action movie idea. Of all the things they decided, they chose a cop movie. It would’ve been better without the Pokémon. It makes no sense to just throw them in with no actual Pokémon storyline or accuracy. Ryan fucking Reynolds of all people is voicing Pikachu and it’s just so wrong. This isn’t a kids movie. It isn’t even a kid targeted audience. It just kinda ruins Pokémon at its core.

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Do you believe in soulmates?

My answer to this is kinda yes and no.

In Islam, we believe in the concept of qadr; that everything is written and pre-planned by Allah. Destiny. So technically, there is maybe someone who is ‘written for you’.

However I don’t really believe in the concept in terms of ‘everyone has a soulmate out there who was made for them’ kinda thing. What about people who never find love? What about people who end up in unhappy or abusive marriages? Did they not have a soulmate then? How is that fair? How does that make sense?

I don’t believe that anyone is a perfect fit for you. Even the person you end up with will at times make you cry, disappoint you, let you down and make you angry. There will be things about them that annoy you or that you wish would change.

I believe that successful happy relationships exist because two people choose each other. Because they choose to make things work, because they choose to build with each other, they choose to not give up on each other, even when things get tough. I don’t believe in this ideal soulmate who is made for you and everything will just click and be easy because it was made to be. I think relationships require hard work, and compromise, and forgiveness, and growth, and lots of love. Good relationships don’t just happen because of destiny, they happen because you make them good.

I don’t believe any one individual is made for another. I think you could’ve hypothetically been compatible with other people in this world, but Allah specifically put you in each other’s lives. That’s still very beautiful to me. Out of many possibilities and outcomes and alternative futures, you ended up together. You chose each other.


I love Anne-Marie’s album but lyrically it’s kinda all over the place. In one song she talks about being mistreated then later on she talks about being a crap girlfriend herself. Then two songs after this she talks about being in love with someone since 2002 so lyrically idk what’s happening. I have to assume she didn’t write every song on here??

I call myself an Astrolator because I believe the closest thing to Divinity we can come across is the Stars, and the cataclysmic results of their Deaths (Neutron Stars, Supernovae, Black Holes, Nebulae). Just think, from nothing but the sheer force of gravity and the structure of the atoms within every Star, these objects burn brightly and furiously for beyond a millennium; the influences they leave upon the Universe within the span of its Life and after its Death are immeasurable and nearly incomprehensible. Even with the Death of a Star comes new life, the star reincarnates itself again and again in different forms for an eternity until it ends in a Black Hole. The sheer destructive power of a Black Hole is Divine in itself, even if it is the Yin to the Star’s Yang, the Destroyer of the Creator and its Creations. Once all Stars have burned out, all that shall be left are these Divine Monsters which warp our every understanding of space and time, and once these slowly radiate away, no longer able to feast on the Light that gave it Life, that is when the Universe shall truly die… The Stars are the closest things we have to Gods, to Divinity, because without them not even the Universe could bask in its existence, there would be endless nothingness stretched across eternity; in a universe without Stars no planets would have formed, no life would have formed, no explorers would have been guided across oceans and valleys by their excellence, no wise men would have followed their holiest of stars, and humankind would have never lifted its head to the heavens to dream….

The thought that Billie Joe, at 47 years old is so insecure he would be offended or seriously hurt by the craziness  the Green Day fandom puts out there about him and the band especially in regards to the sh*t they did in their youth confirmed or not, just makes to laugh so hard I think I peed a little…..

I still stand by what I said the start of the week that they’re clearly building all of this up so in the end Aaron will get parental rights to Seb and he’ll be back living with Robron. I don’t see why they’d give him so much POV this week if it wasn’t gonna end up like that tbh.