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lost 2 more followers past hour - why is "Twitter" so afraid to tell me what they don't like in my "Tweets."# I don't swear, not immoral, do say some people act sick or demented, but that 's my opinion and surely I have a right to express an opinion.

My first post is now up on Just One Man's Opinion! A Diabolical Hitchcock Cameo asks whether suspense master Clouzot played a trick on his rival Alfred Hitchcock. What do you think?

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Or Each Service Head should check their house , spend real time with staff on the ground &ask staff on the ground to tell him / her the truth not KPI truth and then decide which room to clear out first ... Only then can a good standard of care commence My Opinion

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Happy Birthday Willie Mays the greatest all around player I ever saw!!! my opinion!!! #⚾️⚾️⚾️

Ratatouille is in my opinion a much underrated side dish. saying

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I truly believe that those who learn didactically have a better and more relevant education than those with more formal but conventional schooling.(This thought comes from a teacher with five years of university plus 34 years of experience under her belt.) my opinion.

saying#use it don't use it it's my opinionπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ enjoy a cooler lovely day Tweeps and behave or don't. It's a free country

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When someone has repeatedly denied something for a decade, it’s time to listen to them.

Yeah well, I personally wouldn’t want my sexual exploits all over the media, online and irl gossip. I’ve denied sexual encounters simply because I didn’t want my family or friends to know, let alone the whole country

19 Days Last Ch.

We all wanted this…


Good ass Xixi… And all of them using bath robes or… Yukatas… Shit. I love this

“It’s not the cops”??????? 😂😂😂😂 Why would you say that? Giving a massage isn’t forbidden! Lol! I’m dying!

Yes. Push him down… And we all can see that He Tian have a really back kink…. Like, he’s massaging Mo in the back of his head! Urg! I can’t avoid the fact that Tian will love the dog position ewé!

… GOOD ASS! GOD OF ASS(?) i want to spank him… Or He Tian to spank him really hard… And with the last picture of them using dark BDSM themed clothes… Fuck. Bdsm it’s for them !

No Mo… You’re just way to conscious! Lol ajajajaja!

You know how authentic it’s Mo’s butt Tian… You know how gorgeous it is… You just want to rub a good one ;3

Dramione, The Experience

There was a Facebook question asked some time ago about why Dramione was your OTP from a genuinely curious poster. I thought I would share my reply.


I’m a Dramione writer. We once had a thread going in a Dramione group naming one word that comes to mind when we think of the pair. One major word was redemption. It has nothing to do with “good girls like bad guys” which may come off as such for any writer who isn’t experienced in writing Dramione and just want to focus on the “hot guy.”

And, as odd as it is to say, yes, you need experience. The ship is very hard to write because you need to navigate canon which includes Hermione and Draco’s horrid history (unless it’s an AU where you’re avoiding it). They have a volitile chemistry that can equate to passion (and angst) with heated debates on topics they disagree on, but it only takes a moment in understanding to break the ice and then a slow uphill. Most often it’s their shared defilement (Draco’s Dark Mark/Hermione’s mudblood scar) or simply the fact that they both shared horrors in a war.

Hermione’s usually the one to get under Draco’s skin because she’s the one person not to crucify him for his past. Yes, he was awful, but also a child and his environmental circumstances were none-the-better. For someone who very much advocates against injustices, it’s not out of character for Hermione to be that way towards Draco. On Draco’s part, he comes around because war is a humbling experience. It leaves the road open for change. That doesn’t mean you have to change Draco’s character to make Dramione work. It’s very possible to write a snarky, still arrogant, personality-Draco with soft spots and a liking towards Hermione even if he’s a douche to everyone else lol. Like I said, it takes skill to make the pair work, but it produces some of the best angsty, war, hurt/comfort, romance etc fics you could ever read.


It was after I wrote this, that I realized that I honestly could never give such a reply if I hadn’t been a writer for the ship. You see things so much deeper and clearer, and its SO DIFFICULT to properly convey Dramione in words. But… I guess we’re all up for the challenge, yeah?

I feel like at the end of the day, people tend to forget that Disney is a business and if they were to continue to allow Netflix to stream their property, they’re losing out on the money they could be receiving. Being angry at a company for well.. being a company is weird. I mean I’m not saying you can’t be angry because by all means you can be, but being mad at Disney for wanting to make money is hilarious

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hey you got any advice on finding a dom I be dying at here with all these bottoms

considering im a bottom i’m incapable of making the first move so i just waited until cherry messaged me n now we r dating

but if ur not a pussy like me just flirt with doms n like. tell them how much u wanna be railed idk

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Like, I'm literally still riding on the high of our EvanStan surprise on V-DayπŸ’“but like, I'm still curious about this whole thing b/c a lot you blogs seems to know how things work in the movie industry. Would Seb have to audition for the role even if he's replacing Chris? How does it work? Or its known in Hollywood for actors to recommend another actor for a role. Wonder have this been in the works for minute with this project or was a spare of the moment type thing. What's your thought?

ehhh I only give opinions based on what I see and learned throughout my blogging history lol. I don’t know much honestly.

here’s my two cents. last minute recasting is pretty much normal in hollywood imo. most of the time it’s schedule conflict, and they choose recast from their aim list of actors who already auditioned for the role. recommendations aren’t very rare, happen all the time behind closed doors when the original cast isn’t announced yet. so, i think it’s strange that a movie promoted heavily using chris and tom’s name was suddenly recasted by non other than seb.

it’s either chris who recommended seb or chris and seb both auditioned for this role. It’s ironic if it’s the latter, isn’t it?

I almost feel like wwe is playing a dangerous game with this Lacey Evans stuff. I think they are over hyping her. I don’t know much about her wrestling but i wasn’t impressed with her royal rumble showing really. And if they were gonna give any nxt debut star this kind of treatment it should be Nikki Cross someone exciting and not as green as Lacey

Before y'all get mad at me, I’m bi.

I don’t think Jake Peralta should come out as bi. Just listen. If they did that, it would be season 6 or 7 at the earliest, which doesn’t really fit with Jake’s character. He is not a secretive person, and if he were bi, we would have at least heard about it when Rosa came out. Which brings me to…

Of course I love the fact that Rosa came out. But the fact that she didn’t do it until so late into the show’s run fits with her character. She’s always been secretive (“The people I work with think my name is Rosa Diaz” ring any bells), and it’s not until she’s been through prison and the 99 are truly her family does she come out. And that’s all very Rosa, but it’s not Jake.

And yes, I know representation is important, but instead of trying to change everyone into an LGBT character, we should be creating new ones.

If only every episode of GoT had but a short shot of Loras looking disgusted with something/someone, it would be a way better show…