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Or Each Service Head should check their house , spend real time with staff on the ground &ask staff on the ground to tell him / her the truth not KPI truth and then decide which room to clear out first ... Only then can a good standard of care commence My Opinion

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Happy Birthday Willie Mays the greatest all around player I ever saw!!! my opinion!!! #⚾️⚾️⚾️

Ratatouille is in my opinion a much underrated side dish. saying

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I truly believe that those who learn didactically have a better and more relevant education than those with more formal but conventional schooling.(This thought comes from a teacher with five years of university plus 34 years of experience under her belt.) my opinion.

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Say what you will about country culture, but let me tell you somethin’. As a general guideline, country boys were raised right.

I’ve been to a few clubs and dance halls, and one big, shining, obvious difference between the two is the manner in which the men treat the women. As a casual observer in a club, I’ve seen so many men get butthurt and defensive and using violent language when being turned down for a dance or for a drink. Now, if you observe the goings on in a country dance hall, you will see almost all of the men will ask any woman to dance because it’s fun and you learn new things, but sometimes, just like anywhere, a man will be turned down. The usual reply is a tip of the hat and nod of the head before they leave you be, the same man won’t ask you a second time unless you’ve danced together previously. And I just think that’s awesome, because even with alcohol in their systems, they can still be polite and respectful.

Again, I saying that this is a GENERAL OBSERVATION of mine, not that this is concrete fact or that there aren’t outliers to either situation. I’ve only been to the kinds of places here in Texas, it may not be the same elsewhere. But, that’s just my observation.

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I think it's a bit unfair to assume that anyone who's gone to university has automatically had sex, I'm 24 with a bachelor's degree and I've never had sex. I don't want to speculate about Phil's sex life but the idea of being a virgin at 21 isn't THAT impossible.

for context (x)

!!!!! this is a very good point! we shouldn’t have insinuated that simply bc phil went to uni he must’ve had sex. nor is there anything wrong with not having had sex at any age! sex is a choice! and one you should be comfy with! ty anon for pointing this out, i appreciate it and i don’t want anyone to feel like i’m implying anything

sometimes...i been thinking

we all got our favortie ships, some could be LGBTQ+, different race, small boi x tall gal, and other things that we put in mind…but the one thing that i don’t like is incest…..why?

why do people ship related characters into incest shipping… i mean yeah, for example sans x papyrus seem cute and all b-b-but


i got no idea but why- W h y does people think incest ships are cute and okayy! 

  • if you think incest ships isn’t cool

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Wine? 'Atsushi-kun,' Dazai breathes. Is it possible? Is it true? 'What does my tummy smell like?' Atsushi looks at him confusedly, before sniffing again. 'Spice, citrus, and wine. Dazai-san, isn't alcohol bad for the baby? I know living up there is painful but you shou- Dazai-san, are you crying? I'm so sorry if I said anything that offended you! Wait, Daza-' Dazai pulls Atsushi into a hug and cries happily into his shoulder. Its Chuuya's. The baby is Chuuya's. 'Thank you.'

slave au

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thank you for making sure i was okay a few days ago, no one else asked. thank you so much hajime.

I’m sorry things have to be so difficult in the first place. But I’m glad you’re here, so thanks isn’t necessary. I’m just so glad you’re here. That’s all I really need.

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How did Marvel fuck up IW? That movie was gold and highly entertaining, had me on the edge of my seat the entire time... The ending wasn't pleasant off course, but honestly, it was brilliant cinema!

1. 90% of the movie was ruined by Loki’s death scene in the very beginning. I have talked multiple times about how stupid and full of plot holes that scene was, anyway, not to mention how pointless Loki’s death was in general. I’d link, but it’s 1am and I’m lazy, so you can take my word for it. 

2. Speaking of Loki’s death, though, the Russos have gone back and forth on the reason for Loki’s death - first they say it’s sacrifice for Thor, then they say it’s his punishment for disobedience, then they say it’s the conclusion of his arc, to accept himself as Thor’s brother before he dies a hero, etc. They can’t seem to figure out why Loki really died, except that they didn’t know what to do with him and killing him is convenient. 

3. Thanos’s motivation is stupid as fuck. For one thing, wiping out half of the population isn’t the logical solution to the problem. He could have used the Infinity Gauntlet to create more resources, or go back in time to before Titan died, or done any number of things that didn’t involve murdering half of the universe. He came to that particular solution because he likes murder and death and torment and torture (just look at what he did to Gamora and Nebula, whom he claimed as his children). The narrative ignores this and tries to paint Thanos as this sympathetic villain who “maybe has a point,” which is not only illogical but also kind of gross. Not to mention, the Russos said that the Snap got rid of half of the plants and animals, as well as people, anyway - meaning there is now exactly the same proportion of people to resources and Thanos accomplished absolutely nothing. 

4. The movie is full of plot holes. Just to name a few: in Thor Ragnarok, Dr. Strange says he keeps a “watch list” of potential threats to Earth; in IW, he has no idea who Thanos is. Thanos tells Gamora that, by killing half of her planet, the remaining half of her people are now thriving, but the first GotG told us that Gamora was the last remaining member of her race. Where was the Hulk when Asgard was being slaughtered, and where did Loki disappear to for five whole minutes before he reappeared and died? 

5. The narrative implies that Thanos truly loves Gamora, and that he was right to sacrifice her because it allowed him to get the Soul Stone and continue on his mission. Gamora says, “This isn’t love,” but the fact that Thanos does get the stone after killing her is the narrative saying that yes, this is love, the only way Thanos knows how but love, nonetheless. Which is … really not okay, but other people have gone into much better meta and analysis on this than I can at the moment. 

6. The entire Wanda and Vision relationship was poorly developed and dragged out far too long. In a movie about all of the superheroes coming together and the culmination of all of the characters at their disposal, they chose to focus a good portion of the plot on a couple that was, I’m sorry, boring. I didn’t care if Vision died because their relationship wasn’t fleshed out or built up at all. We’re just supposed to accept it as true love and feel bad for them. 

7. The ending would have had much more impact if they weren’t so obviously going to bring back all of those characters, anyway. Like, they are literally filming Spiderman 2 right now - of course Peter Parker will be back. Of course Dr. Strange, T’Challa, Bucky, etc, will be back. They made such a big deal about the “stakes being so high” in this movie, but all the stakes led us to was a gratuitously tragic ending that everyone knows will be undone, anyway, so the only deaths that will stick will be Loki’s, Gamora’s, and Vision’s - aka, the only characters not killed by the Snap, and two out of three of those characters were killed by their abusers and somehow that’s okay. 

8. I will grant you, the cinematography was good and the music was nice. Also, there were some funny parts, mostly thanks to the Guardians still being in character because James Gunn was able to have a hand in portraying them. 

But, yeah. Marvel fucked it up. The last ten years of movies could have culminated in the most epic of epic villains, if the Russos hadn’t gotten sidetracked by wanting to replicate Loki’s popularity (and Kilmonger’s, later) by making Thanos sympathetic, if they hadn’t ditched the “courting Death” motivation, if they hadn’t gotten rid of Joss Whedon, if they hadn’t tried to literally replicate Steve’s plotline with Thor (Steve lost everything and that worked out okay, so let’s have Thor lose everything, too!), or if they had hired some writers who knew what the fuck they were doing. Marvel fucked up Infinity War, and this is the hill I’ll die on, I’m not changing my mind. 

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What ship is your notp??


I’m not an anti or anything but I really do not like the ship at all. I mean, I see the appeal and the fanart is gorgeous, they look hot together like REALLY HOT. But other than that, no. Besides the nostalgia goggles, some of the older fans harbored because they were canon in the original and also in the comics as well. But as for me looking in Voltron with fresh eyes, I’m just like eh? Keith and Allura are completely different people compare to their original counterparts and they don’t mesh well at all. Like Keith to me seems he doesn’t like Allura at all! Surprisingly the two had spent so much time together in season 1 and by the ending, he was ready to leave her ass as a POW to Zarkon and the entire Galra empire because he was scared to fight. Dick move. You can disagree with me but Keith deserved every single salt that Allura laid on him in season two because if she found out that Keith was more than ready to abandon her to Zarkon the one who murdered her family and her entire planet? Oh boy, he deserves so much scorn from Allura than she gave him. I’m so sorry but Allura is just an afterthought to Keith and he doesn’t bother leaving her behind in season 3 and on season 7 he rips into her where it hurts by spitting on her father’s death for like fucking dying for Altea and sacrificing his life for his daughter. Oh. My. God. Keith is such a dick to her. I’m sorry for going on a tangent but this is how I feel!

Kacxa too I guess,  but it’s more like wha? I don’t ship any het pairing with him because I do believe Keith is gay and this not of  ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ✧uwuuu gay boi klance sheith *:・゚✧*:・゚ because he doesn’t show any interest in women at all compare to Lance and Hunk have on many occasions. Keith is shown more reactive with men than anything with women. And I thought Acxa was his sister!

Lotura/Lotor with anyone

Lotura again very hot pairing but it just seems almost like a pandering lukewarm version of Zutara. It disgusts me that Lotor colonized and used her people and harvest their energy for his gain. On a personal level, this is one of my worst primal fears of having my body parts removed or harvested until there’s nothing left of me. The pairing is messed up and has some Get Out vibes to it! I could write a whole meta about it.


Pidge is just plain rude to Lance. The pairing does reminisce Tokka which I love to death but Plance just completely misses the mark. At least the bantering was mutual in Tokka and Toph does support and comfort Sokka of his insecurities but Pidge mocks him and belittles Lance in every given opportunity! It makes me sick that Pidge is seen as “sassy” and a “uwwwu cheeky little gremlin”. NO, she’s bullying little shit who makes fun of Lance on his looks his intelligence and self-worth and I’m just here waiting for Lance to fucking snap and to call her out on her shit!

So here are my NOTPs

these are just my opinions

I’ve seen Thomas getting a lot of shit recently

for his tweet asking us to watch the trilogy in a specific order (Style Queen, ???iforgotthenamelol, Maldiktator). And the most used complaint I’ve seen is “what happened to ‘the episodes don’t have an order?’” Which I totally understand, btw, because yeah, they said that, and yeah, it’s kind of controversial. But at the same time, think about Prime Queen and Dark Cupid. In Prime Queen, they mention the kiss from Dark Cupid, and while maybe you don’t NEED to see Dark Cupid to understand why the photograph gets reactions from Chat and Ladybug like it does, that episode does obviously come BEFORE Prime Queen, because the picture wouldn’t exist if it didn’t. The same with Glacitor and how it’s said it will be brought back in another future episode. And with Sapotis, when Ladybug’s lucky charm tells her to go to Fu’s, we wouldn’t know how Marinette knew to go there if we hadn’t seen The Collector first.

The point here is, I think the problem with not watching the episodes in order isn’t the “it’ll give spoilers and be generally bad,” but more that it won’t be the same experience because we won’t have all the information we could have had by watching them in order.

Idk…does that make a little bit of sense at least?

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sorry:i said i think keith has dated be for but caz of how he acts thing don't work out but if he date's lance thing will work them self out they just need to talk

Ah, I see. I don’t think Keith has dated anybody.

Here We Go

Alright, I’m about to do something I am very hesitant in doing. I am going to look at the sequel trilogy of Star Wars, and put out some ideas on how it could’ve been done better. This is my opinion, and I will recognize I know very little about movie-making. Here we go. 

Skip a generation. Have Kylo Ren be Han and Leia’s grandson, not their son. This would give more time for the galaxy to heal after the Empire, before the First Order. It would also mean that the Jedi teacher who tried to kill Kylo doesn’t have to be Luke. That’s important. 

Have Han be a spy for the Resistance. He’s not with Leia? That’s because he’s gathering information. Have them go to Takodana because Han didn’t have time to grab his communication codes from the ship before they evacuated on the Millennium Falcon. When he talks to Kylo, he’s trying to reach out to his grandson, his grandson who he definitely spoiled and loved. And as Kylo kills him, he reveals that he’s already killed his father, Han and Leia’s son. 

Have the mood at the end of TFA be a bit more somber. It’s a victory, but that victory had a price. 

Luke’s in exile. Not because he wants to be, but because between First Order spies in the Senate, and people scared because the one remaining Jedi is essentially a WMD, Luke’s forced into exile. He goes into hiding because he can’t help the Resistance without the First Order coming down on them, and he doesn’t think he can beat both Kylo and Snoke at the same time. 

Less emphasis on Rey’s family. Have her not be obsessed with her parents, but with finding a place to belong. 

TLJ has a longer timespan. Have the evacuation of the Resistance Base be later, so there’s time for Rey to learn from Luke, and to allow for more realistic recovery times. 

Just, these are minor things, but things I think would improve on it. A way to keep characters accurate, while also showing just how much of a villain Kylo Ren is. None of that forgiveness. 

Idk ppls situations so I ain’t gonna name names but a thing that bothers me so bad is that ppl be out here asking for others to pay their bills n their rent for them and here I am, in serious pain w very mild pain medicines and muscle relaxers after having a serious car wreck earlier this week. I am unable to pay the bills for the ambulance, helicopter ride, er visit, and wrecker but you don’t see me asking ppl for money and making go fund me’s!

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1, 5 & 10

1 - What OTPs in your fandom(s) do you just not get?*

For fandom otp they would have to be jessie/bambi and margo/robbie

5 - Has fandom ever ruined a pairing for you?

Nah I don’t think a pairing I liked was ever ruined from green creek

10 - Most disliked arc? Why?

Man I wished Curtis got some kind of redemption tbh but he just died and it was like well okay then. Like imagine that binch coming back during the three years… so much fucking potential.

ask me something salty?

I honestly think Millie is blowing this “friendship” with Drake out of proportion and it’s looking bad on them both. This is a trend of hers. She likes to make a big deal out of knowing/meeting super famous people and creates these friendships in her head. There is a difference between being friends with someone and just being an acquaintance (which I don’t think Millie has learned). You can meet someone, go to their shows, text occasionally and still only be acquaintances. Friendships are much more than that. 

Millie is making comments about how Drake sends her “I miss you” texts, advise about boys, and “other” stuff that stays in the texts. Then she hops on Instagram to defend the friendship saying that she’s “lucky to have people in the business extend their time to help me further my career…blessed to have amazing people in her life…u don’t get to decide that for me. it’s nice to have people understand what i do” a couple issues with that statement: 

1. During the E! interview she NEVER said anything about career advice. She spoke about how he gives her advice about boys and giggled about things that stay in the texts. That automatically looks bad. If she had said something about career advice I doubt it would be this big of an issue. Or was just less of a giggly teenage fangirl when talking about him. 

2. NO ONE is trying to decide who can and can’t be in her life, but the girl needs to remember she’s only 14. I know she looks up to/wants to be a Kardashian and tries to act a lot older than she is to fit in with that crowd, but she needs to realize that she’s still super young. This is where her parents need to step in more. I know they see her as a cash cow and live off her, but she’s practically unhinged and I worry for her future. Not saying she’s a bad kid or anything, but she doesn’t seem to have any guidelines. She wears whatever she wants (not always inappropriate, but there have been some head scratchers), has made some questionable IG lives, constantly is trying to do sultry/sexy poses, etc. I could keep going. Child stars are notorious for having issues if not careful and there’s a reason Winona doesn’t do press/events a lot anymore. 

3. Does she think her and Drake are the only ones that do what she does? And he’s the only one with credible advice? Because from where I’m standing she’s surrounded by a ton of people that know exactly, and more, what she does. Drake is a Hip Hop/Rap superstar. That’s completely different. There’s Winona who WAS a child/teenage actor, there’d David who’s been in the industry for years, and then there’s all the other kids that are going through the exact same thing as she is. Plus all the younger actors she’s friends with. And Drake is the only person she can get advice from? 

We haven’t heard Drake’s side of things and I’m not saying he’s innocent as he’s been in “grooming” situations before, but I don’t think that’s what this is. Simply by observation of Millie the last few years. I think Millie is blowing whatever “friendship” is between them out of proportion. If I’m wrong, I’ll eat my words, but that’s just my take. 

From here I see it going one of 2 ways: 
1. Since it’s been more in the light recently I think Drake could decide to pull away and cut off all communication regardless of how innocent (which would be smart on his end) 
2. Or it just gets worse as/when she gets older 

I’m not trying to trash Millie or anyone, I just see a HUGE difference in Millie from the beginning and I seriously worry about her future. Especially since her parents only seem concerned with fame/money. 

Something I wonder; if old things are really holding SSO back so much, why.. keep… ancient models and animations.. around… when you could just.. update them…

Lady, old Jorvik warmblood model, despite almost every single Jorvik warmblood being updated. There’s also the horse in the Hollow Woods(am tired and blank on rider’s name), old model AND old animations. There’s… a lot of small, REALLY old stuff like this existing that other’s like it have already had an update, and yet. Still.

Idk. I’m really just *shrugs* about the old models being gone for good. I’d only be upset if it was the Jorvik warmblood, bc tbh I’ve never.. liked any of the “new” models until like, the quarters. The friesians are.. oof. The Arabians are tragic. I think the best solution would be to give them the Jorvik warmblood makeover– smooth and update the model a bit while keeping the original charm, and use newer animations– nothing fancy. That way the old outdated parts that hold things back go, but the loved horses stay. But that does require work so it’d have to be worth it for them.

Anyway, ofc I’m still a neutral person and I don’t want the models gone but also don’t want them to just.. stay either. I’d like a middle ground but. Eh. Idt it’s something to lose it over.