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Just in my opinion itโ€™s a but and oh my god a like I saw them in my dreams when I was a lol ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡งโค๏ธ๐Ÿ‘ฐ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

Happy Birthday Willie Mays the greatest all around player I ever saw!!! my opinion!!! #โšพ๏ธโšพ๏ธโšพ๏ธ

Ratatouille is in my opinion a much underrated side dish. saying

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I truly believe that those who learn didactically have a better and more relevant education than those with more formal but conventional schooling.(This thought comes from a teacher with five years of university plus 34 years of experience under her belt.) my opinion.

saying#use it don't use it it's my opinion๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ enjoy a cooler lovely day Tweeps and behave or don't. It's a free country

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Thoughts on Damion from tbs (end of s2)

Me: I kinda like Damion, he’s an interesting character.


i was just thinking about how i dont really get jay white and wondering why that is when everybody else seems to love him, and then i realized that his two arguably best matches (the omega one and the juice one) happened on the two shows i happened to miss

My Unpopular Opinions

1. There are now more bad episodes of The Simpsons than there are good 

2. It is too easy to score in basket ball. If it is possible to score 60 hoops in 50 mins of play then something isn’t right.

3. Football (soccer) is utterly joyless and turns people into morons, not permanently, just whilst one is watching it.

4. Children should not be allowed into theatres unless they have the attention span to actually sit and watch it - even if it’s a children’s show 

5. The first and second world wars are over sentimentalised. Particularly in Hollywood movies.

6. Having to get a jab before you going to a country is a sign you shouldn’t be going. 

7. All wine tastes like vinegar. 

8. Adam Sandler’s movies, whilst not art, are all much better than the press  would have you believe.

9.  Pasta is not food, no matter what sauce you put on it.

10. The entire concept of most super hero movies are pathetic. 

11. The less vs fewer grammar rule is dead.

12. You shouldn’t thank the person you live with on facebook - thank them in real life.

13. Ang Lee is yet to make a good movie.

14. Pot is horrible. 

15. All religions are nonsense. 

16. I don’t like it when you recommend me books or films and will often not read/watch them. I don’t have time to do the things I want to do, why should I do what you want first?

17. I’d take a DVD over Netflix any day.

18. Apple products are shit.   

19. Sitting in silence is better than listening to other peoples music

20. If you didn’t park illegally you wouldn’t get parking tickets.

Hey guys I’m tired and about to pass out but I just wanted to give a heads up that Ive blacklisted discourse tag, bc it’s just easier w my anxiety and for me if I just keep it blacklisted. So I’m bound to miss something but that’s okay bc I stay out of discourse anyway!

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Why do you think Dan was so open about his sexuality on Formspring opposed to his live streams?

formspring was this new exciting ‘ask me anything’ forum that EVERYONE used back in 2009/2010/possibly 2011, even i had a formspring account and it was stupid how open some people were on that site. 

dan talking so openly about his sexuality was what drew people to him because ‘emo boys’ were a thing in 2009 (and previous years) and ‘emo boys who like other emo boys’ were an even bigger thing. I believe he has said he did a lot of it for attention but it hasn’t been confirmed but it’s something i’ve seen ‘going around’. 

another reason why he was so open could be because he didn’t expect the amount of fame he’d get in the future. 18 year old dan wouldn’t know where the hell 27 year old - heck even 21 year old - dan would be so he wouldnt think anything of it. 

people bring up things he’s said in the past all the time, all the people joking around with cherry flavoured/scented things, spitting or swallowing, saying that he’s bi, what parts of a person he likes (with examples for both men and women) etc etc which is fine, don’t get me wrong but i see people @ him on twitter about these things and talk about it liveshow streams and honestly, would you like to see things about your sex life being brought up by people who are most likely underage?

which brings me to liveshows. liveshows are as you expect, live. with a webcam. he’s older now, he has a larger audience and he’s aware of what he should and shouldn’t say (most of the time). he might not directly say word for word that he’s bisexual, that he’s interested in boys or whatever but if you ask me, he is open about his sexuality in liveshows but not as explicit as he once was. he talks fondly of boys a lot, he talks a lot about queer music artists, talks about different sexualities/genders and many things like that that can be linked to his own sexuality.

in conclusion/tldr: dan was young and open and now he’s older and more impressionable but open about his sexuality in a more mature way

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Hey I have a quick question? I agree with you that the concept of gold star lesbians is bad and kinda creepy, and like not something to be proud of necessarily, but is it okay for me to be happy that I’ve never kissed a man or interacted with one sexually?

its totally ok to be happy that youve never been intimate with a man, its just important to not think that makes you better than lesbians who have :)

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if you could read one iwaoi fanfic for the rest of your kife which would it be? (lol sorry im not sure which fic to read and i only have time for maybe one fic this summer and i trust your opinion)


you asked me quite the difficult question here anon xD ughhh where to even begin in order to choose??? ONE??? mhhh well,

to answer your question about reading ONE for the rest of my life, honestly, the first one that came to mind automatically was the lovely @suggestivescribe Conquering The Great King ;D which so happens to be the Iwaoi bible practically xD so.. with that said, I’m assuming you have read it??? If not…

my dear friend. Please do go and read it. Of course, I feel I must warn, since you didn’t specify if NSFW was okay or not, but CTGK is most definitely nsfw. But amazing. 

Now, if you’re looking for another suggestion or two (if you haven’t read CTGK or prefer something else) here are my top two other ones that I can’t help but throw out there (because they’re just as beautiful and amazing):

- My beautiful @oiivkawa‘ s Coffee King is a precious fluffy, adventurous, sweet and just wholesome Iwaoi fic that I really recommend. Definitely a good summer read if that’s what you’re looking for! ^_^ (NSFW)

- The lovely @the-madame21‘s A Place To Call Home, Iwaoi Omegaverse, and just plain adventurous, hold-onto-your-seats kind of fic that will make you cry with domestic feels. Another really good rec ;) (NSFW)

- If you’re looking for just fluffy domestic SFW Iwaoi fics, wonderful @itsalwaysmiyukikazuya has a wonderful series of Iwaoi omegaverse precious family fics and a few other sweet ones :3

There are so so many more from so many amazing authors out here! to name a few @janespendlove, @idontevenlogic, @anoneesan, @dahliadenoire, @trashytacosan the list can go on!! 

Jeez…. this turned out as a fic list rec rather than ONE like you asked. Sorry anon! I did say it was a difficult question so here ya go! xD

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In the film it is mentioned that Todoroki is the strongest of his companions?

Hi Anon! I’m sorry, but I don’t know if I can recall that detail from the movie! ;w;

If we’re going by the introduction bit with Kirishima, Bakugou, Deku, and Todoroki all participating in a “beat the targets the fastest!” game, then yes, Todoroki would be the winner since he got the highest score of 14 seconds! c:

Otherwise, I can’t remember anything else in regards to actual mentions of Todoroki’s strength. ;w; My apologies, Anon!

ReyNOlds- alex is dumb not stupid

Alex what were u thinking. Ur a lawyer. No evidence no case. Right? When u got that letter, from the Mr. James does he have any proof? If he had a letter that Maria sent him who cares.

Hamilton was a well known and well off man, and people down on their luck are willing to do anything for some cash.

Alex u should just have shown his wife telling her these people were trying to take their money. He would never lost that money, TJeffs, Mads and Burr wouldnt have investigated and he could have been president. But noooo.

Also, i get this isnt morally right but he was lying for some time, he could’ve keeped his past a secret. He wouldnt have hurt his wife or son too.

Why LM and JDS Aren’t Queerbaiting or “Coward Straights”

So, Iโ€™ve been seeing a lot of posts going around about how Lauren Montgomery and Joaquim Dos Santos are coward straights and how the writers/producers are queerbaiting us. And I get where this is coming from, I totally do! But, Iโ€™m going to be that optimistic Klancer that says that I doubt they are. I seriously, seriously doubt that either of them would do this. And Iโ€™m going to tell yโ€™all exactly why I think this, and why thinking about it always gives me hope. The rest is under the line break.ย 

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Title: Bless You

Fandom: Hellsing

Pairing: Heinkel/Yumie (can easily be read as platonic if you prefer)

Words: 439

Rating: G

Summary: Nourish the body, feed the soul. Heinkel has a migraine. Yumie checks on her. A little slice of domestic hurt/comfort fluff written for a prompt of “Heinkel and Yumie and avocado toast.”

Notes: This prompt was requested by @scolipeedle who I hope enjoys the fic. :) Because of the length I’ve decided to post this directly my AO3 account and link it below.


Read it here.


1) Shipping a gay pairing doesn’t make you not homophobic. You shipping something doesn’t actually prove if your an ally or not. Plenty of people who fetishise gay relationships have gay ships, but are no more supportive of actual gay people. In fact the fetishism itself is part of the problem, because they don’t care about the actual people, just about what makes them happy. Which is kinda what you’re doing right now defending homophobic hcs. But let’s continue.

2) I’m not “forcing my opinion” on shit. I made an untagged post that people agreed with and you showed up all on your own to get mad about it. Furthermore, it’s not an opinion. It’s just straight up about representation. If a guy exclusively shows interest in men in fiction, then it means that character is gay, because that’s all that’s shown in canon. To say otherwise is to deny existing representation just for your own amusement. Why is only word of god good enough when it comes to representation? Why can’t the actual source material speak for itself? Why must you insist on going “well it doesn’t say he’s not lmao so he is.” If you’re relying on such a pathetic loophole for your headcanons it means they were never valid to begin with, and you’re just doing it for your own gratification. You don’t care about gay people, nor representation. You just care about what makes you happy.

3) Fuckin the love hotel isn’t canon. Like at all. It’s a god damn bonus mode that tells you nothing about anything and is out of character half the time. No one thinks Ouma is gay just because of the love hotel, if that’s what you’re implying. No one thinks Saihara is bi just because of that either. All of that can be found in the actual game, with Saihara’s clear crush on Momota that he insinuates with lines like “I shouldn’t think about another guy like that” in his free time events, and for Ouma he has a line in chapter 4 where he refers to Saihara with “suki ni natta hito” which means “the person I fell in love with” and is how Harumaki refers to Momota, and is only used in a romantic context. And I could go on but okay.

4) I’m not gonna be nice when it comes to homophobia lmao. Sorry. I don’t feel like I should have to be nice to people who have no interest in respecting me.

So are you satisfied? We talked.


Well thank you for cancelling my responses @96percentdone

Seems like you can’t stand opinions different than yours and this seems a fiercy opinion of yours.

Clearly,since you thought only your followers were going to see that post and so,you thought all people were going to agree.I suppose,you forgot we are on the internet,where by logic anyone can see what you post.

So,let’s read.

1) Plenty of people who fetishise gay relationships have gay ships (…)

That’s true.In fact,I’m nor a fujoshi nor a fudanshi.


I’m like 99% sure most of them supports or is in the LGBT itself.

I didn’t mention anything like that.But if I tell you I mostly ship hetero pairings(I do have lesbian and gay ships) you’re going to label me as homophobic just because I also ship het? That’s very illogical.Homosexuals are people.I’m bi myself.I didn’t mention any homophobism.How is a headcanon going to damage LGBT?

2) If a guy exclusively shows interest in men in fiction, then it means that character is gay, because that’s all that’s shown in canon (…)

Kokichi represents all and nothing at the same time.He is shown to have in interest in people who are not ‘’boring’’ if anything.I don’t know if it can be labeled so strictly as ‘’gay only’’

3) All of that can be found in the actual game, with Saihara’s clear crush on Momota that he insinuates with lines like “I shouldn’t think about another guy like that’’

Yeah,Shuichi/Kaito is a ship of Shuichi and this is a hint of it.I didn’t mean to make it sound like ‘’people think of Shuichi as a bisexual just because of the Love Hotel’’.Opinion:I like this ship (but I don’t ship it)

3) Ouma he has a line in chapter 4 where he refers to Saihara with “suki ni natta hito” which means “the person I fell in love with” and is how Harumaki refers to Momota, and is only used in a romantic context

I’ve heard of this one before,but again,when you’ll show screens in the japanese (I don’t think anyone out here can read and/or is fluent but…) I’ll belive they said the same thing.Also,I’m no expert in japanese,but I must say suki means like in general,ai is something you give,koi is more like attraction.Plus note:Most of the time Ouma lies,so even if the translation means love (which I doubt but please,if I’m wrong correct me),of course in this case you’re going to say it’s the truth,right? He also said he truly likes Himiko,and also said to find her an ‘’extremly ugly girl’’,and he told Tenko ‘’How did you know’’ (about his supposed crush on her).

Which is true and which is false?Kokichi’s character is all built around lies vs truth.

Most important thing,he wasn’t talking about Shuichi in particular (I’ve seen the free time events) but about how he likes people he finds not boring.

4)  I’m not gonna be nice when it comes to homophobia lmao. Sorry. I don’t feel like I should have to be nice to people who have no interest in respecting me.

again,please,If anyone is reading this, 👏how👏is👏this👏homophobic👏 and how am I disrespecting you,when you were the one attacking a good portion of the shippers stating that anyone who has a different opinion is basically homophobic/hyphocrite? That’s not how it works,search up the definition.

Let’s put an end to this.Responses are long and no one likes them.