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My first post is now up on Just One Man's Opinion! A Diabolical Hitchcock Cameo asks whether suspense master Clouzot played a trick on his rival Alfred Hitchcock. What do you think?

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Or Each Service Head should check their house , spend real time with staff on the ground &ask staff on the ground to tell him / her the truth not KPI truth and then decide which room to clear out first ... Only then can a good standard of care commence My Opinion

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Happy Birthday Willie Mays the greatest all around player I ever saw!!! my opinion!!! #โšพ๏ธโšพ๏ธโšพ๏ธ

Ratatouille is in my opinion a much underrated side dish. saying

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I truly believe that those who learn didactically have a better and more relevant education than those with more formal but conventional schooling.(This thought comes from a teacher with five years of university plus 34 years of experience under her belt.) my opinion.

saying#use it don't use it it's my opinion๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ enjoy a cooler lovely day Tweeps and behave or don't. It's a free country

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Which operator gets an tik tok and reenacts hit or miss


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I haven't seen the interview so I'm just speculating, but it seems like actors go in and out (character bleed?), saying "I do x" when talking about their character, so maybe it just kinda slipped that he said Steve rather than Chris? I dunno, I'd have to watch it I guess. Were you taking it to mean something like he's distancing himself from Chris, or...?

I mean like he rarely talks like that. whenever he talks about these stuff he’s like “when we do this thing, we were doing that, blah blah”. However, the way he talk in that interview seems foreign to me idk.

I’m just saying he’s choosing words carefully for an interview. fyi im not trying to break codes here or anything. I also think it’s because he’s in a foreign country and he wanted to have a professional image at the interview that’s all.

tell me what you think after watching it perhaps.

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First let me say that I really appreciate your ability to talk about stuff level headedly. So irt current Sebtuation, do you think it’s fair to expect Seb to have accountability with his poor choice of social circle? Pretty much all of us here seemed to agree that most of his friends and gf/beard are shitty people. I think then if he’s still choose to keep these people as nearest/dearest then he’s at the least OK, if not actively shares their attitudes. (1)

(2) I mean unlike Chris, he’s never been clear about his values, politically or personally. I adore how Chris’ strength of character & smarts often come through in interviews. We are all different of course, and Seb, bless him isn’t the brightest bulb in the box. Just that I recently watched some interviews of Timothee Chalamet and Tom Holland, and it was jarring how these dudes who are younger than Seb are so witty, way articulate and switch on than him.

(3) I guess previously Seb coasting on being Bucky my fave MCU character, and also being half of Evanstan/Stucky cuteness was enough for me. But now I’m iffy about carrying on supporting a living embodiment of pretty but vacuous.


(first part) Aww thank you. this meant a lot to me bc I’m hesitant about my answers haha.. bc I don’t wanna hurt anyone’s feelings and also my posts are heavily edited bc I’m insecure about my grammar lol (I’m not English speaker).

(Seb) im not sure cuz we never know people unless you’re them. for me I think he’s kind but rather naive and a pleaser to people. I hope he’s clear about his views but then again if he did and still hangs around this circle, he’d be a hypocrite. I guess he’s bad at letting go. that’s my few cents on him.

(younger generation) it‘s concerned with the generation gap imo. our generation seems to be witty yet yearn for righteousness and also willing to speak out our opinions. although I do think we need to listen more while doing the above. lol

(chris) i know he’s well informed and speaks out all the time but his opinions, tweets and interviews still surprise me. he’s smart smart. he has his way of handling things, the chris way! I love him.

lastly, yeah with all the things surrounding Seb, I can’t say for sure that he’s a-okay and I can’t decide for you to keep supporting him or not. at the end of the day, our lives and his are very different and apart. we’re only a speck of his life and vice versa. so, do what makes you happy. or wait and see bc only time can tell.

Seriously, congratulations to all of the 2019 grammys nominees. They all worked so hard and are creating masterpieces and they truly deserve to be awarded. No doubts. No hard feelings. But i’ve seen Taylor through 2018 and she deserves it too. Not more. Just, too.

And i’m not saying she NEEDS awards. No. We know she’s an amazing person and a friend. You don’t need to give her a trophy for us to know that. We love her with or without the golden statues, and she knows that too. But her hardwork deserves to be acknowledge officially, just like award show people acknowledge any other artist’s work. I just don’t think she’s being considered fairly, and that’s just wrong.

I know i’m very biased. I am 100% team Taylor and of course i want her to get all of the nominations and all of the awards. Of course i want people to know that my girl is great on stage and backstage. I want the whole world knows that, by showing pictures and videos of her acceptance speeches. Of course i want to see her smiling ear to ear because the world finally knows that she works so hard everyday to create great things for us. I want all of those things, obviously. But this is not about what i want. I love her still, even without all of those things happening. Her impact this year has been insane and her music has changed so many lives and all of those records are being broken and just, so many things has happened to her and because of her. You can’t deny it.

But again, maybe this ain’t for the best, so we must like her for her, and we do.

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What hurt me the most was: it seems like everyone thinks Tony's dead; no references to loki/bucky/the guardians and peggy's pic. Don't get me wrong, I love her and her character but I don't get it, why putting her in the trailer as if she'll be some kind of important character in the film? Why her and not loki for example? I guess we'll see in the movie and I wanna say again that I have nothing against her, I just don't get it and it kinda tamed my whole excitement while watching the trailer

(p*ggy) maybe it’s a hint towards time traveling but this tweet sums up my reaction to that issue.

Okay I’m gonna get real for a sec and share my two cents but like…sharing posts that are just freaking out about how this is the end of tumblr really isn’t going to do anything about it? 

Also, for those who actually think that it deserves to die, this is one of the platforms that I feel like I can actually post a lot on that I wouldn’t on other social media. The problem isn’t with ns//fw content in general, it’s with the staff not taking care of the actual problems of terfs, nazis, what have you. 

Not to mention the fact that the NSFW sweep did nothing to get rid of the p*rn bot problem so yeah. 

i’m genuinely thinking about it…and it’s not that i want to leave Tumblr but so many blogs a r e going to after this update. from there, after many different types of creators leave, more blogs will leave as well, following them. it doesn’t even have to be about nsfw posts or not. e v e r y o n e is getting flagged while porn bots are still running rampant along with hateful blogs. the main issue still isn’t being dealt with and, so, everyone else left, after all of that, is going to leave as well because who wants to continually be bombarded by spam bots and be on that same site as hateful people and CP? n o o n e. plus, Tumblr may be dead after that anyways. so, then, bigger blogs that have to do with different franchises are not going to have the same public traffic on their pages and they will leave as well. Tumblr will, very likely, slowly die after this update. because they’re trying to slap a bandaid over an issue that requires actual work and extensive “surgery” (going along with my bandaid anology here) after being neglected for so long. it just won’t work. these issues would take time to fix but user patience is not the problem (or shouldn’t be). it’s the staff’s lack of trying or acknowledgment. listen to your users before it’s too late, Tumblr. or, i guess, it’s just going to another social media passing that people will joke about a couple years from now. it sucks, cause, i do love Tumblr & the idea of it. but that original idea of it, what Tumblr is suppose to be about, has been lost for a long time now.

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What's your opinion on cancel culture. Do you think it's a good thing or rather unnecessary

tbh people use it when they want to. i see so many people cancel people for ignorant things they said in the past but if someone they stan gets exposed for that they be like “it’s ok! they made a mistake! people can change” like no, have that same energy all the time or shut up. 

when i cancelled someone i do if for myself, i wont tell someone else to cancel someone, it’s not my responsibility to do so. i speak for myself only, i know my morals. 

Things I am noticing about the whole Tumblr policy debacle:

1) I don’t mind them doing this. In fact I am not surprised it is flagging a ton of stuff. Automated processes have no ways of discerning other than keywords and other black/white type comparisons. Youtube pretty much did something similar with their copyright bots and the website is still standing.

2) The ones saying that the staff have a better way to deal with this need to think a little. There are billions of posts (maybe even more than that) and they can’t have the staff checking every single one. It would be too time consuming. Thus the automated route.

3) People who think Tumblr is all about NSFW content need to get a reality check. Tumblr isn’t just about that.

This is an unpopular opinion, peeps. Don’t shoot the messenger.

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you’re right, evanstan and stucky are crazy popular in china, and generally speaking there’s a thriving yaoi fandom in asia. but acceptance of slash outside fandom is a different kettle of fish. just last week there was news about a fangirl getting prosecuted in china for writing slash fics ๐Ÿ˜ฌ imagine the general chinese audience reaction to canon stucky – that is if it made it through their stringent censorship at all.

I don’t think “thriving y*oi fandom” has everything to do with them being popular. however, it’s true that slash isn’t much accepted outside of the fandom or fan group.

I think the fangirl situation was that weibo is banning adult material as well 🤦🏻‍♀️ (to the point they release bountys to hunt down the n s f w artists and writers.) and she got caught. not to mention slash content is seen as more mature which is ridiculous. It’s so f*cking insane tho. glad we can rely on ao3.

about the censorship thing, they can make them canon without much display, you know, obviously they don’t need a full on s*x scene to show that they’re together.

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It’s ridiculous but not improbable to assume that an age appropriate female co-star orbiting Evanstan is potential gf/hook up material. Especially if the actress herself seems to really enjoy sฬถnฬถiฬถfฬถfฬถiฬถnฬถgฬถ hanging around posting about them. I think in the name of pc-ness we often choose to overlook that to some of these ladies, landing these guys is an ego/fame/social boost and significant notch on their bedpost. For every platonic ScarJo, Lizzy Olsen, there’s a JS or E. tbc 1/2

Cont’d 2/2. No matter what JS does in her life/career post Chris, her proudest notable achievement will always be that she banged Captain America in the year of our Lord 2016 – 2018. She’d be the first person ensuring we don’t forget this by using their sex life in her stand-up materials and carry on beating the dead horse that is their relationship in interviews. Is Ana going to be former or latter, qui sait.


sorry I’m still tryna figure out half the things written here..

Originally posted by haikyuutiehowyadoin

the first part— I guessssss.. 😬 I don’t think everyone near them is always either a beard or a potential gf/hookup. they may be friends they may be hook ups who knows? 🤷🏻‍♀️

the second part— about JS it’s eerie.. everyone I know either love her or deliberately hate her. I don’t follow her enough to know her schemes lol. but like it’s a dead horse but still a good horse lmao good for her I guess. js seems more like a fwb situation to me idk. last bit— oh gods no, the former please

I most definitely did not gain followers for posting nsfw stuff so I honestly don’t have a preference about the Dec 17th thing? Plus seeing full on penis and tits made me semi uncomfortable as I was scrolling through my dash of humor so that’s just one less thing to not have to worry about?