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Colostrum bovinum + witamina C + cynk To połączenie, które ma supermoc ;) Zawiera je każda pastylka do ssania – źródło zdrowia Waszych pociech :)

so many people is using an app to know how they would look as a woman but you sir don't need to use that kind of bs, you did it before it was mainstream and you also got paid for it.

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Happy Father's Day! Here is my favorite picture of me & my Dad! Haha! No, just kidding, this is Indiana Jones & his Dad, but this is how I think of us.😉❤

While showing his sandwich to everybody, was proudly shouting " why you're calling him my ? He's my bro- my " . And that probably summed up my . Well, event on ..

Eu fui abençoado duplamente 😍 Eu sou MT grata a Deus por isso 🙏 Meu sonho hoje em dia é realidade 🤗 Só sei amar vcs 💝 e 👏👣

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Combining portions of Hip-Hop, Pop, Rock and Electro into one melodic element of noise, welcome to the new innovative sound of The LaFontaines.

The band, hailing from the region of Motherwell/Scotland, fuse all four genres whilst, keepin’ it real with live instruments played on stage as well as in studio. The lyrics are often socially conscious and add to the bands home-grown feel, you pick up on as the authentic Scottish lead vocal drops.

Formed at the dawn of 2008, the five piece, have a clear direction on where they want to take their music and have already conjured up a strong local following, after showcasing their energetic live stage performances at venues such as: King Tuts, Carling Academy and the Live at Loch Lomond Festival ‘08 and the T Break stage at T in the Park 2011

“Sounds cool” - Mikey Rocks (The Cool Kids)

“It shouldn’t work, but it does. The LaFontaines are the real deal” - Rachel Devine (The Sunday Times)

After they were described to me, I was almost expecting a Rage against The Machine clone. Thankfully The LaFontaines have a hell of a lot more to offer”. - Jim Gellatly (Radio DJ)

“I can’t remember the last time I heard a song that so obviously screams hit, it has to be the strongest debut of the year.” - Steve McKenna (Real Radio)

“"The LaFontaines make Glasvegas sound like they come from Bearsden” - Tom Morton (BBC Radio Scotland)

“The LaFontaines keep it fresh with a fresh hybrid style that rocks hard!!” - MC Lars

To book The LaFontaines please contact Foundry management on (+44) 01698 268833. To get in touch with the band directly please contact through myspace or email

“Last year we saw five juniors on their countries senior national podiums. Apart from feeling unaccomplished, I had mixed feelings about their futures. They all have so much potential, but at this point the only one I would safely say will make it to world class is Stephen Gogolev. Apart from his incredible skill, his work ethic, precision and awareness, his coaches have a relatively clean slate. And, his parents are willing to move to another country for their teenager’s training? Commitment 101“


Another video decapitatation but oh well - a strong pull nonetheless @the_white_rhino_powerlifter96 The lift that locked in my winning total.
320kg 2.5kg pb
Not what i wanted to end with at all
@britishstrengthmagazine @gb_powerlifting_support_group @deadlifttillimdead @templegymwombwell @savageappareluk #powerlifting #deadlift #bpu #strong #goals
#workharder @platformready #rawpowerlifting
#junior #Ilovedeadlifts

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I know it’s early, but Deal with It. And Before Anyone gets Their ugly panties in a twist, hear me Out on this Kaiju Humanaztion AU on the dads here.

1.Godzilla Senior, and his kids, Bio and Xen. Junior’s not there because Senior gets nervous around holding Newborns cause they’re so fragile to him, he still loves him. Yeah, even after 3 kids, he still feels nervous about holding babies.

2.Leo,(BEFORE YOU FREAK OUT IN THE COMMENTS SECTION LISTEN, YOU FRICKS) is not actually the sergeant father of the Twins, but considers himself as a father to look up to. Similar to Owen with his Raptor daughters. Mothra(jr) loves him dearly,Battra not so much(his a mommas boy).

3.Owen with his smartest, and best Girl, Blue.

4.Kong at his boy Kiko’s grave…..I’m sorry.

5.Kong with his Adopted kids Bio, Xen and Junior. Reference of the reason why from these:

Godzilla, Junior, Biollante, SpaceGodzilla, Mothra Leo, Battra and Mothra © Toho Studios
Owen and Blue © Universal
Kong © Legendary and Universal

TRINITY MCKAY [KATHRYN NEWTON] is a JUNIOR at Broadripple Academy. She is SIXTEEN years old, from BOSTON, MA and has been at Broadripple Academy for 2 ½ years.


The older McKay siblings paved the way for Trinity. She had two leading examples of what a devoted Catholic should look like and for years followed in their footsteps as best as she could. In fact for a while there she would merely mimic Faith; she’d brush her teeth whenever she did, repeat prayers after her, play with the same exact toys she was playing with. She looked up to her sisters, Faith especially. However, despite the love that constantly fluttered around the household, she began feeling a bit insecure in her position as the youngest sibling.  She knew she wasn’t as smart as her older sisters, she wasn’t nearly as motivated or determined; having someone like Faith to guide you was encouraging but Trinity never believed she could be good enough to fill that role. So, as she got older, in all of her teenage angst, she decided to make her own role to fill.

She followed the same routine as always with little complaints. Mass every Sunday at 9 AM no exceptions, prayers before dinner, be respectful towards others and read your bible. She was still happily a devout Catholic but suddenly there was a slight shift in her attitude. She started talking back, asking too many questions for no other reason than the need to debate. Being the model McKay child was difficult for her so, instead, Trinity wore the term DEVIL’S ADVOCATE confidently and continued to do so when beginning her four years at BA.

It was no surprise to her that the older McKay siblings seemed to find their place at Broadripple Academy perfectly and quickly, whereas she always felt stuck. For the first few years she spent a lot of time in her dorm room and whenever she had to leave, she merely followed Faith’s lead. Her grades weren’t exactly up-to-par and she struggled to balance both a social life and school, she was in awe watching her sister do it all and do it all, what looked like, quite easily.  

With it being Faith’s last year at BA, leaving Trinity to continue the legacy by herself, she’s finding the pressure of being the model McKay student more overwhelming than it was before, resulting in her becoming more and more defiant. Ultimately contradicting both the need to stand out and be the person she’s expected to be.


Caring - humorous - trustworthy

If it weren’t obvious by the winning smile she wears and pep in her step, very little separates Trinity from the rest of her family. She’s an empath, flooded by generosity and kindness which can cause her to be easily manipulated. An idealist in nature but equally an introvert, she prefers to stay behind the scenes to support the ones she loves rather than being the direct center of attention. Taking care of people is second nature to her but she finds herself especially protective over her family and religion.

Insecure - sensitive - rebellious.

However, as innocent as she may seem, there’s a daring trait that resides in her and she’s no where near as strong as her kin when it comes to resisting temptation  -  she’s also not certain she wants to resist temptation. Considering most of her childhood was spent mimicking her sister, Trinity is unsure of who she wants to be in life and how to get there. Her natural satirical sense of humor tends to contrast her kindness but she never means any harm.


Well it didn’t quite premiere like I wanted it to, but at least it’s up now! Enjoy Part 4 of Ask Percy and Springtrap, and be sure to follow the blog @askpercyandspringtrap!

“Next season predictions: another horrible costume for Chen, at least one of Eteri juniors burning out or injured before the end of a season, battle royale at Russian Nationals, Alina going down the drains bc of 3A’s (hope she finally switches coaches), Kanysheva getting another quad beside 4T, Tursynbaeva no longer getting as much attention and PCS bonus bc of juniors, Yuzuru breaking at least one world record, Shoma trying something ridiculously unhealthy to try to keep up;“

Children are the perfect advocates for the sport because of their high energy levels and shorter attention spans. Kids are agile enough to be able to quickly stop, start and change direction whilst squash also teaches children how to maintain equilibrium around the court.

In honor of DMP’s grand return (and absolutely murdering my emotions in the process), have a poem that I whipped up. Heavy DMP spoilers within!

Yooo I’m blown away that you knocked this out like fifteen minutes after the show!

This is so beautiful. I love the way the lines interact, how you can tell who’s who and the pieces are seperate, yet each stanza also works as a single brief piece by itself. I love the way they echo and mirror each other, how as time goes on Christine’s part seems to shift and rise as Junior’s drops.

This is excellent, thank you so much for sharing!


IB is such a fucking scam. Don’t DO IT (unless you’re trying to get into an ivy or top schools like UC’s but for state schools..nah)

I’m thinking of making a document of the things I wished I knew before junior year and just going into high school in general. The advice online is always bullshit and extremely surface level. Its always about the social aspect which is extremely small and never about the handling of classes or what to take, the important and difficult stuff. 

Would that be something you guys would be interested in?