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Cole I’m sure people will interpret this image in all kinds of ways But humans will always control what happens to other humans Irrespective of their beliefs my opinion

From my opinion Pretoria campus outdone's them allβœŒπŸ’―πŸ’• observeπŸ€

lost 2 more followers past hour - why is "Twitter" so afraid to tell me what they don't like in my "Tweets."# I don't swear, not immoral, do say some people act sick or demented, but that 's my opinion and surely I have a right to express an opinion.

My first post is now up on Just One Man's Opinion! A Diabolical Hitchcock Cameo asks whether suspense master Clouzot played a trick on his rival Alfred Hitchcock. What do you think?

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Or Each Service Head should check their house , spend real time with staff on the ground &ask staff on the ground to tell him / her the truth not KPI truth and then decide which room to clear out first ... Only then can a good standard of care commence My Opinion

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Happy Birthday Willie Mays the greatest all around player I ever saw!!! my opinion!!! #⚾️⚾️⚾️

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I truly believe that those who learn didactically have a better and more relevant education than those with more formal but conventional schooling.(This thought comes from a teacher with five years of university plus 34 years of experience under her belt.) my opinion.

saying#use it don't use it it's my opinionπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ enjoy a cooler lovely day Tweeps and behave or don't. It's a free country

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*Sigh* So, the CWs Batwoman Trailer…

…I watched it, and I just… *sigh* as a long standing DC fan I just don’t get how a 3-minute trailer can get so much about Kate Kane/Batwoman wrong.

Like, yeah, I get the show isn’t out yet and that companies will shoot scenes/events JUST for the trailer and that by the time the show airs it can be completely different from what was shown in the trailer…I just don’t agree with that. I know some people believe you can’t have a solid opinion about something formed from just a trailer, but it’s hard not to when a trailer is meant to generate enough interest to pull you into a show in the first place.

Seriously, Kate is badass in her own right, all the comments about being a woman, altering the batsuit to make it “perfect”, and not letting Batman take the credit…like, WHAT IS THE FREAKING POINT?! Personally, I try to stay out of the whole SJW thing (war?) but I gotta admit, those lines where the most SJW I’ve heard in a while and just *cringe*. I dont know if the writers are trying to combine multiple stories together to make this version of Kate or what, but based on what I saw from the trailer I’m not feeling this interpretation of Kate Kane in the slightest.

I mean come on man just look at her comic origin for a freaking roadmap! Kate became Batwoman after being booted from the military for REFUSING to lie about her sexuality (which her superior asked her about in PRIVATE, and even then it was only a rumor, not a solid accusation) or rare out others because she believed in upholding the creed those in the military lived by (aka. Honesty, integrity, etc.) and her dad was super proud of her because of it. Around that time her life was all types of messed up (being let go by the military really hurt her and she did everything she could not to be alone because it reminded her of everything she had lost in her life) until fighting off a mugger and meeting Batman all in the same night and realizing that it could be anyone beneath the mask, even herself. And before she truly became Batwoman, her dad found her gear and sent her off to train with the best guys he knew in an effort to try and get her off the path she was going (but obviously it didnt work) and a bunch of other stuff.

But man *sigh* so far what I’ve seen from that trailer I dont see myself watching the show…I don’t see a TRUE interpretation of Kate Kane/Batwoman, just some people pushing who they THINK is Kate Kane. I honestly dont get why WB have such a hard time with their characters when it comes their their live-action versions, yet their animated versions are on point and more true to the source material.

I really do believe that a sign that a government has failed its people is when they care more about a clump of cells than a struggling mother living below the poverty line. In this essay I will-

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Really? I thought it was more Game of Stupid.

That, too, except for one important aspect.

A talented, dedicated cast and crew gave it their all, imho. The dragons were detailed masterpieces - hats off to the CGI team(s); Peter Dinklage was brilliant, especially in his scenes with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau; Emilia Clarke was amazing from start to finish; Lena Headey was superb…the list goes on.

Even though I personally disliked the Mad Queen storyline (among others) I could have at least bought it if it hadn’t felt SO rushed. I’m not sure of HBO’s reasons for not ordering 10 episodes (budget?), but in that case, go with storylines and arcs that don’t leave people scratching their heads. Only Theon’s and Sansa’s arcs made sense to me and felt complete.

Don’t get me wrong: I didn’t expect everything to be wrapped up in a pretty little bow at the end, but I did expect a bit more closure in terms of plot cracks and questions.

I think EVERY TV show runner should watch the series finale of “Six Feet Under,” another HBO program from 2001-2005, to see how it’s done. Not everybody gets a happy ending, but arcs are completed and you know where everything stands - not to mention it’s beautifully executed.

On a purely technical and performance level, so was GoT. I just wish we’d had a few more episodes to expand these stories and characters.

One thing I love about the movie ‘The Favourite’ is that regardless of the gender of the Monarch and their ‘favourites’ but the story is always the same. The same thing could happen with a King and his mistresses (think Charles II. Nell Gwynn putting laxatives in Moll Davis’ food to incapacitate her, or the different political and religious persuasions of his mistresses) or a King and his male favourites (James I and Buckingham. Edward II and Piers Gaveston.) No matter of your gender, if you get close to the monarch, you can be given immense power and benefits. You can earn their love and manipulate them. But as with anyone with power, you can’t get there without making enemies, and you can be torn down as quickly as you’re brought up. Its the same story told in a really different way, with historical figures we so rarely hear about. Whether Anne and Sarah or Abigail did have that kind of relationship or not, ‘The Favourite’ is, in my opinion, a really interesting movie. 

Watched the last episode of game of thrones. And i dont really get why people are whining so much….. Like YEAH this season wasn’t best writing, there was plot holes, disappointing decisions; BUT its over now. I think the ending was good as it can get to so hyped and popular series. Like no matter what kind of ending they would have written, there would still be people who are disappointed. Maybe someday we will get the ‘’better’’ ending, when R.R.Martin finally writes the end to the books.But for now, i think its good. 

What Now?

Personally, I loved the Star vs. the Forces of Evil series finale. I thought it was beautiful. The ending was extremely satisfying for me. Monsters, Mewmans, and now even humans living in harmony together.

Moon understood she made a giant mistake. She and Star mended their differences. Marco and Tom had a kick ass team up in the magic dimension. Instead of Solaria helping Mina, she put aside her differences and we saw an epic moment with the past Queens of Mewni. We had a sweet bonding moment between Janna and Marco. We saw cameos of Jackie, Ludo, Starfan13, Oskar, etc. as well as short scenes that let us know about what the characters we’ve gotten to know from all these seasons were up to. Eclipsa can live the peaceful life she always wanted with Globgor and Meteora. The merged dimensions means Star can be with her family and friends from Earth and Mewni. She’s truly getting the best of both worlds. Most of all, she gets to spend her life continuing to adventure with her best friend. Happy and in love with Marco.

On top of all that the scores were phenomenal and fit the tone for each scene. Brian H. Kim you are a gift.

The only thing I find myself asking is what now? Not to be greedy but I will always want more of this show, I love it. I’m sure anyone who’s reading this does.

I want to see how everyone is doing a few months/years later. I want more kisses between Star and Marco. I want to know if they got married and had kids once they were older (I strongly believe they did!)

I wish there was some way we could still get one more episode, a minisode, a TV movie, a prequel series about the 13 Queens of Mewni or an epilogue-esque book or any of those options above that let us know what’s been going on, although I am very happy with how it turned out. Maybe someday we will have more official content, but now it’s up to the fandom to do this. Keep creating fan art, fan fiction, headcanons, anything you want to do to keep this show alive. It always will be alive in my head and in my heart, as well as my tv screen since I’ll be having maaaaany rewatches. This show has meant a great deal to me for the past four years and I don’t ever want to see the hype disappear. Let this masterpiece live on forever.

Side note: we all figured humans on Earth were with Star’s actions seeing as not too many characters made negative comments about Star using magic and were more intrigued by it than anything. They can all adjust to this new lifestyle in harmony. Yes, there will always be a handful who don’t approve or can’t adapt to change and are stuck in their old ways… like how it is in real life. Just because a specific group of people or a person does something you don’t like doesn’t mean EVERYONE who looks like that acts the same way or has the same beliefs. We are all different and unique, embrace it. Everything has a gray area. This is a lesson I think this SVTFOE taught perfectly and one we need to get on board with and be understanding about.

“stuffies” is a gross and disgusting word to me. In the same category as “moist”. Also, ddlg fucks use that word, just call them stuffed animals ffs.

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that anon is incredible rude. she’s been in relationships with men her whole life and is in a great relationship with a man she loves right now. just stop assigning identities to her she hasn’t owned like .... stop. it’s embarrassing and disrespectful, anon.

well that does’t mean that someone isn’t bi or pan, but like…its her business.

I don’t think we should automatically assume everyone is straight, but I also think that a person’s sexual orientation isn’t something to publicly speculate on.
If someone is gay, people should let them come out in their own time

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Why did Shigure's smirk there in the scene with him in Akito in episode 6 make you cringe? Wasn't it like that in the manga too?

hi anon (^ ^) ,  we are talking about this scene 

here is that scene in the manga 

i just through his smirk in the manga was more subtle ???, in the anime it was like “mwahaha everything is going as i planned’’  , which is not how exactly i view  shigure’s character , he is a very  intelligent and charismatic person and knows how to hide his true self ( what makes his manipulation even more dangerous ). but well that’s just me ??i mean the difference between the two smirks  is very


anyway since then, i have rewatched episode 6 and now i appreciate shigure ‘s smirk much more ( look i even made a gif :p )

How I kind of see the group’s sexualities.

Hamish- Straight, he just kind of has that air to him

Randall- My little Pansexual boy. I feel like he’d happily roll both ways just because of a person’s personality.

Lilith- I can totally see her as being Bisexual.

Jack- Could see him being potentially Bisexual. I don’t know why.

Alyssa- I can see her being a Lesbian if she wasn’t Straight. But I mostly see her as straight.

Just because you’ve reached puberty does not mean you’re ready to become a parent. Some people will never be ready to take that step, and that’s perfectly okay. But we should be given the choice. We shouldn’t be forced into anything we can’t handle. And if we choose to make a decision to prevent unwanted pregnancies, that should be up to us. Because it’s our body, and no one else’s.

Ranking ships with each character from 1-3


Destin Karn

1. Destin and Evan (Even though Destin did nothing while they tried to kill Celestine. (He flew across the ocean to do nothing. No hate tho)

2. Destin and Lila (They’re both murderous spies)

3. Destin and Juliana maybe? 

Breon de Tarvos

1. Sasha and Breon (She’s really awkward and he’s well..Breon)

2. Aubrey and Breon (Even though she sold him out to Celestine and was really greedy, she did it because they were living in bad conditions and she really wanted the best for him (hopefully)

3. Breon and Lyss because why not

Adrian sul’ Han (Ash)

1. Ash and Jenna (They were decent in Flamecaster)

2. Ash and Lila (I thought they were the perfect ship before Jenna came along)

3. Ash and Suze (Or whatever her name was, in Flamecaster at the beggining, his first girlfriend) He broke her heart, so she deserves a second chance

And now….


Raisa ana’ Mariana

1. Raisa and Han

2. Raisa and Amon Byrne (Her bound captain in the shattered realms)

3. Raisa and Micah Bayar (Even though he seems like an evil player, he really loves her which is really sad because she totally rejected him multiple times)